Before You Buy 157 (Transcript)

Leo Laporte: Coming up, a new home security camera, Chad Johnson has the review. I've got some great new headphones that made me look like a 1943 Morse Code operator but work with your smart phone! Shannon Morse reviews the aptly named Rapoo, and Mike Elgan has the new Kindle Fire 6 and 7. It's time to watch Before You Buy.

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Leo: I love these headphones. Anyway, time for Before You Buy, the TWiT product review show where we get some of the latest and greatest stuff, give it to our staff, give them a chance to bang on it, and give us a real world review. Chad Johnson is here, OMGChad hosted the show OMGCraft on Youtube and you can support that at

Chad Johnson: Yep.

Leo: Home security camera, this is the Izon View.

Chad: This is the Izon View that is kind of a little stick camera...

Leo: The form factor is different.

Chad: Absolutely. This is for your house, and they call it a room monitor. You could think of it as a baby monitor but it's just for a whole room as opposed to a single crib.

Leo: So it's sound and picture.

Chad: Yes, sound and picture and it sends that back to the app so that you can view it. I have the app running here on my phone. And this might be the buggiest app I have ever used in my life.

Leo: Wow.

Chad: I set this up at home and everything went fairly smoothly but I'm trying to get it set up here at the brick house and it's just refusing to work. I've been fussing with it for about thirty minutes now trying to make sure it would work.

Leo: Were you ever able to get it to work at home?

Chad: At home, it worked fine.

Leo: I'll be honest, we have a lot of trouble with the wifi network here just because there are so many devices and so many networks so that's not really a strike against it.

Chad: Well one of the really frustrating things is that the only way it really has to tell you that something is wrong is an LED at the front that blinks either green or orange. So you have to use some sort of Morse Code technology with the camera as it's trying to set itself up. I'm just going to give up on setting it up and letting you see a live feed. Just imagine, if you would, once you set it up it would stream back to your phone. The app is really really slow and you can also see that it's not well designed. It looks like it was possibly made using PowerPoint or some other similar product from the 1990's. So once you have it set up, this will be the camera that you have, because there are multiple cameras, they'll all show up right here. But this one is inaccessible, but I don't know why.

Leo: So you can have more than one.

Chad: You can have more than one.

Leo: Is it unlimited?

Chad: As far as I know it is. With the camera you can set up motion events and sound events. I have a few motion events and you can save them by tapping the little lock icon where you can unlock or lock.

Leo: Is there a central server that it's saving it to or-

Chad: This is all in the Cloud.

Leo: Okay so they have their own Cloud database of the video because otherwise your phone would always have to be attached.

Chad: You get a certain amount of these saved, so like if I was to lock one it would tell me how many more I can lock and save, and it told me I have 95 left. On top of that whenever there's an event it'll save that clip but it'll only save a certain number and then after that it will just give you an image of what it was and it won't save the video. In order to save the video every time you need to sign up for their pro service. So right out of the box included, this is a free back-end service when you buy the Izon.

Leo: So someone breaks into my house, I've got the camera on, it sees the motion and starts recording, how much am I going to get?

Chad: Here, I'll show you. It's about 15 seconds. So here's my cat eating.

Leo: Is this in the dark?

Chad: This is in the dark in the middle of the night. It has infrared LED's on the front.

Leo: Okay that's pretty good. It woke up because it saw your cat in the room.5:40

Chad: Absolutely. I wish that I could have showed you what it was like live because you can set up a detection area with a little box. So you can say if motion happens- Let's say you may have a tree next to your front door that ends up moving a lot, you can exclude that tree so it won't always be setting off the motion sensor. And I used this when I went to Austin recently for Christmas. I used this to keep track of my cats and make sure they were moving around and eating their food and making sure there was nothing happening with them. Because I worry about the cats. You can hear there's some sound in this file as well.

Leo: Wouldn't it be funny if you heard someone say, don't worry Chad won't be home for a week.

Chad: Right, exactly. I wasn't too worried about the security of my apartment so I turned off the sound events.

Leo: So you can have sound or motion.

Chad: You can do either or both. You can add your multiple cameras, there's some guides you can have push notifications-

Leo: Is it iPhone only?

Chad: I was looking for the other app. Evan Dunn actually also had one of these and he said when he had it there was no Android app. It says, 'works with functions available on the iPad, iPhone, and iPod Touch.

Leo: Just iOS.

Chad: Oh wait, there it is.

Leo: There's the Android version of the app.

Chad: It just doesn't say it is compatible with Android on the box. I kind of wish I was back on Android so I could show you- But yeah, on the box it only shows iOS devices all over. Really quickly let's take a look at the hardware. It's small and has this base that is magnetic.

Leo: Oh that's neat.

Chad: So you can attach this and you can point-

Leo: It's easy to aim it.

Chad: Yes, it's very easy to aim it whichever way you'd like. This can also be attached to a wall using these little screw things and it comes with the screws for those holes. So you can do whatever the heck you want with it to make sure that it gets a good shot in your house, which I really like. On the back there is a USB port, it's like the mini USB port and it has it's own specialized cable. They give you quite a bit of cable, I'd say about 5 feet of cable.

Leo: Now, that powers as well as data.

Chad: That powers but the data is wireless so you'd have to have wi-fi in your house for it to work.

Leo: So that's just a power cord that you plug in.

Chad: Absolutely. It's just shaped like a mini USB thing. And down the front are the infra red LEDs inside of there and the microphone is on the front with the webcam as well. In terms of functionality, I feel like it worked fine. I got so many push notifications when I was away. That was almost a con, that it couldn't group them together and somehow say hey, there were 50 events that happened.

Leo: Right.

Chad: But it would just constantly ping you every single time. Especially when the cats were eating, it only takes 30 second clips. So if they were eating for say, 15 minutes that's 30 push notifications that would happen for a duration of 15 minutes.

Leo: Well consider that for your application if you're waiting for a burglar to break in, you would want a push notification. But if you're monitoring babies, cats, dogs, anything that moves a lot, not so hot.

Chad: Exactly. But it's like when are you waiting for a burglar to arrive at your apartment?

Leo: Security, that's the idea of security.

Chad: Sure, right.

Leo: Is that it would alert me that something's moving in there and you wouldn't expect that.

Chad: I almost wish that it would say, hey there's movement and then maybe give me one push notification saying, movement has started and another when it stopped. That would've been much more enjoyable.

Leo: This is a crowded field, there's DropCam, which Google owns and there are a lot of similar devices. How much is the Pro subscription if you're going to store stuff in the Cloud?

Chad: The Pro subscription, I forget that right off the top of my head..

Leo: So this is $150 for the camera-

Chad: Well, that's MSRP. You can find it easily online for less.

Leo: Oh okay. Look at that, $99 or $79. And the one we have is the View, not the 2.0.

Chad: Right we have the Izon View.

Leo: So that's very inexpensive. The image looks good, I like it. It has night vision, and I love the little mounting thing that's nicely done.

Chad: There's a few features that- And in this field... Like the DropCam that you mentioned is probably the biggest competitor. But I wish that you could talk back through the device. I reviewed a similar camera recently where you could hit a button and it would say a little message. So there's a few other features it could have but it's a good price for a security camera that has a back-end you don't have to pay for, it's pretty good.

Leo: But for more than just 30 seconds of video you have to pay.

Chad: Well so you get- I'm upset it wouldn't connect here because if it would have I easily could have hit the 'Buy Pro' option and figure out the price. But I can't connect so that was an issue but it will save, let's say ten 30 second clips a day. But after those ten, it will only take a photo but you can't get that back. It's not retroactive so let's say there was a burglary-

Leo: Too late.

Chad: Yeah too late. You might have the first ten events that happened throughout the day but whatever.

Leo: So, pros and cons.

Chad: So pros are that the hardware is really well made for the price, it has this really cool magnetic base and all of the different parts of the hardware that it's small-

Leo: The night vision looked really good.

Chad: -The night vision worked well, the microphone isn't necessarily the best quality but it's really sensitive, which you want in a security camera, and yeah the night vision. So those are the pros for the product. The cons are that the app was really buggy and it's a very slow product and I had connection issues.

Leo: Well, again...

Chad: Still, the setup process is really difficult. I'll give it a pass. In our studio it didn't work but even at home the setup process was not smooth. I'm having a really difficult time with this one because the price is competitive and the actual product is great and I love the hardware. I wish they would get a real developer, a real UX designer and a real server back-end to fix some of the annoying issues but that's not the product that I reviewed. That product doesn't exist so I'm going to have to give it a 'Try'-

Leo: But the software is the falling-

Chad: The software is the big fall on the Izon.

Leo: But that could get better.

Chad: Exactly.

Leo: Very good. There you go, a 'try' for the Izon View security camera. And as little $100.

Chad: Yes, and also I saw through a partner of Amazon's it was going for like $88.

Leo: Wow, even less.

Chad: So there are options around for you.

Leo: I have to say, I love the looks and that by the way, was OMGChad our good friend and the host of OMGCraft which you which you'll find on Figure that out. Well Chad is what you need to remember.

Chad: Yeah, for the show. for me. There's a show and there's a personal account. Just like there's a TWiT and Leo Laporte. Right, so OMGChad is me and OMGCraft is the show. I should probably just put it all on and just go there and have links there.

Leo: It'd be easy but let's not dwell on that.

Chad: Let's not make it too easy.

Leo: Let's not make it easy, you want people who care enough to figure it out. I really like the look of this and the company that makes it, Beyerdynamic, is one of the best known high-end headphone manufacturers in the world.

Chad: Wow.

Leo: So we gave these- See these are actually headphones for a cell phone, there's the little microphone right there. -We gave these to Tonya Hall, the host of our marketing show Marketing Mavericks, and asked her what she thought of the Beyerdynamic T51i headphones. Tonya.

Tonya Hall: Hi, I'm Tonya Hall, the host of Marketing Mavericks here on TWiT TV and I'm here to review the Beyerdynamic T51i over the ear headset. In fact, they call this their Tesla version. If you've seen the Beyerdynamic T51p, it's very similar to these. In fact, pretty much the only difference is they did listen to the customer. They included a mic and external control. So right here you have the mic and here is the up and down for the volume or maybe to change the set that you're listening to. I typically like over the ear, but these on ear headphones are really comfortable. And even though they are not noise cancelling, they actually did cancel out a lot of what was going on around me and the studio around here is actually pretty crazy so that's a huge advantage to wearing these. The quality of these headphones was great. The treble was really sharp, the bass was on target, and the music itself that I listened to- And I listen to a wide spectrum of music, I actually have a wide variety of taste of music and everything I listened to came across really clear. With the headphones you get a nylon carrying case, really handy when you're spending a lot of money on headphones, you want to protect them. You get a couple of adapters including one that is an airplane adapter. Again, I really liked this headset and I listened to it for quite some time. One of the things I liked the most about it is that it's so compactible to carry it just about anywhere with or without the case. Sometimes I travel and I only take my backpack and I might want something really high-quality, so if that's the case I'm usually stuck with something kind of bulky in my backpack. This does not take up a lot of room. Pros are that it's really compact, it's really soft, and the quality of the sound was great. A con is that it's on ear, versus over ear but like I said these were actually really comfortable so I actually really like these. I'm going to give the Beyerdynamic T51i a 'buy'.

Leo: Well the price is high but you know what, I have to say people's expectation of headphone pricing is a little skewed by the cheap in ear headphones that you see like the Skull Candy and the Apple headphones and those really aren't as good. In the traditional days of audio- headphones $300 for a pair of headphones was not unusual and this is one of the great names in headphones so I'm not surprised they sound really great. A definite 'buy' for the T51i, thank you Tonya Hall, host of Marketing Mavericks. Now ladies and gentlemen, it's time for you to shave. I shaved my head, now you shave yours. Although if I were to continue shaving my head, you'd better believe I'd be using Harry's. Harry's is the best and you might say, oh I know. It's subscription razor blades by subscription.. Yes and no. Because first of all you start with a Harry's kit and they've got great kits. The Winston kit is their kind of higher end kit $25, beautiful metal handle. With both kits, the Winston and the Truman- The Truman is $15. -You get three blades which is a great deal. You get the incredible foaming gel shave cream and you also get this great travel holder that keeps your blades safe but what you're really paying for is the best blades you've ever used. That's where Harry's wanted to focus. They said, not only are people paying too much, but we could sell direct to people and cut the cost in half. But they went one step further and wondered where are the best blades made? They found their two factories in Germany where the best blades are made. They literally bought one of the factory and they tell the factory that they want their blades made beautifully, perfectly, as well as possible for sharpness and high performance. And that's why you'll get a better shave than you've ever had before. You add that with Harry's shave gel and you are going to get an amazing shave. And then, once you get the kit you subscribe and get the Harry's blades delivered to your door for free shipping in the US and Canada. Now you're talking, this is a great deal. For about half of the cost you'd pay for that high-end blade, you're going to get the best shave you've ever had. Start with the starter kit, the Truman for just $15 and if you want to save a little more use the offer code: BEFOREYOUBUY at harry' and it'll take $5 off. So, $10! Tell me that isn't a great deal. Get started with Harry's today and you tell me if it isn't the best shave you ever had. and just don't forget to use the offer code when you check out to get $5 off on your first purchase,, we love them. Now it's time to move on with another review. This one is from Shannon Morse, Snubs! She has the Rapoo A600. You know in my opinion, it takes a lot of nerve to name a product poo. It's a small company. But the question is with a name like Rapoo, do they have to be good? Let's find out.

Shannon Morse: Hey everyone, I'm Shannon Morse with Before You Buy and this week I'm reviewing the Rapoo Wireless Bluetooth Speaker A600. You can find this online for $99.99 so it's a whole $100 but I did find it for as low as $60 so keep your eye tuned to that,  yay sales. It's available in this nice aluminum alloy color and on the inside, you get the option to pick blue, green, red, yellow, or white. So several different options for all of you stylish people out there. This bluetooth speaker can do either bluetooth 4.0, NFC, and on the back it also has AUX IN capability as well as your regular micro USB charging and your on/off button. On the front you'll notice that you have a nice LED that lights up blue every time you turn it on. It also has the ability to do calls via the microphone that's built in. The call quality is pretty good, I noticed to drop offs or anything like that and I was able to walk away from the speaker and hear it very clearly whenever I was talking to people over the phone. And I was using my Samsung Galaxy Note 4 for that. It easily connects over bluetooth, no problems there either, for about 10 hours of play time. The battery life was excellent and it took almost no time to charge so I was very happy with that as well. You can also connect two devices simultaneously to this speaker. Other than fighting over what kind of music you want to listen to, I'm not necessarily sure why you'd want to do that. Now it measures 5.59"x1.57"x2.64" and it only weighs about 1 1/2lbs. so not very bad at all. This is definitely something that you could make into a travel companion. You could just throw it into your backpack and run away if you wanted to. Now, as far as the music and sound quality goes, I noticed a slight distortion at highest volumes whenever I was playing all sorts of different kinds of music and I mostly noticed that whenever playing the larger bass sounds. Also, on the bass it's kind of non-existant especially with house music or techno electronica, Daft Punk, things like that, I didn't notice much bass coming out of it at all. On vocals and instrumentals though, if you're more of a podcast listener, I was listening to Pink Floyd on this and had no problems listening to that while hearing all of the different instruments it was very clear. I should mention as well, that there was a slight feedback whenever I was listening too, there was like white noise in the background whenever I was listening to very quiet moments in songs or whenever I was connecting from one device to another device. So it was just kind of a strange moment whenever I was listening to those quieter songs that I've never noticed with a speaker before so I definitely felt like I should mention that. I did want to mention as well that there is a companion app that you can download on Google Play, however I didn't necessarily need this because I was using Google Music the entire time. So I didn't use that. Now, on the pros; It's very stylish, it's well built, doesn't feel like it would break if you were to accidentally drop it or anything, and it is NFC capable. And I love speakers that are NFC capable because it makes it so much easier to connect. Now on the con side, there's relatively no bass and I had an issue with that because I love my house music. And there was that white noise feedback, which when you're listening to the music isn't that noticeable, but when you're switching between one device to another or switching from one song to another, it can get kind of annoying. So is this a buy try or a don't buy? I give Rapoo A600 a 'don't buy' and I'm pretty sure you can figure out why. Again this is Shannon Morse for Before You Buy.

Leo: So a 'do not buy' for something named Rapoo, what a surprise. Thank you Shannon Morse. Before we get on with the Before You Buy show let me tell you about something that was a big discovery for us at home. Blue Apron. I like to cook, I really do. But when I'm done at the end of the day I'm tired and don't want to go shopping, I don't want to think about my meal planning.. I never plan ahead. So I love getting home and seeing my Blue Apron box waiting for me, because Blue Apron sends me everything. All of the ingredients I would need to cook a delicious meal, simply and easily. You see those coded recipe cards? And I mean every ingredient, even the salt. So I don't have to go shopping, the exact ingredients, the exact proportions, fresh. They all come from local farms so not only are they at their peak of freshness, but they're currently in season which is nice. Nothing frozen! Meals are 500-700 calories per serving, delicious, and at $9.99/person per meal they're really affordable. This is great. They have family kits as well so you can make one for multiple people. They work around your schedule, you can tell them what your dietary preferences are, in every case the cooking time is about half an hour. Shipping is always free and the menu is always featuring the same stuff. In fact, they'll never send you the same meal twice. Plus it gives you confidence. Once you've made chicken charlemagne with roasted root vegetables and parsnip potato mash, you have the recipe card, you're going to make it again. It's easy, you've done it! I don't know what Korean-Style Tteok is, I've never had it. With spicy pork Ragu and Gai Lan but man, that looks good. Incredible. And the recipe is also online in case you lose the card. You will cook incredible meals, you will be blown away by the quality and freshness and you're going to love it. Fresh, fast, super affordable, you will cook like a gourmet chef. And guys, can I tell you something just between us? You want to impress a young lady? Make a dinner for two, set up the candles, make something gourmet like this and you don't have to tell her you got it at Blue Apron. This is stuff that is freshly prepared, you are not buying something made already that is defrosting and needing to be cooked in the microwave, you're doing the cooking I have got to warn you. It is fun though, you will feel so accomplished! We've got two meals for you for free so there's really no reason not to try it. The other reason you're going to like this more than getting a meal prepared and heating it up, your house will smell fantastic and that's going to impress people too. You cooked for me? I did., 2 free meals await you. Mike Elgan, he is our news director, the host of TNT Monday-Friday 10am Pacific, 1pm Eastern Time, 1800 UTC. And in his spare time he likes to review Kindles. Is this the new Kindle Fire?

Mike Elgan: Close, this is the Amazon Fire HD 6, this is the Amazon Fire HD 7.

Leo: They dropped the Kindle.

Mike: They dropped the Kindle because I think they wanted to differentiate from the reader specific device.

Leo: This is a tablet that does have reading capability.

Mike: Yes, it's actually very good for Ebooks and they're very very low cost devices. They're almost identical except for the size and the screen resolution and what-not.

Leo: So the one I have is like a giant cell phone.

Mike: Yeah, they have cell phones that are 6", this one has a 6" screen plus a huge bezel. It's very thick and heavy. In fact we were noticing earlier that they're like the same weight.

Leo: Actually I think the big one might be lighter!

Mike: Exactly that's what we were thinking. So the Fire HD 6 is extremely thick and extremely heavy.

Leo: I have my Nexus 6 with me, you can compare the screen sizes. It's exactly the same.

Mike: But this magenta job here is cheap, it's $99. This one is $139.

Leo: What? Wait a minute, $99?

Mike: Yes.

Leo: This is my account you have my books. How do you have my books on here? Wait a minute, I'm confused.

Mike: I have no idea why that is. I pulled it out and it was shrink wrapped-

Leo: Did it say, hello leo?

Mike: It did, actually.

Leo: Of course it did, these are my books. I guess somebody ordered it on my Amazon is what they did. Alright, so apparently I own these now.

Mike: Okay so they have 2 megapixel cameras it's like going back in time.

Leo: Yeah but dude, it's $99.

Mike: Yeah. You'll notice that the plastic on the back is not the good kind of plastic. It's like the kind you get a slurpee in and it's slippery too so this is not a great surface to have on the back of your tablet. Of course, it's Wi-Fi only, these are basically bare bones- What do you sacrifice for those prices? You get a pretty good screen...

Leo: I have to say, the screen is better than I'd expect for $99.

Mike: Yeah when you look at certain whites, they'll have a sort of different color to them. They all tend in general to be kind of orangey. Our monitors make them look good but-

Leo: They're high res though, right?

Mike: They are pretty high res, yes. And so the sound quality is very low quality. These of course run a forked version of Android 4.4 KitKat called the Fire S 4, it's codename Sangeria. It's optimized for buying stuff on Amazon, as you'd imagine.

Leo: Even the app store is the Amazon app store.

Mike: You have access to Google Play directly on these devices and they're so-so. You'll notice that if you scroll through the user interface it's not bad, but when you get into videos and games or if you do a lot of fast scrolling through, you get some hiccups with the performance. They really optimize it for looking through the Amazon related parts. They have the Silk browser which is also from Amazon. One of the bad things about this is one of the great things about Amazon customer service is Mayday Instant Customer Service, these don't have it so if you have a question these don't have the little video head that pop up and tell you the answer to your questions.

Leo: Look, it's been so long since I've subscribed to the New York Times it says, Obama and Romney have their first debate. That's exciting, I wonder who won.

Mike: By the way, one of the funny things that came up whenever I realized this was your account, it said Leo's 10th Kindle.

Leo: Yeah, I have a lot of them. So clearly, the idea behind these is if you're one of those people who say I need a tablet, or the kids need a tablet-

Mike: Well that's the other thing about this, they both have a special kids version called the Kids Edition. They're a little extra, the 6" Kids Edition is $149 the 7" Kids Edition is $189, they come with a case that sort of kid-proofs it and they're also guaranteed for 2 years so if they flush it or break it completely they'll replace it and that comes with a special plus free time unlimited subscription. So they get tons of content. That's part of why you'd want to recommend this because it's really a great offering for kids. You can turn them loose on the unlimited subscription and it's all tailored for children.

Leo: I have to say for this price- There are people for $100 that buy the five and dime polaroid tablet that's running an old version of android at least Amazon keeps this version of Android up. Give me the pros and cons.

Mike: Okay. The pros are that it's inexpensive, the performance and screen are okay, they're actually pretty good in direct sunlight if you want to read outside. They come in an edition of fruity colors in addition to this pink, they also have black, white, cobalt, and citron. I don't know what that is. They're brightly colored. The cons are they're cheap thick and heavy. The screen is only good if you look at it directly on. At the edges there's distortion, and colored distortion. The screen is extremely reflective you can see that if you're watching the video.

Leo: That's probably because it's good if you're watching TV and video because this also is designed to play Amazon video right?

Mike: Yes. And you'll notice the sound is not good. One of the few differences between these two is that the 6 has a single speaker at the bottom, the 7 has two speakers on the side. It still doesn't sound that great.

Leo: Does it come with headphones?

Mike: It doesn't come with headphones but another curiousity about this is that- Actually it might, I'm uncertain about that. -But everything is on the top. You see the headphone jack, the microphone, the USB where you plug it in, and the power button are all on the top. The only thing on the bottom-

Leo: The volume control is on the side..

Mike: So that's kind of an odd thing.

Leo: But it can play pin ball.

Mike: It can play pin ball. Now you may be surprised when I say this is a 'do not buy' at these prices. The reason is, the Fire HD X also from Amazon is slightly more expensive and way better performance.

Leo: How much is the HD X?

Mike: Well for the 7" is $179 so that's just $40 more. For $40 more you can get something that's not going to frustrate you and will be much better for games and movies and things like that. Cheap tablets sound great and then you have it for a couple years at least.

Leo: So it's a 'do not buy' but if you spend a little more you can get a better thing on the other hand, if you say you can only afford a $100 tablet, this is so much better than the cheap cheap android stuff we've seen. I'd say if you can't spend a penny more this is a much better choice.

Mike: Right. We're not reviewing the kids edition but I think it is something to really go for.

Leo: Alright a 'do not buy' for the Amazon 6 and the 7. You know, one thing I've learned from this segment is I'd better change my Amazon password pretty quick.

Mike: Yeah but not too quick, I still have some books I want to download.

Leo: Thank you Mike Elgan, our news director here. Thanks also to Shannon, OMGChad, and Tonya Hall. We do Before You Buy each and every week. On Tuesdays you can subscribe and get the whole show at you can also go to our Youtube channel We still have the whole show but we also have each individual review that makes it easy to share with someone who's in the market for a product that we review. If you've got an idea for something you'd like to see, do email thanks for joining us and remember you've got to watch, Before You Buy!

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