FLOSS Weekly with Doc Searls

Sep 20th 2023

FLOSS Weekly 750

AI: Just Make It Normal

IQXR, AI and Open Source

Although the show is no longer in production at TWiT, you can enjoy episodes from our archives.
Guests: Michael Hoffman
Category: News

Doc Searls and Katherine Druckman talk with Michael "Hoff" Hoffman, Co-founder and CEO of IQXR, about open source in AI, immersive technologies, and much more - and what needs to happen before it all gets normal.

  • What are the differences between virtual, augmented, and mixed reality?
  • The challenges holding back widespread virtual / augmented reality, such as the lack of standards.
  • Privacy concerns around augmented & virtual reality glasses / headsets that record users.
  • AI's role in spatial computing.
  • Hoffman's mission to drive the adoption of open standards and interoperability. 

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