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Jul 31st 2020

Hands-On Mac 20

Install Mac Fonts on Terminal

Hosted by Leo Laporte

Fastest Way to Add Mac Fonts

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Category: Help & How To

Here's how to use Homebrew and the Terminal command line to quickly install fonts.
Leo likes to use Fish, but you can use Bash as well.

  • If you haven't already, install and update Brew and its cask feature.
  • Then type the following into the Terminal command line:
  • brew update
  • brew tap homebrew/cask
  • brew tap homebrew/cask-fonts
  • brew search font-
  • brew search font- | less
  • brew search nerd-font | less
  • brew cask install font-fira-code
  • brew cask install font-daddytimemono-nerd-font
  • for $font in (brew search nerd-font) ; brew cask install $font ; end
  • And then go get a cup of coffee!

Here's some more information on installing fonts from the command line: https://corgibytes.com/blog/2020/01/29/install-fonts-on-your-mac-from-the-command-line-with-homebrew/

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