iOS Today with Mikah Sargent and Rosemary Orchard

Mar 7th 2024

iOS Today 693

James's Games on Vision Pro

Hosted by Rosemary Orchard

Interviewing James on developing apps for Vision Pro!

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Guests: James Thomson
Category: Reviews

Rosemary is joined once again by developer James Thomson to discuss developing apps for Apple's new Vision Pro mixed reality headset. James provides insights from his experiences creating 3D interfaces and porting his apps like PCalc to Vision Pro. They explore the device's potential, current app ecosystem, and challenges around personalizing the headset for multiple users.

  • James shares the backstory of the silly 3D "Easter egg" he created years ago in the PCalc About screen
  • Porting the 2D PCalc app to Vision Pro vs. bringing his 3D dice app experience to the new platform using RealityKit
  • Potential challenges if the Vision Pro fails to gain a critical mass of users and developers
  • Comparisons to the iPhone and Watch launches - will a lower cost "Vision SE" be needed?
  • The personal customizability of Vision Pro hardware to each user's eyes/face and subsequent challenges for device sharing
  • Discussion of early rental services popping up in China to allow people to try before buying
  • Excitement for the evolution of visuals and "holodeck" experiences


  • Bill asks if there's a suitable mount for holding iPhones on top of flat TVs

Shortcuts Corner

  • Dickie asks Rosemary how he can downsize batches of images into a new standardized folder without resizing already-small files.

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