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Dec 8th 2020

All About Android 502

Google Killed What Now?

Killed By Google interview, Pixel feature drop, Aukey EP-N5 Buds hands-on
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Guests: Cody Ogden
Category: News
  • Interview with Cody Ogden, creator of
  • LG is going to outsource its low and mid-range devices.
  • Florence Ion reviews the Aukey EP-N5 True Wireless Earbuds
  • Pixel phones get a new feature drop with adaptive features.
  • Fuschia OS is still around and Google wants your help with it.
  • Google Pay redesign is rolling out to more people.
  • Google Maps is democratizing Street View for everyone.
  • What are some good Hangouts Dialer alternatives?
  • Why does my phone say 5G when I'm getting 4G speeds?
  • Why the contradiction between Chrome OS and Music and Photos in the cloud?

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