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Apr 18th 2023

iOS Today 650

iOS Photos Tips and Tricks

Efficiently building albums, trimming video length, and adding information to pictures

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This week, Rosemary and Mikah show off some useful Photo app techniques that some iOS users may not know about. From quick browsing tricks to Slow-mo clip adjustments, there's something for every iPhone photo lover in this tip-heavy episode!

  • Browse photos by location 
  • Delete or hide photos and videos 
  • Edit and organize albums 
  • Mute the audio on recorded videos 
  • Enabling "Volume Up for Burst" 
  • Use Frame Grabber to grab stills out of a video
  • Edit Portrait & Live Photos
  • Find and identify people in Photos 
  • Trim video length and adjust slow motion
  • See photo and video information
  • Apple will use 100 percent recycled cobalt in batteries by 2025
  • HomePods can now send a notification when your smoke alarm goes off
  • Apple launches all-new ‘Apple Trade In’ website in time for Earth Day
Shortcuts Corner
  • Deadline Extended for Automation April Shortcuts Contest to April 21st!
  • Peter wants to learn how to build complex shortcuts, and Rosemary's got a book for that!
  • Matthew is having trouble with Focus Mode not reverting some settings after being switched off.
  • Joe wonders why his text-pasting shortcut is not working with the iOS Obsidian app.
Feedback & Questions
  • Michael shows appreciation for last week's episode, where Rosemary visited Petaluma and highlighted several helpful gadgets! 
App Caps
  • Rosemary's App Cap: Keep Talking & Nobody Explodes
  • Mikah's App Cap: Petey

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