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Jun 7th 2022

All About Android 581

Duo Meets Meet

Pixel feature drop, pocket operator app, USB-C in the EU, Bixby feedback
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Category: News
  • New for Pixel: Music videos, vaccine cards and more.
  • Pixel June 2022 update isn't just about new features — it brings plenty of bug fixes, too.
  • pocket operator for Pixel.
  • Android 12 Beta Program ends with QPR3, Pixel phones will automatically be unenrolled.
  • Google disables RCS ads in India following rampant spam by businesses.
  • USB-C will be mandatory for phones sold in the EU ‘by autumn 2024’.
  • Someone says they bought a Pixel 7 Pro prototype on Facebook Marketplace.
  • Someone used the Pixel 7 Pro for three weeks without realizing it.
  • Pixel 6a becomes third unreleased Google phone to go for sale online.
  • Pixel 6a gets new unboxing even as launch is still weeks away.
  • Google ‘wireless device’ hits FCC, possibly rumored Chromecast HD.
  • Official page for Chromecast with Google TV with 4K HDR.
  • Google is combining Meet and Duo into a single app for voice and video calls.
  • Android Auto for Phone Screens is officially dying for everyone.
  • WeatherKit, Apple’s Dark Sky replacement, will allow for Android and web apps.
  • There are many reasons why I love Bixby.
  • Bixby routines is awesome.
  • We met Bill Bixby before.

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