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Sep 3rd 2019

iOS Today 462

iMessage Apps & Games Worth Checking Out

GamePigeon, Bitmoji, Ditty, GIPHY, and more.
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On this week's iOS Today with Leo Laporte and Mikah Sargent:

  •  iMessage Apps & Games worth checking out: GamePigeon, Moji Bowling, Bitmoji, Ditty, GIPHY, JibJab, and Trash Doves.
  •  News: Apple's event will take place on Tuesday, September 10; how much titanium you'll find in the Apple Card, Apple isn't getting rid of iMessage games, the Apple Watch will probably get sleep tracking features, and Apple is working on a Tile competitor.
  •  Viewer Feedback: More color on Apple's WiFi and GPS location database and syncing your iOS notes via email accounts.
  •  Leo's App Cap: OXENFREE
  •  Mikah's App Cap: Forest

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