Before You Buy 113 (Transcript)

Leo Laporte: Coming up, the latest T-mobile wireless hotspot, the Dell Venue the 11 inch version.  I am going to take a look at Republic Wireless's very inexpensive cell phone prices and this odd speaker system. It's time to watch Before you buy.

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Leo: Welcome to before you buy, a product review show, where we take a look at the latest and greatest products.  We use our own staff and get you a real world experience of what it is like to use these things and we got some great stuff for you.  We are going to kick things off with a new mobile hotspot. The first LTE hotspot from T-mobile and Samsung.  My producer Josh Windisch who produces our tech guy lab sight has a look.

Josh Windisch:  Josh Windisch here Before you buy on TWIT and today I got the Samsung LTE Mobile Hotspot pro from T-mobile. It is selling for $168 on T-mobile's website.  But they also give you the option to pay it off over 24 months. They have plans ranging all the way down from 500 megs of data for 2  a month to 10.5 gigs for $70 per month. The hotspot can actually connect up to 10 devices over wifi and it can be tethered via USB to your computer.  Take a look at this screen on this hotspot! It is actually a pretty big screen. Unfortunately though you can't really do anything with it, you can only look at information it's not a touch screen.  The only way you can actually configure any of your setting is by logging into the web portal and that web portal very slow and sluggish to use. That is where you configure your security settings, they offer WPA2 for your password and they also have unfortunately WPS which is the dreaded wireless protective system that you find on a lot of routers today. A very broken system but they actually put a button for WPS right next to the power button on the hotspot.  So I can't tell you how many times I just wanted to wake the devise up or shut it down and I initiated the whole start up process for WPS which is very annoying.  I like the design of the hotspot, it is really easy to get finger prints on though and pretty easy to scratch so be careful about that.  I think the best part of the design of this is this red stripe around the side here.  It isn't just a red stripe it is actually a USB micro cable you can use to charge the hotspot itself, they also include a power adapter to charge as well but you can use this on the go, and it also can charge other devises from the hotspot. So it can't work like an external battery that you can take with you.  Speaking of the battery that is another big win with this hotspot.  It has a 3100 million power battery in which is enough to get, I go 9-10 hours of continuous usage and you could easily get by for a couple of days before charging it with normal use.  The speeds are also very good, I regularly go 15-20 megabits per second down,  3-5 megabits per second up.  I was able to get USB tethering to work however Samsung’s driver crashed my MAC when I installed them, I was able to get it to work successfully several times after the crash but if you are on a MAC and you plan on using USB tethering you might run into that bug.  It also can connect to your computer to be used as external storage and that can go up to 64 gb like a micro SD card.  So onto the Pros and the Cons for this hotspot.  On the pros side the battery life is excellent, it also can be used to charge other devices, and it has good speeds and a reliable connection.  The cons no way to configure the settings on the hotspot itself you have to use the web portal which is very slow and Samsung's driver for USB tethering crashed my MAC.  Buy try or don't buy on the Hotspot from Samsung, I am going to give it a buy because in the areas where it really counts it succeeds it has great battery life the speeds are good.  The only word of caution this maybe not even need to be said, make sure you have coverage with T-mobile where you are at because that can certainly vary from location to location.  But as far as hotspots go, if you need one and you are a T-mobile subscriber, definitely a buy.  From Before you buy on TWIT I am Josh Windisch.

Leo: I love the idea of these Wireless Hotspots, I think it is a really great thing.  If you have good T-mobile coverage where you are as we do here, that is a good deal. Continuing on with Before you buy with Radford Castro director of engineering.  We give him all the latest and greatest PC's.  You have had some good things to say about the latest Dell's but this one isn't a laptop it is a tablet, Venue Pro we have seen the 8 inch this is the 11.

Radford Castro: Yes, well it is more like 10.6 inches

Leo: 10.6 ok, they call it 11.

Radford: Yes, they call it 11making it easier, right.  This is actually an HD screen, 1920 x 10 ADP but using IPS. It is using Intel core and I am going to try and knock out the specks right away.

Leo:  We should mention this isn't an RT Tablet, this is full Windows 8.1 Pro.

Radford: Yes, that is a big difference right there.

Leo: You can't tell by just looking at it.

Radford: No, not until you start playing with the desktop and install some legacy stuff. That's where you start thinking about what works for you with this.

Leo: Right, this can work with all Windows software and that's because it is an Intel processor.  What did they put in this one?

Radford: Yes, right. This one has Intel running at 1.6 gigahertz, 2 gb of RAM, 10 point touch using a pen so it is pen enabled.  You have a dual band wifi, a cool webcam and you actually have 8 megapixels in the back. So that is kind of cool.

Leo: 10 point touch means you can use all 10 fingers? So it is kind of like the IPAD in that respect? You find it pretty responsive? Atom Proccesors is pretty good.

Radford: Yes, this is really interesting, back in the days I reviewed the Envy which also uses the Atom and it wasn't that strong then but for some reason playing this tablet by itself.  I am going to run a couple of things here.

Leo:  Look at those things are all running in the back ground, Wow!

Radford:  Yes, it is running a lot of stuff in the back ground and it's extremely responsive.  Remember this is all full HD so it is pushing pixels really well. I forgot to mention this is running Gen 7 Intel graphics so that is something that helps a lot when pushing pixels.

Leo:  Is there such thing as a Hazwell Atom?

Radford: No, it's just Atom.  This is low power; that is another thing that is good, the battery life is just incredible on this thing.

Leo:  How much?

Radford:  It lasted me for a week on standby!

Leo: A week?!

Radford:  Usage is about 8-9 hours, 12 the most. 

Leo: That's very good!

Radford: Running stuff in the back ground, including games which was very surprising. 

Leo:  That doesn't come with a keyboard, it is really table focused?

Radford: Yes

Leo: But can you get a keyboard?

Radford: Yes you can, it is like $159 and it has its own battery which increases the life of the battery up to 15 hours! 

Leo: That's great, that's a new thing that people are doing with these click on keyboards is adding batteries to the keyboard itself, it gives you more juice.

Radford: It has the mouse of course so it has the track pad and so forth so to keep up with the competing stuff.  But I can do all the normal stuff you expect to do on office.

Leo:  You know what amazes me, Window's didn't use to run well on 2gb of RAM. But none of these tablets have more than 2 Gb of RAM!  That's pretty standard for a tablet. Do you find 2gigs is plenty even for multiple things in the background?

Radford: Well if I am running things like Photoshop, which I tried, it still chugs. You know, things like that.

Leo:  Ok, anything with big files are not going to do well.

Radford: If you are running some heavy duty enterprise stuff .

Leo: Right, but Windows 8 is tuned in the tablet mode to be smart with memory to be smart with processors, well you see all those things in the background.  None of them are actually using in most cases?

Radford: Right, it is just things frozen in memory.

Leo: Even memory you can unload if you need it.

Radford: Pretty much, when you are swapping between screens we see it in frozen time, pretty much screen shots we are seeing and it just refreshes every time we are going back and forth. The cool thing is that it is very very responsive, even with just 2 GB of RAM.  This particular model has 32GB of storage.

Leo: Can you add a SD card?

Radford: Yes you can, a micro SD.  Up to 64 GB and USB 3.0, all the normal stuff you would expect to have.  It also has HDMI out to, so that is kind of cool.  The question I have always asked myself is this a suitable replacement for a laptop, actually kind of yes.

Leo: Really?!

Radford:  Yes, for about 80% of the apps I have been running, yes.  Then I try to do things like this, like run some games in the background.

Leo: They’re not going to do well?

Radford: They don't do that well.

Leo: What game is that?

Radford:  This is actually Asphalt 8, This is obviously 3D running in the background.

Leo: You can see the hesitation.

Radford: Yes, you can see the framing drop.

Leo: It is stuttering.

Radford:  And this is not even running a race at the moment. So you can see that the Atom and Gen 7 don't work well together in terms of these type of games.

Leo: It would be good for email, web surfing, not great for gaming.  Basic productivity apps, that kind of thing.  How about Skype does that work pretty well?

Radford:  Skype works excellent.  Since we are talking about Skype, it uses the video camera, here is a little bit of what we are looking at through the 8 megapixel camera. 

Leo:  I thought it was white noise but it was our carpet.

Radford: Yeah, it's not bad, it gives you an indication of what the photo looks like as well.  I can show you what that looks like in a bit, but maybe I will take a skip on that.

Leo:  This is not bad, so pros and cons?

Radford: Pros, let me look at my cheat sheet because I suck at this.  The big thing is it is versatile and it runs full Windows.  The price is a big piece right now, this starts at $499.

Leo: Same as an IPAD?

Radford: Yes

Leo: And that is wifi only?

Radford: Yes and this tops off at $999 so you have different configurations to work for this. 

Leo: It is no accident that it is $499, I think they are really saying look you could have an IPAD with IOS, it is a tablet only or you can have a really desktop option running system for the same price.

Radford: Yes, it almost speaks to the RT stuff because everyone has been thinking RT or desktop but this is huge to have some sort of desktop power in this kind of price.

Leo: Does this come with Office or do you have to buy it?

Radford:  It does.

Leo:  It does! Wow!

Radford: Yes, so that is huge.  The other thing too, is that it has really good battery life and for that without the keyboard or anything it is about 8-10 hours, even with stuff running in the background, playing games and browsing the web.    I even did some benchmarks, if Brian could show some of that stuff there, it's actually really cool.  Here is some stuff running on the 3D mark, It runs well above the average in its class range. 

Leo:  It is even being the surface 2, which is good.

Radford: Yes it is pretty awesome, Surface 2 mind is running RT.

Leo: O that's not the Surface pro that is the Surface 2 wow, faster than the IPAD faster than the Surface 2.  That's nice.

Radford:  That battery too is very competitive at that level too. 

Leo: There has to be some negatives.

Radford: Yes, The negatives is that it is a fingerprint magnet and it generates a lot of nice heat!  You could cook some eggs on this.

Leo:  The hot fingerprint magnet!

Radford: Yes definitely.  It is a hot fingerprint magnet.  It also has some weak brightness to it.

Leo: It's not very bright, you say?

Radford: It's not, this is actually pretty maxed out. 

Leo: Well we are sitting in bright studio lights and it still looks pretty good?

Radford: Yeah it looks pretty good but in comparison to some of the tablets I've seen and some of the reviews I have been reading other people have been complaining about the brightness over time.  

Leo: How do you feel, we looked at the Mix which is an 8 inch tablet last week, 8 inch vs. 10.6 inch?

Radford: It's that much of a difference, I think what will really matter is the experience of those apps. What do they look like between those resolutions? 

Leo: The resolutions is a big difference because this is full HD

Radford:  This is full HD 1920 on IPS screen so that is really really nice. 

Leo:  All right, Buy, try, Don't buy?

Radford:  For this price it is an absolute buy. 

Leo: 500 bucks, for the Dell Venue 11 Pro, we really like the Venue 8 as well, they have done some good stuff haven't they?  Woops I dropped my nuclear core, let me just pick that up again, We are going to take a look at this in just a little bit.  But first would you like a snack? You worked very hard Radford I want to offer you a nice delicious snack from my nature box. A lot of times you get a little hungry around this time of day and you want to go to the snack machine maybe eat something that's not so good for you, oh you got the Cherry Granash Granola.  Highly recommended!  Nature box is something a little bit different.  All nutritionist recommended that means no HFC no High fructose Corn syrup. No partially hydrogenated corn oil, artificial sweeteners, flavors or colors, 0 transfat, most of all these are Unique snacks that taste great.  You have one of my favorites.  That is delicious granola, this is the harvest rice stick crackers made with wild rice.  Chick peas, when you go to the sight you will actually be able to pick your diet preference so if you are Vegan they have Vegan snacks, if you are gluten free or soy free, lactose free, if you don't want GMO's you can choose so you can put together your pack or do as we did and get an assortment.  When you use our offer code 50% off your first box.  It is as little as a buck a bag, that is less than you would pay for something at the store or even in the snack machine and it is good for you too.  Delicious snacks delivered to your door.  You can choose between 3 different subscription options, 3, 6 or 12 month subscriptions.  They would make a great gift for somebody.  If you have an office maybe you are a dentist or a doctor and you want your employees to have snacks but you want them to have healthy snacks, this is a great solution.    It is called Nature Box and we're going to get you 50% off your first box just use our offer code TWIT.  Visit  What do you think, isn't it good?

Radford:  Yes, wow

Leo:  It is a granola covered with Cocoa and it has little dried cherries in there.  I eat them all day, which is probably not what your suppose to do but I love them. 

Radford:  You can't say it's evil either.

Leo: Your personal snack concierge awaits at, I love it. Nature box, we have tons of them all over the place.  I guess I am stuck forever.   Cocoa flavored, yeah isn't that good.  They dust the granola with cocoa, oh it is so good.  Alright we got to move on, we have been playing with this thing and this is not dilithium crystals, this is not a nuclear core, do you know what this is, I will give you a little hint, it says JBL, that might tell you something.  Shannon Morse Snubs got a chance to look at a number of great interesting looking speakers including this one from JBL lets get her review right now. 

Shannon Morse: Hey guys I am Shannon Morse the producer of Before you Buy and today I have a round up of speakers because we love those here.  So first off I have the Kinivo ZX100 Mini speaker which costs a total of $18.99.  A whole 19 dollars, I know that is so expensive right?  This thing is small, its portable and it weighs practically nothing. You can stick this in your back pocket and run around with it.  It has very very clear vocals but unfortunately even though they have this built in resonator that is suppose to kick out and give you more low bass whenever you have it sitting on a table it really honestly doesn't give you that much bass.   It also gets very loud so if you are listening to podcast and you run downstairs in your kitchen or something you can hear this going off.  Another thing to think about when you are considering buying a super super cheap speaker is this is not blue tooth it is only attache via the 3.5 mm jack.  Although one cool thing you can do with this is you can daisy chain it.  So you want to get say 4 of these you can put them all together you can definitely do that if you want to.  Now it only gets 6 hours of battery life as well, that is a little low, on the low end for me.  The pros on this guy, it is compact, it has a really cool design, and I like that it pops out with the resonator, which does help a little bit with the bass but still very very bad.  It is low cost at only 20 bucks or less.  On the con side no bluetooth and practically no bass. So even though it is only 20 bucks I would have to give this a don't buy.  

Now onto the second one which is from Dream Cheeky, this is called The Cube.  This one costs $34.99 so it is a little more expensive but I have to say it is a really cool design, don't you think?  This thing comes in a variety of colors, you can get pink, white, black and red  I believe off of the Dream Cheeky website. The playback time is only 5 hours so very very low honestly I would probably plug this in and leave it in my household.  Although this one is bluetooth so we are lucky about that and it does have a speaker phone built in so if you want to make calls you can do that directly through here and it does have all those different colors available.  So it is a very very fun speaker.  As far as the play back goes it does have a lot more bass than the Keniva one does it is very clear but unfortunately when I turned it up really loud I could hear a little bit of static in the background of my songs and even my podcasts.  So the pros and cons on this one, pros it is a very cool design but on the cons it is staticy and it has a low play time.  Nah, don't buy. 

So our next one is Braven, the Braven 710, we all love Braven around here, they pretty much always get buys.  This one costs $169.99 but it is on the Higher end of portable bluetooth speakers. We reviewed a few with Brian the other week.  This one is definitely up there as well.  But with that price comes a lot of cool features.  AKA it has an FC available on it, so you can tap your phone and start playing through NFC.  It also have Bluetooth and a speaker phone so lots of really cool compatibility choices for you if you want those options with your phone.  It also has 12 hours of battery life instead of 5 or 6 that is really awesome. I better put this thing down before I through this brick at somebody because it is so cool.  It is very cool, it has a very modern design, it is aircraft grade aluminum it is a little bit heavier so I wouldn't necessarily take it with me everywhere but it is very nice.  As far as the sound quality goes very clear on the vocals with my podcast and as far as listening to really cool bass on Smashing Pumpkins and          it sounding good.  I very much enjoyed it.  Now on the pros and cons of this one, Very long play time, thank you Braven I love you guys.  It also has NFC which is super fun and I haven't seen that a lot with these speakers.  The sound quality is excellent.  On the cons I am going to say none because it is a good speaker, I like it, way to go Braven.  Of course if this one was a buy try or don't buy, it's a buy definitely.

Now my last one, this one is a little bit different, its definitely a little odd but it is really cool.  The JBL pulse. This one costs $199.95 so it is on par with the speakers Brian had reviewed previously.  As far as the sound quality on this one goes, it is definitely very comparable to the Braven.  However I did notice a little bit of difference with the bass, it sounded a little bit more muddy it didn't sound as clear to me as it did with the Braven speaker.   But as far as the JBL speaker goes with clarity you can get it very very loud and podcast sound beautiful on it.  So I was very very happy with those.  The interesting thing about this one is it has LED's built in which is kind of odd but it adds a little bit of fun when you are listening to your music or listening to your podcast.  You can actually see when people are speaking and you can see the rhythm of the music.  That's not something we have seen a lot in speakers, in fact I don't think we have seen that at all with speakers quite yet.  They do have a customizable app for Iphone and I just checked and they have an Android app as well called JBL which you can download and change different light colors and you can play music directly from those apps.  So that is pretty cool as well.  And of course it is bluetooth although I didn't really have to tell you that everything is bluetooth these days except for the Kanivo apparently.  For the pros very cool design really really liked it.  It has a pretty good battery I was able to get about 7 hours or so of play time when I had the LED's on.  The Cons the bass is a little bit shallow, just a little bit, just a little less than the Braven.  But overall I got to say it's very fun an enjoyable experience.   I kind of wish they would include better battery life on it but I am going to still give it a buy because is is very fun. 

So this was my round up of four very different speakers for every kind of person in the entire world and what have you.  I hope you enjoyed it for more coverage from us I am Shannon Morse you can go over to  I hope you enjoyed it, Bye.

Leo:  Look at that glow.  83 million GW of power right there.

Radford: Nice, very cool.

Leo: Wait a minute did it just go off?  Thank you Shannon, Shannon Morse Snubs she produces this show, she is also a regular on Techzilla    . Coming up I am going to review the Republic Wireless Phone company can they possibly live up to their promises of great services at a low price.  But first Patrick Delahanty is here, we gave him Livescribe 3 Smartpen, a smart pen for a smart fella.  Lets see what he thought.

Patrick Delahanty:  Hi I am Patrick Delahanty web engineer here at TWIT and I am reviewing the Livescribe 3 Spartpen.  The Livescribe 3 is an actual pen that you use to write in a special notebook.  The notebook has these little dots and some sort of electronic magic in there, where anything you draw will show up on your Ipad or Iphone using their livescribe plus app.  The Livescribe plus app is available for free in the app store.  It isn't going to be any use to you unless you have the pen but when you use this app you can draw in the notebook and then open up your Ipad or Iphone later and any notes or drawings you have made in the notebook will be on your Ipad.  The notebook also allows you to make audio recordings while you take notes so that you can provide your own transcription or additional notes as you do a drawing or you write the text.  You can play those back later on what they call a Pencast.  You can also share the notes with the built in IOS sharing through mail or put it in a drop box, you can put it in evernote.  Actually the pro version of the Livescribe pen comes with a years subscription to evernote.  Which is a $45 value.  The pro version also comes with the letter portfolio and 2 ink cartridges instead of just one.  For anything you have written in the note book you can also have it translated into copulated text.  It recognizes English but for something written in Russian it doesn't quite understand quite what is going on.  The Livescribe 3 Smart pen sells for $ 149.95 the pro edition is $199.95.  You can buy another journal for $15 and that includes 198 pages. If you need more ink you can get an ink pack for $9.95.  Pros and Cons, this is a very easy to use pen.  Both my girlfriend and I have used it and we both love it and think it is great for writing notes in an Ipad.  It is a very natural acting pen because it is an actual pen.  It is reasonably priced and they have control buttons on the paper to control the voice recording so you don't have to go to the Ipad app to do that.  For cons it sometimes leaves trails when you draw very fast.  It seems to be more focused on note taking than actual drawing.  Buy try or don't buy, this is a definite buy.  I asked my girlfriend who is a professional artist to try this out, she loves it and she wants one and I think it is pretty cool too.  So a definite buy.  For TWIT I am Patrick and this is the Livescribe 3 Smart Pen.

Leo: A buy for the Livescribe, Patrick Delahanty, Patrick is our in house programmer, right Radford.  I don't understand we put him in a closet, he sits there all day, he comes out at the end of the day and says Thanks very much.  I did notice he did take a Nature Box with him the other day.   So I have been reading a lot and I know you have to about Republic Wireless because people have been asking me a lot about them.  One of the reasons they ask is because Republic Wireless is offering a Moto X at a  very affordable price for a Moto X and very affordable plans.  That is with Republic Wireless for $299 and that is for the Moto X.  Then the plans include Data, Texting, they include phone calls at a variety of prices.  If you have wifi you can do wifi only and the cost is really low.  Show the pricing plans there Brian, their a variety, you can get unlimited 3G data for $25.  Unlimited 4G data for $40 only a month.  So it is very affordable.  For me there were a couple of questions, first of all you know I love the MotoX, it is the only phone they offer, you have to get a MotoX.  I was intrigued by their proposition that you can save money by using wifi whenever you are in a wifi access spot.  Usually that is home and at work.  That means you would only have to use the cell connection for texting, for data and for phone calls when you are on the road.  That raised a lot of interesting questions for me.  They use Sprint so if Sprint is good in your area, when you are on the road it is going to be like any other Smartphone.  But the big question for me is what if I am on a call at work and I walk out the door, walk down the street, no I am out of wifi how is that transition handled. They are using specialized software in the MotoX.  You don't notice that they are using specialized software.  It is completely transparent to you.  You use the regular phone calling thing, Android phone device to make the phone call.  If your in wifi as I am now, it will place the call over the internet but how does the hand off work.  So I made a recording, I was in the house, go ahead and play that Brian.

Leo on Phone: Alright I am going to start this test of Republic Wireless inside my wifi access.

Leo: So this is wifi only.

Leo on phone: Now I am walking a little farther away from it, now what we are going to do is get in the car and actually drive away and see if we can maintain the connection.

Leo: Now I edited this for length but I am actually on the phone and this is a continues call.

Leo on phone: At this point I am outside wifi range I would guess.

Leo: The hand off was completely transparent.

Leo on phone: And from my voice it seems Republic Wireless was able to maintain the handoff.   A really smooth handoff ultimately, the sound quality on wifi is good

Leo: You can hear it is good, I think it was marginally better on Sprint than it was on wifi but that is also that I was in the car and it was a better sound proof environment.

Leo on phone: I am well away from the house about 4 miles so there is no way I am getting any wifi signal, pretty interesting test.

Leo:  It didn't drop at all and it hasn't dropped at all in my testing.  I don't have to review the MotoX you know I love it, I think it is a great phone.  The one catch on this is the MotoX on Republic Wireless it isn't the same one as the Version the are using Android 4.2.2 now I am up to Kitkat on my ATT MotoX.  I think the reason they are slower to update and who knows they may never update is because they have special phone calling software on here to make that wifi transition. The hand off between the wifi and Sprint network.   That has to be upgraded with the upgrade so I suspect that is why you are not seeing KitKat on here.  If you can live with the fact that you are only at 4.2.2 JellyBean in every other aspect this is a full MotoX phone.  The price is right $299.  It's unlocked and the Republic Wireless service is great.  Texting, Voice calls all work transparently, seamlessly between your wifi and your Sprint.  You can choose the plan that you want.  The most expensive plan they offer is $40 per month.  There is a unlimited wifi version, talk, text and data if you never need cell coverage for $5 a month.  This would be a great phone for somebody that doesn't make phone calls outside the house or the office.  Definitely a buy for Republic Wireless.  The pros, It is a great phone, great price and phone service exactly as you would expect.  The cons are it is Jellybean not KitKat.  I suspect it may stay Jellybean for some time to come.  Definitely a buy on the Republic Wireless if Sprint works well in your area you should try it.

Radford: That's a relatively new company right?

Leo: They are brand new and this is their first product. We see a lot of enveneos, that what Ting was or is.  A mobile research network they resell carrier service.  T-Mobile also offers wifi calling.  I've used it and I have not been so happy with it.  No admittedly I have very strong wifi signal in the house but you notice, the thing that I love is as you move out of the wifi range and the signal gets weaker and weaker somewhere seamlessly I couldn't even hear it, there is a hand off from wifi to cellular and it did it perfectly.  So it is pretty impressive.

Radford: What is T-mobile's like that?

Leo: With T-mobile's I don't use their wifi calling because I find it reliable.

Radford:  The funny thing is, funny you mention that, I was on a lot of those carriers so T-mobile, Sprint but they all have those issues when you are trying to transfer from cell tower to wifi and it is never seamless.

Leo:  You heard it.

Radford: Yeah.

Leo:  I didn't believe it myself, that is why I recorded so that you could hear it. I hope they do the MotoG which is the low priced one, the $179 solution. Obviously people who are going to go with Republic Wireless are looking for low cost.  This would be great for a kid too who has wifi at school and wifi at home and doesn't need high quality data.  You get 3G service that would be just fine they wanted to do outside.  Of course your numbers transport, well you get a real number it is just like any other cell phone service.  I want to thank you Radford Castro, Shannon Morse, Patrick Delahanty, Brian Bernet was is Brian who did the other review?

Radford: Josh

Leo: Josh I miss him every time he is only this big.  Josh Windish for your reviews today.  I want to thank you for joining us.  We do Before you Buy every Tuesday afternoon after Security Now. You can  get all our reviews in a number of different ways.  Each individual review is put up on our YouTube channel on We also put the full 30-45 min show up there and on our website  The reason we put individual reviews up is A. we can do them unedited so you can see the full review but also so you can share it with family and friends maybe somebody you know is interested in this phone you can just share the review on the youtube site.  If you have a suggestion of something you would like to see and review.  Next week I am going to review this, this is the narrative clip that is taking pictures this whole time.  Taking pictures as we speak, yes it got you in your jammies.   We will be talking about that next week.  But if there is anything you would like me to review or any of us to review, I am Leo Laporte, thanks for joining us we'll see you next time.  Remember you’ve got to watch before you buy!  Bye, Bye.

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