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Show Tease: The New Tecra is here! The new Tecra is here! Plus, we’re going to talk about this! The Lumia 635. A lot of interest in this tiny inexpensive windows phone. Something called Rapoo, and Mike is going to review a garage door opener! It’s all coming up! Time to watch Before You Buy! Netcasts you love, from people you trust. This is TWiT. Bandwidth for Before You Buy is brought to you by CacheFly, at

Leo Laporte: Welcome to Before You Buy, the product review show unlike any other! Where we get all the greatest, the latest, the newest, and we give them our TWiT staffers and we let them play with it for, you know, a week or two and so they really get a sense of what it’s like, and then they can tell us if we should buy it or not! We’re going to start off with Chad Johnson, the old red head, he’s here. Of course the Host of OMGcraft, and a brand-new show, which I’m loving called RedditUP.

Chad Johnson: Second episode last week!

Leo: All the new means, you watch this show and you know what all the kids are talking about.

Chad: Right. We cover a lot of means and big things that are happening on the internet, but we also cover a little bit of news and social stuff.

Leo: It’s great. Ask me anything.

Chad: Ask me anything.

Leo: It’s really fun. RedditUP. You must look for it, you must download it, you must watch it. Meanwhile, there it is!

Chad: Yep! Second episode! Look at that!

Leo: Is it

Chad: RU.

Leo: Ru?

Chad: Yeah. We’re thinking about buying TWiT.RU from Russia but...

Leo: Gladimir Putin be glad!

Chad: Gladimir Putin would now be known as Gladimir if we buy that domain!

Leo: The happy premier! So from a distance looks exactly like a MacBook, but it isn’t obviously.

Chad: Right. So this is a Laptop from Toshiba. This is sort of their newer offering. This one is, they have a few different versions of this laptop. This is the Z40T. This one is set up more for business. So…

Leo: You know the Tecra name is…they’ve been making Tecra laptops forever!

Chad: Right. Tecra is…yes.

Leo: It’s their business line.

Chad: It is. Now this one is set up with Windows 7.

Leo: Oh!

Chad: Instead of windows 8. But yet it still has a touch screen!

Leo: Oh! So obviously they planned to sell it both ways.

Chad: So you could do it either way. This one is also set up with a glare resistant screen.

Leo: Well that’s nice.

Chad: 1080P screen.

Leo: You know, as a selling point, I’m setting over here, as I might be if I were on an airplane with you, I cannot read the screen.

Chad: Oh! The viewing angles are so bad nobody on the side can read your screen!

Leo: It’s a feature! It does look high res. What’s the resolution?

Chad: 1080 on a 14 inch screen.

Leo: That’s good.

Chad: I don’t know.

Leo: It looks like it to me. From a distance.

Chad: In terms of ports, it has some really good ports. It has just a normal...

Leo: Look at the VGA!

Chad: VGA, which is great for people who are in an office space, who every… I mean these things are everywhere on projectors!

Leo: Power point projectors.

Chad: You have USB on this side, HDMI out, and SD card slot. Also on the other side, you have, of course, power, a safety latch, a nick, and two USB 3 ports on this side. And then headphone, and microphone ports. There’s no CD tray. This is a CD less Ultrabook style thing. You have a few speakers here on the front and the bottom has another thing businesses like, which is that sort of universal docking port thing that you can attach.

Leo: Toshiba is famous for those docking ports.

Chad: Absolutely. The top is very simple, which I actually liked. It does, you can see there’s a few smudges but that’s mostly because we’re getting a lot of glare from…

Leo: And because you’ve been eating Pringles all morning.

Chad: And because I like those Pringles. I really like the design of it. It’s very simple. I could easily pull off these stickers and this Tecra would be the only thing that you see. In terms of hardware features, it does have a mouse nub, they have a specific name for this but…

Leo: Lenovo calls it a track point, I’m sure Toshiba has its own name.

Chad: Right, which I’m sure some people like.

Leo: It’s a business thing.

Chad: It’s a business thing. You have extra buttons for that on the trackpad.

Leo: I have mixed feelings for that, because a lot of these laptops we see now days are button-less on the trackpad. You just click the trackpad.

Chad: That’s how this one is!

Leo: But I see buttons!

Chad: These ones are above the trackpad! These buttons are for your nub.

Leo: Oh! They’re nubby buttons!

Chad: Yeah, and this is not clickable. So the trackpad is the type where you move over and click the full trackpad. I do have big issues with this trackpad. One, it’s sort of a normal responsiveness on a trackpad. There’s no newer features. I feel like an apple trackpad tracks better. This is some sort of plastic material, where on the sides it will bend down a lot more than it will in the middle here.

Leo: Oh that’s not good.

Chad: And on top of that, up here near the top…

Leo: Oh look at that! I can see it torqueing!

Chad: Well it’ll torque but it also doesn’t click at all! It doesn’t click on the upper portion of this trackpad, but it will at the bottom. The button is obviously located right here in the center, or something like that. It does do left and right click, which can be confusing based off of where your thumb is put and that sort of thing. It does also have multi-touch so you can use two fingers to scroll. In terms of what’s inside, what’s packaged inside of this computer? There’s 8 gigabytes of RAM, there’s 500 gigabyte drive.

Leo: Spinning hard drive, not an SSD.

Chad: Spinning hard drive, it’s 7200 RPM. There is a core I5 two gigahertz processor and there’s just the Intel built in graphics. There’s no graphics.

Leo: No special graphics.

Chad: No special graphics card.

Leo: But it is touch screen, which is kind of weird.

Chad: It is touch screen! Which is kind of interesting to be on. There is some…it’s not quite as native.

Leo: The stuff is so small.

Chad: You can do a few multi-touch gestures where you zoom in and out, it does have some stuff for that. So there are some, I found that it was okay, it does have a pop out little thing over here, if you can click it, where you can either write on the screen, or you can switch to a keyboard. Obviously this isn’t quite…

Leo: It looks like it wants a stylus. Does it come with a stylus?

Chad: It does not come with a stylus. There’s no stylus. You’re getting mostly that impression because I had it in this mode. I was just playing around with it.

Leo: But even the keyboard looks so small, it would be hard to type on that.

Chad: You can drag that out.

Leo: Oh you can make it bigger?

Chad: Yeah.

Leo: Good luck.

Chad: If I can hit that thing.

Leo: How about battery life?

Chad: Battery life was normal. It wasn’t anything I was excited about. It was good.

Leo: A few hours.

Chad:  A few hours, yeah. Normal battery life. It does come with a little bit of software for backup utilities. It does have a fingerprint reader, which I use to log in, which is kind of nice. Here if I log out of here, you can see how quickly it is to log back in. Which is nice.

Leo: Is it the…here let me try it. Is it fairly accurate?

Chad: Yeah.

Leo: In other words if I try to log in…

Chad: Apple L to log out.

Leo: Apple L? I think you’re in the wrong kind of computer, my friend.

Chad: Windows L! I’m sorry. Whatever the mode of laptop.

Leo: Oh yeah. It says. Oh no! Scan your finger more slowly.

Chad: It says we’re erasing the whole hard drive now, thanks to Leo.

Leo: That was 18 try’s. Forget it now.

Chad: Yeah.

Leo: Okay, so that’s good.

Chad: Right.

Leo: And it’s pretty reliable with you, so if you do it now will it log in?

Chad: yeah. So I did it with both fingers, here I don’t know. Oh! Yeah, it just did, I didn’t even have to dismiss the…

Leo: That’s good!

Chad: Yeah, so I kind of liked that feature as well. It is a 14 inch TFT display. And, yeah, that’s about it! So for the pros and cons. On my pros, I did like that it had a touch screen. I also liked that it was Windows 7! That was a pro for me that I didn’t have to mess around with windows 8.

Leo: But you could upgrade to 8, and with a touch screen it’d be 8 ready I guess.

Chad: It’d be fine. And it’s a pretty lightweight of a laptop. I don’t know if you felt that.

Leo; Yeah, it didn’t feel that heavy.

Chad: Now, with the cons, with the lightweight, the construction is not quite amazing. You see that I can bend this really easily at the top. Same thing with the track pad, it just felt very plastic and not really that great. So for a con I’m going to give it a bad construction. And it was a little bit slow. I could really feel that this was an I5 processor only clocked at 2 gigahertz. And that it had a spinning hard drive in there. So there’d be times when you’d type a search query by hitting, you know, windows, and just start typing and it’d feel like 5 seconds before text would show up, and your search would complete. So a tiny bit sluggish. On the price, it’s 1,389 dollars.

Leo: Wow! It’s pricy.

Chad: It’s pricy. So this is not an inexpensive laptop.

Leo: With that flimsy feel I would think it would be less expensive.

Chad: I know! Exactly. So I can’t….buy, try, don’t buy? It’s really hard to give this a buy at that price point, at the construction. Other than the price, like if you were able to find this at a less expensive price.

Leo: 800, 900 bucks I’d go for it! But it’s not!

Chad: Yes, or you need a few of these features. You need the track nub instead of the track pad, and you need the RCA port…not RCA port! The VGA port.

Leo: Well it’s interesting, because it does have VGA which is unusual, it has HDMI, an SD reader, so the ports are good.

Chad: There are features of this laptop that I could see people needing, so I’m giving this a try, because there wasn’t anything that I was like absolutely not. It’s just not stellar, and for you, you’re going to know if you want the features that are included with this laptop.

Leo: At that price, I would use our benchmark for windows today, which is the Acer S7. Which is the same price, I say get that. Unless you have to have a VGA port, and a track nub, and windows 7.

Leo: Chad Johnson! Host of OMGcraft, RedditUP, my producer, my good friend.

Chad: Gizwhiz.

Leo: Oh who could forget! And you appeared in Mad magazine this week. Unbelievable.

Chad: Next to you!

Leo: We’re so grateful to Dick for that. That is the October issue of Mad Magazine. Alfred is on the cover eating a watermelon, and there’s a gap where his tooth misses the water melon. Just, it’s so, isn’t that an honor?

Chad: It’s surreal. You would have thought that my entire career up to this point didn’t mean a thing to my family. Because they were so elated over the mad magazine. Yeah!

Leo: My son! He’s in Mad!

Chad: They’ve bought like thirty issues already and they’re sending it out to family.

Leo: That’s great. It’s a big deal for me! Someone sent me an email saying I heard Howard Stern and Gerry Seinfeld saying the best thing in their careers were appearing in Mad Magazine. So we’re right up there with Gary and Howard.

Chad: We’re at the peak.

Leo: Yeah. There you go!

Chad: There’s Leo and Lisa!

Leo: That’s us! I guess we won’t show Chad!

Chad: Nah!

Leo: You can find him, he’s red headed!

Chad: Yeah, you’ll be able to figure it out. I showed the grocery store attendants over there and they were not as impressed as I was hoping they would be.

Leo: Isn’t that terrible where you hope somebody is going to be…

Chad: Because I think they thought it was just some buy with red hair. And I was like Look it’s me! And I was like No! Look at my credit card and, and look at that name! It’s the same! They didn’t quite…

Leo: We’re going to take a look at a phone next on Before You Buy. This is the much await, actually Nokia Lumia 635. The big companies, Android, Apple, Microsoft, are fighting it out at the low end now, you know. The high end is pretty much owned by Samsung and Apple. But if you can get a 100 dollar phone with windows phone, that works nice, that looks good, would you buy it? Well we thought we’d ask Bryan Burnett our technical director what he thinks.

Bryan Burnett: Bryan Burnett from TWiT and Before You Buy, and today I’m taking a look at the Nokia Lumia 635 on AT&T. Now much like Nokia’s other Lumia phones, the 635 has a very 2001 space odyssey monolith look to it. The outer edges are gently tapered and in a similar fashion to the Microsoft surface. A volume rocker and power button are the only two buttons on this phone. Meaning the dedicated camera button is gone way with. The Buttons do have a good tactile feel to them, and over all the matte plastic from Nokia feels really solid in the hand. On the back is a 5 megapixel camera, which is the only camera on the phone, and does not have a flash. As far as the screen, it is a 4.5 inch IPS LCD at a resolution of 845 by 480. It’s not a screen that will blow you away, but it does look sharp and it’s bright enough to see in broad daylight. Powering that display is a quad Core 1.2 snapdragon 400, keeping things snappy and making the windows interface feel responsive. Behind the removable back is a slot for a micro SD card, and an 1830 milliamp battery, which allows for a full day of use. The camera on the 635 is a bit of a disappointment coming from some of the other high end Lumia phones. Low light images come out very soft and blurry, which is mostly due to the lack of the flash on this phone. In a well-lit area the camera did okay, but really these pics are more snapshots that you’ll save for the occasional Instagram. Now without going to deep, Windows is definitely a step in the right direction. And with the addition of Quartana combined with the ease of use, makes for a very good user experience. What is halo?

Phone: Halo rings are designed by the most advanced civilization ever. And they’re an awful lot of fun to blow up.

Bryan: Getting into the pros and cons the 99 dollar price range, you’ll be hard pressed to find a phone with hardware feeling as nice as this. Which leads me to my next pro, design. The Lumia feels really good in the hand, and the matte back feels really grippy. The last pro is window 8.1 itself. It’s still playing catchup to the other windows mobile OSes, but it still feels super snappy on the 635. As for cons, the no flash on this phone makes most low light shots blurry. The lack of the front facing camera means no selfies, which might not be a con for everyone. And the screen resolution is fairly low. And while it looks decent for the windows interface, the field of view is fairly shallow. As for a buy, try or don’t buy? If you’re in the market for a simple to use, budget phone with top notch fit and finish, you can’t beat the Lumia for the price. But with one caveat, if you’re not 100% dedicated to certain apps in Android or IOS, then the Lumia 635 is a buy. This has been Bryan Burnett from TWiT, thanks for watching.

Leo: You know it’s really cool that for 100 bucks you can get a phone that has all the nice features, a windows phone, a good camera, decent fit and finish. It’s nice! Thank you Bryan Burnett. Technical director, great to have you on the show! Right now we’re going to take a look at something I think if I were this company I might think about changing my name. The Rapoo 8900P. Maybe I have a bathroom mind!

Chad: Do you want like a well done poo?

Leo: It’s the Rapoo 8900P wireless ultra slim keyboard and mouse. Tonya Hall, what do you think?

Tonya Hall: Hi! I’m Tonya Hall with TWiT TVs Before You Buy, and I’m here to review the Rapoo duel keyboard and mouse. It is the Rapoo 8900p. You get a, actually, not a Bluetooth but wireless keyboard and mouse as you can see right here. And you can actually do, install this with the XP, the Vista, Windows 7, or Windows 8. I actually sue Windows 7 and I’m going to talk about how it worked with my unit. So let’s start with the keyboard. The keyboard is really nice and slick design here, look at this. Look how thin that is, it’s really sleek, and it’s really sturdy also. It’s actually 168 millimeters here. Its 432 millimeters here, and 4 millimeters at its thickest. It’s titanium, black stainless steel. It’s got this brushed metal design. It’s really, really sophisticated looking, which I liked a lot. And I mentioned the WIFI, both the mouse and the keyboard operate on five gigahertz, which is really great. In fact, we kind of tested it out in the studio and sometimes our WIFI is not so great, and we actually were able to use it across the studio with walls and barriers and it worked great. I had my computer in our production area and Leo was in at the news desk, right here. And he was actually typing on my computer and being very mischievous, of course! So it was…this is a really nice design. Let’s talk about some of the functionality here on the board itself. There are roughly 112 keys. That includes a keypad, so if that’s important to you, you want to use that. The keys themselves are what’s called a chocolate style design, they’re square and they’re actually really easy to use. It actually comes with this USB for both the mouse and the keyboard. And as soon as I installed it my computer, as well as the CD it came with, it immediately started working, and there was no lag. It was supper, super fast. Something that I think you might have a hard time seeing right now is that there are some light here at the top. These are some of the hidden keys, so what’s really cool about this is that once you tap it, the lights come on. You can adjust the sound, you can mute it, you can turn the volume up, turn the volume down, and it does dim back up. So there are hidden and it’s actually not necessarily a good thing and it’s actually kind of hard to see. It’s kind of hard to see them if you have poor lighting. But in some ways it’s actually an advantage. I like the long reach and they keypad. There are many things to like about this. Let me talk about the pros and cons. So the pro for the keyboard would be the design. I really like the design. I think it’s really sophisticated looking. It’s good a great reach, I mentioned, and the speed to connect was really, really fast. Now the con would be it cannot adjust the height. So right there, there’s only one height opportunity so if you wanted it a little higher that’s not going to happen. And there’s no reminder. Something you don’t realize you need, but there’s no reminder indicator for the CAPS or the NUM lock. So if you’ve accidently hit that and you don’t remember, they could probably include a little light or something to help you know that those are pressed. Other than that, I do really like the keyboard. So let’s talk about the mouse. This is actually probably what I liked the most about the combo, and it’s got some really neat things too. So right here, underneath, you can see there’s an on and off. This is where the batteries go. Both the keyboard and the mouse require two double A batteries. And I didn’t have to change those. They actually have lasted, and they’re supposed to both last a really long time. It’s also got a soft rubber finish on both sides, which I really like. It’s very ergonomic. It’s supposed to reduce fatigue after you’ve used it for a long time. My thumb fits really nicely right here, and if you look at the bottom, right here, some antiskid on both sides…antiskid matts. It’s a 4 D scroll wheel. So it goes four different directions. This right here will allow you to actually increase and decrease the magnification and this will allow you page forward and page back. Really handy, everything all together. The other thing that’s interesting here is there is a one key DPI switching that goes from 800 to 1600 DPI. So if that’s important to you, all of this is really handy. It’s black metal finish and really liked it! So let’s go over pros and cons. The pro here is the speed, again, super-fast. As soon as I wanted to connect it connected. The ergonomic design and the feel, and I liked the magnifier. That was actually really handy when I wanted to zoom in on something it was really easy to do that right here. So the con, the only con is also one of the pros which is the magnifier, it is very close to the click button, so you can accidently magnify when you didn’t mean to. But other than that I really liked it. I would say both of these are something I really enjoyed and I would highly recommend. The price of these together is about 120 dollars. I think it’s highly worth it, I can’t tell you how easy it was to use them and how much I enjoyed it. So I give them both a buy! This has been the review of the Rapoo 8900p, it is a wireless WIFI keyboard and mouse. And I’m Tonya Hall with Before You Buy. Thanks so much!

Leo: I’m told its pronounced ra-poo and it is very nice! Solid metal, nice keyboard. Thank you Tonya Hall. Tonya hosts, of course, the Marketing Mavericks show where she talks to big shots in marketing about how the digital era is changing what they do every Friday on TWiT. Make sure you tune in! Our news director Mike Elgan is here. Now I, Mike, I had to suffer through the robotic lawnmower.

Mike Elgan: Yes.

Leo: So we decided it was your turn to modify your home for our benefit.

Mike: Yes, and speaking of raw poo, this is another half-baked product. It’s called the Chamberlain MyQ garage. It’s a smartphone controlled garage door opener. It has two basic components here. This is the device that goes above your garage door opener. It’ll pretty much open any garage door opener after 1993. This actually uses the inferred here, and you have to line this up in the right direction. But there’s a mount. This goes upside down in your garage.

Leo: Okay. So it’s an effect, it’s like a remote to your garage door.

Mike: With benefits. So this goes on the garage door itself. This has a motion sensor, it knows the orientation.

Leo: On the front of it?

Mike: Anywhere on the garage door. So when the garage door is closed it’s in this orientation, and when you open it up it goes like that and knows that it’s open. So it’ll show on your smartphone if it’s open or closed.

Leo: Oh! So if you’re one of those people who panics because you think you left the garage door open, you can check!

Mike: you can. That’s exactly right. This is 129 dollars, and again, it works universally for almost all garage door openers that have been manufactured after 1993. The app will show you if the garage door is open or closed, and you just look at it and there it is. And you can also get alerts via email, or push notification if your garage door stays open for too long.

Leo: Oh that’s neat

Mike: That’s kind of nice.

Leo: Or if it opens when you’re not home, will it tell you?

Mike: You can set it up to notify you.

Leo: That’s kind of good. So you know if somebody goes in your house.

Mike: Right. Now you see this light on the top there. That will flash and make a beeping noise, so that whoever is in the garage will be notified that it’s going to open or close. So that’s a pretty good thing. It takes about 15-20 minutes to install, about 15 minutes for the IOS app, probably 20-25 minutes for the Android app. The IOS app is much better on this thing. The android app was much more difficult to install. It took a lot more trouble shooting the instructions weren’t very good. In fact, the instructions were flat out wrong for the Android version. So it seemed like sort of an afterthought to build the Android support. Those are the only two platforms it supports, IOS and Android. And it’s got an interesting method for connecting. You actually first connect via Bluetooth, and then it uses WIFI to send the connectivity information to the device. Then you match it up with a garage door opener using a different colored light and the instructions tell you all that stuff.

Leo: It sounds complicated!

Mike: It’s pretty complicated, but you’re essentially interfacing with an old school style of device, right? Garage door openers are not exactly the internet of things ready, for the most part. And so that’s one of the reasons that it’s kind of complicated. Now, this is an okay product. I’m a little spoiler here, I’m not going to recommend it for a number of reasons. One of which is that there are superior alternatives. For example, a product called Go-go gate is much more powerful, flexible, it’s easier to use. It actually has a really cool feature and it’s much more internet of things oriented. In order to pair it, or connect it with the opener, you actually put your phone flat on the device, and it does it automatically. Which is a much better way to do it. It also doesn’t control the garage door opener itself. It controls the controller that people have mounted inside their garage. So I think that’s a much more rational way to do it, rather than directly controlling the device, you’re controlling the controller. It’s easier to mount, you don’t need a ladder, for example, you can just stand there and add it. There’s also the Craftsman assure link solutions. For craftsmen garage doors only, that’s better, their app is better, but that’s just one brand. This will support all brands so that’s a big difference. However, Go-go gate, which I mentioned a minute ago also supports all brands. You could do multiple garages, and also gates, with a single app you could have multiple people using.

Leo: That’s nice.

Mike: Unlimited number of apps.

Leo: Really this is a home automation solution in a way.

Mike: It is. And this was, for most of its history, this has been around since I guess November, sort of stand-alone not really well integrated into the world of home automation. However, they’ve announced they’re going to support the Wink system. Wink is the quirky spinoff which is associated with GE. That’s going to be fairly universal until we’re looking forward to seeing how that will work. Again, it’s not a great product though. It’s got kind of clunky interfaces. And more to the point, it’s the wrong solution to the problem. So first of all, what does it do? It opens your garage door. Okay, the little thing that comes with your garage door…

Leo: That also opens my garage door.

Mike: It’s super convenient. You put it on a visor.

Leo: In fact, it’s a home link standard that even your car can, in fact, the button built into my car will open my garage door.

Mike: Exactly, so that problem, opening your garage has already been solved, okay?

Leo: That’s basically what a garage door opener does.

Mike: Exactly. That’s right.

Leo: So this does that one little thing that your smart phone can see whether the door is open.

Mike: It will show you whether it’s open or not. So the right solution to that is not this product. The right solution is like a drop cam. Or a webcam that will show you, not only whether the garage door is open or closed, who’s in the garage, what’s in the garage, is there an animal underneath the garage… It’s so much better to just install a motion detecting webcam of some kind, and in fact, Go-go gate, the superior alternative to this product will support integration with a webcam. So it’ll actually take 15 seconds of video every time it opens and closes, and sends it to you.

Leo: So how much is the Chamberlain?

Mike: its 129 dollars.

Leo: Okay, so it’s not super expensive. Is the Go-go gate comparable?

Mike: It’s $179. So Go-go gate is more expensive for sure. So what I’d like to see in a product like this, at the very least, is automatic open. So you know, I want to be able to tell it when I drive up, open!

Leo: It doesn’t do that?

Mike: It doesn’t do that.

Leo: It should do that!

Mike: At least the Go-go gate has kind of a cool interface where you shake the phone and it opens the garage. Nobody is going to sit there in the car…

Leo: I don’t want to push a button, I want to pull up, I want it to be like the bat cave, I pull up, it opens and I go in, and it closes behind me.

Mike: Exactly, and neither of these products does that. This should do that, it’s kind of an obvious thing. You should also be able to share time limited locks. Like the home automation lock systems.

Leo: That would be great! So that I can give my gardener a lock but after a week it’s no good.

Mike: Only on Saturday between the hours of whatever.

Leo: Oh that would be great!

Mike: But they don’t support that. Exactly. So I just don’t recommend this conceptually, and I don’t recommend it based on the quality of product. It’s a do not buy.

Leo: There are better products out there and it just doesn’t do enough of the things it could.

Mike: That’s right.

Leo: Could do to make it worthwhile.

Mike: exactly.

Leo: The Chamberlain MyQ. But you know what? We’re in the infancy of these products and I think you’re going to see companies like Chamberlain which has been around for a long time, learn, make their products better, lets home t they’re listening to you, and the next generations will do some of those things.

Mike: I hope so!

Leo: Mike Elgan, he’s the news director here at the TWiT network, hosts TNT every morning Monday thru Friday 10 AM Pacific.

Mike: Don’t miss it!

Leo: Don’t miss it, absolutely! I don’t miss it.

Mike: I know you don’t miss it!

Leo: I watch it while I’m getting ready to come into work, because you’re right before me. And that’s 1 PM eastern time and 1700 UTC Monday thru Friday on He’s also a heck of a baker.

Mike: That’s right.

Leo: Makes his own pizza.

Mike: That’s right.

Leo: Yes. But he’s taken, girls! Alright. Thank you Mike, I appreciate it! Thanks to all of our reviewers, Tonya Hall to Bryan Burnett, our technical director, to Chad Johnson, we do before You Buy every… by the way, correction, Tonya Hall, they moved Marketing Mavericks to Mondays, so I apologize it’s not Friday anymore. Sorry Tonya, sorry about that. Right after Tech news tonight about 5 PM pacific on Mondays. We do this show every Tuesday right after Security Now, how about that? And right before Tech News tonight. I hope you’ll stop by and watch. But if you can’t on demand audio and video of this show available at We do something unusual with this show, we also chop it up and put each individual review on our YouTube channel, so you can share that with friends and family. That’s If you have a product you’d like to know more about, you’d like to see us review, email I’m Leo Laporte, thanks for joining us and remember you have to watch Before You Buy! See you later!

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