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Apr 6th 2021

All About Android 519

Goodbye LG, Hardly Knew Ye

Whitechapel & Pixel 6, Casio G-Squad Pro, Galaxy S21 one month later
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Guests: Ryne Hager
Category: News

Whitechapel and Pixel 6, Casio G-Squad Pro, Galaxy S21 one month later

  • RIP LG: South Korean giant officially exits the smartphone market. 
  • The 6 worst LG smartphones of all time. 
  • What is your favorite LG mobile device? 
  • Exclusive: Pixel 6 will be powered by new Google-made ‘Whitechapel’ chip. 
  • How Google's secretive smartphone chip might stack up against Apple and Qualcomm. 
  • The Pixel 6 could take on the next iPhone with a custom Google processor. 
  • ​Casio launches first G-Shock Wear OS smartwatch. 
  • Caterpillar is bringing its newest rugged phone to the US for $699. 
  • Ryne: Galaxy S21 after one month... Whatcha think? 
  • Google Maps is getting a ton of new features — here's what to expect and when. 
  • Try the Spotify-based dating app I am apparently too snobby for. 
  • Microsoft shuts down Cortana on iOS and Android. 

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