FLOSS Weekly with Doc Searls

Aug 26th 2020

FLOSS Weekly 593


Hosted by Doc Searls

Combining Machine Learning Algorithm, and Decision Logic

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Category: News

Combining machine learning algorithm, and decision logic.

TrustyAI is a new open-source initiative from within the Knowledge Is Everything (KIE) Group that’s designed to increase trust in the decision-making processes that depend on AI predictive models. With TrustyAI, decisions can be regulated to go against human bias and can be used in multiple different areas including, medical diagnosis, loan approvals, and so much more. Doc Searls and Jonathan Bennett talk with an executive at Red Hat, Rebecca Whitworth who is leading the team and research into TrustyAI. They discuss the importance of having artificial intelligence be open and fair and what it truly means to "Trust" AI. 

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