Hands-On Android

Sep 24th 2020

Hands-On Android 32

Protect Yourself in an Emergency

Hosted by Jason Howell
How Android Can Ensure Your Personal Safety
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Category: Help & How To

There are plenty of ways that Android protects your data and online security, but how can Android help you out in the real world? Jason Howell takes a look at a number of features within Android that reach outside of the device to protect users from disasters, threats, and illness.

  • Emergency info on the lock screen.
  • Adding contact information to the lock screen.
  • Emergency Broadcast Notifications.
  • Sharing location with emergency services.
  • Earthquake alerts.
  • Personal Safety app for Pixel devices.
  • Car crash detection.
  • Safety Check.
  • Emergency Sharing.
  • Exposure Notifications and COVID-19.

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