FLOSS Weekly with Doc Searls

Mar 31st 2021

FLOSS Weekly 623

MNM Mail

Hosted by Doc Searls, Dan Lynch

Email Solution

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Guests: Liam Breck
Category: News

Email solution.

Liam Breck joins Doc Searls and Dan Lynch on FLOSS Weekly to discuss email of today. Given its role as a massively popular way to commit cybercrime, it's easy to see email as a problem that needs a solution. That's what Breck sees, and why he has created MNM Mail, which he calls "a legitimate email replacement: a client, a server, and a simple protocol between them... designed for everyone." In this episode Liam joins Doc Searls and Dan Lynch, explaining how mnm works, why the world needs it, and how developers and business folk can join in to help improve it and drive adoption.

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