iOS Today with Mikah Sargent and Rosemary Orchard

Nov 3rd 2020

iOS Today 523

How to Switch From Android to iOS

Move to iOS, Apple Tips app, Apple One subscription
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Category: Reviews

Whether you're moving over to iOS for the first time or returning after another trip to Android, Leo and Mikah help you figure out how to make the switch from Android to iOS.

  •  How to Switch From Android to iOS: Move to iOS on Google Play, Apple Tips app, Apple One subscription.
  •  News: Apple One subscription launches, Apple announces the "One More Thing" event, and Apple launches an AirPods Pro service program for sound issues.
  •  Listener feedback: Audio permissions for Zoom on iOS. Wired CarPlay with a port-free iPhone. iOS 14.2 developer beta notification bugs.
  •  Mikah's App Cap: Among Us!
  •  Leo's App Cap: Widgetsmith

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