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Apr 7th 2020

All About Android 467

Going Deep on the LG V60 ThinQ

LG V60 ThinQ review, Sooner hands-on
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Guests: Michael Wolfson
Category: News

LG V60 ThinQ review, Sooner hands-on, Weather app alternatives

  • Florence Ion reviews the LG V60 ThinQ
  • Mike Wolfson goes hands-on with the rare Google Sooner
  • Weather app alternatives to Dark Sky
  • Pixel 4 finally gets the option to require open eyes for Face Unlock
  • Google Pixel Buds 2 might be just around the corner
  • YouTube Music is tweaking the Library tab making it much better
  • Chrome for Android might soon play nice with multiple screens
  • Hangouts Meet is about to lose the Hangouts name

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Jason - Quibi
Ron - Brightness Manager - brightness per app manager
Flo - Starwalk Kids
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