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Oct 6th 2020

iOS Today 519

Best iOS 14 App Updates

Scribblet, Dark Noise, Fantastical, and more.
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Category: Reviews

Leo & Mikah show you some of the best app updates for iOS 14.

  •  App updates: Scribblet, Dark Noise, Fantastical, MusicHarbor, CARROT Weather, Twitch
  • News: Apple announces iPhone 12 event for October 13. Apple stops selling third-party audio products in its online store. Apple switches out the mask-wearing emoji for one that smiles. YouTube's website once again allows picture-in-picture on iOS.
  •  Listener feedback: Restoring a new Apple Watch with an Apple Watch backup. 31.01 PB of Health app data … is this a bug? Follow-up on geotagging photos and videos on iPhone 8.
  •  Mikah's App Cap: Bandbreite
  •  Leo's App Cap: PAKO Caravan

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