FLOSS Weekly with Doc Searls

Aug 23rd 2023

FLOSS Weekly 746

Don't Hesitate, Enculturate!

Claude Warren Jr, Open Source Culture

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Category: News

Doc Searls and Jonathan Bennett talk with Claude Warren, Jr. about open source culture going back to coffee shops in the 1600s, how open source manners matter, and much more on this episode of FLOSS Weekly.

  • The concept of open source projects as "insurance" against risk and companies that fund them for risk reduction.
  • InnerSource as an open source practice to develop and establish an open source-like culture within organizations.
  • Business source licenses changing mid-project and the fallout following such a chance.
  • Alternative models like Tidelift for funding open source.
  • The challenges of determining a single best model vs. many potential solutions.
  • HashiCorp's shift to a business source license and forking.
  • The impact of cultural differences on software teams and misunderstandings that can follow.
  • Setting expectations for asking "improper" questions to learn. 
  • Social media outrage culture vs. traditional "voting with your feet." 
  • How to sustain projects as they evolve from early stages projects.
  • Why succession planning is needed to continue the progress when project leaders leave.
  • The ethics of Protestware and embedding political messages.
  • Drawing lines around appropriate levels of protest or advocacy in code.

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