Hands-On Mac

Apr 17th 2020

Hands-On Mac 5

Fun With Mac Terminal Commands

Hosted by Leo Laporte
Terminal Commands for Your Mac
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Category: Help & How To

Did you know that hidden in your Mac is a powerful Unix-style command line? Open up the Terminal, and try out these simple commands:
cd: change directory
ls: list the current directory's contents
chmod: change the permissions of the files in this directory
man: gives a manual on how to use any command
tldr: Too Long; Didn't Read - gives a short and simple description of any command
sudo: do a command as the superuser (admin)
rm: remove file or directory - be careful with this one!
sudonvram StartupMute=%00: turns on the "bong" when you start up your mac
sudonvram StartupMute=%01: turns off the "bong" when you start up your mac

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