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This is TWiT.

Hi, this is Leo Laporte and this is my Tech Guy podcast, Mikah Sargent and I did this show originally on Saturday October 29th, 2022, broadcast coast to coast in the Premier Networks. This is episode 1939. Enjoy. The Tech Guy Podcast is brought to you by Addigy, the only Apple device management platform that combines MDM with live agent capabilities. To manage and secure your Apple ecosystem regardless of your max expertise, visit for a free 14 day trial to see how Addigy helps you manage your Apple devices in real time because IT problems can't wait. And by Noom with their psychology first approach, Noom Weight empowers you to build more sustainable habits and behaviors. We love it. Sign up for your trial at Well hey. Hey, hey. How are you today? Leo LaPorte here. The tech guy. Yeah, it's tech Eye time Tech guys time cuz your tech guys are here. Mikah Sargent and Leo LaPorte. Hello. Hello, Mikah. Hello, Hello to you. You, I haven't seen you in ages. You took last week off the week before. I wasn't here.

Mikah Sargent (00:01:30):
Oh, I think reverse

Leo Laporte (00:01:31):
Or vice versa. Yeah. Oh well I was in Vegas last,

Mikah Sargent (00:01:34):
You were in Vegas last week?

Leo Laporte (00:01:35):
I was in Vegas. Yeah.

Mikah Sargent (00:01:36):
How was

Leo Laporte (00:01:36):
That? I saw Kitty Perry. I'm a kitty cat.

Mikah Sargent (00:01:40):
Oh, is that what they're called? Like Katy

Leo Laporte (00:01:42):
Perry fans. I'm a Katy Cat

Mikah Sargent (00:01:43):
Professor. Laura and I were talking about how it used to be, I used to think, Oh, if you are an artist in residence, that's kind of like a, Oh, you've passed your prime, but

Leo Laporte (00:01:53):
Not more.

Mikah Sargent (00:01:53):
Yeah. When you think about it, you get to be in one place. You get to build up the set exactly as you want it. You get to do it the same way. You're not having a travel. It actually sounds like quite

Leo Laporte (00:02:02):
A and you're missing the most important thing you get in the case of Katie Perry. 168 million Woo. More than $2 million a show. Holy moly. So there's another good reason <laugh>. Yeah. Another good reason to that. Yeah. It was funny. It actually made me think about what it takes to be a performer in the modern era of social media. Okay. Used to be, you know if you were a rock and roll band, for instance, let's say the Rolling Stones, your first job was to get on the radio. Oh, get on the radio. So there's airplay. And then actually your first job before that was to sign a deal with a record company because only the record company could get you on the radio. And the record company also did something really important. They paid for studio time because in those days, recording a record required hundreds of thousands of dollars of studio time.

Right. And, you know, my little Rock and Roll band, Leo and the Code Jammers couldn't, couldn't afford the studio time. So we played a lot of clubs and, and hoped that somebody from artists and repertoire a and r and a record company will come to see us and say, You guys are good. I'd like to sign you to a deal. And then here's a check for the studio. By the way, the deal involves, sad to say a little creative accounting mm-hmm. <Affirmative> such that all the expenses come out of your royalties ahead of time. Plus anything else we decide to take out. So the artists almost always in these deals, get nothing and worse. Don't get to keep the masters, the originals of their songs. All rights go to the record company. So lovely. So many artists in this era, and this comes up right till almost the modern times just got nothing.

 But they got the deal and the record company got airplay. And then what do you do after you get airplay? You're starting to sell albums now. You have to tour, you have to do a concerts. And that's how you became famous. Now I'm looking at Katie Perry and I'm thinking even she is kind of old school. But one of the most important things these days, you don't need the record label for one thing cuz you can record it in your basement. Right. With your laptop. Look at Billy Eilish, who basically she and her brother sat in their bedroom making music. And you don't really need the record company to get on the radio cuz you don't need to get on the radio anymore. You just need to get, somehow build a a fan base. And this is what Katie Perry did so well. Taylor Swift, I think pioneered this.

And any modern group does, you have to build up a fan club and it's social media that makes it, if you look how these modern artists, for some reason, reasons mostly women, The guys don't seem to, Justin Bieber did it. I mean, he, he he did this all from, from YouTube. Yeah. Little Nax did it all from SoundCloud and, and and TikTok ticks are probably a really good place to do this. Yeah. You see a lot of music deals these days from that. Yeah. Or Albert, you don't need a deal. Yeah. No deal. Stop with the deal thing. Yeah. Get outta that, Get outta the deal thing. Then you need to build the fans. Right. And the fan base is really the most important thing. These devoted fans, When I went to see Kiddie Perry, this is an expensive show. I don't know, front row tickets were four, $500.

They were expensive. There were people in the front row, young people who probably don't have much money, who had seen the show 3, 4, 5 times. Wow. There was a couple in front of us from Mexico, their front row came from Mexico, had had this, this was the fourth night in a row. They'd seen it. Probably. They went, cuz it was their last show was the night after we went. So probably they went all five of the last shows. Right. So those people, and you build them through social media, I'm convinced you, you not radio, not touring, but through social media, those people become, and it doesn't have to be a lot, maybe a thousand, 10,000 mm-hmm. <Affirmative> a hundred thousand. But, but that's your fan base. They're the ones who become your ambassadors. Look what Taylor Swift does. She'll go to people's houses with Right. With thank you baskets. Mm-Hmm. <affirmative>. She's not dumb. She's very, very smart. So it's interesting how social media has changed the record business. That and trends like record labels, you know, finally kind of becoming less important in the age of iTunes and Spotify and radio stations. Sadly, <laugh> becoming less important.

So Elon Musk go on Twitter. Oh

Mikah Sargent (00:06:22):

Leo Laporte (00:06:25):
Hmm. Nothing that happened fast

Mikah Sargent (00:06:27):
Was broken yet, but yes, that did happen fast. And we quickly saw his, his team of coders from from Tesla saying, Okay you all need to print out the last 50 to 60 pages of the code that you've submitted. And over the past, I think, what was it, 10 days or something?

Leo Laporte (00:06:46):
60? I think they had 60

Mikah Sargent (00:06:47):
Days. Yeah. 60 up to 60 days. And then apparently they've said, Oh actually you don't need to print it out. You could just show it to us on the computer. And it was a back and forth there. 

Leo Laporte (00:06:57):
They wanted him to print it out and show it to Elon. Yeah. So they could Google, who of course knows not one thing about what he's seeing. In fact, I guarantee you all Elon was looking at is how many pages? Like how much did you do for me lately? Yeah. Not the quality of the code, the importance of the code. Nothing.

Mikah Sargent (00:07:13):
And I think it's also a bit of a, an ego boost to have all these people standing in line with these pages going, Okay, now it's my turn. I have to come in and scrape and bow.

Leo Laporte (00:07:24):
So Twitter hasn't changed much. They did fire the chief executive officer, the chief financial officer, the chief counsel, the lawyers, and perhaps most importantly the woman in charge of trust and safety. Yeah. Because honestly, <laugh>, you know, the complaints most people had, especially myself about Twitter, was a lack of trusted safety there. And I think that advertisers more importantly cared a lot about that already. General Motors says, Yeah, we're gonna, we're gonna wait and see what happens before we buy anymore ads on Twitter. Ads on Twitter don't work that well anyway. It's easy to say, Yeah, we're not gonna buy any more ads on Twitter, cuz that probably doesn't save you that much money. But we wanna wait and see, because brands don't want to be sitting next to racist, homophobic, transphobic speech. They don't wanna be next to that stuff. Right. Because it reflects badly on them. You don't put an ad next to that. So I think that this is gonna be an interesting challenge for Elon Musk, My friend, Nela Patel wrote a very good piece.

Mikah Sargent (00:08:24):

Leo Laporte (00:08:25):
In the on the Verge title of which was Welcome to Hell <laugh> he, he, he posed, I think in a, a couple of thousand words exactly the problem Elon's gonna have the subtitle was, You break it, you buy it. <Laugh> and I rights, Twitter is a disaster clown car company that is successful despite itself. And there's no possible way to grow users in revenue without making a serious of enormous compromises that will ultimately destroy your reputation Elon, and possibly cause grievous damage to your other companies. His position is you're gonna, you can't, Elon said free speech, we're gonna open it up. No more deep platforming people. But you can't turn off moderation and get advertisers. He's on, spent a lot of money. $44 billion needs to make that money back. I would submit. Yeah. He's not a, I

Mikah Sargent (00:09:24):
Mean, the legal fees too on top of the money that was spent.

Leo Laporte (00:09:27):
Yeah. Maybe he is a fool. Come to think of it. He tried to get out of it. I mean, it was, I think it was a very impulsive thing, which he tried to get out of, realized he couldn't bit the bullet. Bought it, owns it. Now I thought there might have to be regulatory approval, but I guess if you just buy it as a personal thing, <laugh>, you become part of a company, you know, nobody's gonna have, There's no regulatory approval on me buying a, an ice cream cone. Right. Cause it is my money anyway. No, I guess he's, he's in and he, he came in with a kitchen sink for some reason. We don't, I think it was just a bad dad joke. Let that sink in. He said, And he's carrying and it's apparently very heavy cuz he immediately puts it down, <laugh>.

Anyway, his problem is gonna be okay. Either you moderate it and you kick off the bad actors, which is gonna turn the right against you. Right. Or those people. You don't moderate it and you're gonna lose your advertising revenue. What are you gonna do, Elon? What are you gonna do? And it'll be interesting to watch. Let's just put it this way. It's gonna be interesting. Eli ends his article. Anyhow, welcome to hell. This was your idea, <laugh>. He says, and I think this is really good. The essential truth of every social network is the product is content moderation. That's the product, not the software that they're showing Elon on their printouts. Printouts. Tell me where there's a printer in this building. Printouts. Does Elon think it's gonna be tractor feed? Like he's gonna be green, red and green. White and green lines. And he's gonna be all pile.

He's gonna be going No, there's no printouts. I haven't printed my code in a hundred year. When did you, Yeah, okay. Anyway, sorry. I'll slow down. <Laugh> that's not the product. The product sort of is us, the people using it cuz we create the content on it. But honestly, what Twitter brings to the table is how it shapes that. That's what Facebook brings to the table. That's what TikTok brings to the table. Youtube. YouTube. That's the job. Aka content moderation. Eli says everyone hates the people who decide how content moderation works. Content moderation is what Twitter makes. It's the thing that defines the user experience. Do you wanna know why YouTube videos are eight to 10 minutes long? Cuz that's how long a video has to be to qualify for a second ad slot in the middle. That's content Moderation baby. Again, Neil Eli Patel nailing it. Yeah.

Mikah Sargent (00:11:53):
You have got to read this piece.

Leo Laporte (00:11:54):
It's really good. So this is why it's gonna be very difficult for Elon and it's gonna be great fun for those of us on the sideline. The only sad thing is Twitter has a lot of value to, to groups that are marginalized that don't have a voice. Mm-Hmm. <affirmative>, There's something called black Twitter. Yeah. That by the way, is fantastic. It's the best Twitter <laugh>. Yeah. It's hysterical. But it's a voice for people who are marginalized. Don't have anything anywhere to say it. Now they can say it. And and more importantly, they can say it to their group.

Mikah Sargent (00:12:26):
Your people. Yeah. Their

Leo Laporte (00:12:27):
People. Exactly. The

Mikah Sargent (00:12:27):
Peeps. I mean, that's, Twitter has my biggest following. And so that has, that definitely plays a role in how I feel about and use Twitter. Yeah. but it is one of these situations where I, there was just the piece about how Twitter was kind of worried that it's quote unquote heavy tweeters. The people who tweet, I think three to four times a week or more are dropping. Yeah. More and more. And I used to be a heavy tweeter.

Leo Laporte (00:12:54):
I did too. I very rarely, I have half a million followers. I should be a heavy tweeter. Right. But because that's a big group of people. But

Mikah Sargent (00:13:00):
Yeah, I, you know, and it's honestly because every single thing that you put out there, then you think about all the different things that are going to be used in some awful way. Or someone's gonna say something horrible to you. And it's just

Leo Laporte (00:13:15):
Like, I stopped reading the at replies. I just ignore what people say I just post, which is broadcasting. And that's not what Twitter's about. And it's Right. Let's just about that. Sad. So that's, yeah. That's kind of where we come. I don't want Twitter to go away. I want Twitter to survive. I hope Elon can find a way to make it work. And by the way, Elon, I'm the chief twit. You're not the chief. Twit. <laugh>. I'm the chief. Twi.

Mikah Sargent (00:13:36):

Leo Laporte (00:13:37):
At me. Look at me. Who's the captain now? We'll see what happens. With that <laugh>, Let's just say I've been on my, the phone to my lawyer attorneys. That's what you say, by the way. If you wanna scare people. You say attorneys not lawyer. Oh,

Mikah Sargent (00:13:50):
That's good to

Leo Laporte (00:13:51):
Know. I have one lawyer, I've been on the phone to him, but <laugh> actually, I didn't even phone him. I just emailed him. I said, Can he do that? Twi, in case you don't know, is the name of my podcast. Our podcast network. Really? Yes. This week in tech. Oh, it stands for something and I've trademarked it. Trademarked it in 2005 before Twitter even existed years before mm-hmm. <Affirmative> and I have been the chief twit. It's on my business cards. And I've been the chief TWI since at least 2007. So I just, Elon, you can't use my trademark as your title. I

Mikah Sargent (00:14:21):
Just realized there's no TM on there. How come?

Leo Laporte (00:14:25):
Oh, TM Shme. I see 88 80 <laugh>. Ask Leo. Ask Leo and Mikah. 8 8 8 8 2 7 5 5 3 6. Toll free from anywhere in the US or Canada. I'd love to hear your calls. We don't, let's not talk about Elon. Let's talk about anything else. Your calls next. Chat room. I love the chat room. E Leo. You will always be the chief twi to me. <Laugh>. Yes, I will.

Mikah Sargent (00:15:00):
It's twi.

Leo Laporte (00:15:03):
I have no intention of suing the richest man in the world. That seems like a bad idea.

Mikah Sargent (00:15:08):
<Laugh>. Yeah.

Leo Laporte (00:15:10):
So fortunately we have an agreement that we can refer to. That's good. So and there is stuff, language in the agreement about remedies. So we'll just see <laugh>, we'll pursue those. Doctor I could use, I know. Remedy. Remedy. Oh, I click, somebody said I click I or, or no whistle through my teeth or something. Stop me if I whistle through my teeth. Oh,

Mikah Sargent (00:15:38):
You do that a lot. But

Leo Laporte (00:15:39):
It's like, I do that a lot's. Very quiet. Yeah. I'm an old man. No,

Mikah Sargent (00:15:41):

Leo Laporte (00:15:41):
It's just, I just, I said I'm gonna turn off the microphone cuz I'm just, the stuff you're watching, this is not the show. Mm-Hmm. <affirmative>, this is the stuff that happens behind the show.

Mikah Sargent (00:15:52):

Leo Laporte (00:15:53):
This is me mumbling to myself.

Mikah Sargent (00:15:56):
Yeah. And also it's just <laugh>. It's fine. <Laugh>. I don't

Leo Laporte (00:16:00):
Well, I'm gonna stop. I'm gonna try to stop. Wh stop breathing, singing and breathing.

Mikah Sargent (00:16:05):
Yeah. It's not even a full whistle. It's more like

Leo Laporte (00:16:08):
Lisa suggested that instead of, he should either drop the W in chief Twi. I thought maybe replace the eye with an A. But he can't be Chief Twit. I'm Chief Twit. <Laugh>. I don't know. Can you trademark a title? I mean, I've trademarked Twi. The real concern is I don't want people on Twitter using the word twi. Right. It's already been a, it's already a problem. It's confusing. Yeah,

Mikah Sargent (00:16:30):

Leo Laporte (00:16:32):
Mikah has a nose whistle.

Mikah Sargent (00:16:34):
What <laugh>?

Leo Laporte (00:16:38):
I did test this morning. Mikah, you'll be glad to know. No, I don't have any. I thought I might have that RSV thing. What's

Mikah Sargent (00:16:44):

Leo Laporte (00:16:45):

Mikah Sargent (00:16:45):
Oh, great. Now I've got a new thing to look up.

Leo Laporte (00:16:47):
So we're worried about a triple epidemic. Rsv, which is Rhino Cial virus.

Mikah Sargent (00:16:54):
I'm reading respiratory

Leo Laporte (00:16:56):
Or respiratory cial virus.

Mikah Sargent (00:16:58):

Leo Laporte (00:16:58):

Mikah Sargent (00:17:00):

Leo Laporte (00:17:01):
Well, I, I don't know how, how do you pronounce it?

Mikah Sargent (00:17:03):
Doctor? Mom says sin.

Leo Laporte (00:17:04):
Sin. Okay. And flu. So C oh 19 RSV and flu. The triple epidemic. But RSV is basically a cold. It's a cold. And I don't have a cold, but I noticed I had some, you know, sneezing and coughing and dripping sension. Oh,

Mikah Sargent (00:17:26):
It leads to bronchitis. Interesting.

Leo Laporte (00:17:28):
Well, it can, you know how that is a cold can lead.

Mikah Sargent (00:17:30):
It's the most common cause of bronchitis. I didn't

Leo Laporte (00:17:32):
Know that. But mostly I'm on kids and old folks. I am not a

Mikah Sargent (00:17:36):
Kid. I've got my flu shot and my, I am an old 94th booster.

Leo Laporte (00:17:40):
It's bad for babies. I understand. But nobody in this room is a baby. Right.

Mikah Sargent (00:17:44):
Right. Wow. Great minds or something. Respiratory, sensorial virus. Yes. Is a common respiratory virus.

Leo Laporte (00:17:52):
Yes. We used to call 'em colds, I think. Anyway, stay away from me because you are a baby. I thought that was

Mikah Sargent (00:17:59):

Leo Laporte (00:18:01):
What? No. <Laugh>. As a young person, I am dangerous to you. <Laugh>. I don't That's true.

Mikah Sargent (00:18:08):
You got an RSV test? Sure.

Leo Laporte (00:18:10):
In your home. Is there RSV test? I

Mikah Sargent (00:18:12):
Don't, don't think

Kim Schaffer (00:18:12):
So. No, No. Dr. Mom can answer that.

Leo Laporte (00:18:14):
Yeah. Let's see. I have I have but I did anyway, I just wanna tell you, I tested mm-hmm. <Affirmative> and I am in the clear. Oh

Mikah Sargent (00:18:22):
Good. Oh, they, you have an antigen test. I

Leo Laporte (00:18:24):
Had test twice because the first time, you know, I have your little dropper and you're supposed to drop it. I squeeze a dropper too hard and went,

Mikah Sargent (00:18:31):
Oh no. It's like so

Leo Laporte (00:18:33):
Sick. It all, it all fell out. So I said, Oh, I gotta do it again.

Mikah Sargent (00:18:38):
Back in Philly, it's Mikah with a k.

Leo Laporte (00:18:42):
Mic with a K, Not Mikah with a C. Cuz Mike with a C is Mikah

Kim Schaffer (00:18:46):

Leo Laporte (00:18:47):
Remember Eliza Minelli? <Laugh>. Lizza with a Z, Not Lizza with an S. Cuz Lizza with Anness is Lisa. This must be a very old song. Sounds

Kim Schaffer (00:18:55):

Mikah Sargent (00:18:56):
Guys. It's got that feel, doesn't it?

Leo Laporte (00:18:57):
Well, the dime. A dime. When's the last time you paid a dime for anything in a payphone? When's the last time you used a payphone for that matter?

Mikah Sargent (00:19:04):
You, you were listening to the lyrics. I was

Leo Laporte (00:19:06):
Not my mistake. No's good. We play a phone song every morning for Kim Scher, our phone. Angel. Hello Kim. Hello.

Kim Schaffer (00:19:13):
How you doing?

Leo Laporte (00:19:15):
I I do not have Rhino Seal virus or whatever that is. You might think I do, but I don't. Anyway. I won't breathe on you. You

Kim Schaffer (00:19:26):
Probably just have allergies.

Leo Laporte (00:19:27):
You know, that's the, that's the excuse around.

Kim Schaffer (00:19:30):
That's been my excuse for four years.

Leo Laporte (00:19:32):
<Laugh>. I'm not sick. I just have allergies. Anyway.

Kim Schaffer (00:19:35):
But really the allergies are bad.

Leo Laporte (00:19:36):
Are they bad? Again, they're

Mikah Sargent (00:19:38):
Always bad. You gotta get the app, Leo. There's a great app.

Leo Laporte (00:19:40):

Mikah Sargent (00:19:40):
Allergy app. The allergy app. We'll talk about that later. Sorry. It's a little distraction there.

Leo Laporte (00:19:45):
Kim. Who should I start this fine show with? Well,

Kim Schaffer (00:19:48):
We got our, our friend Mike be on the line

Leo Laporte (00:19:51):
From New Jersey.

Kim Schaffer (00:19:52):

Leo Laporte (00:19:52):
From Piscataway, New Jersey. Yeah. Jersey. He doesn't talk like that. I

Kim Schaffer (00:19:56):
Do. No he does not.

Leo Laporte (00:19:57):
Thank you. Kim <laugh>. Hello, Michael B

Caller 1 (00:20:01):
Hey, Chief Twit and Mikah.

Leo Laporte (00:20:02):
Hello. How are you?

Caller 1 (00:20:05):
Oh, I am doing fantastic. Oh. And not to extend the talk of, you know who, but I think GM pulled out of advertising because of Tesla.

Leo Laporte (00:20:17):
Oh. Oh, that's, that's interesting. That's another point that Inspiration Neon made is that Elon Musk has businesses in Chi big business in China and other countries. And is he all, he's forgetting that Twitter's international. Mm-Hmm. <affirmative>. And he is probably gonna have to cow towel, so to speak to the CCP if he wants to keep doing business in China. The India, same thing. They've got huge leverage against him. So anyway, who cares? It's just Twitter. Are you on Twitter? Mike b

Caller 1 (00:20:49):
I do have an account.

Leo Laporte (00:20:50):
Do you ever use it?

Caller 1 (00:20:52):
I I'm more of a Facebook guy. Yeah. But

Leo Laporte (00:20:55):
Twitter's good for like if somebody, if somebody tells me somebody died, like when Jerry Lee Lewis Yeah. I go immediately to Twitter, check that it's true. And of course Twitter's sometimes wrong about these things. I

Caller 1 (00:21:10):
I stick with real news for that stuff, but

Leo Laporte (00:21:12):
That's, But real news is slower than Twitter. Right? It's slower. In fact, when, when Queen Elizabeth passed, the Royal family tweeted it, they got it. The Twitter got it faster than the bbc. That's pretty amazing. So there's some value, I'm just pointing out there's some use to Twitter. 

Caller 1 (00:21:29):
Yeah, I suppose there is. So against the advice of so many people on YouTube I decided to go out and get myself the new M two iPad Pro. But let me tell you, let me preface it by saying that I haven't bought an iPad since 2016. So for me it was a really big upgrade. Yeah. And I am very happy with it. It's faster, It's faster than I think in some ways than my Mac studio. Cuz it has an M two. It's great. I accidentally bought one with a terabyte of storage, which is

Leo Laporte (00:22:06):
Accidentally <laugh>. Would your fingers slip?

Caller 1 (00:22:09):
I, I was quick because I sort of kind of shell shocked from, you know, if you wait more than five minutes, you're not gonna get

Leo Laporte (00:22:17):
It. Oh yeah. I always make mistakes at the Apple store. Send it to the wrong address and stuff. Cuz I'm just like you. I'm rushing. Yeah,

Caller 1 (00:22:23):
Same thing. So, you know, I, I did as like, well I said to myself, Well I hope I just, I hope I picked the right iPad. So I blended the 11 inch. I got myself, the 11 inch came on the 26th right on time. And it's been fantastic. I'm not one of those people who likes to migrate their data from old to new. I'm, I'm, because I don't like to bring all the junk. So for the most part, I set it up from scratch. But the transfer process, keep in mind the last iPad I got was 2016 is so easy these days. It's

Leo Laporte (00:22:56):
Can you hang on Mike b we gotta take a break. We've got Scott Wilkinson coming up, but we could talk to you more in a bit. Sure. Leo and Mikah, your tech guys. So, so you did the TWI transfer. Did you do, how did you do the transfer?

Caller 1 (00:23:20):
So basically I didn't transfer the apps over. I transferred like my, my account over. So I did the thing, we put the two iPads next to each other after you sign in with your Apple id. Mm-Hmm. <affirmative>. So I just moved like my account info and then I just set up my, the apps that I knew I needed from scratch. So I got the iPad, I got the Magic keyboard keyboard and the Apple pencil too. So I've been giving Apple a lot of money this year. <Laugh> in the fact that I also got a Mac studio studio display and the Touch ID magic keyboard. So yeah, I've been good to myself, but I figured, hey, I only turned 50 once. Might as well go

Leo Laporte (00:24:05):
Ahead. Oh, happy birthday Mike.

Caller 1 (00:24:06):
Yeah, it was in March. So my real birthday present was the Mac Studio. But I am really pleased. I I like the, the, the hover feature. Yeah.

Leo Laporte (00:24:15):
Isn't that cool? But you're using an Apple pencil one, you can't use the two with it, right? With the

Mikah Sargent (00:24:20):
Ipad Pro. You

Leo Laporte (00:24:21):
Can use the Oh, you got the Pro. Yeah. Oh you did, you did. Right. All the way yourself. Oh yeah. In fact, that's really what I think people are saying is don't get the iPad. Nothing. Yeah. Cause cuz you can't use Zip Pencil two.

Caller 1 (00:24:35):
I don't understand that whole decision. What's, It's weird. Yeah.

Leo Laporte (00:24:38):
But the iPad Pro, if you didn't get it last year, I think the only thing people are saying is if you already have one, don't, you know, don't get one, but you don't have one. I think the iPad, I

Caller 1 (00:24:46):
Had 20. Yeah.

Leo Laporte (00:24:47):
I had

Caller 1 (00:24:47):
16 iPad.

Leo Laporte (00:24:49):
That's not my

Mikah Sargent (00:24:50):
Equivalent, you

Caller 1 (00:24:51):
Know? Yeah. And, and the o the hover thing, I've been able to do that on my Samsung S 20 for the last two years.

Leo Laporte (00:24:57):
Ironic, isn't it? Yeah. The Spens always done that. Yeah.

Caller 1 (00:25:00):
So I, you know, I, you know, I don't play in one ecosystem, Right. So I, I'm Macai who uses I heard

Leo Laporte (00:25:07):
That about you, by the

Caller 1 (00:25:08):
Way, <laugh>. Yeah. So, you know, either it's a lot of pain or I just find ways of making everything work. And what's great about it is when the new stuff, a new feature comes, I tend to get it in the ecosystem that has it first. So in the case of, of hover, and I, to be honest, I don't really use the pencil that much. The stylist on my phone that much. But the Apple pencil I do use a lot. Okay. because it, it's a, the use case is, is very different between the two. And

Leo Laporte (00:25:40):
Yeah, I think you did the right thing, don't you Mikah? Absolutely. Nice. That's

Mikah Sargent (00:25:44):
A good get. Yep.

Leo Laporte (00:25:44):
The only problem I have, I have the last year's iPad, bro. The M one version mm-hmm. <Affirmative>, it's so, it's too good for the software available. Yeah,

Caller 1 (00:25:53):
That's true.

Mikah Sargent (00:25:54):
If you're already rocking it, then it's hard to justify that upgrade for, I mean, for you and I, it's like you, we get hover and that's pretty much it. It's new <laugh>.

Leo Laporte (00:26:04):
I do. Yeah. Not for for if you have an M one. Yeah. But if you, if you, if you have a, you know, if you don't have an m something iPad, I think it's worth it. Right? Absolutely. And I think if you, you do, do you do photos? Cuz it's a, it's really the best photo device better than anything

Caller 1 (00:26:17):
When I start traveling again. Definitely. it's good for photos. You know, I I photo apps are great on it. Excuse me. Yeah. I I use it for, you know, multimedia consumption, some social networking. I'm more of a TikTok watcher if you're talking about social media. Yeah. But it's great for, for media consumption. Absolutely. And if I, if I don't wanna lu around a laptop, it's portable and it does pretty much everything that I, I needed to do, you know, on the go and very happy with it. And you keep in mind, you know, I'm not the type of person that buys something new every year. So for the fact that, you know, I went five years, you know, these things last.

Leo Laporte (00:27:01):
Oh yeah. You will definitely get five years out of this.

Caller 1 (00:27:04):
And the one thing I can absolutely must recommend to anyone who can hear me, if you have an old Mac, trade it in. I got $750. Nice book. Seven 50 for my 2013 trashcan Mac. Wow.

Leo Laporte (00:27:19):
That's yes. And I gave mine away. Dang

Caller 1 (00:27:22):
It. See I, Leo I know you're the wrong person to talk to cuz you do the right thing. You give it to your friends and family.

Leo Laporte (00:27:27):
I gave it to Nathan Oliver Giles and then he took a job at Apple. I was <laugh> cheated.

Caller 1 (00:27:33):
Yeah. These things, I think I can get either a hundred, 150 from my 2016 iPad if I decide to do the same thing. Absolutely.

Leo Laporte (00:27:41):
Yeah. So trade ups are definitely, And you did it with Apple. Oh, hey, I gotta run. Thank you Mike ba Let's talk about our brand new advertiser. We wanna welcome add a G to the tech guy Show. Add to G A D D I G Y helps you do more than just manage your Apple devices. Add G is the only fully cloud-based multi-tenant Apple MDM platform designed for scalability. Everybody these days is in A B Y O D environment. Right? Bring your own device. How many Apple devices are you managing? Would you like an MDM for Apple add Addigy gives you the features, the functionality, the flexibility you need to customize and manage your Apple devices as you want, as you wish. So you can ensure your Apple infrastructure is optimized to best support your environment and help your team be as productive as possible every day.

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And you can free your IT team from endless reset requests with 24 7 user access to resources and applications. Let them do their own self-service, which is great. You've got all the patch management you could ever need. Prevent delays, fix bugs early, maximize uptime by rolling out new updates and patches asap this world. That's really important, isn't it? Plus it's easy to customize. You can scale it to meet any needs, adapt to any environment, fast, free catered migration. I like that. I don't think that means you get breakfast here, <laugh>, but I, I think they mean we'll. Cater to you at an MDM tool that works as hard as you do at the speed of now. So get started today with a G'S award-winning support. When you partner with Addigy, you get white glove support from a team of experts who live, eat, and breathe Apple.

That's the other thing. So many times you use a solution that Apple is a second class citizen. This is not the case here. They care about your success as much as you do. Agy is not a cookie cutter MDM solution. They're kind of obsessed in a good way with helping you secure and scale your Apple environment. They love Apple and they want to help you make sure it's secure. Are you ready to get to work? Guarantee your Apple success with Add Addigy. Visit A D D I G for a fast, free and easy 14 day trial. Being proactive doesn't have to be a pain In the asterisk <laugh>. Start your trial and learn why more than 4,000 companies use a g to remotely track, configure, manage and secure their Apple fleet. A Welcome Addigy to the Tech I show and to our network. And thank you Tech Guy listeners for supporting us by going to that address. Add Addigy, a D d i g I think you wanna take this check this out. Take a look. Add Now back to the tech guys. I'm calling it Tech Guys

Mikah Sargent (00:31:38):
The dead.

Leo Laporte (00:31:41):
Hey, hey. Hi. A ho. What is hip? I'll tell you, this cat right here, the hipster himself. Scott Wilkinson <laugh>, When you walk down the street in Santa Cruz, do people look at you and go, Hey, there goes the hipster,

Scott Wilkinson (00:31:56):
The hipster hipster

Leo Laporte (00:31:58):
Scott home theater geek. He is our av guy forum. He's rolling the cart in with the the film strip projector <laugh>. That's right. To set it up for our show today. What, what, That's right. What is the, what is the topic of today's film strip?

Scott Wilkinson (00:32:16):
The topic of today's film strip is the World Series in 4k.

Leo Laporte (00:32:21):
I watched it last night and it was beautiful.

Scott Wilkinson (00:32:24):
Yeah. Where, where, where did you

Leo Laporte (00:32:26):
Get it from? So not the TV <laugh>, cuz it's not on 4k, on the TV or on the cable. But I subscribe to YouTube TV and pay a ridiculous That's right. 20 bucks extra. That's

Scott Wilkinson (00:32:37):
Ridiculous amount of

Leo Laporte (00:32:38):
Money. And I only only did that back with the Winter Olympics a year ago because Right. That was in 4k. Right. But I thought someday <laugh>, I'll be able to use this. And so now when I went to my YouTube tv say I wanna watch a World series, it says, Okay, you can watch it on your Fox, Local Fox channel. Which channel two here. Mm-Hmm. <affirmative> Or you could stream it in 4K from Fox. And I chose that. It's the same broadcast, the same ads. Yep. But does that look good or what?

Scott Wilkinson (00:33:07):
Oh man, I I didn't see it last night because I, I haven't signed up for YouTube tv. I'm going to, because I wanna see,

Leo Laporte (00:33:14):
You could do it with a Fox Sports app I think as well. You

Scott Wilkinson (00:33:17):
Can, you can also do it with a Fox Sports app. That means you have to have a a subscription from cable or satellite or some streaming service that gives you TV everywhere. Yeah. That's the thing you need to sign into. You can also get it on FBO tv, which costs 70 bucks a month for their 4K option, I guess. But you're paying what, a total of 85 a month

Leo Laporte (00:33:45):
4K. Don't I?

Scott Wilkinson (00:33:47):
It's a lot.

Leo Laporte (00:33:48):
<Laugh>. It's cheaper than cable. I get. No, not really <laugh>. No, there's no excuse. But I I will, I have a 4K TV and it looks great

Scott Wilkinson (00:33:56):
4K. And it looks great. It looks great. Now I will tell you this, They, they're capturing it in HDR high dynamic range, which is wonderful, but they're capturing it in 10 80 p and then upscaling it.

Leo Laporte (00:34:07):

Scott Wilkinson (00:34:08):
So it's not native 4k.

Leo Laporte (00:34:10):
Yeah. Oh,

Scott Wilkinson (00:34:11):
They have a much Well, it's, it's true. But they have much better upscaling at their end than we have as consumers at our

Leo Laporte (00:34:22):
End. The only thing I will tell you

Scott Wilkinson (00:34:25):

Leo Laporte (00:34:26):
Is Fox likes to do extreme closeups of the players. Yeah. And in 4K they look kind of grimy. See, every four, especially Jason Worth, He is, You don't wanna see a closeup. I'm sorry. But it made but it made you feel like you were at the game. I mean, it was, Yes, but I'm now, I'm little disappointed that it's upscale. 10 80. It, it looked like 4k. I mean it really felt like

Scott Wilkinson (00:34:51):
4K. And as I say, they're up scaler, their professional upscale is far better than the up scaler. If you got a 10 80 signal into your 4K tv, it would upscale it to 4K too. It does automatically. Yeah. But it's not as good. Not nearly as good.

Leo Laporte (00:35:08):
And I tell you what a what a great game to watch at 4k. I mean it was man, so it, we did actually just, Right. So I watched the, the beginning where they were Phillies were losing five nothing. Yeah, five nothing. I saw them come back and then Lisa came in the room. So I said, Well let's watch Confess Fletch with John Ham, which was quite good. Recommended Uhhuh. Okay. That was a kinda shortish movie that I, and I said, I wonder if the game's still on. It was still five five in the ninth.

Scott Wilkinson (00:35:38):
Wow. Yep.

Leo Laporte (00:35:39):
So I got to see the best parts of the game. <Laugh>. Right. And I ski. This is the only problem with baseball. There's often five or six innings where nothing happens.

Scott Wilkinson (00:35:46):
Right. Nothing happens. So

Leo Laporte (00:35:48):
I know I skipped the middle innings and I saw a great game and I saw it in 4K and it really looked good.

Scott Wilkinson (00:35:52):
Yeah. Yeah. Really looked good. I

Leo Laporte (00:35:54):
Can't say price is right, but boy.

Scott Wilkinson (00:35:56):
Yeah. Right. <Laugh>. Well actually YouTube TV has a 30 day free trial. So if you might, if you wanna check it out.

Leo Laporte (00:36:04):
Well all of the games of the World Series, I guess they will be for eight.

Scott Wilkinson (00:36:07):
Yeah, yeah, yeah, yeah. Exactly right. They have over 40 cameras on the feed. Oh

Leo Laporte (00:36:14):
Yeah. They do a nice job. Yeah.

Scott Wilkinson (00:36:16):
Including dirt cams. I didn't see

Leo Laporte (00:36:18):
Any examples. Oh, I did see the dirt cams. What is a dirt cam <laugh>. So there was one, there was one great play. And actually I think we at home got a better view than the umpires did. A play at second base where the ball hit the player and, but very quickly bounced into the second baseman's glove. He was called out. No, I'm, I'm sorry. He was called Safe at the, at second base. Yeah. But those of us watching at home and they and Fox went through every camera <laugh>. So they did every camera including the dirt cam. And you were seeing it from the dirt's point of view. It's probably on the bag, but you were seeing it point

Scott Wilkinson (00:36:54):
Is actually Yeah. In the, in the

Leo Laporte (00:36:56):
Dirt around. Wow. Yeah. Yeah. But that, but that was really cool because we could see at home and unfortunately even though they reviewed the play they still called, I don't know, unfortunately, fortunately, whatever they still called the runner safe. But those of us at home could see in the split second that the ball hit his leg and then bounced into the glove, which means he was out. But anyway,

Scott Wilkinson (00:37:18):
It was out. Now dig this, the dirt cams, they're operating at 500 frames per second.

Leo Laporte (00:37:24):
That's why cuz it was super slowmo. Holy mo. That's the only way could really see it per second. That's interesting. So what they, they actually planned ahead for exactly this scenario where only the dirt will know what happens. See then they need to

Scott Wilkinson (00:37:38):
Make sure those cameras are available to the amps. Exactly

Leo Laporte (00:37:41):
Right. That may be the case that the people in New York reviewing it did not have the dirt cam. Interesting. Hmm. Who anyway. Might

Scott Wilkinson (00:37:52):
Have seen Anyway, so this, it's

Leo Laporte (00:37:53):
Fun to watch. I Sports is really probably the best use case for 4k. That and I guess movies. Yep,

Scott Wilkinson (00:37:59):
Yep, yep. I agree. Yeah, I agree. So and, and there are a bunch of other cameras that are doing high frame rate as well because as you say, they really need a lot of slowmo.

Leo Laporte (00:38:08):
Yeah. 500 frames is super slowmo.

Scott Wilkinson (00:38:11):
500 frames is, That's impressive. Super slow. Yeah. Yeah, exactly.

Leo Laporte (00:38:14):
Cause you're watching something that's normally 30 frames a second. So it means it's, it's it's 15 times slower. So every second takes 15 seconds. Wow. That's pretty slow.

Scott Wilkinson (00:38:27):
That's really slow. Exactly right. Exactly right. You can also get the 4K if you, if you subscribe to Direct TV or Dish, they both have 4K channels that I think are carrying it. Comcast and Verizon, I'm told according to sports Video Group news, which is where I got this all this information. And I want to thank Mike Heiss, our friend Mike, for for ing me to those articles. Cuz he, he just went to the simp the Simpi tech conference and they were talking about this.

Leo Laporte (00:38:58):
So it's funny cuz I've had a 5K tv probably for five 4k TV for five years. Uhhuh <affirmative>. And it's only now that you're really, if again, unless you're watching movies, there's a lot of streaming in 4k.

Scott Wilkinson (00:39:12):
A lot of

Leo Laporte (00:39:13):
Streaming. But television's not 4k.

Scott Wilkinson (00:39:15):
No, not

Leo Laporte (00:39:15):
Of it. And most sports aren't 4k.

Scott Wilkinson (00:39:17):
That's correct. Yeah. Except for special things like the Olympics. Yeah. Like World Series Super Bowl I'm pretty sure was in 4k.

Leo Laporte (00:39:25):
Is that, is it that they don't wanna upgrade the cameras? They're still not using 4K cameras, it sounds like.

Scott Wilkinson (00:39:29):
That's correct. That's correct. And that's probably why 4K cameras still aren't cheap. Ah, well some of them are, but these guys are using Sony Fox is using all Sony cameras. I'm sure Sony charges a premium.

Leo Laporte (00:39:41):
I find that hard to believe because I see YouTubers with 4k <laugh>. Most YouTubers are in 4k, some are in eight K. It can't be that expensive. It's

Scott Wilkinson (00:39:51):
Not the cameras. I I will tell you this, It's not the cameras, it's the,

Leo Laporte (00:39:55):

Scott Wilkinson (00:39:55):
The infrastructure. It's the

Leo Laporte (00:39:56):
Production. You need a 4K truck,

Scott Wilkinson (00:39:58):
You need a 4K truck. And that's expensive.

Leo Laporte (00:40:01):
Yeah. They'd have to upgrade.

Scott Wilkinson (00:40:02):
Youtubers don't have that.

Leo Laporte (00:40:03):
They don't need a truck. <Laugh>. They are. That's right. They're the truck. That's right. 

Scott Wilkinson (00:40:08):
I read some interesting stuff about the audio too. Minute Man Field in Houston, they're closing the dome. You know, they're composing the roof and it's very reverent in there.

Leo Laporte (00:40:17):
It's terrible.

Scott Wilkinson (00:40:18):
But as it, But Citizens Park in Philadelphia, it's an open stadium, but the sound guy says it can reach easily a hundred

Leo Laporte (00:40:24):
Decibels. Oh yeah, I bet. Cuz those, you know, Philly fans <laugh> <laugh>. They're loud. They're loud. I, I I've been to games of the old Astrodome. They actually, it was so echoy and, and and voluminous. They actually played recorded fan cheers into the park <laugh> because otherwise really? Yeah. Cuz otherwise it sounded like you were just, it was dead.

Scott Wilkinson (00:40:46):
Oh man.

Leo Laporte (00:40:48):
Yeah. Scott Wilkinson form. Thanks for joining us, Scott. You

Scott Wilkinson (00:40:54):

Leo Laporte (00:41:05):
Yeah, I really I was pretty excited to see it in 4k. It really, it really looked, Yeah. Yeah. It looked like 4k.

Scott Wilkinson (00:41:12):
That is cool.

Leo Laporte (00:41:12):
Mm-Hmm. <affirmative> It fooled me.

Scott Wilkinson (00:41:14):

Leo Laporte (00:41:14):
Yeah. I thought it was great. The sound I have to say on my five one system. Yeah. I didn't know it was 4k. So I was watching on my five one system, which is 10 80. And I couldn't hear the announcers. There was such loud the mix was terrible. This surround was so loud that the announcers were buried until I turned, I had to turn the volume up very high, then I could hear the announcers. But it wasn't a good mix and everything else. And so the 4K has a 2.1 sound and it sounded four. Oh,

Scott Wilkinson (00:41:45):
They're not even doing 5.1. Well,

Leo Laporte (00:41:47):
I don't know if they, I think they are, but it was very, it was a bad mix when I went into, No, no. When I went into my bedroom with a 4k. And, and the 2.1, we don't have a surround sound system there. I could, It was great. The mix was perfect. You

Scott Wilkinson (00:41:59):
Could Oh

Leo Laporte (00:42:00):
Wow. So I think the five one mix won't, won't great. I don't know. It won't. Great. It won't. Great. <laugh>. I should give you better the control of the studio for the next three minutes, Scott.

Scott Wilkinson (00:42:12):
Ah, well thank you. So

Leo Laporte (00:42:14):
Fed three minutes. You have

Scott Wilkinson (00:42:16):

Leo Laporte (00:42:17):
Minutes. Make the most of it.

Scott Wilkinson (00:42:20):
<Laugh> my last meal and testament

Leo Laporte (00:42:23):

Scott Wilkinson (00:42:26):
Well, hello everyone. So nice to see you all. I am gonna sign up for YouTube TV and watch and watch some of this in 4k cuz I think it's Leo's recommendation there is very good. And I have a really nice 4K TV and a Sony led so I'm gonna, I am gonna check that out. We didn't get it last night, but, and that was an exciting game last night. Boy. finally getting Philly's finally got a the, a tiebreaker run in the 10th inning. So, and I gotta tell you completely on a personal basis and having nothing to do with tech, I cannot root for the Astros because their cheating costs the Dodgers, the World Series. And they didn't have to really pay much for it as far as I can tell. So the Astros will always be the team to root against in my opinion.

 Let's see here. User 0 4 6 8. Your thoughts on the new EU power consumption standards for TVs? I don't know them. If you can send me a link, I'll check it out. Pegged so low that eight K sets and even better 4K models will no longer be allowed for sale. What? That's kind of amazing. We gotta see about that. <Laugh> Phoenix Warp one since, when do you watch sports? The only sports I ever watch is baseball. That's it. And mostly because my wife loves baseball. We don't watch football. I, I have philosophical objections to base, to football or just about anything else but baseball. I have fond memories of baseball. When I was a teenager, I used to go to Dodger Stadium with my grandfather and we would, you know, I'd have a sleepover at my grandpa's place and we would take a, take the bus down to Dodger Stadium and, and watch the game. So I have some personal connection to baseball and to the Dodgers for that matter. So that is the only sport I'm interested in really. And the only sport I watch. And I do talk about it here on the show. I all talk about the Olympics. And I do watch the Olympics too, some of 'em anyway. And I'll talk about the Super Bowl and I'll talk about stuff that, where there's a technical angle to it. But other than the Olympics, baseball's the only sport I watch.

Three let's see.

Leo Laporte (00:45:09):
Oh, you don't have time. Hold on. Can you stick around for the top?

Scott Wilkinson (00:45:12):
Sure. Happy to. Good,

Leo Laporte (00:45:14):
Thank you. Thank you. R O C K in the US A is that the song? I'm just making it up as I go along.

Mikah Sargent (00:45:20):
It is nice. Wow. Good work.

Leo Laporte (00:45:23):
I can name that song in 53 notes. <Laugh>, Leo, Laport, Mikah, Sargent, your tech guys. 88. 88. Ask Leah. We talked more to Mike B just so you know. We put 'em on hold cuz we had to take a break. We talked more to him about his new iPad pro, the M two iPad Pro. And we both agreed if you're coming from an older iPad mm-hmm. It's a good, it's not a bad way to go.

Mikah Sargent (00:45:44):
Absolutely. A good upgrade in that

Leo Laporte (00:45:45):
Case. Yeah. We love our iPad Pros. You have an 11 inch?

Mikah Sargent (00:45:48):
I No, I have the 12.5. Oh you did? You got the one.

Leo Laporte (00:45:51):
Yeah. Yeah, me too. The old last year's.

Mikah Sargent (00:45:53):
Yeah. Who, who needs a new one after that? Yeah. Well for a while anyway,

Leo Laporte (00:45:57):
<Laugh> Mike b did not very kindly did not raise the specter of our bet. We had a bet a little informal little bet because he said there's not gonna be an Apple event this month. And I said, Oh, come on. How could Apple not do an event? How could they pass up on the opportunity to grab the eyeballs for an hour and sing the praises of their new products? But they didn't, they

Mikah Sargent (00:46:20):
Didn't do it.

Leo Laporte (00:46:21):
But maybe they didn't because, And so Mike, you won. You're right. You're right. But maybe they didn't because they weren't ready to announce the laptops cuz they haven't announced the laptops yet either.

Mikah Sargent (00:46:30):
Yeah. Still haven't come.

Leo Laporte (00:46:31):
And if you're gonna do an event, just the iPads alone with

Mikah Sargent (00:46:33):
Enough a little Exactly. It's not enough. And I think that they were struggling a lot with iPad OS as well. And so they really needed their developers working on that to get it where it needed to be because they ended up having to push out what they had not expected. Push out the introduction of stage manager on external devices or on external displays rather. So there were a lot of compromises being made all at once. And I think that that also played a role in why they didn't end up having an

Leo Laporte (00:47:02):
Event. Yeah. Very very interesting. Do you think they'll do any laptops next months?

Mikah Sargent (00:47:09):
I oh well, yes. Okay. So it's still October. I do think there's a,

Leo Laporte (00:47:13):
What month is it? Until October. That's important. Because next month is Monday, December, but yeah. Yes. On Tuesday. Yeah.

Mikah Sargent (00:47:19):
I could still see some New Max in November. I, I'm, I'm holding out

Leo Laporte (00:47:24):
For that. And I think Mike is gonna still win his bet cuz I don't think they'll do anything in November. They won. It's not enough won. However, I do think we have pinpointed the date. I I I, I do this and I did it last time and I'll do it again. It's gonna be November 15th that they will announce this, or, or 14th. But sometime in the week of November 14th is when they'll put that out. And, and the reason is you got this thing called an election the week before. You probably don't want to election, step on the election. I guess they could do it as soon as, you know, Tuesday, but I think probably the 15th, much later than that, they've got a problem. There's Thanksgiving of course. Mm-Hmm. <affirmative>. And then you get late in the month or December. It's too late for the holiday shopping season. Yeah. You can't get 'em in the stores in time. So my guess is that if they're gonna announce new laptops, and I'm pretty sure they will, It'll be November the week of November 14th. All right. Right. That down. Just put, putting it on record, Mike b Mike B says it'll be on a Wednesday. Mike b <laugh> 88. 88. Ask Leo. I'm not gonna say he is wrong. I'm not. Mary's on the line from the beautiful Mission Viejo, California. Hi Mary.

Caller 2 (00:48:33):
Hi. Hi. Welcome. Good morning. Morning. Thank you. I have question on laptops. Okay. My personal my family, my personal laptop died. It was a placebo touch screen. I was very happy with it, but it was just beat up and kept working. And then my work laptop, was it hp, but I forget what model, but only about a year and a half old. And I spilled liquid on it and he decked it out.

Leo Laporte (00:49:00):
Don't feel bad. I spilled liquid on my Mac a couple of weeks ago and brought it in. They said that'll be $1,300 to fix. And I said, the way, I now have a a memento <laugh>, which smells vaguely of coffee, oddly. So you want a Windows laptop, I take it?

Caller 2 (00:49:20):
Yes. yes. I, yes. And I use Office 365. I use office products. I use PDF programs. I log into a lot of platforms that run you know, have a large, you need, I need a large operating system, I guess.

Leo Laporte (00:49:35):
How big a screen do you like?

Caller 2 (00:49:39):
Over 15 inches or 17 inches.

Leo Laporte (00:49:42):
Okay. And do you do you ever connect it up to a big screen or you just kind of carry it around and use it that way? Oh, the

Caller 2 (00:49:47):
One, the one for work, I actually have what do you call, like a external or I plug it into two more screens. I forget how you call the data. Yeah, yeah.

Leo Laporte (00:50:00):
External. You have two external monitors.

Caller 2 (00:50:02):
Yes, I do. Nice. Yes I do.

Leo Laporte (00:50:04):
That's a great way to go.

Caller 2 (00:50:05):
Yeah. Cause I, yeah. And even with the third one, with the laptop itself, it's like a third because I use a lot of different programs and I have to log into different sites for work.

Leo Laporte (00:50:17):
So. And is battery life, how important is battery life to you?

Caller 2 (00:50:21):
No. It doesn't really matter.

Leo Laporte (00:50:23):
You're usually plugged in. Yeah. Yeah. So battery life is not important. Yes. That's good. The large screen laptops tend to be bigger and tend to use more battery. They are. There are I have a 15 inch Dell XPS in front of me, which I highly recommend. It's not inspiring. It doesn't make one jump for joy and say what a beautiful machine. But it works very well. The Dell XPS line and they have a 17 as well is a very good line. I also think for work, Lenovos, again, not inspiring, but the think pads are built like bricks. Mm-Hmm. <affirmative> easy to repair for the most part, unless you get the extra thin X one variety of them. I would take a look at if you want, You said you want, well you, you said you wanted a big one. You mean lots of storage, right?

Caller 2 (00:51:11):
Yeah. Yes. Yeah. Right. Lots of storage. Cause I have to you, I really use, like, I could have 10 different programs opened at one.

Leo Laporte (00:51:18):
Oh, that's lots of ram. Yeah,

Caller 2 (00:51:20):
That's it. That's, yeah, that's, And then I do need storage too. I don't, I don't know. I do use Yeah. Everything goes through the cloud anyway.

Leo Laporte (00:51:28):
Right. That's true. That's a good point. So you, maybe you don't need, do you so this is interesting. And what, and the programs are mostly office. Do you use any really demanding programs like 3d illustrations or CAD or something like that?

Caller 2 (00:51:43):
No. I do use PDF programs and 

Leo Laporte (00:51:46):
That's not too bad. Yeah. And word and office is not bad.

Caller 2 (00:51:50):
No. And yeah, I use a PDF program. I use Excel, all the office programs, but there's like security management platforms

Leo Laporte (00:51:59):
Platform. Yeah. And so if you want security management, you probably want the Intel Evo EVO platform. That's just a marketing term, but it comes with vPro, which is their remote access stuff. I would say, you know, ThinkPads are the way to go. The ThinkPad P is their very high end, high power, and of course much more expensive. You didn't tell me your budget, so I'm not gonna

Caller 2 (00:52:23):
No, I don't wanna go totally

Leo Laporte (00:52:25):
Spent that much money. Okay. So I,

Caller 2 (00:52:27):
What if I spill something on it again?

Leo Laporte (00:52:29):
Yeah, look at the T series, which is I think the most repairable think pads, they have very good keyboards. You know, and you're probably gonna be getting what we call a 12th generation intel processor. The I five is more than enough for you. You can get one or two terabytes of storage, I think since you store most of your stuff in the cloud. One terabytes plenty. No, this is, they have a 16 inch I don't think they go as high as 17. No,

Caller 2 (00:52:57):
It doesn't have to be 17, but I just don't wanna Sixteens,

Leo Laporte (00:53:01):
Sixteens good. And they do sell AMD versions if you, if money is tight, the AMD versions are a little bit more expensive and perfectly fine. But I would look at the ThinkPad T series. These are business laptops. They look like business laptops. And they're just, they're built like tanks and they do have the management, the vPro management that you want.

Caller 2 (00:53:21):
Okay. All right.

Leo Laporte (00:53:23):
Okay. So Dell is good. Think Pat is good. Honestly, HP's fine if you don't spill stuff into it. 

Caller 2 (00:53:32):
They actually found the liquid still inside like three weeks later when I went in

Leo Laporte (00:53:35):
To get a check, when I brought my my MacBook in, the guy says, you know, it, it still smells like coffee. And I said, Yeah. Says that's usually a bad sign, <laugh>. That means it really, it really soaked in. Yeah. So when he told me how much I brought it back to the office and had our repair guy take it apart and he showed me exactly what happened. There's a chip on the motherboard. I have the motherboard that's short circuited. You can't remove the battery in these modern things. If you get something wet and you can pull the power immediately, there's a sh a shot at drying it out before it gets short circuited. But most stuff, most phones and everything's got the battery glued in now. You can't take it out. So I couldn't remove power from that laptop. And I turned it off immediately, but that wasn't enough. It's short circuited one of the chips, and I looked at it and it's melted. I mean, it really is melted. So it, it needs a new motherboard and that's a big expensive thing. So, yeah. Anyway, ThinkPad, hp, Dell, they're all very good these days. Wouldn't go with Microsoft. A little overpriced. A little underpowered.

Caller 2 (00:54:37):
No. Yeah. Yeah. Have to get that one.

Leo Laporte (00:54:38):
Good. Leo Laport, Mike Sargent, your tech guys, more calls come. Yeah, I think you'll be very happy with that.

... (00:54:45):
Boom. Boom.

Leo Laporte (00:54:56):
Hello, Mr. Tuba. You like that joke I sent you? Huh?

Scott Wilkinson (00:55:00):
That joke you said?

Leo Laporte (00:55:02):
I figured. Oh, he's probably seen it. Somebody. No,

Scott Wilkinson (00:55:05):
I hadn't seen it before.

Leo Laporte (00:55:06):
A listener sent it to us. SCUBA stands for something, something underwater breathing apparatus.

Scott Wilkinson (00:55:13):
Self Self-contained. Self-Contained underwater.

Leo Laporte (00:55:16):
And tuba stands for terrible underwater breathing. <Laugh>, a listener sent me that and I thought I'm sending that to

Scott Wilkinson (00:55:26):
Scott. Oh, that's, isn't that story. Yes. Thank you very much. That is the first

Leo Laporte (00:55:29):
Like, terrible in, I was like, No. But then, and then Joanna, your wife was asking whether she should replace her. Very old Samsung. She should. Very old. Yes. Very old. With a Samsung S 22, which I have have the S 22 Ultra, or a new she wants, sees Android. Android. So new Pixel seven.

Scott Wilkinson (00:55:48):
She, she likes to using, she likes using Android.

Leo Laporte (00:55:51):
Yeah. And I sent you an article today from Tom's hardware comparing the cameras of the two and declaring, and I think it's true, the Pixel seven a winner. It's somewhat a matter of taste, but the Pixel seven is fantastic and I highly recommend it. Yeah, Yeah. Plus less expensive.

Scott Wilkinson (00:56:05):
And it's less expensive. Yeah.

Leo Laporte (00:56:06):
Save a couple hundred bucks. So

Scott Wilkinson (00:56:08):
Now she, she was mentioning that and you were mentioning too that the the user interface, the Android per se, is a little different between them. It

Leo Laporte (00:56:18):
Is. Is that correct? It is. And she's a little used to the Samsung, but the new Samsungs aren't like the old ones. She has a really old one one anyway. So she's gonna have a new UI and it's still Android. It's very, very similar, but she'll probably wanna spend some time if she goes with a pixel. This is pure Android. It's not No, no. Samsung edition. So these systems preferences, this, the settings are very different. She probably wanna spend, when she gets it some time just going through the system settings one by one. Mm-Hmm. <affirmative> cuz things are in different places and they look different. She will quickly get used to it. It's, it's so similar. Yeah.

Scott Wilkinson (00:56:50):
She said she, she did say she went to a, a store and looked at them and, and said, Yeah, the the user interface on the Samsung is different anyway.

Leo Laporte (00:56:57):
It's exactly right. Exactly right. But the fundamental stuff, like the home, the back button, the recent button, the notifications, all that stuff is pretty much the same. Yeah. Yeah. So this, what you'll wanna do is just play a little bit with the settings. And again, it's not so different. Yeah. It's Android. It's Android, it's hard. The thing, other thing I don't like about Samsung, I'm not crazy about Samsung, is they, they have their own messaging app, their own brow. They have kind of duplicated a lot of the Google stuff, and I don't, I prefer not to. So I'm, I'm pretty happy.

Scott Wilkinson (00:57:30):
Well, this, do you, do you think that this will solve the other problem that she was having, which was once we upgraded to the Mac Mini from an old, old iMac, all of a sudden the calendar or the, Yeah, the calendar was not sinking. When she put something into the phone, this old S nine, it did not go, did not populate into the computers or to the Google calendar on the computer. It did. The other way, if she put something in on the Google calendar in the computer, it populated into the phone, but not the other way around. And you mentioned a possibility of, you know, maybe deleting.

Leo Laporte (00:58:04):
Yeah, I'd start over. And the thing to remember is, conceptually the most important thing is make the Google stuff on Google be the official version of your calendar, your contacts. That's what

Scott Wilkinson (00:58:19):
Do you mean the official

Leo Laporte (00:58:20):
Well, you don't have to do anything special, but just think of it that way. That's the, I call it the canonical, the, the one source of truth of your calendar. And so what you're trying to do is you're trying to get all your other devices just to synchronize with Google. Yeah. And, and so for instance, that Android phone should, when you change something there, upload it to Google. Google the Google calendar in the Google context should be the official one. And then trust everything else to pull it down. So I think the thing to do is for her to make sure that Google has everything. I I, this is what I say. I

Scott Wilkinson (00:58:53):
Don't think she, I don't think she uses Google

Leo Laporte (00:58:55):
Contact. That's probably part of the problem. So she wants to really make sure she's doing that and, and, and have nothing on either phone or either computer, any of that local, but just say, No, no sync. I want my calendar and context to be on Google. There's a couple of advantages. Of course, when you lose your phone, you don't lose your data. Right. But also, then you have a single source of truth and everything synchronizes to that. And so, so by removing,

Scott Wilkinson (00:59:21):
So don't store anything local. Well,

Leo Laporte (00:59:23):
You will, It, it, they're gonna do that, but you don't need to do it consciously. And, and it's really more a question of just saying, I want everything to be on Google. Mm. So delete it everywhere else. As soon as you're sure that everything's on Google, delete it everywhere else. So go to contacts and, and then make sure it's all there. Once it is, then delete everything from your phone, from your laptop, from your everything everywhere. And start over. Re reattach your Google thing. And, and then in the Apple world, there are there are switches to say, Well, what Google stuff do you want? Do you really want that? And you say, Yes, I want address, I want contexts, I want mail, and I want notes. Turn 'em all on. Mm-Hmm. <affirmative>. And on the Android side, well, that's the natural state for a pixel phone. So you don't, you won't have to do anything fancy with that.

Scott Wilkinson (01:00:10):
Right. Okay. Yeah. Okay. Well,

Leo Laporte (01:00:13):
That's my suggestion anyway. Yeah,

Scott Wilkinson (01:00:14):
Yeah, yeah. Well, we'll work on that and see it

Leo Laporte (01:00:16):
Works best if you, if you are willing to let go and let Google, it'll all work. Best

Scott Wilkinson (01:00:21):
<Laugh>, let go and let

Leo Laporte (01:00:22):
Google. That's unfortunately <laugh>. Yeah. That's the thing to do, <laugh>. Yeah. All right. I'll let you have these four minutes all to yourself, cuz I'm gonna get some coffee.

Scott Wilkinson (01:00:30):
Ah, go get some coffee, man. Hello everybody. Let's see. Uncle Bick says, Make sure she's adding the events to events on the Google Calendar app. It also may be showing the Samsung calendar. You can turn off the Samsung calendar and the app so it doesn't show up. Hmm. Okay. Hey, Loquacious, always good to see you. How you doing? Hope you're having a good day. It's a lovely day here in Santa Cruz. Hey, Kay Woods, good to see you. Things are good here. We're just a little more than a month away from Tuba Christmas. I'm gonna go do it in la I'm a little nervous about this trip. Triple Demic of, of RSV and Covid and Flu. And, and the concert is in an indoor venue, but it's really big indoor venue. And at this point I'm planning to do it. I really miss Juba Christmas and I wanna do it.

So Quas is doing well. Saw my first close up SpaceX Rocket Launch. All right. That's right. You live kind of near Vandenburg, I think. Let's see. Oh, Louisville, Kentucky, Ben Fitzpatrick. Good to see you. And I'm, It's a nice and cool in Louisville, but that can be good. Dr. Mom, Grandma. Yes. We all should be, Can you put an N 95 over your tuba bell? No, they do make, believe it or not, they make covers for tuba bells that you can buy. And I, there are a couple people in the bands I'm playing in now here in Santa Cruz that that do use them. Last year had we done a tuba Christmas at our regular venue, they would've required all the tubas to have 'em. This year they're not.

And I must admit, there's, there's not a lot of air that comes out of a tuba, believe it or not. There's a lot of sound that comes out, but most of the air actually stays inside the tuba. Some gets out, but not a lot. And I've seen some studies done with of how much particulates are emitted from brass instruments. Trumpets are more, I don't remember what the tuba was exactly. Let's see. Yes. Get my shots and watch my tuba. Hey, me. Should, should TVs be transported vertically? Yes, they should. Because if you put 'em on their back and you go over some bumps, there's much more likelihood of it flexing and bending and breaking. <Laugh> empty pockets. How do you fix a broken tuba with a tuba glue? Of course. Gumby opinion on wireless earbuds, regardless of the links I sent you. I haven't looked at a lot of them lately. I still love my one more stylish earbuds. I, I really like those a lot. Benefit Fitzpatrick says these buddies with the band Fog hat. I

Leo Laporte (01:04:04):
Remember that. Oh, I remember Fog Hat. I remember Fog Hole and Leg Horn, Fog hat. Who was the was it Mountain, was it Leslie Mountain or something like that? Fog

Scott Wilkinson (01:04:12):
Hat? I don't, I don't remember.

Leo Laporte (01:04:14):
I was in the studio of the guy who plays guitar for stroke nine. Ever hear them?

Scott Wilkinson (01:04:20):
No. Thank

Leo Laporte (01:04:21):
You very much. We gotta go. Thank you, Scott. Okay.

Mikah Sargent (01:04:24):
Thank you Scott. Have a great

Leo Laporte (01:04:25):
Day, <laugh>.

Scott Wilkinson (01:04:26):
Thank you. You too.

Leo Laporte (01:04:28):
Enjoy. Bye. Bon Voyage Ball Vo. Well, hey, hey, hey. How are you today? Leo Laport and Mikah Sargent episode 1939, The tech guy, 1939, World War II is about to break out.

Mikah Sargent (01:04:45):
Wait 30 years and we'll go to the moon.

Leo Laporte (01:04:47):
Yeah, Yeah. Kind of fun. We could relive all of American history. <Laugh>.

Mikah Sargent (01:04:52):
Yeah. In this year, Big events in 1939.

Leo Laporte (01:04:59):
We have not yet played a song from 1939, but stay tuned. This is a little contest. We could play a little game. We could play. When you see, when you hear the song from 1939, raise your hand, Ra Yes. And let us know. And, and the first person to do so will win this cup of used pumpkin spice coffee. Oof. What do you mean when you say used Leo? You're asking an interesting question. Uhhuh, <affirmative> Mike and I during the top of the hour at noon, we have a habit of going out and making some coffee. And I made some coffee, but I did not check the Keurig. Just, I don't re I don't know what happened <laugh>, but I distracted talking. I was distracted. Yeah. And I opened it up and I said, Oh my God, not only is this some sort of pumpkin spice coffee in here, but I don't think I put it in.

Which means it's probably the second time through <laugh>. I don't know if I wish I were stronger or not. Yeah. To be honest. That's true. Cuz then you don't get overpowered with that. Horrible. But the prize will be this used twice used now. Pumpkin Spice capsule. No, there won't be any prizes. 88. 88. Ask Leo back to the phones. We go. If you want to call, if you wanna ask a question, 8 8 8 2 7 5 5 3 6. That's is toll free from anywhere in the world. It actually is toll free from the US and Canada. But if you are somewhere else, you can still call using Skype out or something like that. You know, FaceTime something that calls a a US number. And it should still be free because you know, it's free. So it should still be free. It should be free cuz it's free. Ben in Louisville, Kentucky. Hello Ben.

Caller 3 (01:06:39):
How you doing Leo?

Leo Laporte (01:06:40):
I'm great. How are you?

Caller 3 (01:06:43):
I'm okay. Got a lot of frustrations with this Lenovo laptop that I'm on.

Leo Laporte (01:06:50):
Oh. Oh, I just recommended one. So <laugh>, Now I'm worried. What, what Lenovo laptop. Do you have

Caller 3 (01:06:57):
A Allegion five as a

Leo Laporte (01:06:59):
Matter of Oh, it's the, it's their gaming rig.

Caller 3 (01:07:03):
Yes, sir. And I gotta tell you, the main frustration that I have with it is that it came with Windows 10 and it has an Aimy processor with onboard Rayon graphics, whatever. Yep. And then it has an video rtx Right. 2060S like that. And it's a nice laptop. My dad got it for me.

Leo Laporte (01:07:24):
It is. It's a very nice laptop. Yeah.

Caller 3 (01:07:26):

Leo Laporte (01:07:27):
But Verizon seven and a pretty good laptop. 30 series rtx. I think that's a nice, That's a good gaming machine.

Caller 3 (01:07:34):
Oh, it's a 20 series. It's a

Leo Laporte (01:07:35):
20 series. 20 series. So it's a little older. Okay. I'm looking at the current generation.

Caller 3 (01:07:39):
Yes. And I don't hate it. But the problem is, is that I'm kinda wishing that I had gone with the Intel version because the problem is I'm wanting to put Linux on it. Okay. And

Leo Laporte (01:07:52):
<Laugh> <laugh>

Caller 3 (01:07:54):

Leo Laporte (01:07:55):
I use Linux a lot of, I use my Linux with a Horizon seven, actually 5,900 at home on my desktop.

Caller 3 (01:08:03):
Well, the problem is, Leo, is the fact that I'm having trouble finding a Linux version that has a duly apple for changing between the two videos.

Leo Laporte (01:08:13):
Oh. Discreet and and motherboard graphics

Caller 3 (01:08:17):
And, you know, I was looking at maybe Manja or something like that. Cause I know they have decent graphics drivers with their hardware stack and all that. But the problem is, again, finding a gooey apple that's arch based that will work with it. And I looked at maybe Ubuntu as well. But again, I just, I can't find a distro that'll actually take with this particular thing that I'm wanting

Leo Laporte (01:08:42):
To do. Yeah. So the, the trick, The trick, and this is one of the issues with Lenox the, the people behind Lenox, which is nobody, the users I guess cause Lenux is a free open operating system. Yeah. The users kind of at least some of 'em have a prejudice against what they call proprietary software. In other words, they want everything to be open source. Right. The problem with video cards is most of those drivers are not open source Invidia. Notably, that's what you've got. So you, you probably want, and I think you've found a distribution of Linux where they're not so aggressively purist. Actually times are changing. Debbie and has now Debbie and which was a famously obsessively purist, has now said, Hey, maybe we should include what they call non-free drivers in our distros as well. So with Manjaro it isn't a big deal.

It's actually fairly easy to switch between because you have Manjaro. That means you have the Nvidia drivers to switch between desktop and you know discreet graphics. So Pop OS also is very good about that. Pop Os is the version of Debbie and slash Ubuntu created by System 76. They also sell, You use Pops. I love Pops. Yep. They sell similar systems with these mixed, mixed relationships. And and they're, they're good. At that too. So I'm just looking here at a majaro at the Majaro support. Have you tried Optimist Switch?

Caller 3 (01:10:22):
You mean Optimist Manager

Leo Laporte (01:10:24):
Or manager? There's Switch and Manager. Yeah. Have you tried those?

Leo Laporte (01:10:30):
Supposedly that's a, that's a gooey that does what you say you want do supposedly.

Caller 3 (01:10:34):
Yeah. And I think when I was on Pure Arch at one point, I tried NV Control, but the problem was it wasn't gooey. But I'll try Optimist Manager on this and see

Leo Laporte (01:10:45):
How it goes. The other thing you can do is you can easily do it with Command Line as, as you probably know, and it wouldn't be so hard to create a just kind a desktop shortcut that is really the command lines. Yeah. So you just have a little shortcut that says switch. I will

Caller 3 (01:11:04):
Yeah, there's something else I wanted to mention. I did get the iPhone 14 as we discussed a while back, as a matter of fact. Good. Yes. And also remember how I was talking to you about the M one MacBook with Mikah a while back. I finally got that

Leo Laporte (01:11:19):
<Laugh> and

Caller 3 (01:11:21):
It's awesome. I tell you I love it. I have had zero problems with either device and they're, they're just

Leo Laporte (01:11:27):
Phenomenal. It kind of bugs me because you're absolutely right. If you're all Apple, everything just works really well together. Yeah. And it really peeves me <laugh> because like, I gotta stay with this. I think the world should allow you to work well with whatever heterogeneous environment you, you want. Yeah. But, but Apple's, Apple's interests of course are in making you buy more Apple stuff. So everything works best. And I have to say,

Caller 3 (01:11:55):
I mean, you know, cause you know, as well as I do that Linux is not meant to run on. It's just not. Yeah.

Leo Laporte (01:12:02):
No. In fact, it's really, don't buy a Mac for a Linux machine. The good news about the Mac is it is running on a Unix derivative. Right. So you have most of the benefits running

Caller 3 (01:12:10):
Through B to D.

Leo Laporte (01:12:11):
Yeah. Well, so be a Yeah. Sort of. It's complicated anyway, sort of. Yeah. It's based on bsd. So I use for instance, I mean I'm, I'm a, I'm a a Unix e kind of guy. I'm using emax most almost all the time on my Mac. And I'm, you know, writing stuff in Lisp and <laugh>. I'm doing all this very un nixy stuff and it works great. And

Caller 3 (01:12:31):
Then of the place, Yeah.

Leo Laporte (01:12:33):
Well, I like the command line. And so I live in kind of on the Mac. I'm weird. I live in the command line. But here's the beauty of it. You get both. So you have a, you have a command line Unix system, and then if you want a gooey graphics user interface for things like your word processing and stuff like that, you, you got it. Yes,

Caller 3 (01:12:50):
Exactly. Yeah. Well also, Leo remember how I said in the chat room on that? I know Fog Hat. Well, the story behind that is, I'll be quick, is that I was browsing around one day cuz I used to play Guitar Hero fairly actively. And that's where I first heard their music. And I said, Okay, I'm gonna look out this there way to host them for our concert. Which I reached out to their guy Charlie, who used to work for them.

Leo Laporte (01:13:13):
This is a band from my era. They were formed in 1971. <Laugh>.

Caller 3 (01:13:19):
Yes. And I went to and so I called him up on the phone and said, Hey Charlie, what's it like to get you guys for a concert? And they sent me a flyer to No

Leo Laporte (01:13:30):

Caller 3 (01:13:30):
And I was like, Yeah, this is a bit much. So we just drove up to a, to Kokomo Indiana and hung out with them. And they were very nice and they actually played nice. They played for us.

Leo Laporte (01:13:43):
And what's their big hit that everybody would know?

Caller 3 (01:13:45):
Low Ride Lo

Leo Laporte (01:13:47):
Ride Slow Rock. Come on and take a slow ride. That's a great song. Yeah. You know what, I'm gonna get Professor Laura to play it in Your Honor, when we come back. 88. 88. Ask Leo the phone number. (888) 827-5536. And <laugh>, we, we will come back in just a little bit. Johnny Jet Travel Guru coming up. More of your calls too. Lo Ride. Perfect. Mikah, Sargent and Leo LaPorte. I forgot about Slow Ride. Come on and take a That's a great song. Love. It's Fog Hat is the name of the band. F o g h A T. And it's their song. Slow Ride. Thank you, Leo. Hey, what's your chat room name? Ben Fitzpatrick. Okay, Ben. Thank you. Nice to talk to you again. Yeah.

Mikah Sargent (01:14:35):

Leo Laporte (01:14:36):
Good at I like, I like my Linux users. Yes.

Mikah Sargent (01:14:40):
I, there are quite a few of them lately.

Leo Laporte (01:14:42):
We, Yes. Because I keep pushing it. <Laugh>. So you used Pop? Mm-Hmm. <affirmative> os

Mikah Sargent (01:14:47):
Yeah. On that machine you gave me.

Leo Laporte (01:14:50):
I gave you a machine. You did. I'm I'm a generous guy.

Mikah Sargent (01:14:53):
You were very

Leo Laporte (01:14:53):
Kind. I don't remember giving you a machine. What kind of machine

Mikah Sargent (01:14:55):
Was So it's a laptop. It's a Oh goodness.

Leo Laporte (01:15:01):
Oh, it was like in the, in the garage sale.

Mikah Sargent (01:15:04):

Leo Laporte (01:15:04):
You Leo's garage sale.

Mikah Sargent (01:15:05):
You said, I'm bringing you this Linux machine. Oh, yeah, yeah, yeah. And I can't think of the name of the

Leo Laporte (01:15:09):
Darter Pro from System 76.

Mikah Sargent (01:15:11):
Yeah. System 76. Yeah. Yeah. Yeah. So

Leo Laporte (01:15:13):
Of course I remember giving you that. Yeah. Good. You need to know Windows, Mac and Lennox. Yeah. If you're gonna be a tech guy. We

Mikah Sargent (01:15:20):
Also reminds me, I've been listening to albums with the hip deck.

Leo Laporte (01:15:26):
Oh, I forgot to ask you about that.

Mikah Sargent (01:15:28):
You spoiled me. You

Leo Laporte (01:15:29):
Like it, you figured it out and you had the compatibility. Yeah.

Mikah Sargent (01:15:32):
I had, I had both. One for usbc, one for Lightning. Perfect. Perfect. But now I just wanna listen to, Cause I can just hear this mouth sound. It's much nicer, isn't it? It's musicians. Oh,

Leo Laporte (01:15:42):
I'm so glad.

Mikah Sargent (01:15:42):
Yeah. It's

Leo Laporte (01:15:43):
Great. Oh, I'm so glad.

Mikah Sargent (01:15:45):
Good. And I, I was impressed when I plugged it into the Mac and it can go up to like 192 or something, or whatever it is.

Leo Laporte (01:15:50):
You can have really good quality. It's ridiculous. Yeah. Yeah. Oh, that's so great. I'm glad to hear

Mikah Sargent (01:15:56):
That. Yeah. So thank you for that as well.

Leo Laporte (01:15:58):
I'm just giving it mic. We should, it's, it's kind of a premature, but we're gonna, Mike and I are gonna be doing a podcast together. Oh, yeah. Kind of a ask the tech guys thing. And I'm trying to, I want Mikah to become, I want basically Mike to take over <laugh> when I die. So don't get your hopes up, dude. No, no. I want him to take over and, and just kind of keep it all going forever. Forever and ever and ever. <Laugh> I'm in.

Mikah Sargent (01:16:25):
I'm Exactly, I'm in.

Leo Laporte (01:16:28):
So that's the plan. So we're slowly, I figure, in fact, the next thing I'm gonna bring you oh

Mikah Sargent (01:16:34):

Leo Laporte (01:16:36):
Is this not to give you, but to lend you Uhhuh. And you and your friends can use it as long as you wipe it out afterwards.

Mikah Sargent (01:16:44):
Okay. What did <laugh> Now I'm really nervous

Leo Laporte (01:16:47):
Is the Quest Pro.

Mikah Sargent (01:16:49):
Oh, I really would love to see.

Leo Laporte (01:16:50):
So cool.

Mikah Sargent (01:16:51):
I thought you were gonna bring it today.

Leo Laporte (01:16:53):
I almost did. I could. You were ready to try it. Oh, I'm sorry. You almost did, but I'm not really ready to give it up yet. It's too

Mikah Sargent (01:16:59):
Much fun. Yeah. No, no, no. I wouldn't even,

Leo Laporte (01:17:01):
I'll I'll bring it next week.

Mikah Sargent (01:17:03):
I just wanted to try it on and see what it looks like in comparison to the

Leo Laporte (01:17:06):
Quest. I would totally bring it to you. You have the quest. I have the, the Quest too. Yeah. Oh, I really want you to do it then, because I really want to know how it compares.

Mikah Sargent (01:17:13):
That's what I've been most curious about. Yeah. Is how much better it is.

Mikah Sargent (01:17:19):
It was funny watching you on Windows Weekly wearing it and still being able to do things. Yeah. You

Leo Laporte (01:17:23):
Could see through it. Yeah. Better than the Quest.

Mikah Sargent (01:17:25):
Better than the Quest too. Cause you can What the quest too?

Leo Laporte (01:17:27):
It's color Uhhuh. It's still fuzzy. So it's like the virtual world feels very real and the real world feels very fake. Fake. Whoa. Oh, I should have brought it. I really should have brought it. Darn

Mikah Sargent (01:17:37):
It. I'm looking forward to watching the tech brick on it.

Leo Laporte (01:17:41):
Yeah. We had fun with that. Good. So I will,

Mikah Sargent (01:17:44):
What did you end up doing to capture the video? Was it a cut? Chromecast?

Leo Laporte (01:17:46):
You can Chromecast the video, but what it doesn't capture is the real world. Oh. So when you're looking at the real world, it's black. So there's a game I want you to die, that you're in a box and you open the box. And in the real world, the, you open these little slots in the door and you can see a little slot of the real world through it. Okay. That's so cool.

Mikah Sargent (01:18:06):
That's really,

Leo Laporte (01:18:07):
But on the video, all you get is, is black. But yeah, you try and then there's there's a bunch of games on it. What made me think of this is I've been playing Beat Saber. Mm-Hmm. <affirmative>. And then I like even more, There's another one where you slash you do stuff as you're playing, as you're, you're listen super for Natural and there's a no, it's it's just, it's like synth writer or something like that. But I got Lizzo on the beat Saber. It's really fun. You're gonna like it. I wanna tell you about new, I was hanging on Wednesday with one of our great chatters Rec Con Five. Wasn't gonna say his name, I guess he says it's okay. This, the whole story of this is we, I saw him just before the Covid Pandemic. He came to one of our events.

Big beard, big bushy beard, big guy, love him. Got to know him a little bit. When we did the Alaska cruise. He said, Oh, I'm gonna go. My wife and I are gonna go on the cruise. I said, Oh, great. Got to the boat. Didn't see him. I actually messaged him. I said, Where are you? I thought you were coming on the cruise. He says, I'm standing right next to you, <laugh>. I looked over, I said, Who's you? What? He had lost 65 pounds on Nom. I said, How'd you do it? He said, Nom. I said, I'm on Nom. Lisas on. We love Nom. Nom is not a diet. Don't get your hopes up. Nom is a way of understanding why you eat, In my case, overeat, what the habits are that are causing it. Making it hard for you to lose weight. But it's not about dieting.

In fact, there's no foods that are off limit. Num is a psychology based approach that empowers you to build more sustainable habits, more sustainable behaviors with lasting results. More than 3.6 million people have lost weight with Nom on average. I gotta tell you, on average, 15 pounds and 16 weeks, 95% of customers say Noom weight is a good long term solution. I'm not saying you're gonna lose 65 pounds. Lisa lost, I think 20. I lost, lost 20. And I actually have more to lose. But that's the beauty part of Noom. You can do it. It's part of your life. Now. Every journey's different though. So your daily lessons, you get. So what, how does it work? So you, you, you're gonna get an app, your new map that has regular lessons that you, you know, you could spend five, 10 minutes and 15 minutes a day.

It's up to you doing those lessons. They're, they're about teaching you. It's kinda based on C B T, Cognitive behavioral Therapy. They're helping you understand your relationship with food. So, for instance, I learned that I'm a fog eater. I get, I get when I get stressed or I get really hungry, I go home and I stuff, and I'm not even aware of it. I just stuff stuff in my mouth and I'm not even aware of it. One of the things Lisa and I do because of new, is when we're sitting down to a meal, we, first of all, we sit down at dinner every night. Table tablecloth, silverware, napkins, turn off the tv, turn off the food, and, and, and taste our food. Sometimes I'll even close my eyes and chew it. Taste it. It makes a bit. You would think that's it makes a huge difference.

They publish more than 30 peer reviewed scientific articles that inform users, practitioners, scientists in the public about their methods, about how they work and why they work. By the way, that's me. You might not, you might be completely different. That's the beauty of Nom. You choose what you want and it helps you in the areas you want health in the best part, Noom does not believe in restricting what you can eat or can't eat. There are no off limits foods. Whatever your health goals are, The flexible, non-restrictive program focuses on progress instead of perfection. You have a bad day, It's not a problem. You can have a coach if you want. I love my Noom coach. You can have a group if you want. You have the lessons. It's kind of what you need and what you want. What works for you. It has been a life-changing experience for me, for Lisa for Reccon and for Brianna.

Woo. She lost more than a hundred pounds. Wow. On Noom. And I didn't know it was nom. I just knew she was looking really great. And I thought, Wow. And when we were, we were doing a show and she said, Yeah, it was Noom. Noom works, but it works in a way that you've never experienced. I've done every diet in the world. This is not a diet. This is learning about what's going on in your brain. Stay focused on what's important to you with nom weight, psychology based approach. You could sign up for a trial right now, Noom, n o o m N o o Sign up for your trial today. You'll be supporting the tech guy. You'll the network. And I think you're supporting yourself. I think this is something that you can do for yourself. Lisa started it cuz she wanted to support me as my spouse. Aw. And then she she loves it too. It's great. Noom.Com/Twi. Thank you. No, here we go. Here we go.

Mikah Sargent (01:22:52):
Song from 1939.

Leo Laporte (01:22:54):
Yep. 1939. I'm raising my hand <laugh>. And guess what? I got some pumpkin spice. Old SP spices. Yeah.

Mikah Sargent (01:23:02):
Wow. Listen to that.

Leo Laporte (01:23:05):
There you go. Little fog hat. I feel like a DJ once again. Professor Laura. You rock. You do rock. That must have been way back in the library. <Laugh>. You had a climb. They had to get on the ladder. Oh, that ladder I worry about. Oh, we have that ladder. You know, that's on wheels so you can slide it along. Library. I don't think nobody ever goes up on that ladder. So I'm really worried. Was it rusty? Oh man. Was it really squeaky when you <laugh>?

Mikah Sargent (01:23:34):
We appreciate your sacrifice. Thank you.

Leo Laporte (01:23:36):
Cause the library's alphabetical, but it's alphabetical by year. So if you're going to 1970, whatever decade, it's by decade. By decade. Oh, okay. Well that's not quite so bad. But you had to go back to the seventies, didn't you for that? So that's way in the back. There's spiders. It's dusty, man. The souls

Mikah Sargent (01:23:53):

Leo Laporte (01:23:53):
Loft. The souls of lost <laugh>. The lost souls of you actually have to talk, talk, show hosts from the past.

Mikah Sargent (01:23:58):
It's like, prove yourself. Oh

Leo Laporte (01:24:00):

Mikah Sargent (01:24:01):
You have to pass their trials.

Leo Laporte (01:24:01):
I think it is true that Art Bell has been haunting it. That's what I've been told. So be careful back there. Will you

Mikah Sargent (01:24:06):
Wait, Is this in Beau? What did you call it? Beautiful,

Leo Laporte (01:24:09):
Beautiful Perro.

Mikah Sargent (01:24:11):
Wherever Professor Laura is.

Leo Laporte (01:24:12):
Oh, she's in beautiful Sherman Oaks council.

Mikah Sargent (01:24:14):
There you go. I don't know why that's so funny to me. And beautiful. Sherman Oak. Beautiful.

Leo Laporte (01:24:19):

Mikah Sargent (01:24:19):
Oaks couch. Sherman Oaks sounds like a retirement home. It is.

Leo Laporte (01:24:23):
Laura says it is <laugh>. Well, there you go. I gotta get you a microphone Laura cuz I can hear you. You can hear her right. The chat room can hear me. The chat room can hear you. The podcast. I

Mikah Sargent (01:24:33):
Think the radio can't,

Leo Laporte (01:24:34):
The radio can't hear that. Oh

Mikah Sargent (01:24:35):

Leo Laporte (01:24:36):
That's by, I never need that by Design <laugh>, I think.

Mikah Sargent (01:24:39):
Oh, okay. Cuz yeah. So Professor Laura will whisper. Yeah. Okay. Yeah,

Leo Laporte (01:24:43):
Yeah. Got it. It's by design. 88. 88. Ask Leo <laugh>. I don't think I have enough clap to get you a microphone. I'm sorry. Right.

Mikah Sargent (01:24:52):
Listen, Professor Lord needs a microphone.

Leo Laporte (01:24:54):
David's on the line from Westminster, California. Hello David. The tech guys. Leo and Mikah on the line.

Caller 4 (01:25:00):
Hey there, thanks for taking my call.

Leo Laporte (01:25:02):
Thanks. To call for calling

Caller 4 (01:25:08):
To figure out how to use the Windows 11 Pro remote desktop feature to get onto my employer's computer.

Leo Laporte (01:25:18):
Well, first of all, your employer has to let you.

Caller 4 (01:25:21):

Leo Laporte (01:25:21):
Oh good.

Caller 4 (01:25:26):
I'm using the app on my Mac, the Microsoft remote desk.

Leo Laporte (01:25:31):
Oh, that's part of the problem. Sure. I

Mikah Sargent (01:25:33):
Didn't know that there was one.

Caller 4 (01:25:34):
Okay. When I, when I'm in, when I'm at his house on his network, I can do it. Yes. But when I'm not there, it doesn't

Leo Laporte (01:25:44):
Work. Cause his network is protecting him against you.

Mikah Sargent (01:25:48):
Is it time report forwarding Leo?

Leo Laporte (01:25:50):
Well, I don't like putting remote desktop out on the public, to be honest. There have been way too many security flaws. So in order to put a remote access solution out so that the public internet can get in, which is what you wanna do, you have to, besides enabling it and all that stuff, you have to tell your router I want remote desktop to get in and yeah, I mean you can do it. The port for it is typically 33 89. So you would have to get into his router, not yours, but his, and say, when I get traffic over port 33 89, I think it's probably both TCP and udp. I wanna forward it to the IP address of the boss's computer. The one he wants to let you into. So that's in effect put poking a hole in the router's firewall and telling the router.

And this is for safety. You know, there's a couple of ways to poke a hole in a router firewall. One, all routers are firewalls, by the way. Routers are designed to route inbound traffic, but they only route inbound traffic. They expect, in other words, you're already in a conversation with a website or your email provider or whatever. If they get a packet of information from from you, you know, David's sending some, some data along port 33 89. They're just going to, the router normally will go, I don't know what this is. And, and discard it. They won't respond. That's what you're getting is a block. So you have to tell the router, You can, some people sometimes do this cuz it's easier. Just put the whole, your boss's whole computer in a, in what they call a dmz, the demilitarized zone, which opens it up to everything. Don't do that. I presume you're the boss's tech guy. Right.

Caller 4 (01:27:44):
Becoming See bosses that guy

Leo Laporte (01:27:46):
<Laugh> don't do that. You wanna just be very specific and say to the router, Look, 33 89, that's for me. And make sure it goes to that IP address. So you're gonna have to go back to the boss's house. You're gonna have to figure out how to log into his router. Usually you do that with a browser to a specific IP address. Sure. You know how to do that. Right. And then open up that port with port, it's, it's called Port Forwarding and say, Hey, forward traffic along that. I I I expect that. Forward it to my boss. And and then you can change the listening port on remote desktop on Windows. So make sure, you know, if you don't want to use 33 89. Yeah.

Mikah Sargent (01:28:26):
I'm reading about lots of vulnerabilities on

Leo Laporte (01:28:27):
3 89. Oh, RDP is a nightmare. I mean, if Steve Gibson were here, he'd be slapping me silly. Quite

Mikah Sargent (01:28:33):
Literally on reading

Leo Laporte (01:28:34):
About it. Yeah. Yeah. But you can change the port, but that's really not much of an improvement in security. I would, you know, honestly, I'd probably use, I would prefer that you use something like Log Me In, which is there's a free tier. There are a lot of desktop desk. What is it called? Team Viewer. A lot of people use that. These are a little easier to use. Most of them use something called NA translation. So you don't have to do port forwarding. They contact a server in the middle and you can do

Caller 4 (01:29:05):
That. Oh, I understand.

Leo Laporte (01:29:05):
Yeah. So that's the problem with rdp. That's, Well, the real problem with RDP is that it's, Microsoft is not <laugh>, I don't know, how do I say this without really insulting my friends at Microsoft that suffers a little buggy. And there've been no many, many, many security exploits with rdp.

Caller 4 (01:29:25):
You know, there's been, there's a reason why I haven't been a Windows user for

Leo Laporte (01:29:28):
<Laugh>. Exactly.

Leo Laporte (01:29:32):
You can look at ways to harden it. The

Caller 4 (01:29:34):
Follow up question. Yeah,

Leo Laporte (01:29:35):

Caller 4 (01:29:37):
If, if, is there a way for if is logged in, if we even if we went to like log me in or Team View that he could be using his computer and I could log in at the same time. Yeah. Okay. Yeah, that would be helpful.

Leo Laporte (01:29:52):
Yeah. You, so yeah. For instance, you can show him stuff. Mm-Hmm. <affirmative>

Mikah Sargent (01:29:56):
Click here and then do this. Yeah. Oh, that email you clicked on that you shouldn't have. Well,

Leo Laporte (01:30:01):
Here is how they, honestly, if he's asking you to do this and he's asking you to do this more than a, a little bit, just get him to spend some money on, on a professional grade solution, you'll be much safer.

Caller 4 (01:30:13):
Okay. Well thank you so much.

Leo Laporte (01:30:16):
Hey, my pleasure. Congratulations on your promotion to tech guy with great, with great responsibility comes, Wait a minute, I got that wrong. With great power comes great responsibility and with great responsibility comes no increase in pay and a lot and a lot of pain in the butt stuff. <Laugh>.

Caller 4 (01:30:37):
There we go.

Leo Laporte (01:30:39):
<Laugh>. Exactly. Yeah. I, I used to work for a living. Yeah, I remember those days. <Laugh>. Good. Good luck, David. It's great to talk to you. Thanks for calling. I think you get, you get the idea, right? Yeah, yeah. I'll put a link. There's a, I'll put a link in the show notes to, to some stuff about how to, and probably there's some stuff about hardening it so that you don't Yep. Get into trouble with it. But it's, it's always worried me. RDP is not great. Leo LaPorte, Mikah, Sargent, your tech guys, thank you for playing Fog Hat. Wasn't that a great song? Yes. Elon said he did not lift restrictions on Ye's. Account said they did that before I got here, which is Okay fine. And he has not yet killed the Elon's private jet account. Oh.

Mikah Sargent (01:31:39):
Oh, that would

Leo Laporte (01:31:39):
Be interesting. That is our canary in the coal mine. Yeah, exactly. When that goes away, then you know, Elon has decided to get involved

Mikah Sargent (01:31:48):
His own personal,

Leo Laporte (01:31:50):
Oh, I forgot to mention our T-shirt. Oh yeah. I forgot everybody. I want everybody at Twitter to wear this t-shirt on Monday. Well, at least 75% of you if you go to the TWI TV store, it's the one of the featured products.

Johnny Jet (01:32:12):

Leo Laporte (01:32:15):
Let's see if I can get a screen grab of that here.

Johnny Jet (01:32:19):
Johnny, how you doing? I'm well, Johnny. How are you? Good, thank you.

Leo Laporte (01:32:26):
This is the featured product. It says the real chief twi me.

Johnny Jet (01:32:34):
Good one.

Leo Laporte (01:32:35):
And if you use the offer co, despite what some billionaire says, that's what the tag says. If you use the offer code club twi you get 10% off. So it's pretty cheap. Anyway, we got it up like the day of. Yeah. Our amazing, our amazing team.

Johnny Jet (01:32:54):
Did you tweet it out?

Leo Laporte (01:32:56):
Oh, you know what did I, Yes I did. And I said I want 75% of the Twitter workforce to wear this on Monday. <Laugh>, you know, which 75% you are.

Johnny Jet (01:33:06):
Yeah. So

Leo Laporte (01:33:08):
Yeah, we did tweet it out time about

Johnny Jet (01:33:10):
Pink slip.

Leo Laporte (01:33:13):
I'll, Yeah, since you're gonna get a pink slip, might as well they wear the t-shirt. I should get it in pink

Johnny Jet (01:33:19):
<Laugh>. Is he really firing 75%?

Leo Laporte (01:33:21):
No, he now says he's not, but I think that's just cuz he doesn't want a mass exodus on his hands. He's probably not wrong that there's a bit of dead wood and Twitter. I've heard that from a number of sources, but all right, here we go with Jonathan Jet,

Johnny Jet (01:33:38):
Not Jonathan. Hi, Jonathan.

Leo Laporte (01:33:42):
Jonathan Livingston.

Johnny Jet (01:33:43):
Jet. No. Johnny, Have you seen Stripes? Don't call me Francis <laugh>. Don't call me Jonathan.

Leo Laporte (01:33:54):
Hey, it's time for Johnny Jet, our traveling guru. He helps us travel better with technology every week on the Tech Guys' show. And he's here right now wearing his Yankees hat in Shame.

Johnny Jet (01:34:06):
Oh, it's not in shame, in

Leo Laporte (01:34:08):
In sadness.

Johnny Jet (01:34:09):
He's, That's actually a costume. Not actually. Is

Leo Laporte (01:34:12):
That your Halloween

Johnny Jet (01:34:12):
Costume? Yeah.

Leo Laporte (01:34:13):
No, it's very scary. Are you going as Aaron Judge? I,

Johnny Jet (01:34:16):
I have, I have Bedhead, which is why I'm wearing Oh

Leo Laporte (01:34:18):
Yeah. That's a good reason. Yeah, yeah, yeah. Johnny is a Yankees fan. That's okay. I'm a Giants fan. So what? Hey right. Neither of us are in the World Series.

Johnny Jet (01:34:27):
Listen, I think, I think everyone's a Phillies fan this week.

Leo Laporte (01:34:30):
Unless you're I am too. Yeah. I'm a Phillies fan and boy, what a game that was last night. That was great. Wow. Johnny.

Leo Laporte (01:34:38):
I flew to Vegas

Johnny Jet (01:34:40):
Last night. I saw you saw Katie Perry.

Leo Laporte (01:34:43):
I'm a Katie Cat. Saw Katie second to last show for her residency. Wonderful show. Really fantastic. On the, at the airport of the plane on our way, Lisa and I wore our masks. Didn't even take it off to to eat. Just maybe stuff to peanut underneath. That's it. Then we get to the hotel and it's jammed. By the way, we stayed at Resorts World. It's jammed. No one, no one's wearing a mask. No one's wearing a mask unless it's a Halloween costume. <Laugh>, no one's wearing a mask. And weirdly, you know, when you're married to somebody of course if she got covid, I could, you know, get away from her. But I don't want to. So we kind of feel like whatever you do so shall I. Because that way, you know, if you get it, I'm gonna get it. Anyway, so that's the, you know, so Lisa and I look at each other and go and we take off the masks and the whole three days we were there at the concert in the restaurants, dancing, like crazed people down in, they have the dog house or thing in no masks.

Thousands of people all over the world. Didn't get covid, I'm happy to say. But then we get to the airport, put the mat dutifully put the mask back on, on the, in the airport and the

Johnny Jet (01:36:00):
Plane at that point. Forget that. I know. I mean, you're safer on the plane than you

Leo Laporte (01:36:04):
Are. I know. It's not, it's not, It's psychology. It's not rational. Thank goodness I didn't get anything. But now I think maybe the time to mask up again has come. 

Johnny Jet (01:36:16):
You know, we kinda let our guard down once our kids went to

Leo Laporte (01:36:20):
School. Yeah. You know? Yeah, exactly.

Johnny Jet (01:36:22):
And our kids have been sick every week. Yeah, of course. One of those been sick, you

Leo Laporte (01:36:26):
Know, why two years? They didn't get any germs in their body, so they have no immunity and they're getting all the RSVs and the, all that stuff. But anyway, the only reason I bring that up, it, it, it felt like in Vegas that it was like nothing had ever happened. 2019. Yeah. It just, every, And Pete, in fact, it was worse than that because people were so happy to be out of the masks. Well,

Johnny Jet (01:36:49):
It's gotta be a great feeling, right?

Leo Laporte (01:36:50):
Oh, it was wonderful. I thought if I get covid, it was, it was worth it. <Laugh>.

Johnny Jet (01:36:54):
Well, what's interesting is that this past week, I think it was Sunday or possibly the Sunday before it was the most people going through security checkpoints than there has been the whole last three years. Yeah. The

Leo Laporte (01:37:10):
Pandemic not a surprise.

Johnny Jet (01:37:11):
And this is a, this is a random Sunday in October. It was actually the 16th. It was two weeks ago. But even this past week, almost every single day, there's been more travelers passing through checkpoints than there have been in 2019 on the same day. Which is saying something this, it's, it hasn't been like that. And what's even more crazy is that the airlines are, you know, they're still not back. They don't have enough planes or

Leo Laporte (01:37:34):
Crew. Yeah. Yeah. So I felt very lucky.

Johnny Jet (01:37:36):
Just imagine once they, once they get 'em.

Leo Laporte (01:37:38):
Yeah. People are traveling. They are,

Johnny Jet (01:37:41):
They are traveling.

Leo Laporte (01:37:43):
I did notice that the the the, the tables weren't fully occupied, so maybe it wasn't a full house. It sure felt like it. I, I don't know if it was, but it sure felt like, like it. And it really, it it did, it

Johnny Jet (01:37:56):
Did feel good. You mean the casino tables?

Leo Laporte (01:37:58):
Yeah, the, the gambling.

Johnny Jet (01:37:59):
I think people are like, you know what? They don't wanna lose their

Leo Laporte (01:38:01):
Money. Maybe they wanna gamble.

Johnny Jet (01:38:02):
Yeah. They're worried about

Leo Laporte (01:38:03):
A, they'd already gambled enough coming to Vegas. They didn't wanna do any more. Yeah. By the way, felt really good, I have to say. Felt really good.

Johnny Jet (01:38:12):
And they're expecting it to stay like this. The CEO of United Airlines this week said that he was shocked at the numbers. They all thought it was just gonna drop off after Labor Day as I did too. Right. I thought the numbers would drop. Kids go back in school. But he said because of the new work environment where most people are working from home, at least on Monday and Friday, that every single weekend is now like a holiday weekend.

Leo Laporte (01:38:35):
My home is Caesar's Palace this week <laugh>.

Johnny Jet (01:38:37):
Which I, which I think is great because, you know, people are finally realizing that, you know what? Life is short. Get out, see the world and travel and you can do it and work at the same time. It is amazing. I've been doing this for twentysomething years. Yeah,

Leo Laporte (01:38:49):
Yeah. It's great, isn't it? You know, it is. Bosses don't seem to like it. There are some companies where the bosses are kind of a, Oh, no one's productive anymore. You'll get back here.

Johnny Jet (01:39:00):
I can understand that. But if you wanna save money, you need a book in advance. And just remember that now every weekend is basically a holiday weekend and prices are are going through the roof.

Leo Laporte (01:39:09):
Yeah, yeah. Bet they are. I'm that We have a Mississippi cruise plan in a couple of years and I noticed that the river is a little low for both.

Johnny Jet (01:39:19):
It's drying out. Same thing with the Europe. I mean, it's a problem.

Leo Laporte (01:39:23):
I like river cruises, but maybe I love 'em. Maybe they, that's a thing of the past.

Johnny Jet (01:39:29):
I hope not. I hope not. But you know, the pens you ask and we'll, we'll have to just wait and see. But they are drying up, no doubt.

Leo Laporte (01:39:38):

Johnny Jet (01:39:39):
So we'll see. But I, this week I wrote a post about I had a reader ask me a question about getting juice jacked

Leo Laporte (01:39:45):

Johnny Jet (01:39:46):
So I thought of you. What's

Leo Laporte (01:39:47):

Johnny Jet (01:39:47):
You know, juice jacked is when you plug in your phone or whatever, you're charging your device into a USB port, like at the airport or an airplane or a rent a car. And they have some kind of malware on there. Oh, so you remember you telling me, told me

Leo Laporte (01:40:01):
A long time condom.

Johnny Jet (01:40:02):
Exactly. That's what you told me. A data blocker. So I said, you know, that's one way to do it. Another way is obviously just bring your own charger with you. That's what I do. Plug it into the wall. We do, I

Leo Laporte (01:40:13):
Do. We don't, What we do normally is we bring a battery with us. That

Johnny Jet (01:40:18):
Is it. That was my

Leo Laporte (01:40:19):
Third, an extra battery. And and that way we always have juice wherever we are. And it's safe. A

Johnny Jet (01:40:23):
Power bank you bring, you bring a

Leo Laporte (01:40:25):
Power bank Power. Exactly right.

Johnny Jet (01:40:26):
Yeah. So that's what, that's what I was recommending. But do you still use those USB condoms?

Leo Laporte (01:40:32):
I don't, cuz I don't ever, But that's really important. And I should probably say this more often. We get to the hotel and most hotels now have USB ports in the wall. Definitely still don't use those because data can come in over those, which means they're potentially hazardous. They're malware. So bring your own charging brick. We do. And plug into the plug socket. And you're safe that way. I don't use the, I have in my travel bag, the, the little us. They're just little things you put on the USB port. And all it does is it blocks all the wires except for the power wires. So there's no data transfer. That's a safe way to do it. But I, I find having power banks is convenient for a variety of reasons. And of course there's no problem there either. So we, that's what we mostly do.

Johnny Jet (01:41:18):
I'm the same way. Yeah. But

Leo Laporte (01:41:21):
Do not trust a USB key you find on the ground or you find anywhere. Throw it out that hackers call that a candy drop. And do not plug your,

Johnny Jet (01:41:30):
But how about one that you're given to at a, at a trade show?

Leo Laporte (01:41:33):
I'd still be, I'm always very nervous about those. You know, I prefer not to. And nowadays they really should just say, Hey, we have a Dropbox. Here's the address. That's a much better way to do it. And similar to a candy drop, don't plug your devices into strangers USB ports at a, about rent cars.

Johnny Jet (01:41:51):
How about running cars?

Leo Laporte (01:41:53):
I think you're probably all right. I haven't heard of, I, you know, in theory a bad guy could put, you know how they have card readers, Right. That they put on the, on the card slot. In theory. I guess there could be a USB thing they put in there, but I think that's pretty hard to do. I guess on a, on a rental car, you're probably right. Yeah. Okay. Yeah, that's a good question. I'll have to check and see.

Johnny Jet (01:42:15):
Yeah. Cause I'm always plug it in except in a car, car rental. Yeah. Sure. But even on a plane, I don't put it, I don't use the USB ports in the, on the, you

Leo Laporte (01:42:22):
Know, if you have a power bank, it has a plug to charge off the wall or off, you could use the power bank as in effect a barrier. So because they don't have data coming through their ports, so plug them into the car and then plug your phone into the power bank. That would be, that would be for sure safe. Definitely. Yeah. Yeah.

Johnny Jet (01:42:44):
All right. Good. I just wanted to make sure.

Leo Laporte (01:42:45):
That's a great question. I glad the chief very important travel advice. Be careful where you stick it. Johnny is his website. Johnny Are, they're free and well worth it. He's on Twitter. He's on Instagram and he is right here every week. Thank you, John.

Johnny Jet (01:43:03):
Thank you.

Leo Laporte (01:43:04):
Bye. Bye. That's a very good point. I'm glad you brought that up.

Johnny Jet (01:43:11):
Good. I, I've been meaning to ask you. Yeah. Well I just have this question this week.

Leo Laporte (01:43:15):
I didn't plug into, you know, it's tempting cuz now they even have USBC at the hotels. Mm-Hmm. <affirmative>. I just didn't, I thought, you know, I don't know what's on the other end of that, but a perfectly legitimate, I mean, I bring a USB hub that I plug into the power and then I put everything on that. But perfectly legitimate. And actually maybe a good, better solution is to bring your power, your charger for your power bank. Plug that in. Even to USB is fine, cuz the power bank's not gonna pass data through.

Johnny Jet (01:43:43):
Gotcha. Yeah. I got two quick questions for you. Yes, sir. One, did you guys ever try Cordal? Did you play it? I've been not meaning to ask you that. No.

Leo Laporte (01:43:51):
No. Okay.

Johnny Jet (01:43:52):
No, sir. Okay.

Leo Laporte (01:43:53):
That's all right. Sorry. Have you been playing portal?

Johnny Jet (01:43:55):
No. No. I have not actually. I haven't been playing war either lately.

Leo Laporte (01:43:59):
Yeah. You know, you get out of the habit of that stuff.

Johnny Jet (01:44:01):
But I used to play every day until, I think I mentioned it Port

Leo Laporte (01:44:05):
I, my problem with portal is it was too dang hard.

Johnny Jet (01:44:09):
No, it's not.

Leo Laporte (01:44:10):
Before at once.

Johnny Jet (01:44:12):
And then my last question, I've brought this up months ago about my new laptop, which I have not transferred to yet. Because the main reason is because I have all these folders on Outlook that I've been storing for years that have everything I ever need. Like all these different contacts or, or tips,

Leo Laporte (01:44:30):
Whatever Peasy, dude.

Johnny Jet (01:44:31):
But I don't want it on, I don't want it on the web. Oh. That's the only way I can do it. Right. Is there a way to

Leo Laporte (01:44:37):
Oh yeah, you can back it up. But just to a, you know, external drive is Outlook. The It's all mail.

Johnny Jet (01:44:44):

Leo Laporte (01:44:44):
Yeah. Just export your PST files. You can back them up. In

Johnny Jet (01:44:48):
Fact, how can I put 'em on, Can I put it onto the new computer that doesn't

Leo Laporte (01:44:51):
Even know? Yeah. It's just a PST file. Then you import it. Okay. Yeah. So you could to, Yes, you could totally do that. I mean, the way Microsoft wants you to do it is with OneDrive and that's pretty transparent. But yeah. Outlook will export individual folders or the whole thing. You already have, the whole thing is an Outlook file called Outlook dot psd. Right. But I would recommend going through individual folders, saving them out, put it all on USB drive. And then when you get to Outlook on your new computer, importing those,

Johnny Jet (01:45:20):
Are you, each one,

Leo Laporte (01:45:21):
Well, they have a backup also. They have a backup. 

Johnny Jet (01:45:25):
I mean, cuz I, I'm, I'm so organized on there where I'll have like, you know, Well

Leo Laporte (01:45:28):
That's the trick is

Johnny Jet (01:45:29):
Contacts, right? How do

Leo Laporte (01:45:30):
You get the folders over? Right? If you're not willing to use the cloud, of course your email lives in the cloud. Don't forget

Johnny Jet (01:45:36):
<Laugh>. Right. So it's, I mean, I could, I could use, I just, I just wanna stay organized.

Leo Laporte (01:45:40):
Yeah. who's your email provider?

Johnny Jet (01:45:44):
I use Outlook.

Leo Laporte (01:45:45):
Okay. So when you, you mean Microsoft's Outlook? Yeah. Like you're, it's

Johnny Jet (01:45:51):
No, sorry. I'm still going through

Leo Laporte (01:45:55):
Godaddy. Godaddy. Oh, so GoDaddy's probably an IMAP account, which means all the folder structure that you create locally is on the IMAP is server as well. So when you get your new computer, you open up Outlook, set it up to, in fact, you don't have to, all the email is, you're not, don't worry. It's all there <laugh> unless you actually explicitly delete it.

Johnny Jet (01:46:18):
No, I downloaded it and I, but my old email, it's all there. Doesn't go away. But my old, my, my, my folders are not

Leo Laporte (01:46:24):
Yes, they are

Johnny Jet (01:46:26):
No telling you.

Leo Laporte (01:46:27):
So if you log, talk about the text, so you're not, So the way you're handling folders is not using Outlook, creating a new folder. Right. Ah, well, you should have done that because then GoDaddy has all your folder structure. And as soon as you log into GoDaddy on the new computer, not only will you get the entire folder structure, you'll get all the emails.

Johnny Jet (01:46:47):

Leo Laporte (01:46:49):
So if you have something separate, that's fine. So I, But that you need to just back up on a USB key or USB drive and bring it over. All right. I will try and find some time, maybe over Christmas. Well, so you got it. What you did is you exported it from Outlook and then deleted it on the server. No, it's, it's still on the server unless you explicitly deleted it. It's still on the server. So the fir before you do a lot of stuff, when you get the new computer, just log into your GoDaddy account and see what happens. I bet you it's all still there. All right. Thank you, John. Thank, Have a great week. Bye. Bye. Bye. 1939 was a great year.

Hello, Mr. To Mr. America. All the ships at Sea <laugh>. It's 1939. We both raised our hand, so you get my cup of Old Spice lot too. Old Spice, Old Spice, old pumpkin spice. There's no pumpkin in pumpkin spice. Yeah, that's a good point. No, it's just the, It's the spices. Yeah, it's the spice you would put if there were pumpkin in your cup. 88. 88. Ask Leo. That's the phone number. Gumby raised his hand. So Gumby, I be good. Gumby packaging up this fine Keurig cake cup and sending it out to you. Ew. Let's go. Should we go on with the call? Let's go do a call, yeah. All right. Jamie's on the line. Where's Jamie from? Jamie,

Caller 5 (01:48:19):
Hi, this is Jamie from Corona.

Leo Laporte (01:48:20):
Corona. Hi, Jamie.

Caller 5 (01:48:22):
Hi. Hi there. Hey, Leo. I'm going to, at the end of November, take about a week to a week and a half to camp my way up to Oregon, about the Salem area. Nice. And yes,

Leo Laporte (01:48:38):
It's beautiful

Caller 5 (01:48:39):
Up there. Part way. My first trip in my van, conversion by myself with my little dog. Oh,

Leo Laporte (01:48:45):
How fun. I love this. What kind of van did you get?

Caller 5 (01:48:50):
I have a 2013 Chevy Road track. It only had 10,000 miles on it when I bought it.

Leo Laporte (01:48:57):
I bet you that that's the case. There's a lot of people like me who think this would be a great idea. Try it and then say nah, and give it to you. Yeah.

Caller 5 (01:49:05):

Leo Laporte (01:49:05):
<Laugh>. Yeah, nevermind. So that's gonna be so much fun in your what kind of dog? Yeah, Thank

Caller 5 (01:49:10):
You. A Yorkie.

Leo Laporte (01:49:12):
I asked that for Mikah. He wanted to know. I had, I had to know <laugh>.

Caller 5 (01:49:16):
Yeah. And he, he's a great little camper. We've done a few short trips and he's just a wonderful little camper with me. So,

Leo Laporte (01:49:23):
Oh, you're gonna have so much fun. But what can we do to help your technology on this trip?

Caller 5 (01:49:29):
Pardon me?

Leo Laporte (01:49:30):
How can we help you?

Caller 5 (01:49:32):
Oh, I am, Okay. So I looked at the different routes in the highest elevations up 3 95, up to five, and then up the 1, 1 0 1. And I think I wanna go up the coast. Yeah. Because the elevations, I I you less likely to encounter snow and ice in that. Yeah.

Leo Laporte (01:49:51):
The five, the problem with the five is boring, but if you go one on one, it's beautiful. You're gonna have a lucky.

Caller 5 (01:49:55):
Yeah. Oh, good. Okay. Yay. So my question is, I have a Samsung S nine plus which is only, Oh, and I have my services. It was Sprint, so of course now it's T-Mobile. Yeah. would would I be better off to spring for a 5G phone, or would that make any difference in the receptions? I'm going to be able to get up.

Leo Laporte (01:50:23):
Oh, that's an interesting question. That's a good question. Cause your, your S nine plus is getting LTE right now, isn't it? Do you know, does it ever say LTE on the phone?

Caller 5 (01:50:33):
Cause I don't

Leo Laporte (01:50:34):
Think so. That phone is from 2018. Let me just look. I'm gonna look at the specs. I go to GSM Arena, which is a place where you can see the individual specs for all these devices. Okay. yeah, maybe you're not, in which case did, did, did t did T-Mobile ever contact you and say, We'd like to give you a new phone, <laugh>?

Caller 5 (01:50:55):
Oh, yeah. They try to talk me into that.

Leo Laporte (01:50:57):
Okay. That's why

Caller 5 (01:50:58):
I like to keep the things for a long time. We just did our 72 Dodge Band last year, <laugh>,

Leo Laporte (01:51:04):
So it does support the 4G bands. And it does LTE uhhuh, so you at least will be able to get connectivity. And, you know, it does also support bands that are no longer supported two G and 3g. Those are all gone now. So the only band that matters, the 4G band, but it does support that. You asked an interesting question, which is, is connectivity better on LTE than it would be on 5g? And in my opinion, 5g, one of the 5G bands will actually be better. So the bands that you're on, the frequencies that you're on

Caller 5 (01:51:46):

Leo Laporte (01:51:46):
<Affirmative> are pretty high frequencies. Higher frequencies don't travel as far, T-Mobile made a deal for what they call low band 5G in the 700 megahertz range. One of the reasons that was such a special deal, they got the TV stations to give up, give up those 700 megahertz mm-hmm. <Affirmative> frequencies. You may remember that when they moved to digital and the FCC sold them off, made billions of dollars doing that. And one of the reasons they did it is because 700 megahertz is a very low band and travels very well and for greater distances. So I think getting a phone that gives you 4G plus 5g, which is any modern phone, would almost certainly give you, it certainly give you more choices and might even give you better connectivity in difficult places. I can't promise it will. Cause really the most important thing is how close T-mobile's towers are. But T-mobile's, like most carriers is very good next to the highway. It's when you get off, off road into the countryside that it gets worse. But as long as you're near 1 0 1 T-mobile intentionally. In fact, you'll see as you drive, if you have, if you keep your eye peeled, maybe ask the your, your dog to look you'll see these, these towers as you go. There's very distinctive the cellular towers. And you'll see them all along the highway. That's where they put 'em.

Mikah Sargent (01:53:08):
Someone in the chat has said we have an RV van and love our T-mobile mobile router and use it for on the move internet all the time. So they're specifically using T-Mobile network. That's

Leo Laporte (01:53:18):
Another option way of doing it for your, for your van conversion. You could get one of these t mo what they call a mobile router. It's not a phone. It uses the same cell signals, but you keep it in there and it becomes your wifi access point. It becomes your internet. Mm-Hmm. <affirmative> and

Caller 5 (01:53:32):
Oh, so would that, So that would be like another device. And I would just have,

Leo Laporte (01:53:36):
It'd be like having a wifi router in the conversion.

Caller 5 (01:53:40):
Oh, wow. Okay.

Mikah Sargent (01:53:42):
But at the very least, it speaks to T-Mobile's ability, assuming that this person who's, you know, has an RV van, they're using the T-Mobile network whenever they're on the go. And so mm-hmm. <Affirmative>, at the very least, it sounds like T-Mobile's got,

Leo Laporte (01:53:54):
They've got the CAT activity. Yeah.

Mikah Sargent (01:53:56):
So even if you stick with the, you know, T-Mobile on a newer phone where we're, you know, you've got 4G and 5G sounds like it

Leo Laporte (01:54:02):
Would the mobile routers. So you'd pay extra. You wouldn't have to get rid of your S nine, although maybe it's time, it's four years old, so maybe it's time. But what you would do is instead of making your phone a hotspot for your other devices, you'd have this little T-mobile thing in there. They tend to be faster than using your phone for it. And they can handle more devices. I think they usually can handle up to five different devices connected so your phone could even connect to it. And generally when you're doing that, they charge less per megabyte or gigabyte than the phone does. The hotspots are a little more expensive usually than these, than these mobile routers. Okay. Yeah. And there's no data limits and that kind of thing. Yeah. But you do have to, you have, you know, you plug it in. But I think it, I think, Can I ask another question? That's a great idea for an rv or, or a conversion. Yeah, go ahead.

Caller 5 (01:54:55):
Thank you. The is there okay. A vpnn, should I like buy? Is there, I don't understand. You

Leo Laporte (01:55:05):
Don't need a, don't worry about a vpn. You're fine.

Caller 5 (01:55:09):

Leo Laporte (01:55:09):
Yeah, you're really fine. You're when you might worry is a little bit, is when you're you stop at a coffee shop or gas station and you start using their mm-hmm. <Affirmative> internet. But at the same time, nowadays, most of the sites you go to are encrypted. And I pretty, well, maybe not your S nine, maybe though I know, I think more modern version. I know Android 13, not Android 11, which I think you're on, or 10. But Android 13 will does have a VPN built in. You just turn it on, on the phone. So have to subscribe to a vpn. Okay. Yeah. Yeah. Okay. I don't, I think VPN is for a very particular security posture, you know, a threat, what we call a threat model. I don't think, Well, you know better than I, I don't think you're working for a three later letter agency. Are you Jamie

Caller 5 (01:56:01):
<Laugh>, <laugh>

Leo Laporte (01:56:03):
Or the military, or a politician? I mean, there's certainly, there are people who should worry, but you're just driving down the road, going Oregon. I think you probably the York, he works for the cia, the York. He works for the CIAs. Okay. Yeah. He should have, That's Then you need something.

Caller 5 (01:56:17):
He's my bodyguard. <Laugh>. Okay. Yeah.

Leo Laporte (01:56:22):
<Laugh>. Hey, I think that sounds like a wonderful trip. Are you doing it? Now?

Caller 5 (01:56:28):
Yeah. No, I'm gonna I'm camping in the desert for Thanksgiving and from there I'm gonna drive over to the coast and start going up. Fun. So Cool. Going up from there. And then I'm gonna spend the month of December and into January with my sister up

Leo Laporte (01:56:43):
There. Well, out sync is telling me only the Pixel seven gets the Google VPN for now. Yeah. I have it on my Pixel seven. If you were gonna get a new phone, a pixel would be the one to get from, from Google themselves. Cuz then you get the vpn. Leo Laport, Mike is Sargent. Your tech guys more to come right after this. A three letter agency. The Department of Public Health hat. Sounds like a wonderful trip. I'm jealous. I know. Think you're gonna have fun, except it's gonna be a little rainy. Oh, she's, Bye. Bye, Jamie. Shoot. Safe travels. Have a good trip. Byebye.

John Slanina (Jammer B) (01:57:20):
Well, it's up on your screen

Leo Laporte (01:57:21):
There, right? What'd you do? What'd you do? This on your screen? Something on your screen. On my screen.

John Slanina (Jammer B) (01:57:26):
You on your logo there on your something. Oh, oh,

Leo Laporte (01:57:31):
He put a tm. Well, we probably should be doing that. You don't have to do it. It's not required. Doesn't you have a trademark? Whether you put that there or not, I gotta like it. I like it too.

John Slanina (Jammer B) (01:57:42):
I went to a concert, went to a concert, The Fox in Oakland. It was

Leo Laporte (01:57:45):
Great. What'd you see?

John Slanina (Jammer B) (01:57:46):
A from the 2020 postponed a couple of times.

Leo Laporte (01:57:50):
Oh, nice. Mason on

John Slanina (Jammer B) (01:57:52):
Freeze, ah, is like a founding member of Pink Floyd. Got a band together playing a bunch of old Pink Floyd music. Oh,

Leo Laporte (01:57:59):
That's, let's see, who with a founding?

John Slanina (Jammer B) (01:58:01):
It's Claus of

Leo Laporte (01:58:02):
Oh, Mac Mason. Yeah. Forward

John Slanina (Jammer B) (01:58:04):
In 2017. So full of secret.

Leo Laporte (01:58:06):
Oh, how fun. I would love to see that.

John Slanina (Jammer B) (01:58:09):
And this is the Echos tour, so we knew

Leo Laporte (01:58:13):
Oh, he was doing Echos

John Slanina (Jammer B) (01:58:14):
Feature. You know, the, the second half of Metal, the album Metal echos. Oh.

Leo Laporte (01:58:20):
Oh, how cool is that?

John Slanina (Jammer B) (01:58:22):
So good. The bad is so it was amazing.

Leo Laporte (01:58:24):
I got something to tell you. Yes. When I was visiting Alex, you know, he's in the old Lucas building. Yes. And there's a lot of different creators in there. There's a guy Sean I met who among other things, makes instruments. He made for Mickey Hart, the wildest percussion instrument I've ever seen. Apparently. dead And Company uses it. And Mickey's own band uses it. It's this big, it's cast aluminum with piano strings strung across it, and a pickup, a custom pickup. And you hammer it or play with it. And it makes the most amazing on. And the sustain goes on. It's incredible. You would blow, If you ever get a chance to go to Alex's facility, just ask him and see if Sean's there. It is. Incredible. So he made, he's made one years ago for Mickey. It's kind of falling apart. He's made newer ones. And then he got to, he kept one for himself so he can play it. And there's all these percussion intra, you know, different mal and stuff. Do you, You could play it by hand too. Yeah. Yeah.

John Slanina (Jammer B) (01:59:23):
Do you have one hand to make chords while you're pounding

Leo Laporte (01:59:25):
It? No, it's to piano strings. So you can't really, I don't think you can make chords with it. Maybe you can. He was using his hands. Maybe you can

John Slanina (Jammer B) (01:59:31):
Well, you could slide though.

Leo Laporte (01:59:33):
Yeah, you could slide. He was sliding and, and the sound is very beautiful in other worldly, and, you know, you hear these kinds of sounds, especially like in horror and sci-fi with d and I always wonder if it's not a bell. What is it? Something like this. It's really cool. Custom. Very, very cool. And the sustain, he said, Oh yeah, you can walk away. It'll go for hours, <laugh>. It was very cool.

John Slanina (Jammer B) (01:59:56):
Oh, speaking of sustained. Yes. I know. I didn't know this. You know, there's this weird sound and echoes mm-hmm. <Affirmative> I think the, the six minutes.

Leo Laporte (02:00:04):
I know, I know. It's like a waring kind of. Well,

John Slanina (Jammer B) (02:00:07):
And it's, and it's the guy playing the guitar and he's just turning up the,

Leo Laporte (02:00:10):

John Slanina (Jammer B) (02:00:10):
Funny the guitar is standing by himself and he's just turning the volume up. I love it. Playing with, I

Leo Laporte (02:00:15):
Have, have no

John Slanina (Jammer B) (02:00:16):
Idea how that was made.

Leo Laporte (02:00:17):
That's so cool. But I will listen to it. Nice. It was I love Echos. No, that's just Echos is one of my favorite. I like the older stuff.

John Slanina (Jammer B) (02:00:25):
The, there's a, a DVD

Leo Laporte (02:00:26):
Of Love

John Slanina (Jammer B) (02:00:27):
Metal, the 2017 tour.

Leo Laporte (02:00:28):

John Slanina (Jammer B) (02:00:30):
Frigging it's Saha full of Secrets 2017.

Leo Laporte (02:00:33):
Oh, I'll look for

John Slanina (Jammer B) (02:00:34):
It. But this is, the band is also called Saha

Leo Laporte (02:00:35):
Full of, I didn't know Nick Mason was still around. Oh yeah. That's cool.

John Slanina (Jammer B) (02:00:39):
In 20, you know, Roger toured with Dark Side of the Moon in 2005.

Leo Laporte (02:00:42):
Yeah. Was Mason with him?

John Slanina (Jammer B) (02:00:43):
No, but as the Hollywood Bowl, there was a couple nights at the Hollywood Bowl where Nick Mason came.

Leo Laporte (02:00:48):
Oh, that's neat.

John Slanina (Jammer B) (02:00:48):
That really cool part

Leo Laporte (02:00:49):
Of time. Oh, that's cool.

John Slanina (Jammer B) (02:00:51):
Play on

Leo Laporte (02:00:51):
Time. That's cool.

John Slanina (Jammer B) (02:00:55):
Roger hat. Oh my God. It was great to see.

Leo Laporte (02:00:59):
Thank you Johnny.

Well, hey, hey, hey. How are you today? Leo LaPorte here. The tech guy. Mikah Sargent, Tech guy too. Ho Oh ho Hoi. We are here to answer your questions. Take your calls, talk about tech. I you might remember I mentioned that I bought this when, when, a couple of weeks ago, maybe a month ago now Facebook announced that they were gonna release an updated version of their quest, which is their virtual reality glasses. Mm-Hmm. <affirmative>, you have the quest too. I do. Yes. I didn't buy that one because I had have to have a Facebook account and I didn't know I don't have one. I wasn't gonna make one. Right. So they announced that they're gonna let you make a meta account instead. Yeah.

Mikah Sargent (02:01:47):
Which probably just

Leo Laporte (02:01:48):
Like a Facebook account, isn't it? So I thought, alright. And then they announced this real, I thought, really interesting Quest Pro. How much does a quest too? Like 300.

Mikah Sargent (02:01:58):
Oh goodness. The price just went up. They they raised it from when it was before. Oh, I think it was 2 99 and they raised it to 3 49

Leo Laporte (02:02:05):
Or something like that. No, it's too bad. The nice thing about these is they're not attached to a computer. Right. So you can, It, it's, I've had, I've had every Oculus Rift and I have the HTC vi and, you know, they're great, but you have to attach 'em to a very high end computer to do it. So that was kind of a breakthrough when the Quest two came out. Now the Quest Pro is out in every respect, upgraded more cameras, better screens, and a much higher price. $1,600. Oh

Mikah Sargent (02:02:34):
My goodness. I didn't realize it was that much.

Leo Laporte (02:02:35):
Yes. Comes with the hand controllers and a really kind of cool charging base. You just kind of put 'em on there and it charges them. And I thought, well, I've been down on vr, I'm very negative about vr. I feel like tech wants to do it because they're looking for the next big thing. But I don't think we Yeah. Are that interested. There's

Mikah Sargent (02:02:58):
So much push for it, but I just, when you've got such a large swath of the population that quite literally cannot use VR because it makes them sick,

Leo Laporte (02:03:07):
My wife can't use it. Yeah. She can only use it for about 30 seconds. And then

Mikah Sargent (02:03:10):
How can we say that's gonna be the next thing when you've got so many people who can't even participate? Plus

Leo Laporte (02:03:16):
It's, I mean, it isolates you, so it's a little scary. Mm-Hmm. <affirmative>, you're kind of, you're putting this helmet on and you can't see what's going on. Yeah. I just feel like

Mikah Sargent (02:03:24):
It's a whole ordeal.

Leo Laporte (02:03:25):
We aren't, I think really the problem is the, in theory it's a good idea, but the technology is still not there yet to make it light easy.

Mikah Sargent (02:03:33):
It's, it's nowhere near frictionless enough. Exactly. Yeah.

Leo Laporte (02:03:36):
So, but I thought, well, I'm gonna give it a chance. So I got the Quest Pro, and I have to say it's very vivid and very real. It's the best I've used yet. I'm gonna, I forgot to bring it today, but I'll bring it next week so that you can try it. Cuz I didn't realize you had a Quest two. So I want you to compare it to the Quest two experience. There is a game, I don't know if you've tried this, on the Quest two it's called somebody's plank, Harry's Plank or something like that. And the all it is, you, you, you put on the headset. It's got very good, rich sound

Mikah Sargent (02:04:05):
Playing Reggie. Richie. Richie,

Leo Laporte (02:04:07):
Richie Richie's. Yeah. not Lionelle, Richie, Some other

Mikah Sargent (02:04:10):
Richie, not Renee.

Leo Laporte (02:04:11):
And Yeah, you, so you, you, you're on a city street. It's kind of cartoony. Oh, it's not super realistic, but it's, you know, it's, and you turn around, there's an elevator. You get in the elevator and there are a couple of buttons. You press the top button and you go all the way up. I don't know, it's 50 stories up. The elevator opens and there's a big drop in front of you and just a little thin plank. And the idea is, go ahead. You know, you're safe. You're in your house. You're on a carpeted floor. You're not going anywhere. Go ahead, walk out on the plank. I couldn't do it. I could not, My stomach was churning. I knew I was not gonna fall, but it's was just, it's just real enough that I couldn't do it. Wow. Then they have another one where you have rocket jets that you hold in your hand and you could fly around. They have one where you're Santa Claus and you're throwing presents down chimneys, but in all of them, you're up in the air looking down hundreds of feet. And it convinced me that there is something about the reality that your brain is somehow thinking. You're up there, <laugh> lying around. Don't fall. Lisa did, but she could only do it for a minute or two before she <laugh>. But she was, she just walked right out. What are you talking about?

Mikah Sargent (02:05:33):
I think I could, Yeah. I I, You think you could do it? I'm curious about this

Leo Laporte (02:05:36):
One. All right. Next week. Yeah. We're gonna do it on the air. Do it

Mikah Sargent (02:05:39):
On the air. Yeah. Oh,

Leo Laporte (02:05:40):
Perfect. We're gonna let Mikah walk the plane if

Mikah Sargent (02:05:42):
I can.

Leo Laporte (02:05:43):
We'll see. There's also, and I do like these, there's a lot of games. They're kind of, remember Guitar Hero or Rock band where there was real music and you had fake instruments. It's like beat and you're really, really, all you're doing is the beat. Right? You're, and, and the idea is to match. And you're playing a game to see how well you can match. You're not actually playing an instrument. Right. In fact, I stopped playing it because I thought if I put the same hours into actually learning the guitar as I am into learning this stupid game, I could play the guitar.

Mikah Sargent (02:06:09):
You could play the guitar.

Leo Laporte (02:06:10):
Yeah. Now all I could do is play a plastic guitar in rock band. But anyway, they have some of those where instead of you're in a world beet saber's, one of 'em there was something called Oh, I can't remember. Something since it's coming, flying at you. And you have in your hand either lasers with beet saber or balls, colored balls, and you're basically, the beats coming at you and you're using your whole body now. So it's kind of exercise. Yeah. Yeah. Your heart goes, So you played Beat Saber. Yes. Yeah. So they had a few of those. And I, I really enjoyed those. I really enjoyed those. Those were a lot of fun. Then there was a kickboxing one where I just got my behind beat. So I don't think I'll be back playing that one. I

Mikah Sargent (02:06:53):
Can't do any of the ones where, if, if, if the person remains stationary for most of it, I'm fine. But there are some games where you use like a joystick to move forward in space. Okay.

Leo Laporte (02:07:03):
Those ones, those make you ill. So there was a game where you're kinda like Spiderman and you're send, and you send a thing and you swing up and you swing up instantly, instantly queasy it. Because in that case, you're moving a lot through the air and your ears are going, You're not going anywhere. What?

Mikah Sargent (02:07:20):
Yeah. You're, you're standing

Leo Laporte (02:07:20):
Still. Why is your eyes are saying you're flying and your ears are saying, No, you're not. And your brain goes, Well, clearly there's a problem. You must have eaten some bad mushrooms, <laugh>. So let's just get rid of those now. 88. 88. Ask Leo. So I don't know. I don't know if this is the next big thing. I don't think it is. It's very appealing the first time you play it.

Mikah Sargent (02:07:43):
Yeah. First

Leo Laporte (02:07:44):
Few days you have it. And then it's like,

Mikah Sargent (02:07:46):
That's what it's kind of been with me for the Quest too. My partner's a lot more regular on the quest too than I am. Yeah.

Leo Laporte (02:07:52):
Oh, interesting. I well, I'm gonna lend this to you. I'll bring it next week. We'll do, we'll make you walk the plank. I can't wait.

Mikah Sargent (02:07:58):

Leo Laporte (02:07:58):
Be fun. And then you could take it home and see how it goes. But yeah. I I think we're certainly no one listening should spend $1,600 on

Mikah Sargent (02:08:09):
This. Yeah. And by the way, prices 3 99 and 4 99. The Quest two for the Quest two. Well, and they used to be less than that, but meta raise the prices.

Leo Laporte (02:08:17):
If you're gonna spend that much, I guess it might, you know, it depends how committed you are to this, but it's one of those things you buy. Seems like a really good idea. It's fun for the first few days. Christmas will be great. Yeah. Yeah. Christmas day the kids will come running downstairs, You won't see 'em for hours. Yeah. And then a couple of weeks later you say, What? Hey, whatever happened to that Quest Pro? Do you ever use that? No. No. <Laugh> you know what I've always said the best vr, we already have it. It's called movies. Mm-Hmm. <affirmative>. When you go to a movie and the room is dark and the screen is big and the sound is full and they've, everybody on that movie has worked towards a single gold is to make that story feel real to you. Mm-Hmm. <affirmative> and the music and the sound effects and the acting and the lighting and all of that contribute to that. That's vr. And you don't get, Sure you're not wearing anything on your head, but it's, and, and you, when you come out of a great movie and you're sad or happy or inspired, that's a VR experience. I agree. It's the best storytelling and we've perfected it over a hundred years. So it's really, really, we're good at it. I think VR is very primitive compared to that. It's, you know, But will the day come maybe in a hundred years that the best storytellers instead of making films are making VR games? Probably.

Mikah Sargent (02:09:41):
Yeah. I really think augmented reality is going to be where it is more than virtual

Leo Laporte (02:09:46):
Reality. Doug Aminar, Chatham says, You know what's really good, real reality go outside. I

Mikah Sargent (02:09:50):
Don't know about all that. <Laugh>.

Leo Laporte (02:09:52):
Well, that's one of the things you notice in, in every movie and book about virtual reality. It's always popular. Cuz the world is so horrible. Nobody wants to go outside. 88. 88. Ask Leo the phone number. Your tech guys are here. Mikah, Sargent Leo LaPorte will take more calls just a bit coming up. Third hour of the show as usual in about half an hour. Dick d Bartolo or GWiz with a crazy gadget. Stay right here. I did do Lisa and I when we were in la

It's closed now, but there were these storefronts where you would do a vr and what they did, which was smart, was you put on a helmet, but there was a real world with some physical objects in it. You couldn't see them. So they didn't bother painting them or anything, but you were moving. It was a Star Wars experience. So we're shooting Darth Vader shows up and stuff. Yeah. And it was great. I was gonna say, you probably would not feel as sick because you actually didn't feel as sick at all. Cause you're moving. Yeah. yeah. And she who was very prone to that did not should we really enjoyed it. Nice. She has a picture of us doing it on the wall. Whoa, whoa, whoa, whoa, whoa, whoa, whoa. Leo LaPorte and Mike is Sargent, your tech guys. I do. Let's move on. We gotta get some calls in. All right. I've been very, very bad talking, talking, talking. Brian on the line from Long Beach, California. Hi Brian.

Caller 6 (02:11:23):

Leo Laporte (02:11:24):
Thanks for being so patient.

Caller 6 (02:11:26):
No problem at all. No, doesn't doing anything.

Leo Laporte (02:11:28):
<Laugh>, Neither Were we <laugh>?

Caller 6 (02:11:32):
Oh, my question is kind of simple. I just never heard of this device before. It's a magnetic iPhone charger. You don't plug it into the phone. You just attach the magnet on the phone and it charges it up. It's

Leo Laporte (02:11:47):
A miracle.

Caller 6 (02:11:49):
It's a miracle. I, I had my phone get stuff full of linen before and I had to fly it all out.

Leo Laporte (02:11:55):
<Laugh>. Yeah. A lot of people have trouble with charging every once in a while. And

Caller 6 (02:12:02):

Leo Laporte (02:12:03):
First thing you should do is look at that lightning port and if you get some compressed here, blow it out. You'd be amazed what's in there. I've actually brought it to the Apple store and said it won't charge. And the guy says, Oh, and he use a paper clip or something and just picks it out and here. Oh, you fixed it. That makes you feel dumb. It's

Caller 6 (02:12:19):
Like what they did

Leo Laporte (02:12:19):
To me. Yeah. It's got belly button letting it, So Apple announced MagSafe is what they call it. Wireless charging I think with the iPhone. 11 or 12. It's been a couple of years. Yeah. they put magnets in the back of the iPhone and they have, they sell charges, but a lot of companies do too. And it's actually, the magnet is not the key on this. It's wire. It's called wireless charging. Ort charging. In fact, I have a an iPhone 14 and I have, and I've been using for several generations of iPhones a wireless charger. This one's called the, the Tilt or the Lilt or something like that. But it's just a little easel and you put it on there. It doesn't, doesn't go like the magnet does, but it charges cuz it's just, it's what it's called inductance charging.

Really? There's a little coil inside the phone and the magnetic field created by the chargers. Just like those inductance, cooktops. The, the, they actually create heat, generate heat with the with the little coil in there. And the heat's turned into electr in the case of a stovetop. The heat's used to cook in the case of the electric coil, they charge the phone. It's a slower way to charge. It's not quite, quite as efficient. Maybe it's a little harder on the battery cuz there is a lot of heat generated by it. But it is certainly a lot more convenient. You don't have to get it from Apple. And most phones now, by the way, support wireless charging and many even support some sort of magnetic, The reason there's a magnet is cuz then you get it on. Right. Perfect.

Mikah Sargent (02:13:50):
Perfectly aligned.

Leo Laporte (02:13:51):
That's the problem, right. Is if you misalign it, you won't get any charges.

Mikah Sargent (02:13:54):
You'll get more, if it's misaligned, then you're more likely to get more heat. And so they will char they tend to charge it at a lower wattage for the sake of making sure that it doesn't get too hot. But with a, with magnets involved, you can align it perfectly. Then they can increase how quickly it charges because they don't have to worry about too much heat building up against the back of the

Leo Laporte (02:14:13):
Device. Which iPhone do you have?

Caller 6 (02:14:16):
It's high 12.

Leo Laporte (02:14:17):
Okay. I think the 12 did it. Yeah. Mm-hmm. <Affirmative>. so there are lots of places. Do you do wire? Have you ever done wireless charging?

Caller 6 (02:14:25):
No, this is my first time.

Leo Laporte (02:14:26):
Yeah. So there's a almost an infinite of wireless charging devices from Apple and from others. Apple charges more than anybody else does. I get mine from anchor, Anchor. A N K E R makes wireless chargers, but if you want the magnetic stuff, you have to look for one that does what's called mag. Safe charging. Doesn't hurt the phone. In fact, I've got credit cards in my case, my phone case. It doesn't hurt them apparently. But it does charge the device and be the magnets, kind of keep it safe and secure on there. Nomad makes some that I really like. My wife uses it's nomad They make a charger that charges the phone and the watch and the AirPods. And she, she likes that. It's called the Base one Max. So if you have an Apple Watch, that's a good one to get. Who else, who else do you like? Anchor Nomad

Mikah Sargent (02:15:21):
Is? Yeah. Anchor Nomad. And then Apple itself for the three that I kind of

Leo Laporte (02:15:24):
Popped, anchor's the least expensive, I would say. Mm-Hmm. <affirmative>, but I don't know if they do Mac Safe. Did they do Mac Safe? I don't know if they

Mikah Sargent (02:15:30):
Do. Yeah, Anchor has some, Well they have magnetic,

Leo Laporte (02:15:32):
Oh, they don't call it mag safe.

Mikah Sargent (02:15:33):
There's one product that they just started selling that's actually Apple MagSafe full on. Okay. But for the most part it's just magnetic space.

Leo Laporte (02:15:40):
I don't think you really need the mag safe.

Mikah Sargent (02:15:42):
You don't need to have that. The only thing that you get is if it's a MagSafe compatible product that charges, you'll get the faster charging. But with your iPhone 12, that doesn't matter

Leo Laporte (02:15:52):
Anyway. You're not getting fast charging and truthfully, you don't want fast charging. It's better for the battery to charge it a little bit slower. Yep. and you're gonna do it overnight probably anyway. Right,

Caller 6 (02:16:02):
Right, right. Over overnight.

Leo Laporte (02:16:04):
Yeah. So any of these will work. So, A N K E And in their collections they have a magnetic collections. We'll put a link in the show notes to the magnetic collections. I mean, if you like Apple, Apple has a, a number of ways. Do they have a little puck you plug into a the wall and then it, it just goes right, right to the bright exact point on the, on the iPhone. It's kind of satisfying. Yeah,

Mikah Sargent (02:16:29):
It does. It, it's nice having

Leo Laporte (02:16:30):
The lines like, I like the flocks and then, you know, it's doing it

Caller 7 (02:16:35):
<Laugh>. Good, good suggestions and thanks

Leo Laporte (02:16:37):
For the call. I appreciate it. Thank you, Brian. Have a good one. Dave. not David. David's coming up. Scott in Ventura is next. Hi Scott.

Caller 7 (02:16:47):
Hello Leo. Hello Mikah. Hello.

Leo Laporte (02:16:50):

Caller 7 (02:16:50):
Up? I'm finally getting out. I'm finally getting out of the 18th century of iPhones looking at a, getting rid of an iPhone six s plus. Wow. And wondering what your thoughts are on either the 13 or the 14. Okay.

Leo Laporte (02:17:04):
Now one thing you're gonna miss and John's my studio manager's saying in my ear, You're gonna lose the courage port. They call it that cuz that Apple said it took courage to get rid of the headphone. Jack, do you mind?

Caller 7 (02:17:18):
No, because my next question is about earbuds.

Leo Laporte (02:17:21):
Yeah. Cuz that's what, that's kind of, And I a conspiracist. Yeah. I'd say that's why they got rid of the headphone jack. So you'll buy the more expensive wireless earbuds. Right. So what do you wanna spend?

Caller 7 (02:17:35):
Well there's only a hundred dollars difference right now between the 13 and the 14. And I'm wondering if there's a benefit of one over the other in your humble opinion.

Leo Laporte (02:17:43):
Apple's our io I mean Apple Mikah is our iOS expert. What do you think? I They're pretty close.

Mikah Sargent (02:17:49):
Yeah. I they are very close. They're, it's just,

Leo Laporte (02:17:53):
I'll tell you one reason to spend a hundred bucks.

Mikah Sargent (02:17:55):

Leo Laporte (02:17:56):
Good. You'll get one more year of updates since you are a precisely keeper of old phones mm-hmm. <Affirmative> one of the reasons you have to move off the success is it's not gonna be getting updates anymore. Right. So you will get one more year if you buy the 14

Mikah Sargent (02:18:12):
<Laugh>. That's precisely where I was going.

Leo Laporte (02:18:14):
Oh good. I'm sorry. I didn't mean to

Mikah Sargent (02:18:15):
Steal your funding. That's okay. That's true. I, it's if you are making that upgrade and you hold onto your phone a lot, I, I recommend this at any time. It's, you know, making the choice to make the investments so that it lasts until the iPhone 22 or whatever happens to come next.

Leo Laporte (02:18:30):
Yeah, yeah, yeah. Yeah.

Caller 7 (02:18:34):
I dunno if I'll last until the iPhone

Mikah Sargent (02:18:37):

Leo Laporte (02:18:38):
Well, you will guarantee you, and you'll be glad you have that phone in in the years twenty five, twenty five <laugh>, right? Yeah. I I think that's the only reason the camera's marginally better. There's some new features. You know what I kind of like? Okay, here's the thing I like about the iPhone 14. The always on feature, the screen stays on so you always can see what time it is. And the dynamic island, the little lozenge at the top for the camera does stuff. So when you're playing music, it turns into a little controller that you can expand. When the phone rings, you can see the person's name there. Okay. I like those

Mikah Sargent (02:19:14):
Features. Yeah. I didn't at first because there weren't a lot of apps that were making use of it. But now that apps have been updating, it's

Leo Laporte (02:19:19):
Been great. If it's only a hundred bucks, I'd say do

Mikah Sargent (02:19:22):
It. Make the investment. Yep.

Caller 7 (02:19:23):
Okay. And the the anchor 20 wat or the 30 wat

Leo Laporte (02:19:29):
20 is all you need for the, Well, if you're getting the new one 30 WA 30. Yep. Leo and Mikah, your tech guys. Cause I wanna hear the chorus. Here we go. Let's go. Fame. Are you doing the little fame dance, Laura? Okay, good. <Laugh>. Is that the one where she pours the water on herself? No, that's another thing. That's flash dance. Okay. That's a different one. Thank you Professor Laura for that fabulous musical introduction. Leo LaPorte, Mikah Sargent, your tech guys. Now we say hi to David Hillsborough, Oregon. Hello David.

Caller 8 (02:20:15):
Hey Leo and Mikah. How are you?

Leo Laporte (02:20:16):
Doing well, thank you. Doing great. How are you?

Caller 8 (02:20:19):
Good, thanks. Thanks for taking my, my question. So we are an Apple family, Mac family. My wife and I both have MacBook. I have a pro and she has an air both with the M one. And we have kind of a, a home office sort of set up in the main part of the house. And we would like to be able to have either a monitor or an iMac in there. And then it kind of needs to look nice, you know, it's kind kinda weird, but people come into the house. I want something that sort of blends in and, and looks good. Not just a monitor sitting on there. Mm-Hmm. <affirmative>. I don't know if that's weird or not, but <laugh>, that's, it's

Mikah Sargent (02:20:58):
Not weird. It's fine. You want like a family computer that looks good in the space, right?

Caller 8 (02:21:03):
Yes, exactly. And I was looking at the studio monitor, which is really expensive, but it seems to work really well with,

Leo Laporte (02:21:14):
You have one of those, don't you?

Mikah Sargent (02:21:15):
Yeah, I do have one. I I I

Leo Laporte (02:21:19):
Hesitate to, I do not recommend it

Mikah Sargent (02:21:21):
As an expensive solution, but it depends on exactly what you're, you are wanting.

Leo Laporte (02:21:27):
You gonna hang on the wall or are you gonna put on a desk? What are you gonna do?

Caller 8 (02:21:31):
We're gonna put it on a desk right in the front room. And so for, for our, for home use, like maybe like video editing. I have a FPV drone. My wife, we have a laser cutter.

Leo Laporte (02:21:44):
Oh, you guys are geeky? Mm-Hmm.

Caller 8 (02:21:46):
<Affirmative> a little bit. Yeah. But nothing, nothing.

Leo Laporte (02:21:50):
I don't like the studio monitor. Well, there's a lot of reasons. First of all, it's overpriced, underpowered and Apple just threw a bunch of stuff in it cuz they had the parts.

Mikah Sargent (02:21:57):
Yeah. It did feel

Leo Laporte (02:21:58):
Like a, it's not a good choice.

Mikah Sargent (02:21:59):
Frankenstein machine

Leo Laporte (02:22:00):
Is a Frankenstein and I think it has big bezels, which is one of the things I think is most unattractive about it. Big silver bezels. That's the frame around your monitor. Most modern monitors have no bezel or hardly any bezel at all. And I think that's, at least to me, that's gonna be more attractive. There are some very nice 49 inch wide monitors. They're like, like basically like two high 4K monitors next to each other that are great for productivity. Not super expensive. Dell sell some Acer sells 'em Aus LG rather makes them so we maybe even get it from lg. They're beautiful. They're big, they're very good for productivity. And I, I, you know, and you might even look at a curved one, which depending on your point of view is more aesthetic. I think the curves are, don't you think the curves?

Mikah Sargent (02:22:54):
Look, Curves are fine, but it is also like a, it looks like a gaming machine.

Leo Laporte (02:22:59):
It's, it's a little big maybe. Yeah.

Caller 8 (02:23:01):
Yeah. This

Mikah Sargent (02:23:02):
Is why you suggest you, you noted iMac, right? Because you gotta, you get color, you get slim. They're pretty, Yeah,

Leo Laporte (02:23:09):
They're pretty But they're only 20, what, four inches? They're small screens. They are,

Caller 8 (02:23:13):
Yeah. They're not huge. My wife really likes the look of that. She likes the minimalist. There's not gonna be a lot of wires. We don't have to plug in the for laptop.

Leo Laporte (02:23:21):

Mikah Sargent (02:23:22):
For it.

Caller 8 (02:23:22):
Do it. But, so, and I'm totally open to that. I think that's great. We're happy with our M one machines. But can I, so my work laptop and I sometimes work from home is a Windows machine.

Leo Laporte (02:23:35):
Oh, he wants to use the monitor. Oh,

Mikah Sargent (02:23:38):
Not, And I

Caller 8 (02:23:38):
Use the monitor keyboard,

Leo Laporte (02:23:40):
But I don't No, that monitor's unavailable to you. Sorry.

Mikah Sargent (02:23:43):

Caller 8 (02:23:44):
Okay. Okay. Can if I'm using my, can I use my MacBook as a second screen in conjunction with that? If I was watching a, a video on how to do something with, you know, Not

Mikah Sargent (02:23:55):
Precisely. No.

Leo Laporte (02:23:56):
You can airplay from

Mikah Sargent (02:23:57):
It. Yeah. So what you can do is you can turn on a new feature in Mac os that lets you use one mouse and keyboard for both screens. So the iMac would technically be running separately as its own thing, but you can use the track pad then on your Mac. That's cool to switch between both machines back and forth.

Leo Laporte (02:24:17):
So it's like having two screens, but it's actually even better cause you have to

Mikah Sargent (02:24:20):
Processors. Yeah.

Caller 8 (02:24:23):
All right. So, and in, if I wanna go with a separate monitor and I don't, I'm not sure I could, I could sell her on a huge monitor in that space. I know you've talked about I think LG Ultra amplifying monitor

Leo Laporte (02:24:34):
Very nice before the

Caller 8 (02:24:35):
Maybe 27 to 32 inch. Yeah.

Mikah Sargent (02:24:37):
They're still pretty chunky.

Caller 8 (02:24:39):
Is it?

Leo Laporte (02:24:39):
Well, they're gonna be big. Yeah. I mean the iMac is as slim and beautiful as you can get, frankly. Okay. Another option is, maybe to put it again, I don't know what the space looks like. Maybe get a tv. Oh

Caller 8 (02:24:52):
Yeah. Oh yeah. Okay. Yeah. And I could hook the, the laptop up to the TV and

Mikah Sargent (02:24:58):
Yep. That is platform agnostic. So you could put your window ma windows machine there. Plug it in. Okay. Then you could use your Mac as well. Yeah. Actually that, that sounds like the best option for you. Especially cause lots of TV

Caller 8 (02:25:12):
These days cause the, I'm sorry, the, the back of the monitor will be facing like the room where people come in.

Leo Laporte (02:25:19):
You're gonna get an iMac, dude.

Caller 8 (02:25:20):

Leo Laporte (02:25:21):
I hate to tell you <laugh> the IMAX are designed, They even said that. Mm-Hmm. <affirmative>, they said we we're gonna make 'em this way because most of the time people see the back of your screen, not the front.

Caller 8 (02:25:33):

Leo Laporte (02:25:34):
They're too tone. They have a different color in the back than they do in the front. Related to, but not the same. It sounds to me like that's a perfect choice. And I bet you your mo your wife already has her eye on it, so.

Caller 8 (02:25:44):
I think so. So the second question then, we know how Apple runs with updates. Is there anything on the horizon with either an M 2 24 inch again or 27 maybe? Well,

Leo Laporte (02:25:56):
I would wait. If you can wait a month. I would wait a month. It's unknown. I haven't heard any rumors of a new imax, which is weird. Yeah. Cuz they need to be updated. And in fact, for a long time I thought why 24? Why not do a 32? Why? And so I, you know, I could just see you buying the 24 inch iMac kind of a compromise. And then November 15th, oh by the way, we're doing an M 2 32 inch iMac, same color schemes. Same. Beautiful. That would be a great choice.

Mikah Sargent (02:26:25):
If by Thanksgiving there's still not a new one, then I think you're okay going with what's available. But yeah, I would wait until Thanksgiving.

Leo Laporte (02:26:33):
So the rumor as it's the rumor says it stand are, we're almost certain there'll be new Mac M two based MacBook Pro, same design as last year, 14 and 16 inch. They'll probably be a Mac mini Unclear whether that'll be redesigned with an M two and possibly an iMac Pro, which would be a larger version of that beautiful shert colored iMac. Mm-Hmm. <affirmative>. And then I imagine end of the year they'll announce a Mac Pro that will be available early next year and that will be a standalone alone. Honestly, a Mac studio under the desk connected with one wire to a very nice display wouldn't be a bad way to go either. But you're right. If you need to see the back of it, there are no displays that look good. From the back, Say

Mikah Sargent (02:27:17):
For the

Leo Laporte (02:27:17):
Imac. The iMac, they, they specifically designed it that way, which is interesting. I know

Caller 8 (02:27:21):

Leo Laporte (02:27:22):
Must have known you were coming

Caller 8 (02:27:23):
Designed to them. I'm sure they saw me coming from ama away

Leo Laporte (02:27:27):
<Laugh>. I just wish it were bigger. Me too. I really, in every respect, it's just, it's the same basically M one as you already have. So if the speed and power of that machine are adequate, that's basically what you'd be getting in that beautiful display. But it's just too small. If you ask me, you could get an external monitor off of it, I think, right? Yeah.

Mikah Sargent (02:27:46):
But then you've got two

Leo Laporte (02:27:47):
Screens now it's really ugly. Starting to look now, now

Mikah Sargent (02:27:49):
One and they won't match

Leo Laporte (02:27:51):
<Laugh>. Yeah, I would wait, let's see what they do.

Mikah Sargent (02:27:54):
Yeah. Wait until things'll wait.

Leo Laporte (02:27:56):
Then you might be thankful.

Caller 8 (02:27:57):
Can definitely do that.

Leo Laporte (02:27:59):
Yeah. I, I am, I got the new M two to replace the coffee stained 14 H one, the M two is a little bit faster, you know, when I do my benchmarks of the software that I'm writing and stuff, it's about, I don't know, it's about, as Apple said, 10, 20% faster. That's noticeable though. Yeah. I love

Mikah Sargent (02:28:17):
Least he's

Caller 8 (02:28:18):
Beautiful. We've to keep our stuff for quite a

While. While until it's like done.

Leo Laporte (02:28:22):
Well then it's always best to get the, the, you know, the, the thing that just came out cuz that's gonna work the longest for you. And I think I would be shocked if they don't update that M one Mac. Yeah. iMac with an M two at least. And I'd love to see an iMac Pro. Hey, thanks for the calls. The Gwis coming up next. I am so terrified by Dick's backdrop.

Mikah Sargent (02:28:54):

Leo Laporte (02:28:55):
Is that a spiderweb or is this your install? Oh,

Dick DeBartolo (02:28:59):
Spooky. Oh. tomorrow night we're doing our virtual Halloween meetup. Oh. So we started last night hanging stuff. Those are all, and I said, I said to Dennis, We're gonna leave it up for Leo because we'll never get this down and then up again. So

Mikah Sargent (02:29:18):
Oh, your pick this week. Dick is so perfect because we just talked about this with Johnny Jet earlier today.

Leo Laporte (02:29:25):

Dick DeBartolo (02:29:26):
Oh, we, oh, okay, great. Yeah. Great. Yeah, I know Last week we did something weird because Leah was away.

Mikah Sargent (02:29:34):
Yes. When the Leo's away,

Leo Laporte (02:29:35):
What did you do? What did you do?

Dick DeBartolo (02:29:38):
Did there is got it's got it. Ruckus fx, where it has 120 little music clips and you alter it by shaking us around and jumping around.

Mikah Sargent (02:29:51):
It's like a TikTok machine. Tiktok sound machine.

Dick DeBartolo (02:29:53):
Yeah, exactly.

Mikah Sargent (02:29:54):
You dance around and it makes sounds Oh

Leo Laporte (02:29:57):

Dick DeBartolo (02:29:58):
And it has a little recording in it. You can record what you did and you can damel on your own music to it. It's kind of fun.

Leo Laporte (02:30:06):
I gotta fix this back.

Dick DeBartolo (02:30:07):
Have you seen this thing in person that you

Mikah Sargent (02:30:09):
Last week

Leo Laporte (02:30:09):
Either. I can't get any video to play all

Mikah Sargent (02:30:11):
Of a sudden. Yeah. And it makes it freak out. The machine gets

Dick DeBartolo (02:30:14):
Oh my gosh. Yeah.

Leo Laporte (02:30:15):
I fix that. All right. We'll be with you in, in a Jiff.

Dick DeBartolo (02:30:19):
Okay. Very good.

Leo Laporte (02:30:22):
I say, do you feel love? I feel love. Oh, I know what it is. I know why I feel that way now because here he comes. He's dancing onto the floor. We've got you like the floor lights we put in there for you. Yeah, Dick. It's pretty good. Oh, great as

Dick DeBartolo (02:30:37):
You super.

Leo Laporte (02:30:38):
Yeah. and then Dick's got, of course his sat and shirt up into his waist. Got the little red corn thing. I think that's some sort of symbol of something. I don't know what. And and you and the white pants and the white disco boots. You, you couldn't look better. Welcome Dick T Bartolo, our disco guru and Kiwi.

Dick DeBartolo (02:30:59):
Thank you Leo. I'm just calming down a little bit after <laugh> that introduction and sliding, Could we just waxed the floor yet again? Oh, I tell you. Do those spins as I entered the door.

Leo Laporte (02:31:11):
So nice. So good. Just put a little wax on the, on the, on the heels of your boots and you'll be Yeah,

Dick DeBartolo (02:31:16):
Exactly. You'll be ready to go. You know, people used to bring, I think, saw dust to a disco. Sure.

Leo Laporte (02:31:23):
Wow. Sure.

Dick DeBartolo (02:31:25):
Yes. And you had to be very careful because it really made the floor slippery. But it, it made it really, you could do some, Are

Leo Laporte (02:31:33):
You posting old pictures of yourself or something? Because I'll tell you why. My wife said, Wow, Dick looked good in his youth and I'm just wondering what she's seeing.

Dick DeBartolo (02:31:43):
Oh, well, there was a picture from Tahiti, I think it was George Woodbridge and I, and I, I couldn't believe I, I looked pretty decent and was

Leo Laporte (02:31:55):
Hot. Was, was this on Instagram or Facebook? Where was this?

Dick DeBartolo (02:32:00):
It was on Facebook and Twitter. And then yesterday I found some old pictures of me with a beard. I decided at one time I would have a beard and a, it was just like two or three days ago, <laugh>. And I had an old sale of hat. And so I thought, you know what, take, take care of a beard is way too much, too much. But I'm gonna take a couple of photos of me in the beard there so people will know add it. And then I found them. And so I posted them online.

Leo Laporte (02:32:28):
You there you are in 1971 in Amsterdam hanging from the rigging. Some great pictures on your Twitter feed. These are great. Oh

Dick DeBartolo (02:32:37):
Yeah. That's from a mad trip. Bill rented a sailing ship. I mean, Bill, we did incredible things. He's talking William M. Gaines,

Leo Laporte (02:32:45):
William Mad. Yeah. The guy who created Mad Magazine and for many years ran it. Dick was one of the first, the original, the usual gang of idiots. One of the great writers for Mad Magazine. Still is. And we're very fortunate to have him. He's also our Gizmo wizard. We call him our GWiz.

Dick DeBartolo (02:33:04):
Yeah. Well I have something. It's not crazy cause Mike and I did crazy last week. I have something from Anchor, it's been out now about three months and it is called the Anchor 7 27. But it doesn't fly. We were

Leo Laporte (02:33:18):
Just talking about Anchor. They they should really buy some ads on this show for

Dick DeBartolo (02:33:22):
Crying, right? Yeah. You know, they should

Leo Laporte (02:33:24):
Actually, why should be They're getting free plugs right

Dick DeBartolo (02:33:26):
Now. No, that <laugh> that's true. Free plugs. It's almost like you're making a pun

Leo Laporte (02:33:31):
There. Oh, get it plugs.

Dick DeBartolo (02:33:33):
Oh very. Yes.

Leo Laporte (02:33:35):
These plugs are not free.

Dick DeBartolo (02:33:38):
No, they are not. So this is the 7 27. It has two SBC ports, two US B ports and two AC outlets. Oh wow. But kind of the amazing thing Perfect to travel

Leo Laporte (02:33:51):

Dick DeBartolo (02:33:52):
Is how thin they made. It's about

Leo Laporte (02:33:55):
The size of a large power bed, not even a large, a medium power bag.

Dick DeBartolo (02:33:58):
You know what in their press release it says it's the size of an iPhone 13 Pro max.

Leo Laporte (02:34:03):
Perfect. They'll give you a great size idea. Okay.

Dick DeBartolo (02:34:05):
Yeah, yeah, yeah. Okay. Yeah. And but when I got it, I thought when you plug something in here, the outlets are so thin, how can that possibly work? Yeah. Well, as you plug something in, the outlets rise up. No. So that it becomes what? Whoa. That's

Leo Laporte (02:34:25):
Neat. That's hysterical.

Dick DeBartolo (02:34:27):
It it is, it is quite amazing. And another thing about it, and when I mentioned this, if you happen to buy one of these, never lose the power cable because the power cable has its own plug proprietary because Yes, exactly. Because plugging it in it is very thin for to a three. Yeah. A three prong plug. But

Leo Laporte (02:34:52):
This would be so great for putting in your suitcase and traveling or your,

Dick DeBartolo (02:34:56):
In your devices safe now it's on the, on the expensive side, but I, you know, check your, your

Leo Laporte (02:35:05):
Amazon, Amazon,

Dick DeBartolo (02:35:06):

Leo Laporte (02:35:07):
Change all time,

Dick DeBartolo (02:35:07):
Don't they? I know It had 20% off or 95

Leo Laporte (02:35:11):
Bucks. I see.

Dick DeBartolo (02:35:12):
Oh, 20% off. It's still there.

Leo Laporte (02:35:14):
Oh, wait a minute. Here it is. Apply 20% coupon,

Dick DeBartolo (02:35:17):
Sent coupon. So that drops it to what? Like 79? Yeah, 75. Something

Leo Laporte (02:35:22):
Like, Oh, now I want one. If you can only buy, you can only buy one with that coupon. So I'll buy one for Well,

Dick DeBartolo (02:35:29):
How many do you need?

Leo Laporte (02:35:30):
Well, one for me, one for Lisa. That would be oh,

Dick DeBartolo (02:35:33):

Leo Laporte (02:35:33):
Oh, this is great. I'm ordering it. I'll have it tomorrow. Just in time for Halloween.

Dick DeBartolo (02:35:37):
Oh my gosh. Yes. And, and there was, it's

Leo Laporte (02:35:39):
Now 82 45.

Dick DeBartolo (02:35:41):

Leo Laporte (02:35:42):
Okay. So their definition of 20% differs from mine slightly, but that's

Dick DeBartolo (02:35:46):
Okay. Yeah, I think, I think it does.

Leo Laporte (02:35:48):
Yeah. But

Dick DeBartolo (02:35:49):
Uhoh, it's very,

Leo Laporte (02:35:50):
What's so what's something in front of Dick? What's going on there? Did your calendar pop up? There we go. Okay. Nevermind. <Laugh>, I think, I think a calendar popped up and said it's time for Dick. You know, he's here. He's already here. We don't need Oh yeah. We don't need a reminder. Wow. He's already here. Yeah. So Dick, this is a new record. Before you've even finished talking about this, I already bought it.

Dick DeBartolo (02:36:11):
I know. I love

Leo Laporte (02:36:12):

Dick DeBartolo (02:36:12):
I love it. Okay. It's a great idea, Dan. Charging. Great. It's great. Awesome. Yeah. Yes, yes. It's again, Prime, I think they call.

Leo Laporte (02:36:20):
So this is the breakthrough is this new gallium nitride process for making, you could make chips with it too, but making charging devices means they're much smaller, much cooler and they can have much more water. John, 'em, it's a big breakthrough.

Dick DeBartolo (02:36:34):
Yeah, but the, not for the cookies. Leo. I tried them. I had no chocolate chips. I put some of these G chips in

Leo Laporte (02:36:41):
And they're all crunchy. Fine.

Dick DeBartolo (02:36:43):
Crunchy. I got a little charge out of it, but I didn't It

Leo Laporte (02:36:49):
Well, the, the nitros are better than the gallium arsenides. I wouldn't want to put those in <laugh>.

Dick DeBartolo (02:36:53):
No. Yeah, no,

Leo Laporte (02:36:54):
Very cool. So this is the new new anchor kind of I guess

Dick DeBartolo (02:37:00):
It's 7 27. It's

Leo Laporte (02:37:01):
A, it is a power brick, right? I mean I,

Dick DeBartolo (02:37:04):
It's a little

Leo Laporte (02:37:05):
Bit of everything. It's,

Dick DeBartolo (02:37:06):
It's a little bit of, Well, it doesn't,

Leo Laporte (02:37:07):
It has a battery. Oh. It doesn't charge

Dick DeBartolo (02:37:09):
Everything, but no, it doesn't charge charger.

Leo Laporte (02:37:11):
So it's like a USB hub kind of. Yes. Yeah.

Dick DeBartolo (02:37:16):
But you get,

Leo Laporte (02:37:16):
You get to the hotel or the cruise ship and you plug it in and then, you know, you can plug everything you have in Exactly.

Dick DeBartolo (02:37:22):
Exactly. It's up to a hundred wat charging.

Leo Laporte (02:37:25):
Oh, that's great. In this guy. Yeah. Oh, that's really cool. Well, you've done it again, Mr. D I tell ya, you come up with the best stuff for our show. 101. Wow. High speed charging. So you'd plug your laptop into this. I like that. You could plug your phone, your watch, your everything into that. The router. That's really cool. Like as Yeah. Yeah. And, you know, you could use the USB ports to type C power delivery courts ports or the AC outlets. That's amazing. Have you used a dick or you just have a dummy model?

Dick DeBartolo (02:38:01):
I have not. I, I've not traveled. You've traveled way more than me. Yeah. yeah. Yeah. I don't need it on the subway. So

Leo Laporte (02:38:09):
These days, it used to be that you'd get to a hotel, there'd be one pplt socket and it would be over there in the corner and there's a lamp in it, right? Yes. And you have to kind of finagle it. But nowadays, most hotel rooms, if they've been updated, have lots of sockets. They have USB ports. The hotel we stayed in the other night, day in Vegas had a type C port. I'd never seen that in a hotel before. Wow. So yeah, they're getting pretty fancy. If you are at wanna know more, go to the Dick's website. G I z w i z dot b i z And while you're there, you're getting your last chance, right? Yeah. To play the, what the heck is it? Contest A closeup picture of a gizmo or gadget. There are six autographed copies of Mad Magazine for the right answer. There are 12 for the best, clever, wrong answer, you're gonna have a closeup picture of some gizmo and you're playing for the 78th anniversary Mad Magazine, autographed by Dickie D. That's gotta be worth some. That's very cool. Thank you Dickie d

Dick DeBartolo (02:39:11):
Thank you buddy. Have a great, a happy Halloween. You

Leo Laporte (02:39:14):
Too. Don't forget his podcast. Wiz.Tv. Thank you Mikah. Sargent.

Dick DeBartolo (02:39:19):
You're most welcome,

Leo Laporte (02:39:20):
Leo. It's so much more fun doing this show. I

Dick DeBartolo (02:39:22):
Know, I love that.

Leo Laporte (02:39:23):
I love doing it When you guys I get the whole gang in here. So come back again next Saturday, I'll be back tomorrow, all alone, all by myself for another tech guy show. And don't forget, Mikah and I both do podcast galore on our podcast network I am still the one, the only. Chief Twi, Chief Twit <laugh>. Wishing you a great geek week. Bye bye. Bye

Dick DeBartolo (02:39:47):

Leo Laporte (02:39:50):
Well, that's it for the Tech Guy Show for today. Thank you so much for being here. And don't forget twit, T W I t. It stands for this week at Tech and you find, including the podcasts for the show. We talk about Windows and Windows Weekly, Macintosh, a Mac Break, weekly iPads, iPhones, Apple Watches on iOS. Today's security and security. Now, I mean, I can go on and on. And of course, the big, big show every Sunday afternoon this week in tech. You'll find it and I'll be back next week with another great tech guys show. Thanks for joining me. We'll see you next time.

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