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Dec 17th 2019

All About Android 451

The Motorola Scrolla

Oppo under-display camera, ARCore occlusion
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Guests: David Imel
Category: News
  • David Imel went hands-on with Oppo's under-display camera tech
  • ARCore is rolling out new occlusion support
  • Android phones in Turkey will suffer thanks to antitrust case
  • Small percentage of Americans are buying $1000 smartphones
  • OnePlus teases the new Concept One to be shown at CES
  • Google Assistant can now translate speech
  • Android Messages now includes verified SMS and Spam protection
  • Chrome 79 rollout has been suspended due to file storage bug

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Ron - Ring Master - Increasing Ringtone Volume (FREE/IAP)
Jason - Very Little Nightmares ($6.99)
David - Snapseed
Flo - DataDex (Free/IAP/PlayPass)
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