Hands-On Android

Aug 27th 2020

Hands-On Android 28

Note 20 Ultra S Pen

Hosted by Jason Howell
What Makes Scribbling on the Go So Powerful and Fun?
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Category: Help & How To

The new Samsung Galaxy Note 20 Ultra is as premium as smartphones get and the thing that differentiates it most from its competition is the S Pen. Jason Howell shows off some of the latest features of the S Pen in this premium device, what makes it useful, and what makes it fun to use.

  • Jotting a memo with the screen off.
  • Using Samsung Notes for straightening notes.
  • Converting scribbles into text.
  • Live audio recording while note-taking.
  • The power of the stroke eraser.
  • Air Actions for OS control.
  • Air Actions for app control.
  • Using Screenwrite to annotate screenshots.
  • Scroll Capture for screenshots of scrolling web pages.
  • Using Smart Select to create animated GIFs on the fly.
  • Magnify the screen with this accessibility feature.
  • Easily translate words or sentences with the S Pen.
  • AR Doodle, Live Messages, and PENUP for creativity.

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