iOS Today with Mikah Sargent and Rosemary Orchard

Jun 16th 2020

iOS Today 503

The Best iOS Apps for Digital Media

comiXology, Audible, The New Yorker Today, and more.
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Category: Reviews

Leo and Mikah show you their favorite ways to read, listen to, and consume magazines, newspapers, comic books, audiobooks, articles, and podcasts.

  • Digital media: comiXology, Marvel Unlimited, Audible, The New Yorker Today, Apple News+, Inoreader, Pocket Casts, TuneIn Pro, Medium, Goodreads
  • News: Apple shares its WWDC lineup, Apple launches zero-percent-interest payment plans for iPad, Mac, AirPods, and more, and Apple announces it's discontinuing iBooks Author and iTunes U.
  • Listener feedback: Mounting an iPhone for conference calls and follow-up on contact syncing issues in iOS.
  • Mikah's App Cap: Anonymous Camera
  • Leo's App Cap: Photoshop Camera

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