Hands-On iOS

May 28th 2020

Hands-On iOS 17

Improve Your Sleep With This iPhone Trick

Hosted by Mikah Sargent
Night Shift on iOS May Help Improve Your Sleep. Here's How to Use It!
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Category: Help & How To

Night Shift on iOS may help improve your sleep. Here's how to use it!

Your iPhone and iPad are blasting your eyes with blue light throughout the day. Mikah shows you how to use Night Shift — a feature that reduces blue light exposure — and explains why it may help you improve your sleep.

Evidence for the Role of Blue Light in the Development of Uveal Melanoma from the Journal of Ophthalmology - http://twit.to/hoi17a

Circadian Rhythms from NIGMS - http://twit.to/hoi17b

Use Night Shift on your iPhone, iPad, and iPod touch from Apple - http://twit.to/hoi17c

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