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Dec 24th 2019

All About Android 452

2019's Best Android Stories

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Category: News
  • Rich Communication Services aims to improve messaging on Android
  • Huawei loses its ability to use Google services on its new phones
  • Dark theme fever hits the app development world
  • Sundar Pichai is named the CEO of Alphabet
  • Premium smartphones that cost $1000 aren't dominating as much
  • Android 10 releases with a full rebrand of the platform
  • Google workers speak out and in so doing, find themselves out of a job
  • Fuschia is acknowledged by Hiroshi Lockheimer
  • Artificial Intelligence is in everything, for better or for worse
  • Wear OS has a dud year, but perhaps its all leading to 2020
  • Pixel 4 isn't a bad phone, it's just not amazing
  • Google flip-flops on its Nest product line
  • The Pixel 3a is arguably one of the best phones of the year
  • The RED Hydrogen One is a cautionary tale
  • Pop-up cameras saw their break-out year
  • Foldable phones were big, then fizzled, and now they are back again
  • NVIDIA dominates with the release of the new Shield TV Pro
  • OnePlus 7 Pro is another of the best phones of the year
  • Disney+ shows what to look forward to in the streaming wars
  • Augmented Reality tries again and doesn't resonate with consumers
  • Messaging on Android continue to be a confusing mess
  • Play Pass is a great way to get your app fix
  • Google kills Inbox and Google+
  • Apps are tracking your location, stealing your data, and committing ad fraud

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