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Aug 28th 2020

Hands-On Mac 24

Writing Your Own Folder Actions with Automator

Hosted by Leo Laporte

An Easier Way to Create a Script

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Category: Help & How To

Now it's time to really make folder actions sing with your own custom code. You can do this in Automator or Applescript (easier), or using a scripting language like shell, python, or Perl (advanced).

Follow these steps in order:

Create a script with Script Editor or another script application.

  • 1. In that script, write a handler that conforms to the syntax documented here for the `[adding folder items to] ' folder action. Your handler can use the aliases that are passed to it to access the image files dropped on the folder.
  • 2. Save the script as a compiled script or script bundle.
  • 3. Put a copy of the script in `/Library/Scripts/Folder Action Scripts` or `~/Library/Scripts/Folder Action Scripts`.
  • 4. Use the Folder Actions Setup application, located in `/Applications/AppleScript`, to:
  • a. Enable folder actions for your image folder.
  • b. Add a script to that folder, choosing the script you created


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