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Feb 2nd 2021

All About Android 510

Google Giving Up on Games?

Stadia strategy shifts, Ford Going Android Automotive, Sony Xperia Pro
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Guests: David Ruddock
Category: News
  • Google shutters Stadia Games and Entertainment development studio
  • Ford is adopting Android Automotive starting in 2023
  • The Sony Xperia Pro is expensive but video producers might love it
  • Xiaomi and Motorola are competing on wireless over-air battery charging
  • Robinhood app got slammed with negative reviews after GameStop gate
  • Gambling apps will soon arrive in the Google Play Store
  • The chicken and egg scenario of human behavior and rugged phones
  • "How can I back up my game progress when switching to a new phone?"
  • An emailer details the ultimate way to drop test a phone

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