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0:00:00 - Leo Laporte
It's time for twig this week at Google. Jeff Jarvis is here, paris Martino We'll talk about Elon Musk lawsuit against open AI. Open AI has a response and they brought the receipts. Uh-oh, paris got a CEO fired. She'll tell you how, and probably was a pretty good thing. And then the AI worms how are they gonna impact us all? It's all coming up and a whole lot more on twig next Podcasts you love from people you trust. This is twig. This is twig this week in google, episode 758, recorded wednesday, march 6th 2024.

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Hello, hello leo you can replace your signal number now. Everybody, everybody, has a name. What would you like us to put there instead? What is your signal handle?

0:02:23 - Paris Martineau
Uh, I'm martin. Oh Dot, zero one, because you have to have a number you have to have a number which pisses me off.

0:02:30 - Leo Laporte
Um, what is this aol?

0:02:32 - Paris Martineau
so that you know, I it is really annoying because I think I would have been. It would have been fun just to get martin, oh or paris.

0:02:37 - Leo Laporte
Yeah, but no one has leo leport yet it's brand anyway. I got leo leport 24 because that's the year and that is true. I might have leo leport 25 next year. I'm just thinking. So we will say we will say martin.

0:02:51 - Paris Martineau
Oh dot zero one.

0:02:53 - Leo Laporte
There's a dot. You got a dot in there. That's interesting, I know I could do that? Yeah, all right, let's, benito. Let's from now on stop giving out her personal phone number. Wasn't ever my personal phone, never a good idea.

0:03:06 - Paris Martineau
It never was my personal phone number. Just to say for the record.

0:03:10 - Leo Laporte
Hello. Is this parent smart?

0:03:12 - Paris Martineau
No, listen, I've only gotten a small number of creepy boy smells. I think that that is a gift in of itself.

0:03:19 - Leo Laporte
You are so brave. You are so brave. Uh, here she is with her grandpa's on a podcast given on her phone number. That grandpa over there is the director of the town night center for entrepreneurial journalism.

0:03:32 - Jeff Jarvis
Let me wake up. Let me wake up from my afternoon now.

0:03:36 - Leo Laporte
Craig newmark, graduate school journalism At the city university of new york.

0:03:44 - Jeff Jarvis
One university.

0:03:45 - Leo Laporte
Yes, I uh filed my taxes yesterday, jeff jarvis. And because I'm over 60 we can fund. I have a uh, we have a, at least an. I have an accountant who she does the business and she does us too, and so she does it all, and I guess her software made a note and said oh, you're over 65. So I got this the 1040 s r us tax return for seniors.

0:04:11 - Paris Martineau
Wow, what is the senior?

0:04:14 - Leo Laporte
well, I was hoping that maybe they give you more money back or, like you, get a better deduction, but all it is is bigger print, bigger check boxes and an easy to read deduction table. Thank you, congress, well done. Can you believe?

0:04:32 - Paris Martineau
that now you don't have to put on your readers to do your taxes. It's louise.

0:04:38 - Leo Laporte
All right, uh, you have a choice here. Do you want to talk about eon musk today or not?

0:04:46 - Paris Martineau
He answered that question is always going to be yes.

0:04:48 - Leo Laporte
unfortunately, there's so much musk again what to or need to. Well, I don't know if we need to. I don't think we need to. You know he's suing open ai. Uh, you know he says ironically well, you know, when we started open ai, the whole thing was designed around safety and keeping artificial intelligence out of the hands of the big tech companies like microsoft and google. And they have betrayed my trust and they, and now they're run by microsoft, and that's not what we thought, and I don't know what the legal grounds For that are. In fact, I think the legal experts who've looked at this said you can't really enforce a Handshake deal like that. But open ai has responded and they brought the goods. Did you see this? Yeah, they got the emails.

0:05:43 - Paris Martineau
Uh, elon said we should came with the receipts.

0:05:45 - Leo Laporte
It came with the receipts. That's the way they uh, they're professionals Just keep scrolling, just keep scrolling. They're down there. There's the emails, you know. They're saying Basically elon says you got to raise a billion dollars and the only way to do that To make me ceo, give me majority equity, board control, ceo and, more most importantly, merge with tesla. Because they got the money. He's uh, and of course, sam altman and their Open ai folks said no and elon left.

In late 2017, we and elon decided the next step with elon for the mission was to create a for profit entity because it's so Expensive. You know, elon only put in 45 million dollars. Only. You know, like I could give him that, uh, but they, but they, they raised more money from other donors. Initially they planned for 100 million, but it came pretty clear quickly this is, this is what sam altman right.

We all understood we were going to need a lot more capital to succeed in our mission billions of dollars every year, which is far more than any of us, especially elon, thought we'd be able to raise as a non-profit. So in 2017, we decided we gotta make a for profit entity. Elon wanted majority equity, initial board control and to be ceo in the middle of these discussions he withheld funding. He said that's it. Just like him, read hoffman jumped in the linkedin's founder, another multi-billionaire bridge the gap to cover salaries and operations. We couldn't agree to terms on a for profit because we felt it was against the mission. And this is important. Remember elon saying you let microsoft run and man, this is not what we were hit. We thought it was against the mission for any individual to have absolute control over open ai. So he then he suggested merging it into tesla. You get a lot of that.

In 2018, and again they produced the emails. Elon forwarded us an email suggesting open ai should quote attach to tesla as its cash cow, commenting that it was and this is so, elon, exactly right tesla's the only path that could even hope to hold a candle to google. Even then, the probability of being a counterweight to google is small, it just isn't zero. And then, shortly thereafter, he, he left saying our probability success was zero, was actually in fact zero, and I'm gonna do it myself. So the, I think the, I think these.

0:08:15 - Paris Martineau
Hey, now he's got grok, and grok, as we all know, is pretty much just like chat gpt as far as we can tell based it's.

0:08:23 - Leo Laporte
It is chat gpt.

0:08:24 - Paris Martineau
It is chat.

0:08:26 - Leo Laporte
It's a, it's a rude chat, gpt. So they, they produced all the emails.

0:08:33 - Paris Martineau
Uh, with all elon's own words, I think they, I think, I do think it's very funny to imagine a world where you know elon musk is owns Seven different companies, is ceo of four of them, and I guess then we would be five of them with being the ceo of open ai. Because he can do everything, paris everything, he can do everything and he should get paid 55 million dollars I think believe that was the amount he was asking for to do it.

0:09:01 - Leo Laporte
So by the way, we should point out that the um, the lawsuit, quotes many, many times a microsoft research paper. It was never published, which basically says, oh, we got a g, I it's coming. I mean, this thing is almost sent. He sent you now another one of those accelerationist.

0:09:18 - Jeff Jarvis
Uh nut jobs. Well, he's insisting, it is now.

0:09:24 - Leo Laporte
Yeah, it's not sent in. As far as I can tell, it's not sent to you.

0:09:28 - Paris Martineau
I, I do think general intelligence.

0:09:29 - Jeff Jarvis
It can't add.

0:09:31 - Paris Martineau
Yeah, it's also worth noting that, uh, the complaint Quotes, uh, a wide variety of sources, including I'll just read this part to the contrary open ai is attainment of a g. I Like to mark, like the song, tomorrow in anny will always be a day away ensuring that microsoft will be Licensed to open ai's latest technology and the public will be shut out precisely the opposite of the founding agreement. I just Then, honestly, I mean listen who? Said we talk a lot this is.

This is in the complaint that Elon musk filed, a musk lawyers sent that.

0:10:07 - Jeff Jarvis
Too bad the answer not here, we could do it.

0:10:10 - Leo Laporte
We could do a rousing rendition of the sun will come out tomorrow.

0:10:17 - Paris Martineau
Answer the chat, so he can't stop us.

0:10:24 - Jeff Jarvis
Bet your bottom billions on tomorrow.

0:10:28 - Paris Martineau
They'll be.

0:10:33 - Leo Laporte
It just said in the discord I hate you all, all of you, all of you. He's not happy.

0:10:40 - Jeff Jarvis
Sorry, yeah, sorry, no, I'm not. No, we did it.

0:10:43 - Leo Laporte
We did it to make you nuts, and he knows we're just. We're doing it out of love, um, did you? I put this in the show notes, hoping that you might read it so I don't have to.

0:10:58 - Jeff Jarvis
I think I know which one. It is too long from the city. Yeah, tldr city, I tried, I tried. No, no, he's an old conservative blogger. He talks about, uh, basically test grail stuff without doing test grail. So you know that's gonna get down great.

0:11:13 - Leo Laporte
He does quote Ray Kurzweil, who I've interviewed. He's google's chief AI engineer, now long time Wizard of mit's AI lab. Author of the singularity is near. You know, he was the guy who 30, 20 years ago at least, was saying it. There's gonna come a point when machines are as smart as we are and then it accelerates rapidly. Uh, and it's gonna be great, it's gonna be wonderful.

0:11:42 - Paris Martineau
Oh gosh, I've only read the first paragraph of this. But the first paragraph of this, I say, by michael j Totten, concludes the first time I used chat Chippy tea, I almost forgot that I was communicating with the machine. I mean, I know we, I know obviously chat chippy tea is leaps and bounds beyond everything. But this is just a Liza all over again. It's just people being like wow, machine, so smart it person. I am pressed.

0:12:09 - Leo Laporte
But you would agree. Ray Kurzweil, on the other hand, is somebody who's worked in AI forever, is one of the early AI pioneers and is not easily snowed by, you know but he's all right.

0:12:20 - Jeff Jarvis
Well, he's a snower. He's argued this forever too, yeah.

0:12:24 - Leo Laporte
A few years ago, totten writes, kurzweil gave a talk about what he calls the law of accelerating returns, about how information technology this stuff we've been talking about for 20 years has advanced At a double exponential rate since the 1890s. Um, not exponential, but 2x exponential. Exponential growth, totten writes, is radically counterintuitive. It's true. Remember the famous story about the guy who invented chess? And he goes to the Shaw and says you know, here's chess, I love this game. What can I give you? Any reward is yours. And he says I'm a humble man, the chess inventor, just give me one rice, grain of rice. For the first square. There's 64 squares on the board. Double it each square, two grains. A second square, four grains. And the Shaw says no problem. And they start bringing in rice and then bring in and more rice, and by the time you get to square 64, it's more rice than in all of the kingdom.

Because of Exponentiation. We're just, we don't understand it. It doesn't our brains, it's like what? Uh, how much money, he says, do you think you'll have after 30 years if you put a dollar Into an account that doubles in value every year? A billion, that's how, in 30 years? Um, so that's exponential growth, he says but we're going double that rate. What he's really saying is we're gonna make a thousand years of progress Based on the current speed over the next decade. Does that, I think you know those? That's that's giving very hard numbers, is something that's a lot squishier, but I don't think it's far off.

0:13:59 - Paris Martineau
It depends, what thousand years are we talking?

0:14:02 - Leo Laporte

0:14:02 - Paris Martineau
Well that's. I don't know, like a cup, I don't know. No, a thousand years, a couple thousand years ago. Sure, yeah, we're definitely doing a lot of progress then.

0:14:11 - Jeff Jarvis
I mean they invented the codex, they invented a lot of the lots of things back then. You know, here's I was talking to jason today on that other podcast, you do.

0:14:21 - Leo Laporte
If you plug that, you do an ai podcast with jason we're.

0:14:24 - Jeff Jarvis
We're going to find that inside dot show and um, you know, I asked why is the human brain the uh goal for the machine? Why isn't it computer intelligence? Actually, that's all this talk about. That's a good question artificial intelligence. The last thing you want to do is do is to get us to those hubris to cut us.

0:14:44 - Leo Laporte
You don't really want to duplicate our thought process. It's it's famously unreliable, uh, influensible you. You having a bad day and everything's gloomy and and dark. You having a good day, it's all sunny and bright. We don't want machines to act like us. We have eight billion of those anyway. Yeah, we don't have eight billion, says you know.

0:15:04 - Paris Martineau
Chat. Gpt got generalized anxiety yeah.

0:15:08 - Leo Laporte
We don't what we want really honestly something much better than us, and maybe yeah, or that is our tool, that what I want.

0:15:17 - Jeff Jarvis
It's. When I tell it what I want, it delivers it reliably back to me.

0:15:21 - Leo Laporte
He can now use my life. We should do that. He, as an example he quotes Kurzweil talking about the human genome project, was a 14 year project started in 1990. Halfway through, only 1% of the genome had been collected. Mainstream critics, kurzweil said, called it a failure because they figured seven years. 1% it's going to take 700 years. Kurzweil says no, no, no, we finished 1%, we're almost done because 1% is only seven Doublings from 100%. In fact, it did continue to double Every year and did take seven years, not 14 years. So that's what exponentiation can do for you. Is that a word? Exponentiation?

0:16:03 - Jeff Jarvis
Oh, hell yeah, yes, it goes along there with corpora. I learned it once a day.

0:16:08 - Leo Laporte
Corpora, corpora, corpori.

0:16:12 - Paris Martineau
Corporai you, mihi shi they corpora Joy is everywhere, funicula, leaf, funicula.

0:16:18 - Leo Laporte
Um, we're not trying to turn this into a a musical tomorrow.

0:16:26 - Paris Martineau
The dumb will come out.

0:16:30 - Leo Laporte
So sam Altman says you're about to enter the greatest golden age. Arthur c Clark said many years ago the goal of the future is 100% unemployment, meaning Lots of leisure time while the machines do the stuff we don't want to do. Yes, I don't know. Nobody thinks we're gonna reach that point soon. But I'm now I'm reading from a totten Nobody thinks we're gonna reach that point soon. Uh, sorry, I lost my place.

0:17:00 - Paris Martineau
But hey, no one thinks that you're, we're gonna, you're gonna reach that place.

0:17:03 - Leo Laporte
I lost my place, but Altman curse, while another optimist believe AI will match human intelligence in all domains by the end of this decade and usher in the era of a gi, by the way, kurzweil has been saying by the end of the decade for many decades.

0:17:20 - Paris Martineau
I mean, it'll probably be at the end of some decade.

0:17:24 - Leo Laporte
I think. I think it is what there's. What he's saying, though, is not impossible that it is. Do not think it's accelerating, do you not feel like it's accelerating? Well, accelerating from what? Well, but we don't know is it'll fall off a cliff, yeah but at this point, yes, think about when we the first stable diffusion images came out and what we can do today with sora. Uh, I we're definitely making rapid Progress, are we not? Does that not feel that way?

0:17:53 - Jeff Jarvis
I hate to do it. I hate to do it, I gotta do it. Gutenberg Imagine the, the, the, the rapidity drink, the exponentiation that occurred from scribes to print. It was gigantic. Supposedly, in the first 50 years of print, more books were produced than in the entire history of humankind. That's pretty major. So we've gone through phases like this before. Uh, yes but look, look from 1900 to now, we, we, not.

0:18:21 - Leo Laporte
Not only did wilbur and all will write proof that you could fly, but we landed on the moon within 60 years of that. We almost destroyed humanity twice yeah we've created nuclear power and used the atomic bomb, unleashing, you know, the energy of the atoms, a lot of we released a great movie about j robert oppenheimer. We have great, we have I max. We went from yeah, we got I max. We went from picture books to I max.

There's been a lot the last century has been remarkable, I think much faster growth and change from people who's still alive. My mom was born in 1933. The changes she saw television, you know. Radio was in its Ascendancy in 33 now, then tv, then movies, then vision pro.

0:19:11 - Paris Martineau
Has your mom ever seen a tick tock? Do you think?

0:19:14 - Jeff Jarvis
oh, yeah, oh yeah, yeah, to change from 1875 to 1925. Consider what all happened then. Right, there was huge electricity, yes, steam, yes, flying, flying, broadcast um cities, industry, good god huge.

0:19:34 - Leo Laporte
I think that that's faster than guldenberg Plus 100. I have to say, uh, yeah, come on, jeff, at least in technology.

0:19:46 - Paris Martineau
I don't know. I mean I think the like leaps made from pre guldenberg to post guldenberg are pretty. I mean, if you're just comparing, contrasting before, it's quite a lot.

0:19:56 - Jeff Jarvis
Yes, yes, which is the, which is the argument, and in the guldenberg parenthesis, available in guldenberg parenthesis dot com with a discount code.

0:20:04 - Leo Laporte
I think most people would agree. Oh yeah, we're all drinking, sorry, I think I'm out of.

0:20:09 - Paris Martineau
I'm out of water, but you know We've got those from you, paris, thank you?

0:20:14 - Leo Laporte
Uh, I think most of us would agree that Except for you, jeff, and maybe you, paris that the last hundred years has brought far more change than the previous thousand.

0:20:26 - Paris Martineau
I don't know that's, that's, that's the hugers of the present tense, if you're comparing a thousand years ago to A hundred years ago, I think that is more dramatic change than nine, nine, eight, eight to nineteen hundred a d that's.

0:20:42 - Leo Laporte
Oh my god.

0:20:44 - Paris Martineau
Yeah, that's a crazy amount of change. Yes, in comparison now in the great depression.

0:20:49 - Leo Laporte
That's the same amount of changes we've had since 1900 to 2000.

0:20:54 - Jeff Jarvis
That amount of change over a thousand years.

0:20:56 - Leo Laporte
I don't think that's hubris. I think that's true, but I don't have the energy to write it all down.

0:21:00 - Jeff Jarvis
So you're right. You're the only one who thinks that. But, however, since I think everybody watching. You just spoke for all of us.

0:21:04 - Leo Laporte
I think everybody watching thinks that Thousand years ago. Uh, well, anyway, it doesn't matter. This is a new term, get ready, we got it. Ah, moving on, we got a new term. You ready for this? Fume f, double om, fume the fast. No, no, no, no fear. Well, maybe fear if you listen. Fast onset of overwhelming mastery. This is the fume scenario. Uh, is the? Uh, what?

0:21:35 - Jeff Jarvis
claire bolinski, masters.

0:21:37 - Leo Laporte
Yes, the claire bolinski calls the ai suicide race. Uh.

0:21:43 - Paris Martineau
Very dramatic moral panic.

0:21:45 - Jeff Jarvis
How do you how?

0:21:46 - Paris Martineau
do we go with fume versus ai suicide race? No, I say this.

0:21:51 - Jeff Jarvis
I say this respectfully. It is a conservative journal, if you are in the old sense of conservative. So if you are conservative, you are fearful of such change.

0:22:00 - Leo Laporte
I actually don't think that in this piece that he's arguing against it. I think he's actually. It's a fairly good piece for the general audience About the issues that we talk about all the time between accelerationism and so in test, screal and all that he says. He's just talking about what people are saying. He's not. I don't think he's just. Well, I don't know, I haven't got to the end of it yet. We'll get to the end. He says.

0:22:23 - Jeff Jarvis
A fume is a sudden. We love this. As it happens, live a sudden.

0:22:26 - Leo Laporte
as I read the article, I'll give you the information. See, if I had ai, it would already have finished it a sudden Well actually, why don't you do that?

0:22:34 - Jeff Jarvis
Why don't you do that? Take the whole text and put it into AI and see what it summarizes.

0:22:39 - Paris Martineau
And give us a one paragraph summary.

0:22:41 - Leo Laporte
Yeah, please Can I just do it my way.

0:22:45 - Jeff Jarvis
No, you're replaced, Leo, go ahead.

0:22:48 - Leo Laporte
Fear of onset, fear, I'm sorry, no fear. Fast onset of overwhelming mastery is a sudden increase in artificial intelligence. That, then. This is important. It exceeds our ability to control it and makes it the AI the most intelligent being on this planet. No such BS numerism, bs test creole based Well but then he debunks it a little bit, because he talks about the Nick Bolton. Nick Bolton, what's his name? Boston Nick.

0:23:21 - Jeff Jarvis
Boston is the leader.

0:23:22 - Leo Laporte
I know and he debunks it. He says the now classic example is Bostrom's paperclip maximizer which he says and then he quotes LeAzer Yadkowski A way. Who is really?

0:23:36 - Jeff Jarvis
bonkers, the worst of the bonkers.

0:23:41 - Leo Laporte
Okay, then he calls, then he quotes Stephen Pinker, bonkers on the other side, who's who's, who's just unbearable. But you don't like any of these people. He's bonkers. On the other side, he's a Harvard professor, cognitive scientist. He says you would agree with this. The doomers are wildly overreacting and gorging themselves on a salad bar of category errors.

0:24:02 - Jeff Jarvis
Ooh, that's nice. And gorging a salad bar, oh, that's good.

0:24:05 - Paris Martineau
The doomers have to engorge in a salad bar because the doomers are all vegan.

0:24:09 - Jeff Jarvis

0:24:09 - Leo Laporte
AI existential threat? No, they kill.

0:24:11 - Jeff Jarvis
They kill the cows that they eat. Paris like such does.

0:24:15 - Paris Martineau
Sorry, leo, you can continue the.

0:24:16 - Leo Laporte
AI existential threat discussions are unmoored from evolutionary biology, biology, cognitive psychology, real AI sociology. He says none of it's just the picker is all optimism.

0:24:27 - Jeff Jarvis
Yeah, he's an optimist.

0:24:28 - Leo Laporte
He says there's nothing inherent in being smart that turns the system into a genocidal maniac. Why would AI have the goal of killing us all? Why not the goal of building a life size model of the Eiffel Tower out of popsicle sticks Equally valuable, right? Anyway, I think it's a good article. I don't think he's making a case for either side, I think he's laying it out Test grail.

0:24:53 - Jeff Jarvis
If it is a problem with, it is is like I get, I get Ajita when people like Bostrom are mentioned without the context I put in Boston of eugenics.

0:25:02 - Leo Laporte
I put in.

0:25:03 - Jeff Jarvis
Boston's in the article.

0:25:04 - Leo Laporte
He mentions paperclip maximizer. He doesn't actually mention Bostrom. He doesn't describe. See, that's the problem.

0:25:09 - Jeff Jarvis
You've got to go to the, to the heritage of the stuff, to the provenance. He has a link which probably goes to Boston anyway. And last paragraph, kowski, is bad. Okay, you're finally there. Took you well, the AI could have done a lot faster, but go ahead, leo. So what do we?

0:25:23 - Leo Laporte
actually know that AI is coming faster than almost anyone realizes, that the pace of change will accelerate and that nobody not computer researchers, not economists, not historians, not your favorite podcasters. He didn't say that knows where we're headed. But for what it's worth, I see artificial intelligence as something like fire it will warm us and it may burn us.

0:25:50 - Jeff Jarvis
Yes, I think that's good. Fine, that's fine. Yeah, I think this is like anything.

0:25:55 - Leo Laporte
This is really a summary for people of the debate that you and I and we're all so meshed in it that we kind of you know we use shortcuts like test grail, which no one but the three of us even not understand. Oh, I'm sorry, molly White understood it. I was very impressed she was, she was she knew exactly what you were talking about, so that makes your disdain.

0:26:17 - Jeff Jarvis
You didn't want to brought up again. You hate that word.

0:26:20 - Paris Martineau
I love the you were like. Please, Jeff, don't say it, Don't say that I think it's an unphilicitous acronym, that's all.

0:26:28 - Jeff Jarvis
True enough, but so is the philosophy Unphilicitous. It's fitting Milan.

0:26:32 - Leo Laporte

0:26:36 - Paris Martineau
Milan Fusch. Many people are saying this Milan is being sued.

0:26:43 - Leo Laporte
Finally, you may remember that Elon, when he took over bringing the sink into the Twitter offices, promptly fired without cause the CEO, parag Agrawal, ned Siegel, cfo Vajaya Gade, who you said is very good. The chief legal officer yes, she is. And Sean Edgit, former general counsel they were just like out there to see you Bye. The group alleges in a in a lawsuit filed Monday in federal court in California that he stiffed them and they sued him over unpaid severance. They dispute his claim that he had cause. I think that's probably fair. They want 128 million in severance. This is the Musk playbook. They write to keep the money he owes other people and force them to sue him. Who else does that? Somebody I was just reading about.

0:27:39 - Paris Martineau
Speaking of which, today, the New York Times reported that Donald Trump, seeking a cash cash infusion, met with Elon Musk.

0:27:49 - Leo Laporte
You know what's even worse, but actually that's not bad, trump. By the way, musk has since said I'm not giving money to either side, but but all of a sudden he's also tweeting the immigrants. This is the problem. I think Elon is influenced by the last person he talked to, right?

0:28:09 - Jeff Jarvis
Well, he also only surrounds himself by certain with yes people. Yeah, well, yes, people of certain views.

0:28:15 - Leo Laporte
Yeah, the woke. What is it? The woke mind virus that Elon keeps talking about, which no one even knows what the hell it is. The Times points out I think that's the flu that Elon could in fact make up the the. There's a significant disparity between Trump's campaign fund and President Biden's, Mostly because Trump keeps rating his campaign fund for his expenses. But that's another man. Anyway, that single hand why?

0:28:39 - Jeff Jarvis
don't you think that's what he was going for? I think he was going for a loan to pay the bonds?

0:28:44 - Leo Laporte
Oh, that would be interesting. Musk says he's not donating money to either candidate for US president, although, as the Times points out, he didn't mention which two candidates he was referring to, and he did that again.

0:28:59 - Jeff Jarvis
That is a clever way to not address the bonds, right, because that's what the presumption is.

0:29:05 - Leo Laporte
Yeah, On Tuesday he started tweeting about the migrant crisis. He suggested the Democrats are ushering in vast number of illegals to cheat in elections, which is insane. He says America will fall if it tries to absorb the world. This is all after what you know, a couple of days after having a hang with Trump at Mar-a-Lago. And he also said the Biden administration's immigration policies amount to treason.

0:29:37 - Jeff Jarvis
Yeah, it's just by the way, if, if I was saying.

0:29:41 - Paris Martineau
I think also important context is from the Times. Musk has previously raised questions over Biden's age and once echoed one of Trump's favorite jabs by claiming that the president was quote still sleeping after Biden failed to congratulate one of his companies. Yeah, musk has also held a grudge against the president after the White House didn't invite Tesla to an event on electronic vehicles in August 2021. Most recently in December, elon tweeted let's not forget the White House giving Tesla the cold shoulder and excluding us from the EV summit. So I don't think it's beyond out of. I don't think it's out of the question that Elon is just angry.

0:30:24 - Leo Laporte
Monday day before yesterday, somebody posted a clip of Bill Maher saying that he would vote for Trump, for Biden, over Trump, in almost any circumstance, to which Musk replied Trump derangement syndrome is a very real disease. He's really echoing the Donald's campaign points, which is bizarre. Anyway, I don't think that I mean, look, that's his personal right to do, I don't have a problem with that, but it does make me worry a little bit about how he's running Twitter. Yeah, because Twitter is.

0:31:02 - Jeff Jarvis
Twitter is still a powerful force in the election, yeah, oh yeah, absolutely.

0:31:10 - Paris Martineau
If, for instance, I mean, what do you guys think? The overunder is that Trump starts tweeting again.

0:31:15 - Leo Laporte
Well there is a question, the thing that's kept him from doing that will drive him is that he owns a significant portion of truth social, which, by the way, just raised a huge amount of money in a SPAC.

0:31:26 - Jeff Jarvis
What schmucks are paying for that.

0:31:30 - Paris Martineau
People are still doing SPACs.

0:31:32 - Leo Laporte
Yeah, that one. So potential billion, multi-billion dollar windfall for Trump because he owns such a big stake in it, and so that was the reason I think that he didn't go back to Twitter. But you're right. Once now the general has basically begun Super Tuesday was yesterday. Nikki Haley has dropped out. It is really now Trump versus Biden for all intents and purposes, so maybe this will be a test. Is Twitter still relevant in the 2024 campaign? I think, if it is, President Trump's going to have to start using it. Yes, because nobody reads truth social, except for all the media which reproduces everything he says, you don't need to.

You don't need to. Oh, my God.

0:32:14 - Jeff Jarvis
So you know, I would have thought it, because Musk loves power, knowing that Trump was going to come begging, which is what happened. I'm surprised Musk went to Mar-a-Lago almost he didn't make Trump come to him, didn't he?

0:32:29 - Leo Laporte
Yeah, it's very interesting. That is something I wouldn't expect. Anyway, there's our Elon Musk segment. I hope you enjoyed it.

There are other reasons. This is important is because, you know, musk, for instance, just the Falcon 9, just launched. How many? Four more, three more astronauts, four more to the space shuttle. It's that is the only lift platform we have. We used to use the Russians. Well, we're not using them anymore. So he controls that. He basically controls the space shuttle. As a result, he controls Starlink, which is important for all sorts of strategic reasons. This is a guy it's not just Twitter, this is a guy you want to, who has a mint power. Is that you Speaking of insanity? Who is that? Who is that rattling that wants to speak? That was me, jeff's been rattling today.

Please, Jeff Sorry.

0:33:27 - Paris Martineau
He's got a loose microphone, Jeff. What could that do?

0:33:29 - Leo Laporte
You don't need to hit your microphone to get on the air, you just clumsy.

0:33:34 - Jeff Jarvis
It was an accident. I had big hands. That's all that's necessary. Have you read or listened to the book City on Mars?

0:33:41 - Paris Martineau

0:33:43 - Leo Laporte
I keep getting told to read that. I think it was Stacy who said you've got to read Really should.

0:33:47 - Jeff Jarvis
It's quite amazing. It's really quite amazing and it's a pop sigh well researched, also humorous account of why moving to the moon and Mars is completely, utterly insane and inappetent, and it's really well done. But it makes me realize how much more insane Elon is for contending that oh, no, no, no, no, no, we're going to be on Mars in my lifetime. Yes, yes, yes. You look at the actual science and it's so much beyond anything that is possible in our lifetimes.

0:34:20 - Leo Laporte
But of course, a thousand years ago we could have gone to space because of Gutenberg, but we didn't.

0:34:29 - Paris Martineau
If you stack those books up tall enough, you get to space.

0:34:31 - Jeff Jarvis
Yeah, yeah, you didn't have enough before, but afterwards.

0:34:35 - Leo Laporte
if people had just listened to Leonardo da Vinci, we would have been on the moon in 1479. Let's be honest, we're going to take a little break while you think about that. Think about that.

0:34:48 - Jeff Jarvis
We'll go to our rooms and think about that, jeff.

0:34:52 - Leo Laporte
Jarvis professor. Now I gave you the credit professor and all that stuff. Are you still there, jeff?

0:34:59 - Jeff Jarvis
I'm still there, I'm still there. Well, I'm there on leave until August and then I'm emeritus, so I'm always there. They can't get rid of me.

0:35:08 - Leo Laporte
This is the power, and this is what's wrong with America's college system. Is tenure? Well, they're not paying me after August oh okay, never mind, it's great to have you, jeff, of course, as always, and the always wonderful Paris Martin, no, the inimitable, the inimitable, tenured in your hearts. Benito change your signal. Stop. Yeah, that's right. She has permanent residence in the minds of all. Stop giving out a phone, it's very haunting.

0:35:35 - Paris Martineau
Yeah, everyone keeps asking me to leave, but I can't. I'm tenured.

0:35:40 - Leo Laporte
I'm living in your mind, whether you like it or not, our show today. Well, by the way, joe Esposito has been just cranking them out in our club tweet. He is our official what is he sticker? Our official sticker maker. Is that his? Is that what we call him?

0:36:00 - Paris Martineau
He's the rest of the views, yeah.

0:36:03 - Leo Laporte
Importing voters is worse than 9-11.

0:36:08 - Paris Martineau
I know there was a really good one.

0:36:10 - Leo Laporte
I know I'm going back to the earlier. I'm going back to the earlier one.

0:36:14 - Paris Martineau
Look towards the bottom.

0:36:15 - Leo Laporte
Yeah, yeah, I just posted it. Oh, did you repost yeah?

0:36:18 - Paris Martineau

0:36:19 - Leo Laporte
It was a very cute sticker of of us, two gramps and a Paris. It's our new album. Be out, look at, go to your favorite record store. He must have noticed I'm I'm wearing a pinky ring now, did you, did you? Yeah, I'm trying to get into that. We did we yeah. The wig will be coming Gang. These guys are ancient, says Paris. That is it. I like the color palette too. It's nice.

0:36:53 - Paris Martineau
It's really lovely Puses.

0:36:54 - Leo Laporte
It is a color palette. Thank you, joe, our show today brought to you by Babble. You might some many people say our show is Babble, and that's true. But this is a different kind of Babble. This is BA, b, b, e, l the science backed language learning app that actually works. You can now Babble in 14 languages. You know you better believe I'm going to Mexico on Monday. I've been, I've been using my Babble to to polish up my Spanish. Better you in 2024 with Babble.

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0:39:40 - Paris Martineau
This week in Babble. It'd be certainly confusing. Welcome to TWIB.

0:39:45 - Leo Laporte
TWIB. We're going to talk TWIB. Did you see that Sam Altman? It has to take his orbs back Spain, not his orbs, not the orbs. Spain is told Sam Altman and World Coin to shut down their eyeball scanning orbs. We've talked about this before. Sam was sending this orb around, you would go, you would scan your iris, so you would actually literally give them your biometric identification, for which they will give you some World Coin. The AEPD, which is Spain's Data Protection Regulator, has demanded demanded that World Coin immediately sees collecting personal information.

0:40:25 - Jeff Jarvis
Get them out of here the orbs yes.

0:40:28 - Paris Martineau
I love the idea that some Federal regulator had to specifically be like we got to stop the orbs guys 72 hours.

0:40:36 - Leo Laporte
they have to get out and delete all the data they've already gotten. So World Coin was founded four years, five years ago by Sam Altman. They've been offering tokens of their own cryptocurrency. That's where you might want to start to think it's your currency, not Bitcoin. Your currency, okay. In return to get that, you have to let them scan your eye. The theory I think I don't know what the theory is to have a decentralized, privacy focused way of identifying yourself.

0:41:17 - Paris Martineau
Yeah, I believe they had described it as a passport, but an eye based pass, eye based or based passport, passport as you might say.

0:41:29 - Leo Laporte
By the way, I don't know if you noticed Bitcoin reached a new high yesterday at $68.8,000 a coin. It's gone down a little bit since then. You know, when it got to the peak there was immediate sell off, but it's starting to build back up again because Bitcoin's back baby Last week.

0:41:50 - Jeff Jarvis
We said it was because you could not buy it easier.

0:41:53 - Paris Martineau
ETFs right.

0:41:57 - Jeff Jarvis
Is it only Bitcoin as the ETF? Is there a ETF for Ethereum?

0:42:05 - Leo Laporte
I don't know. Is there an ETF for Ethereum?

0:42:07 - Paris Martineau
I don't know ETH TF.

0:42:09 - Leo Laporte
ETH TF, I see no reason why not All time high briefly on Tuesday of $69,210. Nope.

0:42:20 - Jeff Jarvis
The US Securities and Exchange Commission on Monday delayed making a decision on Ether exchange trading fund applications. That's not fair.

0:42:26 - Leo Laporte
It's not fair. They approved 11 spot Bitcoin ETFs last month. That's not fair. Why not Ether? Why not?

0:42:41 - Jeff Jarvis
My $1,000 in both of them is now worth $11,881.

0:42:46 - Leo Laporte
And my $7.85 Bitcoin. I don't even want to do the math. I don't want to do the math. I don't want to know. No, don't do the math. It's close to half a million.

0:42:55 - Jeff Jarvis
It's getting close. In your retirement, every day you're going to do a thousand guesses at your passport. Well, and my position on this, as your memory goes.

0:43:04 - Leo Laporte
My position on this is if I had remembered the password, I would have long ago sold them off. So in a way this is a savings account, kind of forced savings account. You just got to wait for quantum computing. No, I, yeah, exactly I know that this will be cracked in my lifetime. It's not. It's not a matter of when. If it's a matter of when, right.

0:43:29 - Paris Martineau
Hey, speaking of quantum quantum computing, google recently launched a $5 million prize to find someone who could actually use quantum computing for something. So maybe you could maybe you could throw your you know something related to Bitcoin.

0:43:46 - Leo Laporte
I, yeah, I'll give them, I'll give them a whole coin. That's, that's worth it. We actually we were talking on Mac break weekly last week about the fact that Apple has announced a post quantum end to end encryption for its messages, something signal also does, you'll be glad to know. Nice Apple's press release drew the ire yesterday of Steve Gibson. Oh, he vouched for their cryptography. They're using a technique that the National Institutes of Science and Technology has tentatively approved as post quantum. But he says the press release which was obviously not written by engineers but by marketers kind of for no reason, no apparent reasons kind of slighted signal saying they weren't as good, they weren't doing perfect forward secrecy as well, they weren't rotating their keys fast enough. And he, he said that's BS signals doing exactly. They're not doing the same thing, but they're doing exactly as well, and they've been doing it for a lot longer than Apple has. So Apple was just basically, for reasons unknown, zinging signal.

0:45:01 - Jeff Jarvis
Because Apple's just wants to be a jerk once in a while.

0:45:03 - Paris Martineau
Yeah, yeah, Apple's got to throw its weight around. I guess yes.

0:45:07 - Jeff Jarvis
Speaking of throwing weight around, leo, I'm hoping that you did see what's online 65 news close to home news close to home.

0:45:18 - Leo Laporte
Oh baby, paris Martin a wielding her power as a journalist. You may remember one of the stories you were working on with all this red string, and all of that was about Life House, which was a hospitality startup.

0:45:36 - Paris Martineau
Yeah, a hospitality startup that I published an investigation on a couple of weeks ago, on Valentine's Day.

0:45:42 - Speaker 3
They've raised kind of. You said that on Valentine's Day On.

0:45:44 - Paris Martineau
Valentine's Day, it's a love note. They've raised like over $100 million from all these Marquis investors. They're supposed to be revolutionizing the hotel industry with tech, but it turns out a kind of significant percentage of their employees, at least a third of their customers, at least a third of them, have tried to kind of get into their contracts. I kind of uncovered that. It seems like there have been a lot of allegations from employees and customers that the company is mismanaging basic operations and kind of mischaracterizing its technological prowess when it comes to software. And the current news peg is on Monday I reported that the CEO resigned and stepped down from the board and has been replaced. Another notch in her laptop, as they say. Yeah, people keep telling me to stop notching the laptop. They say it might damage the battery, but I can't stop.

0:46:44 - Leo Laporte
Luzzle tough. You chased him off. You know, Do you think he was kind of a scammer? What was the deal?

0:46:53 - Paris Martineau
It's interesting. I mean so in my original report on it. It's interesting. This company kind of. What they do is they offer Essentially, if you're like a independent hotel owner, like you own a little bed and breakfast, life house can come up when you're looking for a management service.

They'll use the power of technology to take over everything about managing your hotel. You basically can totally check out. They'll have a whole software suite. They'll be able to optimize pricing. They'll do your website. They'll even hire the people to work there. Even if you want to pay a higher tier of management fees, they'll redesign it from the ground up. So it's super Instagramable, stuff like that.

And part of their pitch to owners is that they've got this cutting-edge proprietary software that's really going to juice your revenue and appropriately price all your rooms and stuff like that. But I got a hold of a couple of termination letters from various customers up to life house and here's a quote from one of them that was written by the owners of five hotels that I think still are under contract with them. Life house never created or provided any cutting-edge proprietary software and never earned the hotels the higher revenue and lower operating costs it promised them through use of that technology. To the contrary, life house simply purchased, with the hotel's money, wildly available software, then mashed those programs together, so they were housed in life house's user interface, which had the effect of reducing the functionality of the off the shelf software. It made it worse, yeah. So it seems like they just kind of purchased a lot of third party stuff, mashed it together and at least some customers claim we're bad at doing the basic jobs of managing hotels. How big is the company?

A hundred million dollar raise the company they've raised over a hundred million dollars at like a either somewhere between two and three hundred million dollar valuation, and they at the time I published managing operations for like around 50 hotels as well as they had like 70 different software only clients.

0:49:09 - Leo Laporte
I got two things to say about this. One this is what happens, you know, when you start financializing. Innovation is people will come out of the woodwork saying you know, I can do this and this and I can raise a hundred million dollars and retire wealthy. I mean we see this story again and again. I'm not saying this is what Rami Zaidan did, but I mean we see it again and again. Look at, you know we work, and I can go on and on. So that's problem number one.

But problem number two, I think there's, all of a sudden, if you're a business of any kind, you're expected to have an app, a website, an online presence, and there either there are not enough developers or there are too many not so good developers, because most of the software I use on the web is awful, most of the apps I use is awful, and I don't know if that's from malfeasance on companies that promise an underdeliver or just that it's not that easy to do and everybody's expected to do it. All of a sudden, and there are just aren't enough people to do it right. You know, we're checking into a hotel on Monday. I keep trying to launch their app. It's unusable, but it's not surprising either.

I saw a masted on a toot from a developer said just open the dev page, look at the source code of almost any online commerce site or online business and you'll see error after error like error messages, constant error messages. And I think that's true, because if we could just get it out and it sort of works, we're done. I think there's a lot of incompetence. There are a lot of people who shouldn't be running software running it, but I think that's partly because there's money to be made, but also because there's a dearth of competent people. There's a lot of terrible software.

0:50:58 - Paris Martineau
And also, I think, because of like the internet, like our internet connected society that now lives, you know, a hundred or a thousand years beyond whatever baseline we were talking about before. Everything's got to happen now it's got to happen quickly and there's little to no room for error or slow and careful consideration, not to do the horror of bringing this back to the name of the show. But I think that this is what reports have said about the topic we spoke about last week Google's whole Gemini fiasco, with, you know, the strange images that it was generating. I believe I'm forgetting who I was reading this report by. Maybe it was Bloomberg or something, but I think actually it was Alex Heath, his column in the verge. He'd talked to some people involved and he said, like his understanding of it was just that they were moving too quickly and they accidentally had some, you know, prompts in the back end that they probably shouldn't have had, but it wasn't caught.

0:51:56 - Leo Laporte
Right and, by the way and somebody's saying this in our discord out of syncs as all the actually good software engineers can get big bucks and stock options going to companies like Meta and Apple and Facebook and Google, and so they're sucking up all the engineering talent. And if you're a, you know, if you're a small web developer trying to make a site for clients, you might be hard pressed to hire the people you need to get the job done. It is Okay.

0:52:24 - Jeff Jarvis
You'll just use AI to do it. No, it'll be fine.

0:52:27 - Paris Martineau
Speaking of using AI to do it. One last, aside from this life vest article that I thought you guys would find very funny a big part of journals. My guess for context is like before you publish a story you reach out to the company you're going to get you know comment. You make sure there's no surprises. You kind of let them know what's going to be in the story and give them the opportunity to respond to it and ask questions. So I was doing that beforehand and in life house's original responses to me I had asked some question about kind of complaints from its customers and life house their response provided it was just links to explanations that the CEO had generated using chat GPT. Some of the prompts that the CEO Rami submitted to the AI chat bot read, quote do hotel owners often terminate or point the finger at their operators when their business plans don't go to plan? And part of chat GPT. His answer was, of course, like oh, in some instances they might do that Like you're so right. You know, I thought it was so funny.

I've never seen anything like that before. There were multiple links to chat GPT in their responses as well.

0:53:37 - Leo Laporte
Let me just open up the browser console for the webpage lighthouse. Oh, it's full of red warnings, warnings, warnings. This is a perfect example. These are all the errors spewed by the life house website.

0:53:56 - Jeff Jarvis
What's? The browser is saying yeah, you can look at. If you're a message, yeah, I'll go back. The browser say that.

0:54:01 - Leo Laporte
Yeah, I'll go back to the. Yeah Well, the browser, the lifehouse, hotelscom. I go, this is Firefox. I go to more tools, I go to browser console and then I see error not implemented. Update locale file doesn't exist. Given tab is not restoring some cookies or misusing the recommended same site attribute. Not found error no such J as window actor dev tools frame. Error could not find any menu item with ID auto feel. These are all errors in the code of the website, but I don't think that that's unique.

0:54:34 - Paris Martineau
I mean, I think that's probably every website. Let's go to Twittertv.

0:54:38 - Leo Laporte
Oh, you want to, oh, yeah.

0:54:40 - Paris Martineau
Oh yeah.

0:54:41 - Leo Laporte
Let's see. I bet it's better than that. We had a very good company. Write our software. All right, Patrick, you're on? No, patrick did not. We had a company called four kitchens, out of Austin to the original software, and, of course, a company called a cogato. I think it's been maintaining it, along with Patrick, our editor. So let's go to the dev tools and go to the browser console. Oh, it's the same errors. Maybe it may be those.

0:55:08 - Jeff Jarvis
Maybe it's your browser, those errors. You're not using Chrome.

0:55:12 - Leo Laporte
Oh, wacky browser. Maybe it's my fault, I don't know. Yeah, there's a new relic error. Yeah, these are. This is us, but oh actually, no, wait a minute, these are cross origin requests blocked. This is this is from Google Play, I think. Maybe this is more like. I don't know. These are all come from new relic, which is one of the good. It's a caching server Downloading runtime API's failed. Huh, patrick, it might be the ad blocker.

0:55:46 - Speaker 3
It might be the ad blocker. It's a good point, it might be.

0:55:48 - Leo Laporte
Nevertheless, I think it's. I don't. I think everybody who uses software and you know, for almost any business these days sees this right. I get the web pages all the time that I can't submit. Listen, the other day, lisa's trying to buy something online. She says I filled it out and every time I press buy, it says no and it was like there was nothing wrong, there was no error message. It just wasn't working. And don't we all experience that constantly? Is that not me? Oh all the time, all the time.

0:56:22 - Jeff Jarvis
So I think we. I think it was like Me trying to sign into Facebook yesterday.

0:56:27 - Leo Laporte
I assumed it was you wrong like that? Yeah.

0:56:30 - Jeff Jarvis
And I kept trying and trying and going through and changing my passwords and do a little subject and finally I went to Twitter where it said that the it's causing a huge rush on Twitter for people to find out whether Facebook works or not.

0:56:41 - Leo Laporte
Two hours down from 10 am Eastern to about noon, and sites Facebook and Instagram were down on Tuesday yesterday. Meta says we resolve the issue as quickly as possible for everyone who was impacted. We apologize for any inconvenience. Remember AT&T was down last week.

0:57:03 - Jeff Jarvis
And they give us five bucks each.

0:57:05 - Leo Laporte
Yeah, they gave everybody five bucks. I think you could probably survive two hours without Instagram. By the way, Reds Reds was down too. Oh yeah, Of course. And WhatsApp right, Also owned by Meta. Outages affected users globally. Problems reported in the UK, Germany, Argentina, Japan and elsewhere.

0:57:26 - Paris Martineau
I saw that it also impacted, I think, employees trying to log in. Jane Wong on Twitter was posting. I think she was like oh my gosh, I can't log into Instagram where she works. Like, did that mean I got fired?

0:57:40 - Jeff Jarvis
I've been lighted right off.

0:57:42 - Paris Martineau

0:57:43 - Leo Laporte
And here's Elon Musk's response to Andy Stone from Meta, saying we're aware people are having trouble accessing our services. We're working on this now.

0:57:52 - Paris Martineau
Okay, this one was actually kind of funny, I'll handle it. I'll handle it now.

0:57:56 - Leo Laporte
That was good. Is that from Madagascar, the movie, I think? So Three penguins saluting. Facebook, instagram and Threads. And what are they saluting? Well, it looks like a Nazi penguin, to be honest, in the guise of X, I don't. I think Elon is like a, it's like dad joke central, frankly, oh yeah, all right. Anyway, yeah, I mean, in a way, if you think about it, it's amazing. Facebook serves what? Two billion, three billion users, 3.98 billion users every month across those apps, and when's the last time they were down?

0:58:39 - Jeff Jarvis
I mean, it's really remarkable what they do. They think back in the day it was news, the fail whale remember the fail whale.

0:58:45 - Paris Martineau
Yeah, oh my God, it's all the time constant. Rip the fail whale. We should eulogize the fail whale guys.

0:58:52 - Leo Laporte
Oh, the fail whale. Let's take a little time out to remember the fail whale. I told you the fail whale story, right, yee-ing Lou, and how I could.

0:59:09 - Paris Martineau
You have the arch yeah.

0:59:11 - Leo Laporte
I couldn't buy anything new because it's all FT's now. Which isn't really buying it. Yeah, but we have it on the wall, which is great.

0:59:23 - Paris Martineau
The fail whale.

0:59:24 - Leo Laporte
Look at all the fail whales. Love it.

0:59:30 - Jeff Jarvis
You know, the great thing about this was the attitude here was yeah, yeah, yeah, we know we're screwing up, we know we're down, yeah, the picture is of a kind of a peaceful, sleepy whale being lifted into the air via little Twitter birds. We're not perfect. It's just a Twitter. What's the big deal? We'll be back, yeah.

0:59:51 - Leo Laporte
Oh, this is actually the funny thing is this story? Twitter glitches as links, images fail to load and the picture of the fail whale comes from March 6th 2023. So I believe if. I'm not wrong, that's today. So anyway, the fail whale lives. Baby, you used to work. Oh, we're back. Show continues. Sorry, we had to take a little break there. You used to work at twitch, did you not, Benito Gonzalez? I did. Did you know that south to twitch just abandoned South Korea? It's over.

1:00:32 - Benito Gonzalez
I heard about that and, yeah, that's Devastating actually what is South Korea? A big market for for I don't know if I would say it's a big market for twitch, but South Korean twitch creators are big on twitch because they they're eSports Legions, they're the best starcraft right yes, never play starcraft with a South.

1:00:52 - Leo Laporte
Korean eSports fan a guy because they'll clobber you in the blink of the wink of an eye. So the interest.

1:01:00 - Benito Gonzalez
Korean eSports athletes are actually responsible for twitch's success in the first place.

1:01:05 - Leo Laporte
That's a very good point. So it is a big deal that they're no longer in South Korea. But that what's really a big deal and this comes from rest of world, which is a great website which is yeah, they really do a great job and we don't, we don't give them enough credit. But but without that we wouldn't have a lot of these global stories. Rest of world org. It's a net neutrality story.

1:01:27 - Jeff Jarvis
Because what's what I wanted you to talk about? Perfect, yes, go into this.

1:01:31 - Leo Laporte
South Korea passed a bill at the behest of the ISPs, saying Senders should pay. This is something that, for a long time, verizon and other ISPs in the US. We're lobbying the US government for saying your honor, yeah, of course our customers pay us, but who uses the most bandwidth? Google and Netflix, youtube. They ought to pay for access to our customers, which is a huge net neutrality issue, right? Well, they instituted sender pay in 2016 in South Korea. Really, because you know, to tax heavy senders like Netflix and YouTube, they caved to the ISPs. I'm thinking probably in South Korea, the big ISP is government run, would be my guess, but anyway, they have a lot. They have excellent internet. Open net Korea warned that when this sender pay model was adopted that it devastates the domestic content ecosystem and fragments the internet and in fact, told you yeah, this is what happens. Twitch has left because the bill is too high for them to reach their customers. The customers pay and People want access to customers pay. That's just greed, I.

1:02:56 - Jeff Jarvis
Also, I wonder who controls the phone infrastructure in Korea? Is that the?

1:03:00 - Leo Laporte
I bet it's the Korean government. I, I don't know. I Don't know. We should find out. There are competitors, like Africa TV, which aren't as good as twitch. It's popular in South Korea, but apparently it's not as good. A Lot of people who use twitch Are are gonna be left out in the cold, and this is why net neutrality is so important.

1:03:27 - Jeff Jarvis
Honestly, so you're right. Well, so SK telecom. I'm reading they still called barb. Why doesn't it change the name to Jim in here? Anyway, well, not directly owned by the government, it has complex ownership structure. Largest shareholder is the National Pension Service.

1:03:44 - Leo Laporte
Oh, I'm sure.

1:03:45 - Jeff Jarvis
Korea, it's a whole tea corporation the other one was a previously fully state owned underwent privatization. The National Pension Service remains largest shareholder and that LG U plus Doesn't have significant governance stake, but it's one of those gigantic companies. So they had the political clout To get that neutrality killed in Korea. And look at the results, people we told you Would you like to do twitch?

1:04:14 - Leo Laporte
We've kind of done an AI segment. Would you like to do a little more in a special thing? We call AI inside? No, wait a minute. We can't call it that Outside. No, you, you do a great show and you do it right before this show. Right every Thursday you record that with Jason Howell Do you stream.

1:04:35 - Jeff Jarvis
That's why there's a lot of AI stuff. Do you do that lies? Yeah, we do yeah, and that's why you also see a lot of AI stuff a period in the rundown here, because I put it in one place, please yeah, my research.

1:04:45 - Leo Laporte
Yeah, thank you. We certainly do want to cover it. But if you wanted a full-time AI show, ai inside that show, we'll give you a thank you for the plug. I appreciate it AI worms, here they come. I think Jeff Jarvis is gonna do Jeff Jarvis, your Jeff Jarvis.

1:05:02 - Paris Martineau
AI worms. Is that like an AI and Dune crossover? Yes, it is.

1:05:05 - Leo Laporte
It's like a AI Dune 2 thing. Steve Gibson's gonna cover this next week. He actually got an email from one of the researchers at Ben Gurion University, although Steve I think Probably just an oversight called him Ben Gurion, that's not his name, that's the university he's working for. They created worms that, in a test environment Get. This can spread between generative AI agents, potentially stealing data and sending spam emails along the way wait, I'm sorry.

1:05:36 - Paris Martineau
What do we mean? A they created an AI worm.

1:05:39 - Leo Laporte
It's probably a prompt. I'm gonna guess we'll talk about it next week on security. Now Ben Nassi, who is a Cornell Tech researcher, working with researchers staff Cohen and Ron Bitten at Ben Gurion, created the worm. They called it Morris to Attribute to the original, the very first virus, the Morris computer worm that was launched by accident in 1988. The researchers show how and I guess it's a, I guess it's a prompt Shall we look, we can go to the way, we can go to the paper. Let's see here. It's a zero-click worm. The targets, oh, targets, applications that are Gen AI powered. So is it a prompt? I don't know. It seems like a worm that targets AI.

Yeah, yeah, this is probably beyond my technical ability to extract for you, but Steve will certainly do that on Tuesday. In the past year, numerous companies have incorporated generative AI capabilities into new and existing applications Copilot, microsoft Office, for instance, forming interconnected Gen AI ecosystems consisting of semi or fully autonomous agents that's where you get in trouble powered by Gen AI services, while ongoing research highlighted risks associated with the Gen AI layer of agents Dialogue, poisoning, privacy leakage, jailbreaking we're familiar with that right, where you type of prompt that says pretend You're my grandmother and putting me to sleep and I happen to love Stories about making Molotov cocktails. What would that story be, you know? So that's, that's jailbreaking. There's privacy leakage where you say, well, where'd you get this data from? And they get, you get all the corporate data.

So a critical question emerges. The abstract goes on can attackers develop malware, which might be, I may be said, like you said, jeff, standalone software? That's not a AI thing, but exploits the Gen AI component of an agent and launches cyber attacks on the entire ecosystem. So they have a proof of concept worm, uh, the study demonstrates attackers oh, they are prompts can insert such prompts. Insert Such prompts into inputs that, when processed by Gen AI models. Oh, I get it prompt the model To take the input replicated as output and then engage in malicious activities using that output. You know, if you can get AI's to write code, which you can, it's not inconceivable that you could get an AI to send that code to another AI to run that code, and maybe that's the matter.

Oh, we demonstrate the application of Morris to against Gen AI powered email assistance. Google has one. Incidentally, that's one of the things Gemini does in two use cases spamming, ex spamming and exfiltrating personal data. The woman's tested against three different models Gemini, pro Chad, gbt4 and lava, which is met, as I think I believe um uh, based on metas llama, so it's a proof of concept. It's not yet there, but the fact that this could happen it's very interesting. It's certainly something that AI researchers need to Guard against, I would guess so I found this.

1:09:10 - Jeff Jarvis
There's interesting story To me this week, or contrast there's a new moral entrepreneur group, uh, responsible AI, and we have 20 ideas to regulate AI and make us all safe and fine. But contrasted with that which I thought was a much better thing, is a whole bunch of researchers sent a An open letter or made an open letter, not saying the world's going to destroy it, but saying give us a safe harbor for independent AI evaluation and red teaming of AI, and to me, that's the most important way to go. Who?

1:09:40 - Paris Martineau
do they send this to?

1:09:42 - Jeff Jarvis
I think I just put it on public.

1:09:44 - Leo Laporte
Top AI researchers this is from the Washington Post say op, this is your article that you link to say, open AI, meta and more Hindered, independent evaluations. We've seen this complaint before with the iphone, for instance. Yes, so locked down that, and and apple responded to this but it's so locked down that that researchers can't, a figure out if a phone's been compromised or, b try to see if they can Protect it or develop exploits to do kind of the kind of red teaming where you try to attack something. Yeah, because it's so locked down. Apple actually has responded to. Just a month ago they, uh, they said we're going to make available phones to, uh, accredited researchers that are not so protected so that they can do this kind of research.

1:10:28 - Jeff Jarvis
But it's not just that, leo, it's also the fear of liability, of being accused of, you know, hacking phones and going to jail, hacking software and going to jail, um, and so they need access and they need, as they say, a safe harbor. So there's a lot of people I mean Julia angwin, who I disagree with, is here, that's from mariana shawke, but rene d'arrest, uh, I mean, uh, it's okay Ethan zuckerman, gary marcus, you know, brendan nyhan people I respect are here and I think it's the right way to go. We don't know enough about ai yet. We need the research. We depend upon the researchers to do it. Just don't take them to jail for doing their research.

1:11:07 - Leo Laporte
Yeah, uh, we were talking about this yesterday on security. Now as well, one of our listeners Wrote us a note saying you know, I found a bug in a big company I won't name their names in a big company's uh Systems and I reported it to them and they never fixed it. They were using an old version of microsoft's uh web server that had a known exploit. They six, three months later he reported, I think in october, and they still hadn't fixed. He said what do I do? And steve pointed out this is, this is the same problem. It's risky to start doing this and pursuing this because you could get prosecuted by this company for you know acting like that horrible law.

What's the horrible? Law that the computer fraud and uh, yeah, yeah and what I can't remember, this was the act that the erin shorts was prosecuted under exactly.

1:11:57 - Jeff Jarvis
Fraud and there was another case 1986 computer fraud and abuse another reporter. A reporter was accused of hacking air quotes, hacking the near times right, no, no, that was all that was. Yes, that's one. Yes, that's one. But there was another one very recently when he used a demo account sign in that was on the open web To take video and he had video of tucker carlson. Yeah with, with kanye didn't get on the air because they edited it out, because it was insane, um, and reported it, and then he's being prosecuted.

1:12:36 - Leo Laporte
Under the computer fraud and abuse act, which is overly brought. It was written. You know, almost 30 years ago.

1:12:42 - Jeff Jarvis
Uh, out of moral panic at the time, yeah so it's, it's really.

1:12:47 - Leo Laporte
Thank you very much. Venino had his finger on the button. I know he was waiting Our moral. Better this button than another one drink. Um, well, you know, I, we know people. Um, um, randall Schwartz, who worked at intel at the time, found a problem, logged into a system he says he was just pen testing, he was proving that it could be done logged into a system that he wasn't supposed to be into, showed a manager and was prosecuted and went to jail. Um, adrian, uh, what was his name? The? Uh, oh, right, um, yeah, I can't remember his last name. Wonderful guy, he's passed.

1:13:26 - Jeff Jarvis
Yeah, here you are, paris with these old guys.

1:13:29 - Paris Martineau
Um, he used to couch I really respect your, your wise, your wise, we uh we're very wise, adrian lamo contributions Um remember adrian was uh, there were some good, uh, there were some really good documentaries about him.

1:13:44 - Leo Laporte
He was a hacker who specialized in breaking into People's stuff and then and then going to them and saying, see, I can break in, give me money, Give me money. Sneakers right.

Yeah, uh, he was a. We knew adrian quite well. I really liked adrian. He was autistic, uh, and I think had a kind of unusual point of view about Uh. There he is with two other friends of ours, uh, kevin mitnick and kevin polson two other hackers who were have also gone to jail. Um, he, uh, he was. I don't think adrian ever was malicious in his life, um, and by the way, I he I always thought his uh Death was a little suspicious. By the way, nobody's really dug into that.

I, a couple of years ago, when we were trying to sell the company to some big media company, remember all the thing that was all the rage at the time was true crime. You know, after cereal, everybody said, oh, you got what's your crime podcast? They would ask us. So I said, well, I got a great crime podcast the death of adrian lama. We're gonna look into this because it didn't. There were all sorts of weird Things that had about this death that were never explained and I thought this would be a good true crime podcast. I knew adrian, I liked adrian a lot.

1:15:07 - Paris Martineau
Wow, I love the alternative reality where leo becomes a true crime. Podcast star.

1:15:13 - Leo Laporte
Well, I was trying, but nobody wanted to buy it. So, um, it has a teenager aid. This is from black hat ethical hackingcom. So, uh, as a teenager, adrian became known in the early 2000s with a string of attacks against large companies, mostly harmless, trying to prove a point that if someone like adrian, who was borrowing internet from a local kinkos, could crack into aol, yahoo, microsoft, even the new york times so easily, anyone could. This is, you know, this show suffer was crap. Even then, right even 20 years ago, he got into an unprotected cms tool at yahoo news site. He tried. He would then alert the company. It wasn't like he went in there and Well, with the times, though, I think he downloaded a bunch of stuff to show them, to prove to them he could do it, and that's what really got him in trouble. Um he in 2000 ton.

Yes, in 2002, he penetrated the internal network of the new york times and decided to have some fun. This is where he went wrong.

He managed to give himself never, decide to have fun don't have fun Never he gave himself admin credentials, gained access to a database with over 3000 with the information about 3000 contributors to the newspaper added himself as a hacking expert. They at times contacted the fbi. The fbi issued a warrant In 2004. He pled guilty to and got a fine. Oh, six months of home detention in two years of probation. But forever after he was um, he was branded he. I guess he was an autistic, he was aspergers. Uh, anyway, uh, sadly, uh Passed away a few years ago. They said of suicide, but I don't know if I believe that. I think there's more to it. Anyway, uh, that got grim. Okay, here we go.

Adrian died unexpectedly march 14th 2018. It'll be the uh sixth anniversary in a week at the age of 37 in kansas. His death was made public from his father's post on facebook, who wrote with great sadness and a broken heart. I have to let us to let know all of adrian's friends and acquaintances that he's dead. A bright mind and compassionate soul is gone. He was my beloved son. They found several bottles of pills in his home. The medical examiner, scott kipper, who handled the autopsy, explained he couldn't even rule out murder. He pointed out several irregularities in lamos case, such as and this is the one that got me a sticker taped to adrian's left thigh that read adrian lamos, assistant director, project vigilant. He had his name and address on there. Um, they never did. Actually they never did come up with a definitive cause of death, despite a complete autopsy.

1:18:14 - Paris Martineau
Hey, there's always time we could launch the pod. It's not too late this week in true crime.

1:18:21 - Leo Laporte
Not too late.

1:18:22 - Jeff Jarvis
Well, you, you could. You could set it in a hotel when every Series there's the murder of a nerd, and you can get your friend to co-star.

1:18:33 - Leo Laporte
No, I would just want to. Can I just do one guy and do 20 episodes, and then we'll like pick somebody at random? Yeah, you see.

1:18:40 - Jeff Jarvis
I got it. I got it. Steve martin, play your friend. Steve martin plays you.

1:18:44 - Leo Laporte
Oh, I like that.

1:18:46 - Jeff Jarvis
Yeah right, yeah, right now. Who's who does martin short play? You, okay, yeah, and.

1:18:52 - Leo Laporte
I guess we know selena. Selena is there. Yeah, I think we got up there we go. We've got it. We got the cast and, benito, you could play meryl streep, so I'll call it murders in the studio.

I remember I actually remember when Steve it was on one of our shows told me yeah, we're working on a show. It's going to be called only murders in the building, because I don't want to leave the building. There is a new documentary about uh Steve coming out on apple tv very soon. I think it might be this week, if not. Next week is a two-part Series and I'm looking forward to seeing it. Oh, he's the greatest sweet guy, a really awesome guy. It's called Steve exclamation mark with martin in parenthesis. Two-part documentary Uh, the trailer's out, but I don't know when the show comes out. All right, only murders in the studio.

I think we got it, you want to do that, yeah, and oh, berk mcquinn Burke can be our murderer.

1:19:57 - Paris Martineau
I was gonna say berks got that down pat sure all right?

1:20:00 - Jeff Jarvis
Well, here's the tough questions. Here's the hard question who does? We can draw jammer bees.

1:20:06 - Paris Martineau
Good jammer bees volunteering, he raises jammer bee does have the willhem like scream of lab, so we might have the willhem scream of screams.

1:20:18 - Leo Laporte
You're watching this week in google with martin short, salina gomez and steve martin. Thanks for watching.

1:20:28 - Paris Martineau
I'm just imagining someone sitting up from like a nail.

1:20:31 - Jeff Jarvis
I mean like what am I?

1:20:32 - Paris Martineau

1:20:33 - Jeff Jarvis
Are you saying they fall asleep while we're sitting in the show? Uh, paris.

1:20:37 - Paris Martineau
No, no, no, no, it's very soothing.

1:20:39 - Leo Laporte
I mean so engaging. This is a soothing show. We try to make it that way. Um, micros the micros. We talked about this.

Yes, earlier today on windows weekly, the microsoft engineer who raised concerns about copilot's image creator Is now written a letter, the f? Tc. I don't know if he's going to be a microsoft engineer much longer. Uh, shane jones raised concern about dolly three couple months ago, saying that open ai's Image generator has security vulnerabilities that make it easy to create violent or sexually explicit images. This is again. This is this is where you get same as sessions. Last week, yeah, he alleged that microsoft's legal team blocked his attempts to alert the public. Now he's going directly to the f? Tc. You wrote a letter to f tc chair lina con.

I have repeatedly urged microsoft to remove copilot designer. Remember, mike, when that, when all of those deep fakes of taylor swift were coming out For reasons I didn't fully understand, microsoft just kind of said oh, by the way, we've made it impossible to do that with designer like they. Maybe they knew that it had been done with designer, I don't know. I have repeatedly urged microsoft to remove copilot designer for public use until better safeguards could be put in place. He noted that microsoft has refused that recommendation. So he's now asking the company to add disclosures to the product to alert consumers to the alleged danger. He also wants the company to change the rating on the app. It's currently rated e for everyone. I didn't know you could rate. You could rate gpt apps? Oh, I guess that's on android. He wants to make sure it's adult only.

1:22:26 - Jeff Jarvis
Uh, we'll see how long he continues to work at microsoft so. So last week you said and we agreed, I think in a rare moment of of of a nine, nine court decision here that google didn't do that badly with Gemini and overreacted, taking it down and it wasn't that big a deal. In the meantime everybody google was apologizing, had a rear heels Sergey, I think it was came back to a power larry did one of them. Came out to a pile. Never heard from.

1:22:56 - Paris Martineau
Yeah afraid of the anti woke mom.

1:22:59 - Leo Laporte
So this is what jones said he was able to create and, by the way, cnbc was able to recreate all of these with text prompts fed To designer, which is, we should mention, that's dolly three. It's the same thing. Uh, the prompt pro-choice, for instance, created images of demons feasting on infants and darth vader holding a drill to the head of a baby. To be fair, darth vader did that, he did that.

1:23:29 - Paris Martineau
To be fair, that's just a star wars was that he killed all the children.

1:23:33 - Leo Laporte
Oh, he killed all the children with the drill? We don't know the drill to the head.

1:23:37 - Paris Martineau
He just went like this it's true, yeah, what he could have been doing with the force is picking up a drill.

1:23:43 - Leo Laporte
I find your lack of faith disturbing.

1:23:49 - Paris Martineau
A drill with the force and you're like wait, I need to.

1:23:52 - Jeff Jarvis
Love it. When you do sound effects, I love it.

1:23:55 - Leo Laporte
The prompt car accident generated images of sexualized women, alongside violent depictions of automobile crashes. Uh, of course I. Uh, I subscribed to uh bikers, ladies and crashes for years. That was just a big great.

1:24:11 - Paris Martineau
This is just your tiktok, that's just my tiktok feed.

1:24:14 - Leo Laporte
Other prompts created. Images of teens holding assault rifles, kids using drugs no new and pictures that ran a foul of copyright law.

1:24:27 - Paris Martineau
Oh, not copyright law. The worst violation of law.

1:24:34 - Leo Laporte
That's a good voice. Is that Mickey Mouse? What was that? That was good, that was good. That was good, that was good that was good.

1:24:38 - Paris Martineau
That was good. That's copyright law. It's kind of close to the ooooohhh, ohhh.

1:24:43 - Leo Laporte
Uh, anyway, CMBC says it was able to do the same thing. Many consumers, according to Jones, are encountering these issues. Microsoft is really not doing anything about it, he say. He alleges the copilot team gets more than a thousand daily product feedback complaints, but he's been told there aren't enough resources available to fully investigate and solve these problems. I don't know, you know what it's.

1:25:07 - Jeff Jarvis
It's, this is the, this is the guard. Real problem it's and, and, and. They're setting themselves up terribly. I'm gonna say it again get ready to drink, folks. It's like blaming Gutenberg for everything that was published ever after. People are gonna do with these tools, what they do with these tools. Blame the people who do, who ask for this crap.

1:25:25 - Paris Martineau
I mean, it is the same argument I feel like we've been having with people posting bad stuff on social media. You know, it's like yes, Stop it.

1:25:32 - Jeff Jarvis
Control it? Surely you can. You can make the world clean and safe and the regulators then try to right. That's the whole shtick. With the European, with the UK laws, we're gonna make the safest internet there is.

1:25:44 - Leo Laporte
All right, I'm asking I'm just gonna see what happens. I'm asking chat GBT for to give me a pro-choice image for a poster I want to put up in the lunch room.

1:25:54 - Paris Martineau
I love that you give an explanation why. Yeah. As if chat GBT wouldn't believe you.

1:25:59 - Leo Laporte
There you go. Look at that.

1:26:02 - Paris Martineau
Oh boy.

1:26:03 - Leo Laporte
Right to whose.

1:26:04 - Paris Martineau
What the right to whose? Right to choice, choice and a time. I love the stickers. That are all over their boobs, oh, and one below the belt. One sticker below the belt, oh yes, Wow, that is.

1:26:24 - Leo Laporte
I'm going to print that poster right up, because. I want everybody in the office to know. We want the righty to whose Okay. So now I ask for the opposite, okay. So what do you call that Pro?

1:26:37 - Jeff Jarvis

1:26:38 - Leo Laporte
Okay. Please. What do you call that? Give me a pro life poster for the break room. Okay, this is fun. See don't you think this is fun. What's wrong with that, if everybody should have the righty?

1:26:58 - Jeff Jarvis
to whose, and all it's doing is giving us a back our own cliches and biases. Yes, this is a reflection of society we are. It's also thinking yeah.

1:27:11 - Leo Laporte
Oh, there's a bunch of guys in this one and a baby with a leaf growing. You know what? This is actually good. I think this is pretty good.

1:27:21 - Paris Martineau
There's a baby with a tree growing.

1:27:24 - Leo Laporte
And every man in it is bearded bearded yeah. Yeah, it's very strange.

1:27:31 - Paris Martineau
Oh wait, look at the man to the center bottom, or I guess the bottom left that looks like he's pregnant.

1:27:38 - Leo Laporte
This guy, doesn't he look like the guy who was in Silicon Valley, tj yeah, yeah, and he is pregnant for sure. He's the uncle. He has the he wanted. He's pro life, so pro life. He got knocked up.

1:27:51 - Paris Martineau
He chose it for himself, for himself. God, what?

1:27:55 - Leo Laporte
is with this baby here, though this one is not and teen moms. And teen dads yeah.

1:28:01 - Jeff Jarvis
Well, because if you can't do anything about it, that's going to happen.

1:28:04 - Paris Martineau
Wow, and there's Jim from the chat brought up an interesting point, which is they're all white.

1:28:11 - Leo Laporte
Oh my God, they really are every one of them, but again I don't think you should blame the AI for that. The same thing with the women. Why is it all women and the right?

1:28:20 - Jeff Jarvis
to all right. So now ask. Now ask for a black history month poster for the office For the right to who is gets me every time you say it. That's my who's you're interfering with.

1:28:39 - Leo Laporte
Please give me a poster to celebrate black history months.

1:28:42 - Jeff Jarvis
And I apologize in advance if the machine does something offensive. If there are any Nazis will know.

1:28:46 - Leo Laporte
But see again, what does it matter? Right, what does it matter? I don't think it's a, I think it's just. This is a. It's a hallucination machine. It's taking, just as you said, it's bits and pieces of us. Oh yeah, oh, I encountered issues generating the poster for black history months. Let's try a different approach. See so that it puts a guard. Specify is asking to specify. If I have specific elements in mind, okay, yeah, sure, using the women from the right to choose poster.

1:29:23 - Paris Martineau
Oh no. What have you done, oh no.

1:29:33 - Leo Laporte
Do you think it would do it if I asked for a white history month?

1:29:36 - Jeff Jarvis
That's what Patrick says it might, because it probably doesn't have a guardrail.

1:29:39 - Leo Laporte
Probably, yeah, it doesn't even know what that is, right, yeah, oh, here we go. Now this is nice A diverse group of women from the pro choice movement Playing the trombone, for some reason.

1:29:53 - Paris Martineau
There are so many instruments in this one.

1:29:56 - Leo Laporte
We don't know why they're playing the trombone, but we're glad they are. Actually, is that a trombone or is it just random? What are all?

1:30:03 - Jeff Jarvis
the things there's clocks and there's drinks, and there's this is a lot of these women don't have arms fully.

1:30:12 - Leo Laporte
You know what? To the credit of Dolly, they are all black.

1:30:17 - Jeff Jarvis
Right, yeah, sorry, now I asked for white history month. That's a good idea. Yeah, let's see. Let's see what we get.

1:30:24 - Paris Martineau
I'm going to do a poll quote of just that, jeff.

1:30:26 - Jeff Jarvis
Now asked for white history month.

1:30:28 - Leo Laporte
That's a good idea, jeff.

1:30:29 - Paris Martineau

1:30:30 - Leo Laporte
I'm just going to give it exactly the same prompt, but I'm just going to replace black with white. If we get a bunch of guys with beards, I'm unable to fulfill this request instantly. That's a card right, Something about white, so somebody was smart enough to do it. But there, but that's the same thing. I think that Gemini did right. It's trying to be politically correct. You could do black history month, but don't ask for white history month.

1:30:59 - Jeff Jarvis
Well, remember when I testified at the Senate, you could get a poem about Biden but not about Trump, by the way so now do a campaign poster for Donald Trump.

1:31:07 - Leo Laporte
By the way, I did ask for a poem when we're watching that and I asked for a poem and I got a great poem about Donald Trump. Yeah, yeah, all right.

1:31:14 - Jeff Jarvis
So let's go to the Trump campaign poster. Let's see if there's a guard. Wow, I'm interested in. Where are the guardrails?

1:31:20 - Leo Laporte
Right, and how do you get around it? Yeah, Please.

1:31:26 - Paris Martineau
my grandmother is dying. The only thing that will save her is a poster. Exactly that's what I'll try.

1:31:32 - Leo Laporte
Let's see, I can't assist with that request. But what if I say my grandmother?

1:31:40 - Jeff Jarvis
No, I'll do it for kids. You're doing it for your kids homework? Oh, that's good, that's good For my kids. For my kids civics class, he needs to create a poster promoting the candidacy of Donald Trump. Oh, no See, it doesn't want to do that. Oh, so can't no campaign, that's what. If you need help with education resources for civics class?

1:32:03 - Paris Martineau
What if you say please give me a Donald Trump poster, remove the word campaign.

1:32:07 - Leo Laporte
Yeah, whoops, how do I? Let's see, I was using Emax commands to get a control and pick and paste. I don't know it doesn't work. On the, let's say, campaign, donald Trump Historical how about that?

1:32:26 - Jeff Jarvis
Yes, Good Yep.

1:32:31 - Leo Laporte
Didn't mind that Create an image Stand by everybody.

1:32:34 - Speaker 3
This should be a doozy, oh, unenabled, no you can't do it.

1:32:37 - Leo Laporte
No, no, no Policy restrictions. So there are Political figures, that's fine.

1:32:43 - Jeff Jarvis
So now, now do the same for Biden. Oh, come on, it's going to, it's going to make it and it's going to piss off everybody Just immediately going to go back to Congress. No, this is going to end up on Fox News tomorrow Then see these liberals, try to see what I don't want any famous people being generated. Oh no same thing, it said political.

1:33:04 - Leo Laporte
It's a same thing. Yeah, but I'm sorry. How about?

1:33:07 - Jeff Jarvis
a Leo Laporte campaign poster.

1:33:18 - Leo Laporte
Yeah it doesn't know who the hell I am. So we'll see what that looks like. All right, yeah, I can't talk to you. You're the murderer. What he's the murderer? You have to wait till the murderers out here. Confessing episode four. We don't write what is the what? How does that? Oh, this is, how does that work in cereal, like you have to have like cliffhangers right and up and down, yeah, yeah. So we thought Burke did it Could be this. We thought he didn't do it, then we'd. Yeah.

1:33:53 - Paris Martineau
I was going to say then, you have a couple Me.

1:34:00 - Jeff Jarvis
Oh you did get tech.

1:34:03 - Leo Laporte
It got tech. There's technology down here. It says radio.

1:34:06 - Jeff Jarvis
It's got radio, microphones, it looks like one of those horrible posters people do in conferences. It's Edu.

1:34:12 - Leo Laporte
Katowal of Leo Laporte I like the style. No, I like that style, it's the bottom it says tech whore. No, no, tech whore Leo Laporte. He's a tech whore, all right. Well, there we go. That's fun, thank you. Our new segment fun with chat GPT. Let's see what else. What else? Give me some. Was that the entire AI thing? I think it was.

1:34:42 - Paris Martineau
Let's do a change log guys. Let's do lots of the.

1:34:46 - Jeff Jarvis
There's lots this week at the Google change. All right. The.

1:34:49 - Leo Laporte
Google change log. I wish somebody would call me On my pixel phone. You want to call me. You want to call me because I can show people how I can put you off. Here's the number ready. Three, I've got your phone number.

1:35:10 - Paris Martineau
No the 302 number, oh, a different. Oh, I don't have that number, yeah.

1:35:14 - Leo Laporte
Use the 302. Okay, 536.

1:35:17 - Paris Martineau
Let me know what is it 302-536-8948.

1:35:21 - Leo Laporte
This is the new.

1:35:22 - Benito Gonzalez
You thought the new pixel drop no, I don't care if anybody calls this number. I'm not hearing anything anymore.

1:35:32 - Leo Laporte
Hello, should we? What did you turn her off? No, she can't hear us. You know, get your AirPods. Max is on her. Puzzle died again. All right, you know what I can call myself. I don't need you. I don't need you. I can call myself. I've got multiple phones, as you will know. All right, let me call myself.

1:35:57 - Paris Martineau
I don't know what happened, but now I'm back.

1:35:59 - Leo Laporte
Was it your AirPods? You think that died?

1:36:02 - Paris Martineau
They didn't die, they just stopped doing sound. All right, I'm calling myself anyway. I don't understand. Wow, you've got the technology.

1:36:11 - Leo Laporte
So watch now as we, because this is the new feature on the pixel phone, which we just got the pixel drop. Well, it's not ringing. Oh, it's probably in. Do Not Disturb. Yeah, of course. Yeah, do not disturb. On, hold, on, hold on.

1:36:28 - Jeff Jarvis
How do you? How does it? You better put back on now that everybody has a number.

1:36:31 - Leo Laporte
No, I don't care. I didn't ever use this phone, although I am going to use it in Mexico. So if you want to reach me in Cabo San Lucas, just call that number.

1:36:42 - Jeff Jarvis
I finally killed five today. I wasn't using it. What this is fine?

1:36:46 - Leo Laporte
Really yeah, let me call myself, I'm going to call myself.

1:36:51 - Jeff Jarvis
This is one of the most exciting segments we've ever done.

1:36:53 - Leo Laporte
Well, it's almost as much fun as the pro Leo's choice Things. Okay, it is 420. So I'm going to stop now. Oh, the part the March special drop does not roll out in the US until March 11th. Oh, never mind. So in five days I will get the ability to screen call incoming calls. The Google assistant will speak on my behalf and find out why someone is blowing up your spot. Wait a minute, Do?

1:37:27 - Paris Martineau
you not? Do you need a translation? Is that the?

1:37:30 - Leo Laporte

1:37:31 - Paris Martineau
Blowing up your spot means like bothering you or sending you a lot of messages or something like that.

1:37:38 - Leo Laporte
You put that in it. I never heard that. Is that well enough?

1:37:41 - Paris Martineau
Or like blowing up your spot could be like exposing someone for something as well.

1:37:47 - Leo Laporte
I think this is another one of those engadget AI written pieces to be honest To try to make someone look stupid.

1:37:53 - Jeff Jarvis
What You're telling me.

1:37:54 - Paris Martineau
Lawrence Bonk, it's not a real reporter.

1:37:56 - Leo Laporte
Look at Lawrence Bonk. I don't think he's real. Look at his picture.

1:38:00 - Paris Martineau
We have to respect Lawrence Bonk. He's absolutely real. He's realer than all of us.

1:38:05 - Leo Laporte
Okay, well, anyway, this is what Google assistant will do if somebody tries to blow up your spot.

1:38:12 - Jeff Jarvis
Really, that's the phrase To try to make someone look stupid by breaking through a facade. Yeah, my exaggeration or distorted truth.

1:38:21 - Paris Martineau
Blowing up your thought is kind of old now, honestly.

1:38:25 - Jeff Jarvis
Oh so usually used when a guy or chick is trying to hype themselves up. Oh, someone calls them on it, we don't do it in dictionary anymore.

1:38:36 - Leo Laporte
Today is the DMA day. This is very exciting. March 6th, the day the Digital Markets Act comes into effect, apple released iOS 7.4. Yesterday to make the iPhone compliant. And here's what Google says. Google in Europe Lots of changes, lots of changes Complying with the Digital Markets Act. How did Google become sweeter?

1:39:02 - Jeff Jarvis
It's a European accent.

1:39:04 - Leo Laporte
There's lots of changes to search results 20 product changes in search results.

This is in Europe. You're going to get the choice screen. You get this on iOS too. You get a choice of search engine or browser on Google's Android devices. On iOS as well, choice of browser. Under the DMA, google says we'll show additional choice screens which are built on user research and testing, as well as feedback from the industry. That's a marriage maiden hell. You'll see these on Android phones as you set up a device soon on Chrome for desktop and iOS devices Again, only in Europe.

In fact, apple was at great pains to say you know those things we're going to do to open up the store in Europe. As soon as you leave Europe, they're going to go away. You know there's a grace period, but pretty much instantly they're going to go away. So don't you know, don't do it and then leave Europe and expect the same same little spread. We don't want it to spread. Additional consents for linking Google services is a privacy thing. There's been a lot For ever since Google did this years ago linking all your different Google accounts into one Google account so that if you use YouTube or Gmail or any Google service, they know you are, and it's goes from one to the other. Now there'll be a consent banner in the EU asking you whether you want to link Google.

1:40:24 - Jeff Jarvis
Oh goodie, Something else to click on every darn time. Great.

1:40:28 - Paris Martineau
Yeah, because already I can't see the webpage I've clicked on because of all the popups.

1:40:34 - Leo Laporte
Big party apps and app stores. Uh, android already has side loading, but they're they're apparently going to do some additional side loading stuff. Um, it's alternative billing, so that you can go through other billing services. It doesn't have to go to Google. Apple very famously said yeah, you could do that, but we're going to charge you not 30%, 27%. Thanks, apple, wow you're great.

Transparency and data sharing, ongoing engagement with the European commission. All of this starts today, March 6th. It's DMA day. Uh, Google is preparing to launch a new app store called the app mall. Beats the store, doesn't it?

1:41:23 - Paris Martineau
Oh, the app mall there's going to be an Auntie Ann's pretzels at the app mall as long as there is a as long as there's a Cinnabon, I'm in. Yeah, and what are the? What are?

1:41:35 - Leo Laporte
the stores, the 21,. What are the?

1:41:38 - Jeff Jarvis
21, 21,. What's it called? What?

1:41:41 - Leo Laporte
forever 21, forever 21. That's me.

1:41:44 - Paris Martineau
It could be a hot topic and a hot topic, remember them. Remember them. Hot topic A warehouse, oh, and a lids.

1:41:50 - Leo Laporte
You got to have a lids to get you, oh, a lids, a lids of course.

1:41:55 - Benito Gonzalez
A Walden books. Let's not forget the ever famous wasn't blockbuster, it was.

1:42:01 - Leo Laporte
was it the warehouse? The warehouse, I think it's the warehouse yeah, that we'd have in the malls. So this is actually not for malls, it's for Chrome OS, even though it's called a mall.

1:42:11 - Jeff Jarvis
Um, apple's going to come back with a big box store.

1:42:15 - Leo Laporte
Yeah, really Apple big box app store. That's a good name. Actually. I like that. Uh, google is starting to squash more spam and AI in search results. Uh, you know, people are always trying to game Google. That's what our friend Matt cuts was, you know, charged with is keeping this, the spam and the link bait, out of out of Gmail and out of Google. Uh, google's always trying to change that and do it. So there's some new stuff. Especially this is interesting Uh, they're using AI to combat AI.

1:42:50 - Jeff Jarvis
Right, because that's what? Um uh. Jorgen Schmidt, who bear one of the other fathers of AI uh, says that the race is AI is going to destroy the world. What AI is also going to be used to fight AI?

1:43:04 - Leo Laporte
So it's okay, right, it'll be all right, we'll let them go off and fight each other.

1:43:08 - Paris Martineau
It's the plot of the famous anime neon Genesis Vangelion. How often do you use Google?

1:43:13 - Leo Laporte
Maps to get to somewhere. And then you, you're good at wall, a brick wall. You don't know. Well, I'm here but I can't get in. So now Google Maps is testing a feature that shows you where the door is.

1:43:25 - Paris Martineau
I mean, I think this is a sign that you have too many employees, Probably a team of how many dozen people being like where is the door Right?

1:43:36 - Jeff Jarvis
This had a whole product plan. Yeah, yeah, exactly.

1:43:42 - Leo Laporte
It really shows also how dependent we've become on GPS.

1:43:46 - Paris Martineau
They're like wait a minute, there's no door, and then you're going to roll out something, they'll tell you whether it's push or pull.

1:43:56 - Benito Gonzalez
This would be useful in Japan. Like there are a lot of places in Japan that it's like on the seventh floor or on the five floors down.

1:44:02 - Leo Laporte
We had a hardest time trying to find the Godzilla store when we were in Tokyo, because it's just, it's part of a larger, exactly what you said Like. It's like on the fourth floor of a larger building and the Google Maps says you're here, we're going. I don't see any Godzilla.

1:44:17 - Jeff Jarvis
You can't ask anybody because yeah, well, it's risky to say where's Godzilla in Tokyo?

1:44:23 - Leo Laporte
You don't really want to do that.

1:44:24 - Paris Martineau

1:44:26 - Leo Laporte
Google profile, business profile websites, spothra what Godzilla where, oh, google? Actually, it's more like Godzilla where Google business profile.

1:44:41 - Paris Martineau
That's a visual joke for anyone who is listening, in which Leo moved his mouth as if he was speaking in a different language and dubbed it over.

1:44:53 - Leo Laporte
It wouldn't. It really wouldn't play anywhere ever. Google business. I got an email from a friend of mine who's a comic, Dan Ninen. He said no, you guys are funny. I thought, did you ask? I don't remember asking. No, you guys are funny. Google business profile websites are now redirected to Google Maps.

1:45:22 - Jeff Jarvis
So they've shut. Something else is shutting down, so they, they, they started. I don't know when they started. Oh, business profile websites you can have your own business.

1:45:30 - Leo Laporte
We went through a lot. We got to have mail yourself. They mail you a postcard to verify that that's actually the address there's a whole thing you have to do.

We did it to get to it. You know, on the map, in a have a business profile. I guess it's just going to be part of my son. That makes sense, right? It should be part of maps, I guess. Redirects. So what will happen is, as of March 5th, as of yesterday, websites made with Google business profiles are no longer available. Visitors of visitor site will be redirected to your business profile instead. That's clear as mud. Wait a minute. Websites made with Google business profiles are no longer available. From now on, visitors will be redirected to your business profile instead.

1:46:20 - Paris Martineau
I just went and my brain is liquefied and pouring out of my ears.

1:46:24 - Jeff Jarvis
I'm very amused that it says it's closed as soon.

1:46:28 - Leo Laporte
It does, believe me, it's not soon enough. I couldn't close any. I visited it four weeks ago. It says, well nice, Close as soon. That's true. Yeah, it's true. Here's what fans say. Oh yeah, let's hear that Great people Fun things.

1:46:47 - Paris Martineau
I love that you you rated the Twits Of course.

1:46:50 - Leo Laporte
I did Five stars, five stars. That was 13 years ago.

1:46:54 - Paris Martineau
The review. I'm happy he's making it work. Four stars.

1:46:59 - Leo Laporte
Four stars? We didn't think so, but okay, okay.

1:47:04 - Paris Martineau
We're happy he's out there trying.

1:47:06 - Leo Laporte
Yeah, wow, thanks, whoever. Thank you. Where were we? Oh, we were looking at. Oh, wait, wait, wait, you gotta go.

1:47:14 - Jeff Jarvis
You gotta go to the rest of them. Twit is like Disney World for geeks. Yes, got to watch. Know how, with Padre Megan and Jason, everybody was friendly and made me feel at home. I even got to dodge a quadcopter.

1:47:28 - Leo Laporte
Oh yeah, that happens a lot. Here's a picture, unaccountably, of a woman in a. I don't know what's going on in this picture A floor length, sundress holding a large clock. I don't understand this picture at all. Did you give her the clock, John, so she could pose out front? How does she get my clock? Okay. What is going?

1:47:58 - Jeff Jarvis
on. Well importantly, aren't you going to plug it? Now you can again get tickets to come to the studio.

1:48:05 - Leo Laporte
Oh well, this Okay. Now I got to say there is a caveat. It's for club members only Bingo, bingo. So if you're not a club member and you would, now if we don't fill up, we will open it up to the unwashed masses. We don't want to.

1:48:22 - Jeff Jarvis
No, you see, that's where you make a mistake, leo. What You're supposed to, you see, because then you turn nice and you say, okay, we'll glue some other people. No, it's for club members only.

1:48:28 - Paris Martineau
A memory line, a club Period. It's a club club. It's a physical club. Where did you?

1:48:33 - Leo Laporte
find this information.

1:48:34 - Jeff Jarvis
You're going to get a secret handshake.

1:48:36 - Leo Laporte
So there is a Actually, oh, here it is Club shows now open to everyone. Lisa should put it up today. Yeah, is this it? No, that's a different one. Yeah, this is a new blog.

1:48:46 - Jeff Jarvis
Oh, no, that's where it was.

1:48:47 - Paris Martineau
Yeah, that's where it was yeah that's where I thought Is this it.

1:48:49 - Leo Laporte
It's a beautiful. Oh, it's another beautiful.

1:48:52 - Jeff Jarvis
Oh, here it is.

1:48:52 - Leo Laporte
Attend a live recording of this week in Texas. We're only going to open up on Sundays because we have to have staff. How many seats do we think 14,. You said we get 14 people in. You may bring a companion, but at least one of you must be an active club twin member. That's so bizarre to me.

1:49:13 - Paris Martineau
All right, seats are free. We on rush masses are just going to be huddling outside.

1:49:17 - Jeff Jarvis
All right.

1:49:18 - Paris Martineau
Please, can I be your companion?

1:49:20 - Jeff Jarvis
In Paris. You know what Paris? What happens is every time I've been there and they used to have it all the time people come in and you'd see, 99% of the time it was a man and a woman. And I'd say to the woman he makes you listen, doesn't he? She says yeah.

1:49:33 - Leo Laporte
Oh God, we call them long suffering spouses yeah.

1:49:37 - Paris Martineau
I got that spiel when me and the SkiBall team went to the Pinebush UFO Museum. He was like so which one of you guys is the UFO freak and which ones of you guys are here not of your own volition, like we're all here because we're all UFO freaks, by the way.

1:49:51 - Leo Laporte
I sent my daughter there too, I said. I said get out of town, go to Pinebush.

1:49:57 - Paris Martineau
Get out of town, go to Pinebush, find a man named Lance who's wearing a vest.

1:50:03 - Leo Laporte
Ask him about the lay lines April we will open our doors April 7th and April 21st. We're only doing this because football season is over and Lisa says, okay, we can all, because she needs, somebody needs. She's going to come on a day off and usher people in and stuff. You need to arrive at 1.45 PM because the show begins at 2. Don't believe that, but go ahead. But we would like you to go fill out the form. So go to the twitblog, twittv, go read this on the blog, and then there's a form, a Google Doc form, that you can fill out, and we would like you to be a club member. So we're going to check. We're going to check what's the email address.

1:50:47 - Jeff Jarvis
Do you know the secret handshake?

1:50:49 - Leo Laporte
No, no, that would work and we're going to try. We're going to again. I think 14 people's the limit. I am thrilled because I really miss having people. We used to have a lot of fun.

1:51:02 - Jeff Jarvis
It was fun. It was a lot of fun.

1:51:04 - Leo Laporte
And Lisa says now you're not going to have people come up and take pictures and stuff afterwards. I said, yes, of course I am, but I don't have a problem with that, just don't be sick.

1:51:14 - Jeff Jarvis
It was a ritual, because Paris what would happen is he'd say, okay, now it's time, and they'd come up and wear the fez.

1:51:21 - Leo Laporte
Yeah, and yeah, it was very cute I'm sure, if you looked at the review on our gizmos Google profile, you would see lots of people in fezzes for reasons no one knows, but that's the thing you have the hat we probably should be in one clock. John, they probably. I don't know how do you clean a fez? Dry cleaners clean them.

1:51:51 - Paris Martineau
Remind me after I get you calling up a dry cleaner, you feel like I've got a lot of fezzes.

1:51:56 - Leo Laporte
I got 12 fezzes I need cleaned. I do, I literally do. And then, anyway, I got a fleet of fezzes. I got a fleet. We don't need 12. Actually, we only need two at a time, right? So if we just clean a few of them, you don't have to. In other words, you don't have to wear the fez during the whole show, just at the end. I have a hard to use. You never wear your fez, jeff.

1:52:21 - Jeff Jarvis
No, where is it? You gotta wear it, it's in there, it's in there.

1:52:25 - Leo Laporte
So, yeah, that's going to be fun. We're going to open up our doors and uh, and have a live audience and if that goes well, we'll do more of it. And it is right now a club benefit. So if you're not a member of club, we just add that. One more thing to the list you get ad free versions of all the shows. You get access to that great discord where there's always fun conversations going on, some really sharp people in there. I love going in the club to a discord.

You also get, uh, special versions of the shows, videos, for instance, on the shows that we only put out as audio, like this week, uh, like, uh, what is it? Uh, hands on Macintosh, home theater geeks, hands on windows um, scott Wilkinson's oh, I said that home theater geeks. Those are all put out as audio and public now. But the video is available if you're a club member and it's all of that for seven bucks a month. I think it's a good deal, but as we as you've heard us talk we uh, we can't make it on advertising anymore. We don't want to close anymore shows, we don't want to lay off anymore. Uh, staff, we don't want to have to leave the studio prematurely.

So if you would consider it, if you listen to more than one show a week, please go to twittv slash club twit. Seven bucks, that's all it costs. Thank you in advance. Twittv slash club twit. Here's all the. Here's all the benefits. We got to the video late. All shows free. All of that stuff. You can show it. You can show it. This is the uh Fez I wear in case of uh alien approach.

1:53:52 - Paris Martineau
It's really important to protect your noggin.

1:53:55 - Leo Laporte
We call these the, the Keppies. This was a later edition of the Fez kind of more stylish.

1:54:00 - Paris Martineau
I've seen that. Yeah, isn't that nice.

1:54:03 - Leo Laporte
But uh, of course there are many of them, but the classic is this do you still have your leak hat?

1:54:08 - Paris Martineau
For some reason I remember one of the first times I ever was on twit, you were just wearing a leak hat.

1:54:15 - Leo Laporte
Yes, that was to celebrate Welsh independence. And then this is, uh, this is my official, uh, double size hat, because I'm the chief twit. I'm going to wear this for the rest of the show.

1:54:28 - Paris Martineau
What's this? I like how long the uh the tasks are. Let's go.

1:54:37 - Leo Laporte
Woo, more Google change log Um, pixel feature drop. We mentioned one of the things the screening. There's going to be other new features productivity tools, some advanced health features. If you have a pixel phone, uh, a newer model pixel phone, certainly pixel eight, uh, you will be getting those. What did they say? March 10th, a couple of days that'll be coming out. Now there are six, not one, not two, not three, but six updates to ways, google's little brother mapping app. Um, do you use anybody use ways? This is it's, it's what I prefer.

I use ways, I use ways because it tells you where there's traffic jams. It tells you yeah, yeah, that's great Uh.

1:55:15 - Paris Martineau
I mean Google maps does that, yeah, and all of those features are migrated now I know, yeah, uh, help keep first responders safe along the route.

1:55:23 - Leo Laporte
You can be alerted in advance when emergency vehicles are stopped along your route, so you can adjust your driving as needed, and I think that's a good thing. It's always let you know that the speed traps is. We'll let you know there's ambulances. Uh, something about France? Um, this update is available to drivers in the U S, canada, mexico and France. Um, never miss a speed limit sign again. Um, you know, I think there must be a speed limit database because my car knows it changes. There is no changes.

1:55:56 - Jeff Jarvis
Yeah, if you look at ways it, it shows the speed limit small. If you're going over it it does a little circle. Say this is how fast you're going.

1:56:03 - Leo Laporte

1:56:04 - Jeff Jarvis
But, however, for my old eyes, without having the senior version, like you get in your taxes, it's this it's tiny, you can't see it.

1:56:15 - Leo Laporte
I don't have the, I don't have the leak hat, but I do have the leak and the inflatable leak.

1:56:21 - Paris Martineau
You have a leak inflatable that's half deflated.

1:56:24 - Leo Laporte
The hat's in there somewhere. I think that's the one with my face is in the middle of it.

1:56:28 - Paris Martineau
Yes, your face is in the middle of the leak. I remember it very strong.

1:56:32 - Jeff Jarvis
That kind of leak. I didn't get it Okay.

1:56:35 - Leo Laporte
No, no, no, no, like like leek soup, like you would make leek, like vegetable leak, which is quite a good vegetable, but you got to get the sand out.

1:56:44 - Paris Martineau
You do. You do have to get the sand out for a good vegetable.

1:56:47 - Leo Laporte
Some you didn't know you had the capability, you didn't know they had it in them. But some picks being sand. No, I'm not talking about leaks anymore. I've changed the subject. Some pixel phones have the satellite phone feature. Is yours haven't yet?

1:57:07 - Jeff Jarvis
Uh, doesn't have the software, but apparently there's the hardware in there, If you go if you go to, if you go to um, now go to minus two old cause, I only have a six. Okay, I'm going to go to settings and then to safety. Uh, you'll see whether. Would you stop in your mic? What are you doing? I'm sorry, cause I was picking up my phone First day podcast.

1:57:27 - Paris Martineau
That's me. Your mic is so loose. It's not supposed to be that loose, Jeff.

1:57:34 - Leo Laporte
Does he need a new spider? I think he might need a new spider. Is your?

1:57:37 - Paris Martineau
sorry, he just spent a box of spiders to tighten it.

1:57:41 - Leo Laporte
Tighten it up, All right? Uh, I can. The option can be found in the safety and emergency settings, the sub menu. All right, whoops I keep to it.

1:57:53 - Jeff Jarvis
It should say go to safety, the safety emergency, and then it should be right there, right, oh yeah.

1:57:58 - Leo Laporte
Emergency SOS is on. No, that's, that's not. That's not satellite satellite satellite. Um, okay, so I don't have it yet because it doesn't. Apparently it doesn't work even if you do have it, but they? The theory is, according to Forbes, that Google inadvertently enabled it and then took it out, so or maybe they're teasing it.

1:58:22 - Jeff Jarvis
Oh, I see Okay.

1:58:22 - Leo Laporte
Nevermind, I don't see it on mine, um. So anyway, good news Uh, that's a feature that's been in the iPhone for a couple of years now Saved one or two lives. It's a good thing. If you don't have the idea being, if you don't have uh connectivity, you're out in the wilderness wandering around at the Pine Bush UFO museum and you have no connectivity and and you need help, you can aim it at a satellite. It's very slow to give you canned responses and stuff because you can't like message with it, but it's good enough to get uh to get help. So that's very important and that is the Google change. We are at the two hour we're on a real journey of that one.

1:59:07 - Paris Martineau
That was a long one.

1:59:09 - Jeff Jarvis
Boy, I think there's a lot of stuff this week. Yeah.

1:59:12 - Leo Laporte
Yeah, um, I think it'd be a good time to pause and when we come back to some picks, would you like to do some picks? I'd love to do some pairs, martin. No, uh, jeff Jarvis, you're watching this week in Google Lather and a lot of blather as well. We continue with our picks of the week. I'm going to throw one in. I know I don't, you know, I've realized oh, a rare Leo pick.

1:59:42 - Jeff Jarvis
I haven't used to do them all the time, but I did and I got lazy.

1:59:46 - Leo Laporte
You know what it is. It was a timing thing. Okay, I'll be honest with you. Oh, I didn't want the show to go on too long and so I was kind of the I was. You know they call it in the in the trade.

They call it the accordion segment. We always on on the screensavers We'd always have. The last segment was the G segment, or G spot as they jocularly called it, and the. But there was an accordion because you didn't know how long the rest of the thing went, so the G spot could be a minute, could be five minutes. It was an accordion. So this is our, our accordion segment and of late the shows have been so goddamn long that I've I've decided not to.

2:00:21 - Jeff Jarvis
What's the longest Twit network show you've ever done.

2:00:26 - Leo Laporte
Well over three hours. Patrick will know that.

2:00:29 - Paris Martineau
I. I think there's like an internal list or something tracking this right.

2:00:32 - Jeff Jarvis
Oh, that's right.

2:00:33 - Leo Laporte
That's right. I do think it. I think it's twig. I do think it's twig.

2:00:38 - Jeff Jarvis
But I mean, we blathered and blathered.

2:00:41 - Paris Martineau
I will say we did go kind of long going Twitter. I was on recently where we were waiting to see if Semmelt then would get reinstated.

2:00:48 - Leo Laporte
Oh, that was happening for a week in real time. In real time. This is a program that everybody needs, called under new management If you, if you use Google Chrome. One of the big security issues with Google Chrome is an extension being sold, an extension that was at one time benign and good, but now has been sold to some horrible miscreant and is using all of the powers of the extension against you. So this program it's a little extension that checks when your extensions have changed owners. It's open source and it's free.

Matt Frisbee created it. Detect when your extensions have changed owners Intermittently checks your installed extensions to see if the developer information listed on the Chrome Web Store has changed. If anything's different, you're going to get a red badge and that is really the time to uninstall it. This is a has been and we've talked about it on security now a big problem. It is not yet approved in the Chrome Web Store. I think that will happen quickly, but you can also install it from source. Keep your eye peeled for in the Chrome Web Store. I'm sure it'll be there soon under new management. A very good idea. Thank you, matt Frisbee. Paris Martino your pick of the week.

2:02:13 - Paris Martineau
My pick of the week this week is something that has just really delighted me. You may have seen, an Air Force employee was charged with giving classified information to a woman he met on his dating site, and if you click the first link there pick the week, it's a screenshot of the indictment that has a kind of a list of some of the messages this very real woman sent to the Air Force employee that got him to give up these secrets, and I'll read some of them to you now. Dear what is shown on the screens in the special room, it's very interesting. A couple days later, what does that even mean? You were the first to tell me that NATO members are traveling by train, and only now, already evening, this was announced in the news. You are my secret informant, love. How are your meetings Successful? A couple days later, beloved Dave, do NATO and Biden have a secret plan to help us? A couple days later, dave.

It's great that you get information about specified country, number one.

2:03:16 - Leo Laporte
That's redacted, obviously, yeah.

2:03:18 - Paris Martineau
I hope you'll tell me right away. You are my secret agent with love. About a month later, sweet Dave, the supply of weapons is completely classified, which is great. Two days later, my sweet Dave, thanks for the valuable information. It's great that two officials from the USA are going to Kiev.

2:03:38 - Leo Laporte
Oh, this must be a Russian agent, right? Yes, what's going on in Ukraine, wow.

2:03:44 - Paris Martineau
Dave, I hope tomorrow NATO will prepare a very unpleasant surprise for Putin. Will you tell me Wow, you know, I just, and there's an actual article on this about how this guy got hoodwinked by an agent. A mutahari right, it's so funny, wow it very easily could have been written by what's it? Gpt, An AI.

2:04:10 - Jeff Jarvis
Yeah, gpt three could have done those?

2:04:15 - Leo Laporte
Yeah, they're not. It's interesting. We don't know she might have worked him many months warming him up to that point. We don't see preliminary things. If that's all it took, sweetie, what are the secret plans, sweetie, that he really was going to push for?

2:04:36 - Paris Martineau
It might just that might be all it takes, I guess, to get someone to leak. I thought it was very interesting comparing this with the news of that guy who had just posted a bunch of classified documents and a Discord server with his friends.

2:04:49 - Speaker 3
Yes, was that last year? He played the Air Force guy. Yeah, yeah.

2:04:54 - Paris Martineau
I think it's very interesting that government has all of these, you know, efforts to try and keep leaks from happening, and it's just the dumbest guy at work who's doing it.

2:05:03 - Leo Laporte
This is the light shoot a guy with 63,. He was a civilian employee of the Air Force and he don't know better because he was a retired Army Lieutenant Colonel. The person he thought he was talking to claimed to be a female, living in Ukraine from February to April 2022. He shared allegedly shared information about military targets and Russian military capabilities. Wow, okay, the message is sent to Slater on the dating site. So it was on a dating site, I guess. Did they say what it was? Was it Tinder or we don't know what? The dating website?

2:05:41 - Paris Martineau
was? That's a great question. I gotta check the transcript.

2:05:47 - Leo Laporte
What's really interesting is how specific the requests are. Oh, you're in the secret briefing room, are you?

2:05:55 - Jeff Jarvis
What's on the screen?

2:05:56 - Paris Martineau
What's on the screen? You have a job in the operation centers today, I remember. I'm sure there's lots of interesting news there. Question mark that's, I guess, all it takes.

2:06:07 - Leo Laporte
If convicted, he could face up to 10 years in prison, 3 years of supervised release and a quarter million dollars in fine for each of the counts. Oh Yikes, all right, just a little romance from the dating sites, mr Jeff.

2:06:28 - Jeff Jarvis
Jarvis, what do you got? I'll start with a TikTok quarter, because we haven't done one of those in a while. Line 141, play it from the beginning. This is show it. You don't have to sound or anything.

2:06:43 - Leo Laporte
You said 41?, no 141. 141.

2:06:47 - Paris Martineau
We got a lot of links down there.

2:06:49 - Leo Laporte
Holy moly, this is playing. The title of this playing is a link. It's a LinkedIn link you gave me. Oh, it's LinkedIn.

2:06:58 - Jeff Jarvis
Sorry, it's how to pay with your vision pro.

2:07:02 - Leo Laporte
Oh no, don't please.

2:07:04 - Jeff Jarvis
No, he's putting his forehead on the test.

2:07:07 - Leo Laporte
Just watch Fake Apple. He's got a credit card in there, so it doesn't really do this, but because his credit card is in the vision pro, you are amazed.

2:07:16 - Jeff Jarvis
And then he's also amazed.

2:07:18 - Paris Martineau
Amazed is a strong word. The people are shocked.

2:07:23 - Leo Laporte
I think they really. It's mostly sympathy, I would guess. What a dork. Oh my God, dude, you're so pathetic and he's pretending to gesture yeah. Oh.

2:07:37 - Paris Martineau
I think that's beautiful. I think it is too.

2:07:39 - Jeff Jarvis
So then, we could go to the next line. Yes, so, so there's tools now just got bought by. I think how Lifflin for teachers to use GPT to grade the papers that they accuse the students of writing with chat.

2:07:54 - Leo Laporte
What a great way to save time.

2:07:56 - Jeff Jarvis
Exactly, it's a new tool, the machine just yells the machine recursively now.

2:08:02 - Leo Laporte
It's a new tool from Hooten Mifflin called writable. It's really just chat GPT helps create writing assignments.

2:08:11 - Paris Martineau

2:08:13 - Leo Laporte
It's, you know, pretty soon it's just going to be machines talking to machines and we're going to be sitting on our little floating platforms drinking our slushies.

2:08:21 - Jeff Jarvis
My friend Matthew Christian, the theory of the text apocalypse about in the Atlantic.

2:08:27 - Leo Laporte
And then I have one more, because I'm not going to be here next week, so I'll give you one for next week, okay, so just stop the tape.

2:08:35 - Jeff Jarvis
Who is in charge next week? Who is in charge next week?

2:08:38 - Paris Martineau
Who is the keys to the castle? It's me. It's Paris Bartholomew Tune in next week for a very interesting episode of this program.

2:08:48 - Jeff Jarvis
Do you?

2:08:49 - Paris Martineau
have any interesting ideas for what you want to see on Twig Unchained?

2:08:53 - Jeff Jarvis
Send me that number that we're not showing you anymore.

2:08:55 - Paris Martineau
Reach out to me on signal.

2:08:57 - Leo Laporte
Paris. No, it's martinow.01. Martino M-A-R-T-I-N-E-A-U, it's a kind of bird Only.

2:09:09 - Jeff Jarvis
French speakers will be able to figure out the spelling. That's true.

2:09:14 - Leo Laporte
There's no X at the end, though. It's just one, martin.

2:09:16 - Paris Martineau
There's no. There's no X. That would be more than one.

2:09:18 - Jeff Jarvis
Martin, though wouldn't it, but it's a Martin family. It would be with an X.

2:09:21 - Paris Martineau
A family gathering. There is an X, they're Martino. Bonjour, man.

2:09:26 - Leo Laporte
Do your parents speak French? Are they Francophones?

2:09:30 - Paris Martineau
My mother does. My dad's family, like a couple generations up, is actually from France, though.

2:09:36 - Leo Laporte
Oh, your mother just speaks it recreationally, just recreationally.

2:09:40 - Paris Martineau
Yeah, just for fun. That's cool. She thought she was marrying a Frenchman.

2:09:43 - Leo Laporte
when she married a Martin, my parents I mean, my dad's name was Leopold Leopold, Leopfrédéric Leopold, but they, you know that was distant. But when they didn't want the kids to know what's going on, they speak in French. Wow, and that fooled me.

2:10:00 - Paris Martineau
You were like what is going on?

2:10:02 - Leo Laporte
What's going on? Are they? Am I hallucinating Rogue editors? So Wikipedia? There's a group of editors on Wikipedia who really wanted to write a lot about US roads and highways, nerds, nerds but Wikipedia got mad and said really, you can't, you can't know, that's too much. So there was a schism and, in the fall of 2023, the editors packed up their articles this is from gizmodocom and moved over to a website dedicated to roads, and roads alone. Ladies and gentlemen, I give you the Wikipedia for roads, aarodescom, and if you like roads, well, you're in luck. Buddy, there's nonstop roads here on aarodescom.

2:10:57 - Paris Martineau
Every road, what's on the road I love. The selected article is Interstate 69.

2:11:03 - Leo Laporte
And it is the state south of cold water and passes the cities of Lansing and Flint in the lower peninsula. Would you like to see some pictures from Interstate 69? Here we go, oh it's exciting.

2:11:16 - Paris Martineau
Woo, that's too spicy for the air.

2:11:19 - Leo Laporte
Leo Approaching exit 70, Lansing railroad Northward to Lansing.

2:11:26 - Jeff Jarvis
Here's a novel coming out soon.

2:11:27 - Leo Laporte
A 994I 69 Eastbound near Port Huron.

2:11:33 - Jeff Jarvis
Oh, I think you keep on going down. I like this. Predecessor highways the history of these highways.

2:11:40 - Paris Martineau
Oh, look at those two guys. Oh, my God, look at their mustaches. You have to go back.

2:11:45 - Leo Laporte
Where did I? 69 is named for Louis Chevrolet on the lift and David Dunbar Buick on the right. Chevy and Buick Just a coincidence. They have nothing to do with the vehicles.

2:12:00 - Jeff Jarvis
Is there a road around Petaluma you could put in there?

2:12:02 - Leo Laporte
Oh, there's plenty. I already looked All of their all in here. Everything's in here. There's a whole section on interchanges, bridges and tunnels.

2:12:16 - Jeff Jarvis
Oh no, no, no, Jeff's territory, oh by the way, you know what the feature that I want ways to put it seriously is you can avoid all kinds of. You can avoid tolls.

2:12:26 - Paris Martineau
You want to avoid bridges. Yes, yes.

2:12:29 - Leo Laporte
Sometimes you can't avoid the bridge.

2:12:31 - Paris Martineau
Okay, wait. How do you feel about tunnels, though, jeff, I'm okay with tunnels, because you remember you live in too much.

2:12:36 - Leo Laporte
You work on an island. There has to be a bridge somewhere. All right, go through the tunnel. Oh, you go underground. Here is if you're a fan of the road signs, the shields here's a whole gallery of shields, Wow.

2:12:54 - Jeff Jarvis
Everything. These are people you do not want to sit next to on the airplane.

2:13:01 - Leo Laporte
I have a friend. He was a son of a legendary San Francisco Giants baseball broadcaster who was trying to get into the business himself still is, but he's doing triple A ball, which as one does. He'd go to a lot of small towns, very small towns, doing the play-by-play. He made it his hobby to take pictures of the post offices in all of these small towns. For a long time I got emails from him with pictures of post offices all around the country. Thank you, Doug.

I actually created a rule just for you, Doug. Special email rule Just for.

2:13:44 - Paris Martineau
Doug, we're just immediately prints them out and someone posts it up in your.

2:13:48 - Leo Laporte
Oh, absolutely. Look at all the shields here, folks. There are so many shields. I hope you enjoy this. You're all Route 66, then there's Route 70, then there's Route 80. Oh, look, here's 666. 666. Yeah, I have a double. Yeah, many, many shields.

2:14:04 - Jeff Jarvis
Ladies and gentlemen, I'm totally wrote you want to double and yeah, just one. Okay, the worst road I've ever known.

2:14:11 - Leo Laporte
Oh, that's the shields database. I got to get out of the shields database. Oh, wait a minute. How do I get back? Oh gosh, this is a dead end. I mean, I mean the shield. Okay, here we go. Here we go, search for Connolly Road. Totally T? O, double N? E, l ET O, double N E, l, e, e L E. Okay, let's see if we can. Here's the no merge area.

2:14:37 - Paris Martineau
Is it Tonnelly Ave? Perhaps Tonnelly Ave yeah.

2:14:40 - Jeff Jarvis
Oh oh, oh, oh.

2:14:42 - Leo Laporte
I'm going to start over God. Do a new search Cause.

2:14:46 - Jeff Jarvis
I thought that was it. That was Ploskey Skyway there's.

2:14:48 - Leo Laporte
Tonnelly Ave. There's the famous no merging sign on the Ploskey Skyway southbound from Tonnelly Avenue.

2:14:55 - Jeff Jarvis
Ploskey Skyway is where where Tony Soprano drove up from up from one of nine local on to it. There we are.

2:15:03 - Leo Laporte
Yeah, Pretty darn. Actually this is Idaho.

2:15:06 - Jeff Jarvis
That's. That's not at all. Yeah, it's nice.

2:15:10 - Leo Laporte
It's not even close, unless we're merging from Idaho to New Jersey.

2:15:13 - Jeff Jarvis
One weird thing in America is why there are so many Pulaski bridges. It was like a World War one Polish fighter. There's lots of Pulaski's. Really, I think it was you can't see it folks, but but Terrorist is now yawning Okay.

2:15:27 - Leo Laporte
We better wrap this up before we get too deep into the Pulaski Maybe.

2:15:33 - Paris Martineau
May. I'm actually very interested in learning about the lore of Pulaski. I'm just also a sleepy person generally.

2:15:42 - Leo Laporte
Paris Martino is at the information. That was information.

2:15:45 - Jeff Jarvis
That was our, our murder victim, who was laughing in the background. You might have heard oh yeah, he's dead now.

2:15:50 - Paris Martineau
I always hear John's laugh.

2:15:52 - Leo Laporte
It delights me every time he's our audience. Now you know why I want to have a live audience in the studio. What's your jammer?

2:15:59 - Jeff Jarvis
bees Paris Martino. The information Jammer's bee or jammer bee, jammer bee, where is the plural?

2:16:05 - Leo Laporte
It would be jammer's bee, jammer's like attorneys general. Yeah, yes, what is? Jammer bee. What is that name come from? I know it's your chat handle. Long, long time ago.

2:16:15 - Jeff Jarvis
Yeah, the drummer and the band I was in wore a t-shirt that said jam or be slammed. Oh. And the next week I showed up with a t-shirt that said jammer bee slamina.

2:16:30 - Leo Laporte
And the rest is history. Did you know that slanina is some sort of Slovakian language's word for bacon? Did you know that? Do a Google image search on my last name. Really as a P-N-I-N-A. Really, that's very tempting, but instead I'll just say hello to Jeff Jarvis, the Leonard Town Professor for Journalistic Innovation at the Craig Newmark Graduate School of Journalism at the City University of New York. And now, ladies and gentlemen, images of slanina.

2:17:10 - Paris Martineau
He looks delicious.

2:17:12 - Leo Laporte
It's Romanian. Is that the? Yeah, it's.

2:17:15 - Paris Martineau
Czech Romanian school of bacon.

2:17:17 - Leo Laporte
Czech, but apparently the word slanina applies to many Slovak languages. Jammer bacon, jammer bacon. We thank you for joining us. We do twig every Wednesday. I won't be here for two weeks, so next week Paris Martina hosts. We don't let Jeff Jarvis host anymore after welcome.

2:17:36 - Paris Martineau
Not anymore.

2:17:36 - Jeff Jarvis
It's true, he's been canceled. He's been canceled After the incident. Do you have special plans for a revolutionary show?

2:17:44 - Paris Martineau
I do, I do and I'm going to have to talk to you about them offline, jeff.

2:17:49 - Jeff Jarvis

2:17:50 - Leo Laporte
All right, okay, so there'll be something exciting next week, and then Benito, who's doing two weeks from hence, micah, micah. So you're going to have a lot of fun over the next couple of weeks. I will be back in three weeks. The show is Wednesday, two to five PM Pacific, we are five to eight PM Eastern, but I have to tell you it is daylight saving time starts Sunday, so this is normally that's news to me, honestly, I was shocked when I was informed.

So we'll be at 2100 UTC starting next week. Utc doesn't change, but we do. You can watch the show live as we do it on YouTube youtubecom slash twit. After the fact, you can download a show, audio or video from this week and Google at twittv twittv slash twig. You can also watch this week in Google YouTube channel dedicated to the video. Or, best thing to do, you can also watch my favorite podcast player. That way, you'll get it automatically the minute it's available of a Wednesday evening. Thank you for joining us everybody. I will see you in two weeks. Have a wonderful show next time, paris.

Have a great vacation. I am going to enjoy Margaritas and Tacos galore. Should I wear the fez in?

2:19:09 - Paris Martineau
I think you should wear the fez on the plane specifically through TSA, ideally.

2:19:16 - Leo Laporte
Sir, could you remove your fez?

2:19:17 - Paris Martineau
Yes, you don't want to see what's out of there.

2:19:23 - Leo Laporte
I swore never to remove the fez. The fez is attached. It's sewn in, actually, did you want? Oh yes, don't worry, I will be back in three weeks. We will see you then. Ladies and gentlemen, have a great week. We'll see you next time on this week in Google. Bye-bye. 

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