Hands-On Android

Jun 18th 2020

Hands-On Android 18

Android 11 Beta 1

Hosted by Jason Howell
Best New Features Including Smart Home Controls and Smart App Icons
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Category: Help & How To

Google finally pushed out the Android 11 Beta 1 release which means it feels this version of the new OS is ready for a wider range of users. It's still buggy and probably not reliable enough for everyday users, but Jason Howell installed it on his daily driver to show off a few of the key features.

  • Which phones are compatible?
  • How to install the new beta.
  • Google Pay issues.
  • Video camera issues.
  • Conversations and bubbles.
  • Screen Recorder integration.
  • Screen shots interface.
  • Smart home controls in the power menu.
  • Suggested app icons in the dock.
  • Media controls in the Quick Settings.
  • Recents gets a facelift.

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