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Jun 14th 2022

All About Android 582

Phantom Touch Problems

Android 13 Beta 3, SafetyNet API, Nothing event announced, Google Talk RIP
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Category: News
  • Android 13 Inches Even Closer to Launch with Its Third Beta.
  • Some large screens can get Beta 3, can go to Beta Partners page to find out.
  • Here’s everything new in Android 13 Beta 3.
  • Google's getting rid of SafetyNet Attestation, but the root and ROM crowd shouldn't celebrate yet.
  • UK will not copy EU demand for common charging cable.
  • Qualcomm's super-expensive Snapdragon Insiders phone isn't getting its expected updates.
  • Nothing will launch its debut smartphone on July 12th.
  • New Nothing Phone 1 teasers give us a tiny glimpse of the handset.
  • @nothing: Curious? So are they.
  • @nothing: Hello pretty.
  • Nothing (event): Return to Instinct.
  • Samsung will fix your Galaxy smartphone’s cracked screen for just $50 this month.
  • Google finally kills a 16-year-old product that you probably thought was dead already.
  • WhatsApp chat history can now freely move between Android and iPhone.
  • Google removing third-party Assistant voice apps and Nest Hub games amid Android focus.
  • Amazfit fans rejoice!
  • Why is my phone unlocking when I call using my Pixel Buds?
  • Here's what I loved about Dark Sky.

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