Ham Nation

Feb 5th 2020

Ham Nation 439

Hams Gone YL'd 2.0

YL's at the helm of Space weather, DXing, retail radio, Newsline and project building!

Although Ham Nation is no longer produced at TWiT, you can find those archived episodes here.
Guests: Jeri Ellsworth, Amy Herndon, Caryn Eve Murray, Dr. Tamitha Skov, Melanie Hardman
Category: News

Amanda and Val host another special all YL Ham Nation!

  • DX files with Val
  • Melanie Hardman from DX Engineering on upcoming events like Contest University
  • Dr. Tamitha Skov on a live Solar Weather Update
  • Caryn Eve Murray from Amateur Radio Newsline on honoring Bill Pasternak
  • Jeri Ellsworth and Amy Herndon on Tilt Five, Quartzfest and Rockets

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