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Mar 20th 2020

Hands-On Mac 1

BetterTouchTool - Making the Touchbar Useful

Hosted by Leo Laporte
BetterTouchTool Makes the Touchbar Better
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For a long time, I thought the MacBook Pro Touchbar was a useless gimmick. Until I found BetterTouchTool. $7 for two years. Or $21 for a lifetime license.

Now my Touchbar is actually useful. But BTT takes some time to configure. You can get it just how you want it - with a couple of hours of fiddling - or you can download the free GoldenChaos toolbar and be ready to go in minutes. To give you an idea of all the useful features of BTT let’s take a tour.

GoldenChaos is pretty useful out of the box, but there are some things you’ll want to play with. Open the BTT preferences and prepare to be overwhelmed. This is the biggest preference dialogue I’ve ever seen.

The first thing I always do is *turn off Siri!* I don’t know about you but I hit Siri by accident all the time, interrupting my work, and forcing me to interact with the world’s thickest personal assistant. One thing you’ll notice is that GoldenChaos is actually several toolbars in one. Press a modifier key to get an alternate toolbar.

Get BetterTouchTool: https://twit.to/hom1a

Get GoldenChaos-BTT: https://twit.to/hom1b

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