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Feb 14th 2023

iOS Today 641

Mastodon Apps for iPhone & iPad

Ivory, Ice Cubes, Mastoot, tooot, Re: Toot

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Category: Reviews

By now, you've likely heard of social media network/protocol Mastodon. Perhaps you've even created an account. Rosemary Orchard and Mikah Sargent help you take the next step by introducing you to the third-party apps and utilities that'll turn you into a Mastodon power user.

  •  Mastodon for iPhone and iPad
  •  Ivory for Mastodon by Tapbots
  •  Ice Cubes: for Mastodon
  •  Metatext
  •  tooot - fediverse and Mastodon
  •  Mastoot
  •  Tootle for Mastodon
  •  Re: Toot


  • A patent has been granted to let you be James Bond with a camera on your Apple Watch
  • Apple Says iCloud Terms Can Be Accepted on Web After Viral Tweet [Updated]
  • iPhone 15 USB-C port may have some features limited to Apple certified cables and accessories
  •  Apple fixes annoying HomePod bug that caused HomeKit requests to time out and fail the first time you ask

Shortcuts Corner

  •  Rosemary Orchard shows off some Shortcuts for Mastodon.
  •  Pat asks for a way to change the Lock Screen and Home Screen at a specific time of day.

Feedback & Questions

  •  Scott wants to know if radar maps in the iOS Weather app work as expected.
  • Todd is looking for a way to take photos on iPhone using a Bluetooth remote.

App Caps

  • Rosemary's App Cap: Belkin iPhone Mount with MagSafe for Mac desktops and displays
  • Mikah's App Cap: Lingvano: Sign Language - ASL

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