Hands-On Android

Jul 30th 2020

Hands-On Android 24

Screenshots and Screen Recordings

Hosted by Jason Howell
What To Do When Android Won't Let You
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Category: Help & How To

Developers have many reasons for preventing Android users from taking screenshots or screen recordings of in-app content. Usually its for security but sometimes its to protect copyrighted material. Jason Howell walks through some examples of how this is enforced, and a few ways to work around those limitations.

  • What kinds of apps prevent screenshots.
  • Why they do that!
  • Screenshot shortcut on most devices.
  • Assistant's Screen Context feature.
  • What is Digital Right Management?
  • The open-source app scrcpy.
  • Using a computer to take a screenshot in an app that prevents it.
  • The analog hole.

scrcpy - github.com/Genymobile/scrcpy
Homebrew for Mac - https://brew.sh

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