Hands-On Mac

Apr 17th 2020

Hands-On Mac 5

Fun With Mac Terminal Commands

Hosted by Leo Laporte
Terminal Commands for Your Mac
Although the show is no longer in production, you can enjoy episodes from the TWiT Archives.
Category: Help & How To

Did you know that hidden in your Mac is a powerful Unix-style command line? Open up the Terminal, and try out these simple commands:
cd: change directory
ls: list the current directory's contents
chmod: change the permissions of the files in this directory
man: gives a manual on how to use any command
tldr: Too Long; Didn't Read - gives a short and simple description of any command
sudo: do a command as the superuser (admin)
rm: remove file or directory - be careful with this one!
sudonvram StartupMute=%00: turns on the "bong" when you start up your mac
sudonvram StartupMute=%01: turns off the "bong" when you start up your mac

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