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May 8th 2019

All About Android 419

Google IO 2019

Android Q Beta 3, Project Mainline
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Guests: Stephanie Cuthbertson, Chet Haase
Category: News
  • Android Q Beta 3 gets its official release
  • Project Mainline brings security updates into the OS in the background
  • Privacy settings are brought to the forefront of settings
  • Location permissions are now easily controllable for users
  • Chet addresses how developers can bring Dark Mode into their apps easily
  • Gesture navigation continues to get reworked in Android Q
  • Steph talks of the similarities and differences between Digital Wellbeing's Focus Mode and Do Not Disturb
  • Family Link becomes a system app
  • Live Caption is one of this year's big "wow" moments
  • Google now recommends that developers opt for a Kotlin-first approach
  • Jetpack Compose tackles Kotlin coding from a UI-first perspective
  • In-app update are now open to all developers

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