Before You Buy 127 (Transcript)

Show Tease: Straight out of NDA, we’ve got the Huawei Send Mate II, the first review. Plus, if you can’t afford a GoPro, how about a fopro? And a pen that supports four gigabytes! What else can you do with it? We’ll find out next! It’s time to watch Before You Buy. Netcasts you love, from people you trust. This is TWiT. Bandwidth for Before you Buy is brought to you by CacheFly, at Before You Buy is brought to you by IFIXIT, you can fix it! And IFIXIT makes it easy with a free step by step repair guide for over 10,000 products. High quality replacement parts, and all the tools you need too! For 10 dollars off your purchase of 50 dollars or more, go to and enter the code BEFOREYOUBUY at checkout.

Leo Laporte: Hey everybody! Welcome to Before You Buy, the TWIT product review show, where we get the most interesting new products on the market. Sometimes great, sometimes not so good. We give them to our staff, let them try them out in a real word situation, and then they report back to you. Coming up, our first review, Jason Howell has had this for a while, I think the HuaWei Ascend mate 2. The first US entry from the massive Chinese phone manufacturer. He, of course, is the host of All about Android, so this is right up his alley. Let’s find out what Jason thinks of the Ascend Mate 2.

Jason Howell: Hey what’s up? I’m Jason Howell and I am here with the Huawei Ascend Mate2 4G LTE. Now Huawei is a Chinese manufacturer of hardware devices, and in the states, they’re kind of, I hesitate to say they have a bad rap, but they’re more known for low to midrange devices, and carriers haven’t really taken hold, you know, brought them into the fold as they have with other manufactures like HTC and Samsung that we’re used to seeing. But Huawei really wants to break through in the US, and this is the Ascend Mate2. Which is kind of their attempt to do so. You’re not going to find it on a carrier actually, you’re going to get find it on their site, if you go to It preorders through June 22nd. And if you preorder within that time, you actually get a free case, and a 50 dollar prepaid SIM card along with the device. You can tell it’s a pretty large device, so let’s take a look at the specs real quick. It has a 6.1 inch IPS LC display. Showing 720 P video. It has a quad core 1.6 gigahertz snapdragon 400 processor. It’s not an 800, it’s a little bit, and they had to peel back the specs a little bit to get to really competitive price, which I’ll talk about in a second. With 2 gigs of RAM and 16 gigs of internal storage, if you want to increase that you can. There’s a micro SD card slot in the back, right there you can see, you’ve got your slot as well as your SIM card slot. This battery, this is a big differentiator for this phone. It’s a 3900 milliamp hour battery. It’s non-removable, although you could probably get it off if you had a tiny little piece of screwdriver. You know, tiny little screw driver to pry it off. But at 3900 milliamp hours, you probably not going to need to remove this battery. And if you’re really impressed with the battery capability, you can actually plug in an optional accessory into the bottom and plug it in to another phone that needs a battery charge, and this device will actually charge that phones battery. Really super cool stuff. It has a LCD antenna for GSM, CMA plus, here in the states. So you’d be able to run it on T-Mobile. Or sprint. You’re not going to be able to run this on the Verizon network. It’s running 4.3 Jellybean. That is not Kit Kat, and they don’t know when it’s going to get upgraded to Kit Kat, so that’s probably something to keep in mind. It has a 13 megapixel rear facing camera, and then on the front you have a 5 megapixel front facing camera, which is definitely a step up from most front facing cameras. And just as a general kind of bonus, it does support an 802.11 AC WIFI, so that’s pretty cool. Now it’s sold unlocked, and I mentioned the price earlier being a competitive price. Its 299 dollars, unlocked. That’s unsubsidized, so you go to their site, you’re dropping 299 dollars for this device this phablet, essentially. And that’s incredibly low cost for this kind of hardware. The design, I’m pretty happy with the design to be honest. It’s plastic, make no qualms about it, so if you don’t like plastic you might want to reconsider, but it’s not a flimsy style plastic. It actually feels very firm in the hand, it’s not quite as solid as say HTC devices, but defiantly feels better than a lot of the Samsung devices out there. A little bit heavy, but at a 6.1 inch device, you’re probably going to get a little bit of extra weight there. And overall, I was pretty happy with the design of this. The back casing prevents it from slipping out of your hand very easily, so little touches there. Like I said it’s a 720 P display. It would be nice on such a large screen for it to be 1080P, but I would say, having said that, it really didn’t bother me that much. Looking close you can kind of detect the pixels, and maybe our eyes are getting use to not seeing those. So maybe it’ll stand out, but I think it’s kind of a tradeoff. You get the lower cost, you still get a large screen, and it’s still HD, it’s just not the full 1080P. I thought it was a good tradeoff. The camera. So Camera performance, this is definitely one of the differentiators here. They’ve built in a lot of extra features here. One is the grufy, which is if you’re on the front facing mode. There we go. Oh this is pretty cool! So when you’re doing a front facing picture, it gives you this little preview up there, right? This is for your selfie, so If I’m looking at myself. Let’s see there. If I’m looking at myself, and I’m taking a picture, I look up there, the camera is right there. So if I’m looking up at that preview to frame myself, and the picture is taken. The image actually looks like I’m looking at the camera. I thought that was a neat little touch. They have little software features in the camera, along those lines there’s also, like I said, the gruffy, which essentially is like a wide angle selfie. It’s groofy because you can fit a bunch of people in. So you take your picture, which I’ll do right now. And then it asks you to move it to the side, where it takes another pictures and then another one. It’s like a modified panorama, but for taking extra wide shot selfies I suppose. And there we go, super wide screen selfie. Other features about the camera, let’s see here. We’ve got, you know, your standard ones. Panorama, HDR, sound and shot, which is you take  picture and then add 10 seconds worth of audio to it. Which I wouldn’t find incredibly helpful. Overall, 13 megapixels is great, and I would say the quality of shots in the daytime were actually pretty great. Nice level of detail, if I really zoom into the pixels, I felt like a saw a lot more than I see with other camera phones. But ultimately low light performance, maybe not the best in the world, you have to figure again, they’re cutting corners in some way. The camera is kind of midrange as far as that’s concerned. Now let’s talk about the performance. Now it’s running snap dragon 400, so that’s obviously a corner that they cut a little bit to bring the price down. You don’t really notice it in the UI, the UI is pretty fluid as well as a lot of the apps, web browsing, things like that I didn’t have any noticeable degradation in. Where I did notice a little bit of a difference was in the running of games. Particularly Riptide GP2, there were points in the game where I’d hit a turbo, and you’d expect those polygons to increase in order to render everything a little bit faster. And it’ would kind of stutter and get a little bit choppy. So you kind of start to see a downside in the fact that it’s running a lower system on a chip, like the snapdragon 400. Now for the software, it’s called Emotion UI. And it kind of mimics the IOS layout in that there is no app drawer. Right? It’s all done horizontally. I find it to be a little messy, so you have to be a little organized when you install apps, and moving them and creating folders. You know, organizing them so that it isn’t just a wall of all of these apps, and you’re always hunting and pecking to find them. So keep that in mind, I wasn’t a big fan of that part of the UI. They have a few different home screen configurations. So if you are a first time smartphone owner, and you want a more simple interface, you can select simple, and it kind of breaks it down to the main categories to make it easier for you to kind of transition to the smartphone world, and make things a lot larger. The battery is so good in this device you might never really need to touch those. I made it through an entire weekend without charging the device. That’s how good the battery is. It literally charged for almost 3 days straight. Settings to determine which apps can use WIFI and mobile data. So you can actually say, Netflix never use it if I’m on mobile antenna, but yes use it if I’m on a WIFI connection. That’s pretty cool, and good for saving batteries. Another other kind of flair like WOW, that’s windows on windows. It’s like a floating browser, or floating window on top of all of your other apps so you can multitask better. Alright so let’s get to the pros of the Huawei Ascend Mate2 4G LTE. First of all the battery, its top notch. Honestly I’ve never have had a phone that had as high of battery stock as this phone does. So if battery is your highest priority, this is the phone to get. Value, 300 bucks, almost 300 bucks for all of this screen real-estate, and battery I think is a great price. LTE, its super-fast connectivity. And the design, I actually quite like the design, even though it is a little large, I’m a large person so it worked for me. Cons, performance kind of broke down in certain places, but that’s to be expected with the snapdragon 400. The Emotion UI is not my favorite overlay in the world. You can always just install a 3rd party launcher on there to get rid of a lot of those complaints. And then launching with Jellybean, and Huawei doesn’t have a specific idea of when kit Kat is going to roll out, and who knows? Any versions beyond that. So do keep that in mind, you’re going to be back out of date right out of the gate. Now what’s my recommendation for the Huawei Ascend Mate2 4G LTE? I recommended it as a buy! It’s pretty hard to maximize value here. 299 dollars for a lot of features that people find really important. Yes it is big, it’s a phablet, because of that you get a huge battery on the back and if you’re priority is making it through a single day without ever having to think about, being worried even, about plugging it in to charge it up, then this is the device for you. Let alone multiple days, so it’s really, really impressive. That is it for my review. I’m Jason Howell and thank you for watching my review of the Huawei Ascend Mate 2 4G LTE.

Leo: Thank you to Jason, Jason Howell, the host off all about Android. Every Tuesday, round about 5 Pacific, 8 PM eastern time. On the TWiT network. I have been a big fan for a long time of the GoPro camera, boy, they’ve got great marketing anyway. You see them at every extreme sports event, from people jumping out of the air, to diving under the sea. What if you can’t afford a GoPro? How about this? It looks a lot like a GoPro, it’s called the eXpo high res action cam. And we gave one to our GoPro aficionado, Bryan Burnett, our technical director to take it for a ride on his motorcycle, let’s see what happened.

Bryan Burnett: Bryan Burnett from Before You Buy, and I’m taking a look at some action cams here, and one is not quite like the others. Here we have for example the Hero 3, the Hero 2 and the pile Expo action cam. So first look at the Expo, it’s a little bit bulkier than your average go pro. It has the power button on the side, and on the underside of the camera is a little mount for hooking up to a tripod. And on the far left side is a micro USB, a Micro SD card, up to 32 gigabytes, and a HDMI out. Word of warning for anyone trying to put in the SD card, it can be kind of a tight fit, so you should get someone with fingernails to try that. Now obviously the biggest advantage this action cam has over something like a GoPro is an LCD screen integrated. It does make it more bulky but for positioning the camera it helps a lot. Also, navigating the menu is a lot easier having a full LCD screen on the back. It does come with an app for IOS or Android, but I could not for the life of me get it to work. But with this LCD screen you don’t really need to connect it to your phone anyway. On the front of the camera underneath of the camera is a 1050 milliamps battery, which gave me about an hour and a half worth of recording time. And side by side with the Hero 3 you can see that it’s a tad bulkier, mostly because it does have the LCD screen included, and it is much similar in size to the Hero2. The expo comes with a couple of sticky mounts, where you have to apply the stickers yourself. A handlebar mount with some screw hardware’s, a WIFI remote for remotely starting and stopping recordings. And the hardware does look very similar to what GoPro offers, but is slightly different, so you won’t be able to use any of your existing GoPro hardware with this camera. So now that we’ve introduced the hardware mounts, let’s take it out for a spin. I’m at a secret location where we will be testing this, because obviously if you’re going to be doing an action cam, you’ve got to be doing some action. So why don’t you come on a ride with me and we’ll see how this camera does. Now right off the bat, you can tell the audio isn’t that great on the camera. But the video does work pretty well. If you’re going to be testing action camera, do it in full gear. So the pile Expo will record at 1080, 960, 720, or 480. At 1080, it’ll be able to do 30 frames. At 720, it can do 60 frames. So pretty similar to the GoPro hero 2 or the Hero 3 silver edition. The pile also sports a 3 megapixel image sensor, which is large than anything GoPro offers, as the goPro hero black has a 12 megapixel camera. Now that doesn’t equate to a better image than the GoPro black. I would say the black still has the advantage there. But where the 20 megapixel sensor comes in handy, is low light situations, like riding through shadows, and things like that. It’s on par with the more expensive GoPro cameras. But the actual video is a little bit grainier and, I had the white balance set to auto, and it definitely looks a lot more saturated than the GoPro cameras. As for pros and cons, first and foremost, the LCD screen helps the Pile a lot! It does add to its girth, but when navigating the menu and setting up shots, the LCD screen is super helpful. Another pro is the features. The Pile comes with a motion sensing feature, where you can have it set to start recording whenever it senses motion. And in the settings you can dial in your exposure meeting, ISO settings, or light frequency options. And another pro is with the 20 megapixel sensor the low light video is on par with the black edition Gopro cameras. As for cons, the first one is lack of mounting hardware, there’s not a lot of options for where you can mount them, and you have to apply stickers yourself to the mounting hardware you want to use. Also the phone app is pretty much worthless. And it’s also negated because it does come with an LCD screen, so there’s not much reason to want to use the phone anyway. And the last con is the size, it’s big, it’s bulky, it feels a lot heavier than the GoPros. So is the pile Expo action Cam a buy, try, or don’t buy? If you’re looking for something with an LCD screen, then I’d give it a buy. But if you’re looking for the best bang for your buck, the GoPro silver edition is still probably that. So it’d have to give it a try for most people. But then again, the Pile is a solid action cam that is trying to mimic the GoPro, but doesn’t quite reach the same heights. This has been Bryan Burnett from Before You Buy, thanks for watching!

Leo: So that, there you have it! I’m actually surprised, but this wasn’t, I have to say it’s not cheaper than a GoPro, is it Bryan? It’s close the same price.

Bryan: It’s pretty close. 250 dollars, so it’s a little bit cheaper, the video was good, but not as good as the high end GoPro.

Leo: But it is kind of nice, now not for when you’re riding your dirt bike, that’s completely useless. But there are occasions when having an LCD on the back would be useful.

Bryan: The most handy thing is setting up the shot, because otherwise if you wanted to check with the GoPro, you’d have to log into your phone and use that as a viewfinder.

Leo: Alright. So a decent try, for the Expo high res action Cam. And boy, it sure, even the… did you try the housing on a GoPro to see if it fits.

Bryan: It’s just far enough off that it won’t work, and the screws and the actual mounting hardware is just slightly off that you can’t. So great, thanks!

Leo: How funny! It looks, but I guess GoPro can’t really copyright or trademark this kind of look and feel.

Bryan: It’s trying too hard to look like a GoPro.

Leo: It really does. I don’t think it’ll confuse anyone anyways. Thank you Bryan Burnett, I appreciate it. Bryan is a great technical director here in the TWiT Brick house studios. As is Chad Johnson. He is one of our great producers, also host of OMG Craft, and our newest show Reddit up. We thought, boy, you know, this TV, its 400 dollars at Walmart, its 50 inches. Could this Sceptre stand up to the Chad test? Let’s find out.

Chad Johnson: Hello, my name is Chad, I’m with TWiT and Before You Buy, and today I’m reviewing the Sceptre 50 inch LCD television. This is LED backlit. It comes in at a full 1080 resolution. The main selling point is that this only costs 399 dollars at Walmart. So 400 bucks, and you get a fifty inch television. Some of the features that it has, is it has 3 HDMI ports. One of them in MHL compliant. It also has a USB port, a VGA port, and Aux audio in, An SPIF audio in. and A TV tuner which is just your normal aux Ajax connector. This is a 60 hertz refresh rate. So none of that fancy 120 or 240 hertz refresh rate. It does have Vsim mount on the back, or the connections for the Vsim mount on the back. And it also has internal speakers. You know, they’re not all that amazing. And that’s about it! I mean, there’s not much more. It’s a television that’s a 60 hertz and does a full 1080 P. So other than that, it’s really, really cheap, and I mean really cheap! How cheap? Well you can use it almost anywhere! At your desk, in the car! And finally the place I know you’ve all been thinking. The bathroom! So let’s get into the pros and cons of the Sceptre 50 inch television. On the pros, it is cheap! Also the Mhl port, the MHL HDMI port is a nice feature. It has a USB port as well. Basically all the ports are a nice feature. On the cons, the base was difficult, and pretty flimsy once installed. The installing it required 5 different screws, a separate O ring and it was a ton of pain. And you can see that it’s just a little bit wobbly. It does tilt back and forth, and it will stop before it gets too far. That’s a nice feature, but all in all, this base was way wobbly as you can see by just a little bit of pressure on the side. And at last, con, the blacks where a little bit washed out. We did some tests where we, in a very dark room, and blacks weren’t quite nice. They were pretty gray, in fact. Buy, try, don’t buy for the scepter 50 inch television? I’m going to give this a try. You know who you are, if you want this television. You’re not going to be a discerning viewer of pure, great content. You’re looking for an inexpensive television, sure go ahead and pick it up. Should I recommend this to my grandma? Maybe not, but hey for 400 bucks you can have a 50 inch television almost anywhere in your house. Give it to the kids, put it in the playroom, and have a good time with it. Although, I can’t really recommend it for everyone. Thanks so much for watching, I’m Chad with TWiT and Before You Buy, see you next time!

Leo: Thank you Chad! It makes sense, we buy a lot of really bad, cheap TVs for the studio, because it doesn’t need to be perfect, it’s going to be just another set. And nowadays even a bad set, not a great set like that is pretty good. A lot better than a lot of the old TVs. Alright, we’re going to take a look at that pen in just a second. Mike Elgan, the host of TNT is here, our news director. But first, I want to show you this. I know father’s day is over. Maybe you gave dad a card or a tie, it’s not too late to make it all better, with this incredible IFIxIT tool kit. First let me tell you what IFIXIT is, it is a free online repair manual for just about everything. They’ve got step by step repairs for over 10,000 devices. From your smartphone, your tablet, your game console, to home appliances, and clothing! Yes, they can fix clothing, even your bicycle. But of course, the key, and they offer the parts on So you can get the parts there. But the key on anything like that is having the right tools. Burke will tell you that. He’s our in-house IFIXIT guy. And this IFIXIT tool kit is the greatest thing ever. And if you’ve got a geek, a handy person in your life, who would love a great gift. 64.95. This is the 54 bit driver kit.  You get this beautiful, I mean this is engineered. It just makes you feel so good just to hold it. I love this idea. This is extender, which lets you go around corners, reach into hard to reach places, where you couldn’t normally get a screwdriver or a bit. And they’ve got 54 bits here! Everything from the new pentalobe that Apple sues on its IPhone and IMacs, to a triangle bit, I’ve got to find that one. The triangle bit is used for fixing happy meal toys! It’s used by McDonalds! Of course, Philips, I call them plus, and dash, Philips and standard screwdriver bits. This is crazy. This is the triangle bit, used by MacDonald’s for happy meal toys! You can fix anything with this! Torques, Tri-wing, pentalobe, Philips, of course, small and large. The swivel top precision driver with the flexible extension for hard to reach screws. If you’re ever fixing anything in a stereo for instance, that is so cool to have this and you can reach around. I just love it. This is such a nice gift, and that’s just the beginning. Because also you get, and that’s not all! There’s more! You get spudgers, you get succors, and you get all sorts of little devices. It looks like there’s be dental work here, but in fact, this is all for fixing things. Just really nice, and if you really are a geek, you should put this special ruler, with the clip in your pocket, and wear it around all day, and people will know that you’re an IFIXIT person. So, $64.95, lifetime warranty. Check out for all those repair manuals, and by the way, if you go to, besides the guides there, you’ll also be able to save 10 dollars on any purchase worth 50 or more. That includes this incredible IFIXIT kit. Which means you’re going to get it for $54.95. But you have to include the offer code BEFOREYOUBUY. We love you IFIXIT. I really, seriously do! I just think one of the greatest sites. Kyle Weems and company do such a good job. We’re so glad to give them a big plug. use the offer code BEFOREYOUBUY to save 10 dollars on any purchase over 50 bucks. Alright, Mike Elgan is here, our news director.

Mike Elgan: Yes.

Leo: And you’ve been terrorizing the staff with your pen.

Mike: That’s right. It’s painful I know, but sometimes you have to do this. So this is a pen, and as you said, it has 4 gigabytes of storage, but it’s also a camera, a still camera, and a video camera. So it’s a spy camera.

Leo: What the hell! Now you’ve left the labels on, but presumably you’d take those off.

Mike: Yeah, you’d take those off, because you want to be a sneaky person.

Leo: Is it an actual pen as well?

Mike: It’s a pen, and it actually comes with multiple pen points you can put in there. Some different colors and so on.

Leo: And it’s not much bigger than a regular pen.

Mike: Yeah, it’s, there are ordinary pens that have this. Now you can see that little light there that means that it’s on. It flashes so it’s not super stealthy. Now to take a picture, I’m going to take a picture of Burke behind the camera there. I just press the button.

Leo: Oh you’d never know that.

Mike: So of course, you want to clip that into your pocket, and you can be running video. So you can set there and record video. Now this is about a 40 dollar product, you can find it on tiger direct or something like that for like 29 dollars, or something like that.

Leo: This is very cue.

Mike: Yeah, it’s very cue. I think that maybe 10 years ago, this would have been really bleeding edge. Nowadays, we’ll get to the actual details of this as an actual consumer electronics gadget. But essentially, let me just show you this one, how this works. It’s USB, so you unscrew it…

Leo: oh my god! That’s hysterical! So 4 gigs of memory, that’s a lot of memory.

Mike: That’s right. You plug it in there. There’s actually a little tiny switch in there on this side to toggle between video and still. And you know, it’s pretty straightforward, you just plug it into your laptop or computer, or whatever. And you see the media there. It comes with a little mini CD with software and drivers, and things like that, which you completely don’t need.

Leo: Because it’s standard.

Mike: Yeah, it’s pretty standard, you just get the media. Ultimately the problem with this device is multiple things. One is that it’s creepy to have a spy camera and go around…

Leo: And you say this as a glasshole.

Mike: That’s right!

Leo: At least they know if you’re wearing Google glass.

Mike: They know, and they can see the picture when you take it in your eye. Google glass is a terrible device for being sneaky. This is actually a pretty sneaky device. And for that reason, it’s probably not a good idea to use it.

Leo: Is it legal? I bet there are rules.

Mike: There’s audio recording as well. And audio recording, there are some laws around audio recording. But it’s, like any other sort of camera. It’s like a smartphone camera, you could be a sneaky creepy spy with your smartphone too, but it’s an etiquette issue more than anything else, and a curtesy issue. So that’s one reason to not buy this.

Leo: Because it clearly is a stealth. I mean, you get a better camera, if you don’t mind it looks like a pen.

Mike: This is the worst camera I’ve ever seen.

Leo: Is that right? Do you have any video we can see?

Mike: We do. So this is video of Burke.

Video: Hi, I don’t know why you’re pointing a camera at me.

Mike: I don’t know what you’re talking about, it’s just a pen. If it actually had that functionality that would be a huge improvement.

Leo: The frame rate is pretty low.

Mike: It’s low. It’s a pretty well-lit space, and it’s just blurry. This is some pictures I took, they’re all bad, all the pictures I’ve taken have been bad.

Leo: But this would hold up in court, I mean…

Mike: When you’re being convicted of spying on people you mean? Yeah, this would be perfect for that! But as you can see, they’re low quality pictures. And by the way, it’s not a very good pen either. It’s kind of a cheap ball point.

Leo: Now wait a minute! Which one do you want?

Mike: Needless to say, this is a don’t buy! It’s cheap.

Leo: Okay, even at 30 bucks, if you get it that cheap.

Mike: No! It’s wrong! It’s cheap, its low quality. If you want to take pictures get a good camera. Use your smartphone, you know you have a smartphone. If you want a nice pen, get a nice pen. If you want to spy on people, I’m not going to recommend any way for you to do that. So this is a don’t buy.

Leo: But if you did want to spy on people. This would work.

Mike: You know, don’t spy on people. That’s all.

Leo: Don’t do it, but if you did want to do it…

Mike: No.

Leo: Alright, I’ll take your word for it. It’s a do not buy. So what is the name? It’s kind of generic, right?

Mike: It’s called the Swann pen cam 4 gigabyte.

Leo: but that’s Swann who sells it, I bet there are a hundred companies that sell it under different names.

Mike: There’s lots of different companies. This is not a new product. This has been around a couple of years actually. And there are lots of pens just like this, and they’ve been around, the whole category is kind of cheesy, and sleazy, and don’t recommend it.

Leo: There it is Swann, the Swann Pen Cam. Thank you Mike Elgan. Mike is our news director, in fact he’s going to be back tomorrow. He’s going to be covering the amazon announcement at 10:30 PM pacific.

Mike: That’s going to be exciting.

Leo: We think it’s a phone, but we don’t know for sure. I can tell you one thing as soon as we can get it, we’ll have a review unit and put it on Before You Buy.

Mike: That’s right.

Leo: Thank you mike. We’ll see you tomorrow morning. Thanks also to Bryan Burnett, to Chad Johnson and to Jason Howell, our other reviewers, thanks to you for watching. Each and every one of these reviews is available exclusively as that review on our YouTube channel, so you can share it with friends and family, at You can get the whole show at, or wherever you get your podcasts. If you’ve got a product you’d like us to review, email us at Thanks for joining us! Remember, you’ve got to watch, Before You Buy! See you next time!

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