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Oct 5th 2021

All About Android 545

Material You University

Android 12 released, Pixel 6 event, Fairphone 4, BlueStacks X

Although the show is no longer in production, you can enjoy over a decade of Android in our archives.
Guests: Stacy Devino
Category: News

Android 12 released, Pixel 6 event, Fairphone 4, BlueStacks X

  • Android 12 releases today, but the update for Pixel phones comes later. 
  • Google working on 'finishing touches' for its Android 12 update with 'Pixel-exclusive' features. 
  • Google just announced its Pixel 6 event on October 19th. 
  • Google Pay's disastrous year continues, promised bank account feature is dead. 
  • Fairphone 4 has an incredible 5-year warranty, aims for 6 years of updates. 
  • Lenovo Legion Play leaked: Handheld game console running Android. 
  • USB-C cables and devices will soon show how fast they can charge. 
  • This app brings back the more useful power menu from Android 11 on Android 12 devices. 
  • Personal Safety app now lets Pixel owners automatically record a video during an emergency. 
  • BlueStacks X is a new and free way to play Android games in your browser. 
  • A pessimistic view of the Epic v Apple lawsuit. 
  • Another DeX success story. 
  • An idea for "Email of the Week" 

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