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Aug 27th 2019

All About Android 435

Talkin' Android 10 with the Android Team

Android rebranding, Easter Eggs, Gestures
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Guests: Dave Burke, Dan Sandler
Category: News
  • Android revealed its huge rebranding effort for Android 10.
  • Android brand decisions are part of a larger push toward inclusivity and accessibility.
  • How the community has responded to the branding changes.
  • The difficulties of nailing a universal gesture navigation system.
  • How third party launchers will integrate with the new gesture system.
  • How Easter Eggs in Android came to be and some of the best ones from the archives.
  • Dave Burke and Dan Sandler name the Android release they feel had the most impact.
  • Is fragmentation a thing of the past?
  • What a decline in the ROM community means for the platform and its capabilities.

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