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Jun 14th 2022

All About Android 582

Phantom Touch Problems

Android 13 Beta 3, SafetyNet API, Nothing event announced, Google Talk RIP

Although the show is no longer in production, you can enjoy over a decade of Android in our archives.
Category: News
  • Android 13 Inches Even Closer to Launch with Its Third Beta.
  • Some large screens can get Beta 3, can go to Beta Partners page to find out.
  • Here’s everything new in Android 13 Beta 3.
  • Google's getting rid of SafetyNet Attestation, but the root and ROM crowd shouldn't celebrate yet.
  • UK will not copy EU demand for common charging cable.
  • Qualcomm's super-expensive Snapdragon Insiders phone isn't getting its expected updates.
  • Nothing will launch its debut smartphone on July 12th.
  • New Nothing Phone 1 teasers give us a tiny glimpse of the handset.
  • @nothing: Curious? So are they.
  • @nothing: Hello pretty.
  • Nothing (event): Return to Instinct.
  • Samsung will fix your Galaxy smartphone’s cracked screen for just $50 this month.
  • Google finally kills a 16-year-old product that you probably thought was dead already.
  • WhatsApp chat history can now freely move between Android and iPhone.
  • Google removing third-party Assistant voice apps and Nest Hub games amid Android focus.
  • Amazfit fans rejoice!
  • Why is my phone unlocking when I call using my Pixel Buds?
  • Here's what I loved about Dark Sky.

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