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Jun 27th 2023

iOS Today 660

Apple TV Apps & Games

JustWatch, Movies Anywhere, Mr. Crab, Drawful, Alto's Adventure

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Category: Reviews

The Apple TV is more than an ordinary set-top box. Rosemary Orchard and Mikah Sargent share some of their favorite apps and games for Apple TV to take your experience to the next level.

  •  iTunes Movie Trailers
  •  Amazon Prime Video
  •  JustWatch - Movies & TV Shows
  •  Movies Anywhere
  •  Mr. Crab
  •  Patterned
  •  Drawful 2
  •  Crossy Road
  •  Alto's Adventure
  •  Breathing Zone
  •  The Best New Features Coming to Your Apple TV With tvOS 17

  •  Apple increases iCloud storage prices in the UK and other markets
  •  Everything New in iOS 17 Beta 2
  •  AirPlay 2 Adaptor From Eve Surfaces on FCC

    Shortcuts Corner
  •  Cody needs help creating a number of calendar events and entries that automatically set "Busy" and "Free" options, invite specific people, and are duplicated across calendars.

    App Caps
  •  Rosemary's App Cap: Stylish Snap Float Folio | MOFT – MOFT
  •  Mikah's App Cap: Rise: Energy & Sleep Tracker

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