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Dec 14th 2021

iOS Today 580

What's New in iOS 15.2

App Privacy Report, Legacy Contacts, Emergency SOS

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Category: Reviews

Rosemary and Mikah share what's new in iOS 15.2.

  • App Privacy Report
  • Emergency SOS
  • Legacy Contacts
  • Find My lost Item Scanning
  • Find My Battery Reserve Feature
  • TV App Design Update
  • Communication Safety
  • Macro Mode Toggle
  • Playlist Search in Music App
  • iCloud Private Relay is Now "Limit IP Address Tracking"
  • Bulk Rename Tags in Notes and Reminders
  • Apple Music Voice Plan Launched



  • Apple patches Log4Shell iCloud vulnerability, described as most critical in a decade
  • ECG looks set for Apple Watch in China with new software betas
  • After tornadoes rip through some U.S. states, Apple announces donation to support relief effort
  • Apple alleviates Android user concerns with ‘Tracker Detect’ app to locate nearby AirTags


Shortcuts Corner

  • Sky shares how they use their student card with an NFC tag to trigger a class time automation.
  • Imp needs help setting a shortcut to watch TWiT shows in the Podcasts app.


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