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Jun 18th 2019

All About Android 425

Running With the Beta

Google's RCS strategy, Dr. Mario World
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Guests: Raymond Wong
Category: News
  • Google confirms the Pixel 4 leaks from last week and takes its fate into its own hands.
  • RCS has been slow to roll out, so Google is moving ahead with its own version.
  • Nintendo shares a release date for Dr. Mario World.
  • A new Nvidia Shield TV might soon be released with better hardware and Android Pie.
  • Palm's small companion phone is now unlocked for multiple carriers.
  • OnePlus updated the OnePlus 7 camera with software that improves image quality.
  • Raymond Wong rounds up all of the rumors surrounding the Galaxy Note 10.
  • Xiaomi is adding an app drawer to its MIUI launcher after years without.

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