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May 26th 2020

All About Android 474

Google & T-Mobile's Messaging Partnership

RCS Upgrade, Action Blocks
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Category: News

T-Mobile's RCS Upgrade, Action Blocks for Assistant, Rugged Galaxy S20. 

  • T-Mobile now supports RCS Universal Profile. 
  • Google releases Action Blocks for one-tap Assistant functions. 
  • OnePlus plans to release midrange devices again. 
  • How to download your Google Play Music library. 
  • A new Motorola Razr is near but is it too soon? 
  • Samsung released the Galaxy S20 Tactical Edition smartphone. 
  • Google Pixel 4a is delayed to July. 
  • The new Soli Sandbox app could be too little too late. 
  • Spotify removes its music upload limit completely. 

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