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Today on Before You Buy, the brand new MacBook Wireless Headphones, do we like them? I don’t know; a wireless mouse and an amazing new Camera from NAB. You’ve got to watch before you buy.

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Father Robert Ballecer: Hey and welcome to “Before You Buy”. It’s Twit’s product review show where we take the latest and greatest gadgets that we get here at the Twit brick house and we give it to our host, our employees and our staff. We ask for the most honest reviews that they can come up with. Now I know a lot of you have been coveting, eyeing the new Mac Candy that Apple just released. Well of course we had our very own Leo Laporte take a look and tell you if it is something that you need in your life.

Leo Laporte: Hi Father Robert, guess what I have? Lighter than air, it’s the new Apple MacBook. Remember the Mac lust we had when they first showed this a few months ago? Well of course I ordered it right away but it takes forever to get here. This is the gold model, if you’re going to go with a MacBook why not go with gold? We’ve had it for a little time now so we have some idea – Lisa and I do, this is really hers. Mine is also back ordered. We have some idea of what you could expect with this. On the bright side this thing is really thin and really light. It is about 2 pounds. You can carry it anywhere. 12 inches but the display is gorgeous. It is a retina display and that means that you’re going to get everything that the retina display promises; great pictures, really strong crisp text that makes it very easy to read. It is 16 by 10, 2304 by 1440. That means 226 pixels per inch. Remember the way Apple works you’re going to be using half of that resolution because you use the high VPI. Same number of pixels per inch. That actually makes it look a little crisper. The battery less design makes it really quiet and light. It almost is like an iPad with keys but of course it is using the full OS10. Speaking of keys that’s something a lot of people have complained about, it might take some getting used to. Because it’s so thin Apple has redesigned its key port. You’ll notice the bigger key caps means it is easier to find a key but there is very little travel on here and that means you are (believe it or not) going to be hitting it harder than you think. It’s also harder to be accurate at first. You get used to it but I would recommend trying the keyboard before you buy because there are people who just can’t take the keyboard. I happen to like Apple’s new forced touch track pad. That’s the one where even though it doesn’t move it feels like it clicks when you tap it. Also if you press and hold even more because it is 2nd click which gives you additional features. I have to say I have yet to get used to this force touch. In fact I never know what’s going to happen so I just turned that off. It works just fine, still clicks. That’s using a haptic engine built in. The other thing people really complained about with this MacBook is that it only has the 1 connector, the USB type C. There is a little microphone connector back there too…or I guess those are headphones. The headphones, microphones are those 2 bitty ports there. All the connectivity comes through this type C port, not just power for charging and by the way if it is fully charged you can connect your phone to it; your iPhone and charge it right back if you have the right cable. Also video comes out of there and it is USB. Apple sells an $80 dongle that gives you a normal USB type B port – USB 3.0. It also gives you a full size HTMI port. That’s kind of nice and another type C so you can continue charging. This isn’t all about connectivity. There’s no slot for an SD card, there’s no additional USB ports. It really is kind of a standalone device. The music sounds pretty good, let me play a little bit of a dub step for you. I know you don’t like dub step but it’ll give you a good sense of the base and the loudness. It is pretty good and because there’s no fan it is decent for watching YouTube videos and that kind of thing. 1 thing you’re not going to want to do with it though is Skype. This is a VGA Camera, I don’t know if you can see how bad it is. It is terrible, it’s grainy, and it’s blurry. I look like I’m talking to you from San Quentin, not recommended. So if Skype or FaceTime is something you do a lot with your lap top this is a very poor choice. It’s also very expensive. The pricing starts at $1300, that’s for the base unit which has a fairly slow processor. In order to get this baby thin and small and light and cool, no fan, they had to use the Intel Core M processor. The base unit, $1300 unit is only 1.1 gigahertz. If you bump it up as we did (this is the loaded model) $300 gets you a bigger hard drive and 1.2 gigahertz. 8 gigs of RAM, your choice of 256 gig hard drive for the base model, 512 gigabyte for the high end $300 more model. By the way these are really past, PCI Express, Apple has eked a lot of lot of speed out of that and that helps a little bit with the relatively slow processor. Battery life is good too, we’re getting (believe it or not) 8 or 9 hours per charge. This is kind of like an iPad when it comes to battery life. I’m really happy with that but it’s not a power house. It is really designed to be something super portable that you can use to take notes, to write, to surf the web, to do e-commerce, to get email and for that if you can get used to the keyboard I think it does a pretty good job. Let me give you the pros and cons on the new 2015 MacBook. Pros; the design is gorgeous, it is very thin, very light. That 12 inch screen is actually pretty good size I think. Right between 11 and 13, it is big enough for me and it is certainly is a gorgeous retina display. Speaker sound, battery life if great and I feel like I like the forced touch track pad and I’ve even gotten used to the keys so I don’t hate those. The cons though I will grant you are this type c connector. A single connector means this is not the choice for a pro. On the other hand this is the 1st Apple connector not to be proprietary and that’s huge. I expect to see a wide range of type c connectors and that will bring the cost of additional adaptors down quite a bit. The other con is the really terrible front facing camera and I’ve got to admit – the price. It is very expensive. This is kind of a luxury item. Apple is very good at making luxury items that you really want. I had to debate after we bought this 1 and we played with it a little; did I really want it. I don’t need another MacBook but gosh, for travelling, for getting around, throwing it in the back pack and this thing is gorgeous and I love…ok I know I’m shallow but I love the gold. So I’m going to call it a buy if you understand the negatives. You really have to take those in account, particularly price. So a buy on the new 2015 MacBook. The base model will be fine but we got the top of the line 1 with more storage and a faster processor. I don’t feel like the processor is particularly slow, some have complained about that. As long as you’re not doing high end 3D graphics or gaming I think it’s just fine. Again a buy on the new MacBook. Back to you Padre.

Fr. Robert: So it is a buy for the 2015 MacBook from our very own chief Twit. Now this is probably going to be a bit more expensive than something that I would get. I would stay with something like this, I’m more of a Windows person. But Bryan you actually had something really good (that’s Bryan by the way, our technical director) some interesting opinions on where this fits in the computer spectrum.

Bryan Burnett: Yes, I have a MacBook Air and I just feel like this is a lot like the Google Pixel, is that what it’s called?

Fr. Robert: The Chrome Pixel.

Bryan: The Chrome Pixel.

Fr. Robert: I think they are probably about the same price range. So yes if you’re looking for something full featured like Leo said, maybe not but if you want something that’s super portable go with the opinion of our chief Twit and buy it. Now let’s go ahead and move from notebooks to high end cameras. When we think of high end camera we’re thinking of something like a REB a 4K maybe even an 8K camera. Something that’s ridiculously expensive but ridiculously detailed. Well at NAB this year we had a chance to stop by the Black Magic Designs booth and they showed us a camera that had all that ridiculous detail but none of the ridiculous price.

(Video) Fr. Robert: I’m Father Robert Ballecer, the digital Jesuit here at NAB 2015. I’m at the Black Magic Designs booth and I’m standing next to Kendall Eckman who’s going to explain what they’ve done with the Ursa Mini. Kendall, what is this?

Kendall Eckman: Well as you remember from last year we had the Black Magic Ursa Camera that we launched out. Beautiful camera, 10 inch screen on the side, you had your monitors here with scopes. It really was set up as a work flow camera where you could do audio guy on 1 side and maybe a guy pulling focus on the other. Great camera, a lot of people wanted to see us do something a little more portable and a little more handheld and they asked us to build something a little bit smaller. That’s what we’ve come out with this year is the Ursa Mini. As you can see it’s a little bit more compact. It is 5 pounds so it’s nice and light and you can get it on your shoulder and pull it around, down here low, get some angled shots and things like that. We have a 5 inch screen, it’s all touch screen here. 1920 by 1080, so you can view there if you want to. We actually have c-fast cards here to record to. Once 1 fills up it’ll automatically switch over to the next 1. These are a lot of the same features you see on the original Ursa camera. We have the battery pack here on the back. Super 35 size sensor. This camera actually comes in a PL or EF mount and you can see here we have rosettes built in and the reason for that is the camera itself shifts with the handle here, screw it in with the rosettes and you can add on an optional shoulder mount here. For $395 we have a shoulder mount, an extension arm and a top handle. The rosettes can be put into numerous places there with the handle depending on how you want to hold the camera. You have your traditional things, SDI, Ref and Time code. Now the nice thing about this camera is it comes with power and a 12 volt out to go to our new electronic view finder. This is actually a view finder that can work on the Ursa Mini or work on the original Ursa camera. It’s beautiful, has optical glass, 1920 by 1080 full HD. You can pull up focus, you can pull up the focus peaking inside of there too. It has an oled sensor in here so that you can go and make sure that it doesn’t burn out the oled by being eye sensitive or you can turn it on flush under here. 15 stops at dynamic range, 4.6 models so that’s amazing. It gets up to 60 frames a second too.

Fr. Robert: This is definitely 1 of the highest quality 4K cameras currently on the floor and actually if you look up here you’ll see that their pricing is ridiculously aggressive, almost scarily aggressive. Everything down from about $3,000 up to about $5,500 depending on the mount and what sensor you want – the 4 or the 4.6. Kendall I’ve got to ask; where are we going to see this go? Where are you taking the Ursa next?

Kendall: We’re not sure, we’re just trying to build cameras that people ask for and I think last year a lot of people made it clear…hey could you make us a light weight camera, could you make something a little more portable and hopefully we’ve made something that people will enjoy.

Fr. Robert: Kendall thank you very much for talking to us. Now this is not the end. We are dedicated to getting ourselves 1 of these in the studio for a full review on Before You Buy. Until then I’m Father Robert Ballecer and that’s been your 1st look. (End of video)

Fr. Robert: There was so much eye candy at that Black Magic booth. Now the Ursa camera is definitely something I’m looking at. I’m looking at replacing 1 of my personal studio cameras, it’s about time to go and I was looking at a 5-6 thousand dollar camera. If I can get 1 of those 4K cameras for 3 grand all the way up to 5 and a half grand for the 4.6 sensor…that’s a no brainer. I know there are going to be people wondering why 4.6? That’s what he was talking about, about the dynamic steps, the range that you have. The more range you have the darker darks you can get and the brighter whites. I tell you that Ursa is possibly the perfect camera. Now there is something else that we’re not going to show you from that booth because we did film it but we will have it in studio because I’ve already pre-ordered it. Black Magic also has a micro monitor that does recording in high definition and they have a 4K mini camera that was designed to be put on something like a quad copter. So there’s some great stuff going on and all that gear was for a grand total of about 1400 dollars. So stay tabbed, we’ve got more Black Magic. Let’s move away from the dark arts and talk a little bit about acoustics. We know that the people in the Twit Army love good sound and Sennheiser is typically known as a purveyor of good sound. We gave a set of wireless Sennheiser headphones to our very own Tonya to see what she could find.

Tonya Hall: Hi, I’m Tonya Hall and I’m here to review the Sennheiser Bluetooth Momentum noise cancelling headphones. That was a mouth full. These are really high end quality headphones and I’m a big fan of Sennheisers so I was really excited to see how these were going to wear. Let’s start with design. The design is classic. These aren’t trendy, they have a very evergreen look I think. You’ve got a bendable metal frame and stitching on a leather band that’s cushioned at the top. A little more firm that the last Sennheisers I reviewed – the wired Momentums. But they still feel comfortable. They are cushioned on the ear pads like the last ones that I reviewed. These are a memory foam kind of cushion, very soft, in fact the leather is incredibly soft. So soft that it really doesn’t take any time to get them worn in. You immediately feel comfortable wearing them. These are over the ear, adjustable by sliding the earphone up and down. It’s firm but really easy to move up and down and it doesn’t move once you have it in place which is nice. They’re also foldable, easy to take with you. They come with a carrying case that’s like a suede feel on the outside, soft on the inside and a little pocket to put your cords. It also comes with a cloth bag which is kind of unusual and I thought was nice. An airplane adapter, a 2 and a half to 3 and a half cord so you could actually listen to (without being wireless) you could listen to the headphones on your phone or computer. And a charger, this is the charger. It doesn’t have a wall charger so you need to be able to have something with a USB port. I thought that was kind of a downside. With the price and (we’ll get to that) and how expensive these are I really thought they could have thrown in a charger but it works. I will say these are so soft, I wear glasses and when I put headphones on I often feel pressure on my ear if they’re not comfortable enough. These although wire are very flexible and because of the cushioning I had them on for hours and it was incredibly comfortable. So let’s talk about sound quality; first off I did sync them to my iPad, my phone, I listened to them in a variety of ways and let’s talk about reach 1st. Here at Twit I work in 1 room and I would wear the throughout the office and they actually had a very good range here in the studio. At home I didn’t feel like the range was as strong so it probably depends on where you live. I couldn’t go too far without actually starting to disconnect. What’s really nice about these though and I noticed this when I was talking on the phone as well as listening to a movie or music; there’s a voice that’s built in that tells you when you’re disconnected which I thought was really handy when I was on the phone because we’ve all been there when you’re on the phone with somebody and you don’t know and you wonder exactly where in the conversation you lost the call. This actually tells you when you’ve disconnected and it is kind of nice. The controls are right here on the right. You’ve got the very discreet pairing. I really like that, it’s very discreet. Power is built in right here and you have your volume controls as well as your pause, forward and back. As far as sound is concerned I didn’t feel like the sound quality was as good as the other Sennheiser headphones that I’ve reviewed but I do feel like they are still very good. The base was strong but I felt that when I was listening to trending music, really popular music, I felt like they played well but when I wanted to listen to some jazz music I didn’t feel that they had the highs connecting as well. I just felt like it was a little dull but I still really enjoyed them and I still think they’re a better quality. Sennheiser is just a really great quality product and I could tell these are well made and the sound quality is really good. Let me talk about pros and cons. The pros are that the design is classic, you’ve got Bluetooth as well as noise cancelling. You’ve got NFC connectivity and for the sound quality it does have aptX. Now I want to add on the noise cancelling that I have noise cancelling headphones that I take to the shooting range and those are noise cancelling. They really do block out most sound. These do no so if you’re looking for true noise cancelling headphones there are only going to block out about a 3rd of the sound. They’re not going to block out really hard core construction. You’ll still hear people around you which most people probably like because it is kind of weird I think to not hear everything but they do block it out pretty well. I would easily take these on a trip with me, they’re comfortable to wear on a long airplane ride and I think you know I would enjoy them. The con would be the price. These are $499 so they’re a little on the pricy side but they are Bluetooth, they are noise cancelling and they’re Sennheiser. They’re really good quality headphones. Overall I really thought going into this that I probably wasn’t sure I was going to like them but I really did and I would give them a buy.

Fr. Robert: A buy for the Sennheiser Momentum wireless headphones from our very own Tonya Hall. We thank you very much for going through that. Wireless headphones for me have always been a little hit or miss. It depends on what you listen to, how long you listen and how comfortable you want your headphones to be. Bryan have you used wireless headphones a lot? I know I’m more of a tethered guy.

Bryan: Yes I have a pair of wireless headphones that I reviewed a while back. I can’t exactly remember the brand of them. I don’t know I kind of prefer to have my wired headphones.

Fr. Robert: Yes I like the quality that you get, the consistency you’re going to get with a wired set. But if you are looking for wireless headphones, if you need that added portability or if you just like being untethered go ahead and pick yourself up a set of the Sennheiser Momentums. Now when we come back we’re going to go ahead and take a look at a laser mouse from our very own OMG Chad. But before then I want to take some time to thank the 1st sponsor of Before You Buy and it is Ring. Let me say this; every once in a while we get to use a sponsor that I have used before they ever became a sponsor. I’ve got to tell you that’s always a good feeling and it’s definitely a good feeling with Ring. What is Ring? Ring is a video doorbell. We first saw them at CES about 2 years ago. It’s just a way for you to replace, to upgrade the doorbell that you already have on your house. This is the unit right here. What this does is it connects to your wireless network and it allows you to have motion detection in the front of your house. It allows a visitor to press this button and be connected to your phone. I installed 1 of these over the Memorial Day Weekend at my family home in Henderson and it does this… For example this is a missed call, this red one. This is someone who came to the door and my parents didn’t answer. This is, let’s see what this is. This is probably my family’s dog out in the front yard, that’s how sensitive the motion detection is. That’s my dad and there’s the dog coming in right after him. This is the kind of thing that you get with Ring’s Cloud service. It will store these HD videos up in the Cloud so if you have a question about someone who came by the house – for example if someone was casing the joint or if maybe you had a friend stop by and you missed them – you can rewind time and find exactly who came to that door. Now it is not just that it is a cool doorbell. It is not just that it’s a very interesting Cloud system. It’s the fact that Ring has gone to the trouble of making sure you have everything in the kit that you need; from the screw driver to the drill bit, to the level so that your camera will look right, to the screws for either metal or wood frame doors. Ring has really done the leg work into making this a kit that you can give your parents and let them go. It’s not just for convenience folks. Did you know right now that over 95% of home break-ins happen during the day? This is the reason why I put this doorbell in for my parents. That neighborhood was being scoped out. There were a lot of people who were ringing the bell to see if anyone was home and then taking note of when the people might not be there. In fact both houses on either side of my family home in Vegas have been broken into and so for the peace of mind for my family, for my parents I had to install 1 of these. Burglars do start by checking to see if you’re home and if you’ve got this doorbell you’ll know that they’re there and if something happens in the future, if there is that suspicious person then you’ve got the proof. This is like caller ID for someone coming up to your door. I’ve just got to say we’ve been sticking with that old doorbell technology for so long, why not upgrade it as much as you upgrade your thermostat, your lighting or your home automation. Put your mind at east, protect your home, protect your family and right now because Ring is a fan of the Twit network they’re going to give you $25 off for just being a Before You Buy listener. Just go to You can get the Ring video doorbell for $174, again that’s $25 off the normal price by going to We thank Ring for their support of Before You Buy. Let’s go ahead and shift gears a little bit. Let’s get away from doorbells, away from cameras and let’s talk a little bit about gaming. We know that gamers need precision and so we gave OMG Chad the Logitech MX Master wireless mouse to see if it cut muster.

Chad Johnson: Hello, my name is Chad, I’m with Twit and Before You Buy and today I’m reviewing the MX Master wireless mouse from Logitech. This mouse is at the high end of Logitech’s mouse product line. There’s a few really nice features with this mouse. 1st is the scroll wheel at the top. It has sort of a dynamic scroll where if you just scroll a little bit you’ll get the normal click that you expect. But if you scroll a lot the mouse sort of unlocks the scroll wheel so that it can glide fluently. We’ve seen this in other mice where you can toggle between but this is a dynamic sort of switch without you doing anything and it’s really, really nice. There’s also a button on the top so you can switch between the 2 modes if you want to have full manual control and you can actually hear it click in there just like that clicking back and forth. In between the normal clicking mouse which would be perfect for video games or the quick scroll mouse which is perfect for very long documents. There’s also a thumb scroll right here which is very nicely tuned. It is very smooth and very solid. This will go left and right on the page. There’s also a few customized buttons; there’s 1 just behind that thumb scroll wheel and then there’s 1 on the pad – sort of this ergonomic pad of the mouse down at the bottom. By default this is set up on Windows 7 to alt/tab between programs which is very convenient. Over all the mouse has a fantastic feel, very ergonomic and very comfortable in the hand. This can connect either wirelessly through a dongle or wirelessly through Bluetooth without the dongle on Windows 8 and Macintosh systems. There’s also a quick profile set button where you can switch between 3 different profiles. Let’s say you use this mouse at work with the dongle and then you go to your laptop and you’re going back to Bluetooth. You can just switch the profile at the bottom without having to go through a lot of set up each and every time. The battery life is very nice. It’s about 40 days on a single charge. There is a battery indicator on the side and that is showing me 2 lights right there. There is a micro USB on the front to charge and it’s very fast charging as well. It also comes through the front of the mouse so if you’re charging and using it at the same time it is basically like a wired mouse. For the laser at the bottom this is using the Darkfield Technology from Logitech which is by far the best laser technology I’ve ever used. It works even on glass surfaces, it uses 2 different lasers to determine where the mouse is on the table so I have to give it props for that as well. Now the price is $100 so it’s 1 of the more expensive mice that Logitech offers. On the pros I absolutely loved the scroll wheel. To have the control of the clicky scroll wheel when doing small adjustments and then to be able to quickly switch into the fluid scroll wheel to get to the bottom of very long web pages or get back to the top of a very long document was absolutely astounding. It’s also extremely comfortable, I really love the ergonomic design and the extra buttons kind of helped with gaming and things like that. It was nice to have extra buttons that could either be assigned for a video game or just for productivity’s sake as well. For the cons; every once in a while the wireless would disconnect for a minuscule amount of time and you would just kind of shake the mouse and it would catch up again. That was a little bit disconcerting especially if you’re gaming or something like that. Also there’s no place to hold the wireless dongle if that’s how you have to connect. There’s nowhere to plug it into the mouse if you’re going to travel with it. By, try or don’t buy for the Logitech MX Master Mouse, I’m going to give this a buy. A strong recommendation, I absolutely loved this wireless mouse and I am sad to have to give it up. That’s my review for the Logitech MX Master Mouse. I am Chad Johnson. Thanks for watching.

Fr. Robert: And it’s a buy for the Logitech MX Master Laser Mouse from OMG Chad. You know that man games an awful lot so if he likes it it’s got to be good enough for you. Now let’s go ahead and move away from gaming. We’ve had a lot of buys of standard products. We’ve taken a look at a fantastic notebook, we’ve taken a look at a good set of earphones, we’ve taken a look at a good mouse and we’ve even taken a 1st look at the next generation of affordable 4K plus cameras but what would Before You Buy be if we didn’t take some time every once in a while to take a look at some products that were a little out there, that were a little beyond mainstream. That’s why at Mobile Focus 2015 Bryan Burnett, Karsten and I took a look at the Gate.

(Video) Fr. Robert: Here on Before You Buy we occasionally like to take a look at disruptive technology and this is definitely disruptive. In fact it was released at Disrupt New York not too long ago. This is the Gate…not the mail box, it’s the sensor that you attach to the mailbox. Now what does it do? Well quite simply it uses this little solar panel to charge itself to give yourself 10 years of life in the batteries and then when you open it up it’s going to start up a super bright LED and it’s going to inform a base station (this little base station that would actually be sitting in your home) that someone has opened your mailbox. Now you can cancel the alarm just by pressing the little button on the top. The cool thing about this is that it uses a variety of protocols and communication methods to make this all happen. It’s about 900 megahertz and I believe it’s using a unique RF signal, low power signal to get back to the base station and then it uses WIFI to connect to the internet so that when you get something in your mailbox you get something in your email box. This is available right now on Kick starter for $199 and if you want to find out more you’ve got to go to to find out what you’ve got in your mailbox. (End of video)

Fr. Robert: So if you’ve ever wanted email when you got snail mail there you go that’s the gate. Before we go I thought we should take a look at this. This is something that was mentioned on the Twit TV network awhile back. This is an Amazon Dash device. Remember they had this campaign for Amazon Prime subscribers where you could get a device that would go say in the laundry room or in the bathroom and it would allow you to with 1 touch order something that you would have to order again and again. Like for example detergent or maybe toilet paper or toiletries. Interesting idea and now we actually know what they look like. This 1 has been tied to the Twit TV network and it has also been tied to the Amazon Prime account of Anthony Nielson; 1 of our creative artists here at the Twit TV brick house. I’m not exactly sure what he has tagged it to order but supposedly if I just press the button it should be able to quick order. Now the question is what happens if I just keep pressing it? I’ve been told that there’s some sort of safe guard that will keep this from having a truck full of stuff (whatever this assigned to) from just dropping off at his house. But yes the light is lighting up so hopefully he’ll be getting some notifications right now that someone here is messing around with his Dash. Anthony Nielson to you I’d say you’re a very talented person but you probably shouldn’t leave your stuff out when you’re here at the Twit TV brick house. That’s all we have for this episode of Before You Buy. I want to thank all of our reviewers for their time; especially to Leo Laporte, to Tonya Hall, to OMG Chad, for letting us know what your opinions are about the latest and greatest gadgets again that we get here into the Twit TV brick house. I also want to thank everyone who makes this show possible. Of course that’s Lisa, that’s Leo, that’s Karsten Bondy our producer and of course my TD Bryan who is also… well you do stuff here right Bryan?

Bryan: Give or take. On Thursdays we do a Know How To show so that’s a lot of fun – Know How and then tomorrow a big day – Screen Savers so tune in for that.

Fr. Robert: Actually I think I just got an email about coming in to do a little 3D printing magic. So definitely stop in, 3:00 PM Pacific Time to watch the new Screen Savers. It’s going to be a fantastic time. Now also we want to tell you don’t forget that you can get the individual reviews by going to our YouTube channel. Just go to That’s twitbeforeyoubuy, no spaces and you’ll see the full episode and the individual reviews as they’re broken out. It’s 1 of the things that we do because we know that sometimes you’re looking just for that device that you want to buy or just that device you’re thinking of getting for someone else. So again If you want to download full episodes or subscribe so that full episodes are automatically downloaded into the device of your choice don’t forget to go to our show page at While you’re there we’ll be able to see our entire back catalogue of episodes and use the little drop down menu so you can get our audio episodes, our video episodes into your iPhone, your Android tablet or phone, your Mac, PC, laptop, desktop or whatever it is we’ve got a format for you. Thank you very much for spending time with us. I’m Father Robert Ballecer the digital Jesuit and remember, you’ve got to watch before you buy!

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