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May 2nd 2023

All About Android 628

Quantifiable Badness

Google IO schedule, tracker stalking, OnePlus Pad, YouTube Music podcasts

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Guests: JR Raphael
Category: News

- Google IO schedule is out!
- Google shares I/O 2023 session list, including What’s new in Android, Material Design, and gen AI. 
- Apple, Google team up to tackle Bluetooth tracker-stalking terror. 
- Google says Android will separate notification and ringtone volume. 
- The OnePlus Pad is an impressive tablet for its price. 
- OnePlus Pad Is a Promising First Tablet That Won't Break the Bank. 
- OnePlus Pad hands-on: I did not know they still made displays this bad. 
- Motorola is finally bringing a real flagship contender to the US. 
- The 2023 Moto G features good looks, sweet $250 price tag. 
- The Google Pixel Fold looks nearly gapless in first leaked marketing images. 
- One WhatsApp account, now across multiple phones. 
- Google on why Authenticator sync isn’t E2E encrypted, but option coming later. 
- YouTube Music officially launching podcasts in the US on Android, iOS, and web. 
- JR's tip of the week: Pixel Search. 
- Can I cast my phone's screen to my tablet in the car? 
- An Android fan shares his tablet experience. 
- Smart Lock issues on Samsung devices can be fixed temporarily.

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