Hands-On Mac

May 29th 2020

Hands-On Mac 11

Using an iPad as a Second Monitor

Hosted by Leo Laporte
Using an iPad as a Second Monitor
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Category: Help & How To
  • In years past programs like Duet Display and the hardware-based Luna Display let Mac users use their iPads as second displays. But these programs were "Sherlocked" by Apple when they released Sidecar for MacOS Catalina and iOS 13.
  • Duet and Luna are still around because they can do different things than Sidecar. For example, Duet works with Windows 10 as well as macOS. And Luna doesn't require the Mac and iPad use the same iCloud account. Both work with older versions of macOS, as well.
  • But if you're using Catalina and a late-model Mac and iPad, Sidecar is already installed and worth a try. Let me show you how Sidecar works, and a few tricks you can use to make it even better.

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