iOS Today with Mikah Sargent and Rosemary Orchard

Sep 6th 2022

iOS Today 618

Apple's "Far Out" iPhone Event Preview

iPhone 14 and Apple Watch rumors to get excited about!
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Before Mikah Sargent heads out to Apple's "Far Out" event on September 7th, he talks with Rosemary Orchard about all the exciting possibilities (from camera tech to body temperature sensing) that iPhone and Apple Watch users should look forward to!


  • California's Kids' Code Passes Unanimously in the State Senate, Affecting Apps' Child-Safety Standards
  • Apple Maps Celebrates 10th Anniversary, the App has Come a Long Way!


  • A brief preview of iOS 16's Shortcuts capabilities 
  • Robert wants to know if he can save his training/exercise results to Calendar via Shortcuts


  • Jeremy isn't ruling out the possibility of a purple iPhone 14 even if it isn't at "Far Out"
  • Preston has a Satechi Hub for the iPad, and notes that it has trouble with pass-through charging for the M1 model.
  • Michael found last week's episode very useful for his file management processes!
  • Lori's storage in iCloud is getting too full, and she thinks her email is the culprit...but is it really?

App Caps

  • Rosemary: Textastic Code Editor 9
  • Mikah: HomeDevices for HomeKit

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