FLOSS Weekly with Doc Searls

Jan 6th 2021

FLOSS Weekly 611

The FLOSS Ecosystem

Allison Randal, FLOSS Landscape

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Guests: Allison Randal
Category: News

Allison Randal, FLOSS landscape.

Nobody sees or understands the big FLOSS story better than Allison Randal, a veteran of .ORGs for Perl, Python, Parrot, Openstack, Software Freedom, Open Usage, and FLOSS; .COMs that include HP, Canonical, SUSE and O'Reilly; plus countless events for all those entities, among many more. Allison joins Doc Searls and Jonathan Bennett for an exciting and knowledge-packed hour exploring what she calls the "three legs of the FLOSS stool": developers, companies and foundations. Putting into perspective everything from Red Hat dropping CentOS to the migration of one foundation from OpenStack to Open Infrastructure. For a view across the FLOSS landscape, you can't beat the hour you'll enjoy here.

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