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Oct 27th 2020

iOS Today 522

iPhone 12 Pro Review

Apple MagSafe, LiDAR, Dolby Vision, and Ceramic Shield glass
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Category: Reviews

Mikah has the new iPhone 12 Pro. He and Leo walk you through the changes, updates, and new features.

  • iPhone 12 Pro review
  • News: Allstate says the iPhone 12 performs better in drop tests "than any other smartphone." Tom's Guide says the iPhone 12 battery life is "not great" when connected to 5G. Using MagSafe on older iPhones might not give you full charging speeds. Apple says its MagSafe charging puck may leave marks on leather cases. If you upgrade to an iPhone 12, you might need to re-enable contact tracing.
  • Listener feedback: The difference between Qi and MagSafe charging. The truth about charging your iPhone overnight. Follow-up on the listener with thousands of apps.
  • Mikah's App Cap: Halide Mark II - Pro Camera
  • Leo's App Cap: Lemmings: The Puzzle Adventure

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