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This is TWiT.

Mikah Sargent (00:00:12):
Hi, this is Leo Laporte and this is my tech guide podcast. This episode originally aired on the premier networks on Saturday, July 9th, 2022. This is episode 1,909. Enjoy.

Leo Laporte (00:00:26):
Thanks Mikah. <Laugh> nice job. The tech eye podcast is brought to you by Cisco Mara with employees working in different locations, providing a unified work experience seems as easy as hurting cats. How do you reign in so many moving parts? Well, the Morra cloud managed network learn how your organization can make hybrid work work, visit Well, Hey, Hey. Hey, how are you today? Leo Laporte here, the tech guy, time to talk computers, the internet, home theater, digital photography, smartphone smart watches, all that jazz. Eighty eight eighty eight. Ask Leo is a phone number. If you wanna talk high tech, I'm here for you. So is Mikah Sargent tech guy too. And you know what? Next week mm-hmm <affirmative> you're on your own dude. <Laugh> he? So you better be ready?

Mikah Sargent (00:01:22):
Oh, I've I've been, I've been stretching. I've been doing my vocal warmups. Good.

Leo Laporte (00:01:27):
I've been looking. Mommy made me match my M and M

Mikah Sargent (00:01:29):
Devices and chips in them. Yeah. Red

Leo Laporte (00:01:31):
Leather, yellow leather, blood yellow. Yeah, it's gonna be fun. I'm going away. We're going on a a cruise. We've been talking about this for a year. I thought by now COVID will be all gone. Be safe to go on a cruise. Well, maybe, I don't know. We'll see. Hey. Yeah. Yeah. You, the, the cruise line Holland America is saying we have to wear masks while on board the whole time. All the time.

Mikah Sargent (00:01:54):
Yeah. What about when you're sleeping?

Leo Laporte (00:01:55):
Everybody's gotta be vaccinated proof of vaccination and tested before they get on board and wear a mask. So I, I think it'll be safe.

Mikah Sargent (00:02:02):
It sounds like a delight delight. Yeah.

Leo Laporte (00:02:05):
Those polar bears are gonna look at me. Go what the heck?

Mikah Sargent (00:02:08):
You'll just have a snout like them

Leo Laporte (00:02:10):
Actually. They're you know, Lisa was saying, you see polar bears and I had to tell her, no, I'm sorry. There are no polar bears in Alaska.

Mikah Sargent (00:02:16):
Cause they're at the south pole.

Leo Laporte (00:02:17):
I don't know where they are. They're not here. <Laugh> they're Grizzlies wherever they are. They're brown bears. Gotcha. But we will see bears. This is, we're taking about a hundred people podcast fans tech guy fans. I've been plugging it for a year if you said, well, wait a minute. I didn't hear about this. It's too late. Well, maybe not. I don't know. Maybe not. I don't know. There probably a few people going. Yeah. Maybe I won't go on that cruise this week, but I'm going, unless I, my, you know what my fear is.

Mikah Sargent (00:02:47):
I'm what is

Leo Laporte (00:02:48):
Your favorite? I get it. I get it in the hotel in Seattle. And I watch, I have to stand on the pier. Watch people sailing away. Oh, that would be heartbreaking. Wouldn't that be terrible? Anyway, that's gonna be fun. We're gonna do a cruise to Alaska with a hundred TWI fans toward the pod. Very closest friend, twits the podcast network. So that's why I won't be here next Saturday or Sunday. But I will be back the following Sunday.

Mikah Sargent (00:03:09):
Yes, but not Saturday,

Leo Laporte (00:03:09):
But not Saturday. You're gonna do two in a row. Yeah. You crazy, man. <Laugh> you know else is crazy. I bet you can guess.

Mikah Sargent (00:03:15):
I bet you're gonna say he

Leo Laporte (00:03:17):
Are Elon. <Laugh> crazy. Like a Fox Elon has announced what a, what a shock that he's gonna back out of the Twitter deal. Mm-Hmm <affirmative> mm-hmm <affirmative> what

Mikah Sargent (00:03:29):
A shock. Never would've guessed.

Leo Laporte (00:03:31):
Never would've thought that. In fact I said right at the beginning, I said, oh, there's he's, he's not serious about this. He was much more serious than I thought he was raised about half the money through a bank loans, 21 million of his own money. Well it isn't his own money. Cuz he then went out to hands out to friends, says, can you gimme some money for Twitter, man? I need some money, man. Buy some Twitter. You got any money, man. He also borrowed against his Tesla stock a 20% margin. And I think that might be some of the reasons he's pulling out because he might be going my stock. My Tesla stock is it's tanking.

Mikah Sargent (00:04:12):
Yeah. It's not doing so

Leo Laporte (00:04:13):
Hot it's tanking, which means he has to, he has to put up 20% of whatever to get the whatever million it's billions. It's crazy.

Mikah Sargent (00:04:23):
Honestly, none of it makes any

Leo Laporte (00:04:24):
Sense. It's it's it's, you know, it's high fighter and so high fighter it's accepted. It's also low comedy. Twitter says, eh, not so fast now, remember there's a billion dollar breakup fee, but no, no, no. Twitter says we're not talking about the breakup fee. We think that Elon has agreed and he hasn't come up with any material reason for pulling out. And so he's bound by the agreement re Twitter says, we're gonna Sue 'em in. And I love this in Delaware. It's called the Chancery court cuz Twitter is a Delaware corporation. Did you know? So is so is Twitter.

Mikah Sargent (00:05:01):
I was gonna say most companies are aren't.

Leo Laporte (00:05:03):
They, you know, I, when I formed the LLC back in 2004, five, I guess it was five. I didn't know any better. So I asked my friend, Kevin Rose, who happened to be then early investor Twitter of all things. He said, well, if you want to be acquired, it's easier. If you're a Delaware corporation, I said, okay, fly. Doesn't matter to me. You still have to pay corporate tax in California. Didn't get you off the hook in California. You just that's the rules that you're anyway. And I always thought the rules were kind of more favorable to corporations. And I guess they are in this case, the corporation being Twitter mm-hmm <affirmative> Twitter. So the chairman of the board of Twitter, Brett Taylor tweeted, of course this is all happening in tweets. Isn't it? This is one of the things I hate about Twitter is that suddenly all these important things, Nope, we don't do press releases anymore. We just tweet about it. <Laugh> Brett Taylor tweets quote, the Twitter board is committed to closing the transaction on the price in terms agreed upon with Mr. Musk and plans to enforce, pursue, pursue legal action. To enforce the merger agreement. We are confident we will prevail in the Delaware court of Chancery.

Mikah Sargent (00:06:18):
Now tell me why would a company want someone owning them who doesn't want to own them and is doing everything they can to now not own them. Why would you wanna go through with

Leo Laporte (00:06:27):
That? Very easy calculation you can make, if you go right now and you look at the stock price of Twitter, which is, I think around 39 bucks, 36 81. If you look at that stock price and then you look at what Elon said, he would pay for it, which is

Mikah Sargent (00:06:44):

Leo Laporte (00:06:45):
$54 and 20 cents. Yeah,

Mikah Sargent (00:06:47):
That's right.

Leo Laporte (00:06:49):
That's why <laugh> there you go. That's why now you might want to get out of it. If you thought that Twitter stock was gonna go above 54 20. In fact it was I think last year as high as 78, but I don't. Yeah, no, but here's the thing and I'd be very angry if I'm Twitter. And I think there's some of this is, is anger. Apparently the CEO of Twitter, ARA wall is going up and down the hall, screaming at the top of his lungs. That's the, that's the inside sources, TLE butt. He's really upset is you just, this has made a hash, a mess of Twitter's business. Mm-Hmm <affirmative> regardless. Mm-Hmm <affirmative> you know, and I think that they kind of, they want more than the billion dollar breakup fee. They want all of it because he said he'd pay all of it.

Leo Laporte (00:07:32):
And they made him promise that he wouldn't disparage Twitter right on Twitter. And he did, they, they made him, he said, oh, I don't need to do any due diligence. I don't care. But then he said, well, wait a minute now you're you've been saying there's 5% of Twitter is spam bots. 5%, not real. I think it's more than that. And that's by the way, why he wants to get out of it, cuz he thinks he didn't provide any evidence. He just thinks it's more than that. He said, Twitter, you didn't gimme the information I need. They gave him every tweet, 500 million tweets a day, five hoses. They give 'em all of them. Mm-Hmm <affirmative> said, well, you figure it out. If you're not happy with our methodology here.

Mikah Sargent (00:08:12):
And I guess if I'm an advertiser, which is how Twitter makes money, one of, of, of a couple of ways, then I'm going, oh, I hear that there might be more spam bots on there and you're charging us this amount

Leo Laporte (00:08:23):
Of money. Oh, it's bad for business. Yeah. It's it's really bad for business. I mean it's tank their stock price. So <laugh> yeah, Twitter was, yeah. I mean it's just it's, it's ugly. It's a mess. It's why very, very rich people act in this country with impunity mm-hmm <affirmative> and he'll probably get away with it. I don't, you know, I mean, yeah, they're gonna go to court, this'll go on for a decade. And you know, he's gotten away with all sorts of stuff all this time. I don't, I don't know. Anyway, it's it's you know what? It's great soap opera. It's great drama right for us.

Mikah Sargent (00:09:04):
But I feel for the people who work at Twitter, who are going, what is my future here?

Leo Laporte (00:09:10):
And well, that's another complaint. Elon said that, well, executives are leaving and people are quitting. Well, Twitter's not Twitter. Twitter doesn't have any control over that. That's not a materially. It's not a material. Whatever, what do they call it? M a R a material event. That's gonna change the value of the company. That's what happens is how it's normal course of business. People go, people come and go. They fired a few executives that canceled some offers, but this is, these are minor. And so legal experts say, well, the courts, aren't gonna go along with that. We'll see. Don't you? I mean, I, I, I confess, I, I feel bad, but I confess I'm a, I'm an honest guy. I confessed that when the Bitcoin prices went down, I kind of had a little shot in Freud, a little guilty pleasure in the, in the, even though, you know, a lot of people who lost money and Bitcoin couldn't afford to mm-hmm <affirmative> I confess, I confess I little shot in Freud with Mr. Musk. Like, you know, you deserve this buddy. Yeah. he did it with his own company, Tesla. Remember he tweeted and got in big trouble with it with the sec, right. Securities and exchange

Mikah Sargent (00:10:18):
Commission. But did it do anything really to,

Leo Laporte (00:10:20):
Well, he got a 20 million fine, which for somebody worth almost 200 billion is less than a pack of small fries at McDonald's that percentage. So yeah. No, it didn't do anything. Obviously it didn't chasing. Mr. Must he's

Mikah Sargent (00:10:34):
Become worse, frankly.

Leo Laporte (00:10:39):
Somebody's in chatroom saying funny how Elon was a Saint until he became a Democrat. I don't think Elon's a Democrat. I hate to say, I get to hate to give you the bad news. No, that guy's not a Democrat. You know? No Democrat. I don't know what he is. He's a, he's a nut job. He's a billionaire. And he's

Mikah Sargent (00:10:54):
A billionaire.

Leo Laporte (00:10:54):
He's an, I think we are in danger in this country. I'll be honest of being run by Ola. GARS that's what an oligarchy is, is a country that is run not by its elected officials, but by the very, very rich who would effect make the laws. And I fear we're getting in that Oli Garic realm, the realm, the land of the oligarchs. Anyway, that's the latest, you, you, you signed in here to find out what the latest is now. You know, <laugh>, that's the latest did she say the words long distance? Is that was that holy cow. We're stretching now we're trying to find, oh,

Mikah Sargent (00:11:44):
Is that a bad word?

Leo Laporte (00:11:45):
<Laugh> Laura says she, that, that, that there was the word operator was in there, but it was too many sentences. So she cut out. Cut it out. You got me with that one sounds very eighties though. I like it. <Laugh> very cool. I like it. Who, who is that singing? Do you know? Oh, Sheena. E oh no, no, that's not. Shena no, that's Sheena. That's that's not Sheila E whos just at the Marin county. Fair. The other day takes the more I went to the Marin county. Fair. I didn't see you. I left immediately. I felt like it was a, not a safe place. <Laugh> honestly. Oh, it was extraordinarily crowded. What day did you go? Saturday. Oh. Oh, okay. So you went after the show last Saturday? I did. Oh, okay. We were all planning to have fair food and see some fireworks.

Leo Laporte (00:12:30):
And, and you drove all the way down there and turned around and left, drove roped out 15 bucks for parking 20, 20 and another 25 to get in, paid to get in. Oh, but I'm a senior. So it was only 20 for me. So I there's, I got that going for me. I should have told you <laugh> and then we got there and it's like, well there's first of all, it's dusty. There's about a billion people. All at least half of 'em must have COVID and the metal detectors. There were no metal detectors. Oh no, we don't do that in Marin. We don't need that. Cuz you know, we live in a bubble. We're safe until we're not, I felt like it wasn't the safest spot in the world. So I abandon shit. Yeah. Well anyway, double edge sword. It was Lisa looks at me.

Leo Laporte (00:13:10):
It's good. This is good. When your wife and you have this relationship and you'll never know this because you won, I won't have a have a wife, but you don't know. Maybe you'll I don't know. You don't know. You might, when your wife looks at you and you look at her and you both go Uhuh, it's good. That means you. You're on the same wavelength. So we just left. Yeah. It's okay. We went to, we went to P Maya, the Polanque Myka had a delicious Mexican feast and went home <laugh> and that was that. And we watched the laser light show, the Petaluma laser light show. Oh yeah. Which we couldn't see. So all in all 4th of July was a bust. Did you, did you get fireworks? Oh yeah. Cuz I live right next to that fair. So whether, oh, so you like to go there, whether I'm there or not just look out the window, usually see it. Oh nice. From wherever I am good. So happy day after 4th of July or week or week, week after. I don't know what day it is. Do you, you asking me? I don't know. Who should I start the show with? Let's go to Franco in Louisville, Texas. Okay. Hello Franco. We're gonna spend some money. Thank you, Kim. Hello Franco. Hello, Lewisville. Welcome. Hey.

Caller 1 (00:14:19):
Hi Leah. Hi mic. How you doing today? Doing

Leo Laporte (00:14:22):
Well. Thank you.

Caller 1 (00:14:23):
What? Awesome. Awesome. Hey I just heard Scott's not gonna be here and I had a question about projector, so I'm gonna have to tap into your guys knowledge on

Leo Laporte (00:14:32):
I'm so sorry. I'm so sorry, but, but you know, I've been listening to Scott for years. I might be able to channel him.

Caller 1 (00:14:38):
There you go. There you go. So I know you like spending other people's money and I like spending other people's money too. So let's spend some money. My company's paying for oh,

Leo Laporte (00:14:49):
Even better, even better. So is this a projector for home theater for TV or is it for business?

Caller 1 (00:14:56):
Well it's supposed to be for a business w it basically it's for teaching some classes.

Leo Laporte (00:15:05):
So we call these PowerPoint projectors as which is silly as opposed to cinema projectors. And there's very different needs, obviously. Although any projector can play a movie back. Is it in a school or a

Caller 1 (00:15:20):
It's? Well, it's gonna be, well, like we rent out a hotel. Oh, like a a I guess so it's yeah.

Leo Laporte (00:15:28):
So that's interesting, cuz it's gonna be far away from the screen. It sounds like

Caller 1 (00:15:33):
Sort of well it's gonna be probably about 15 feet away from the screen. Well,

Leo Laporte (00:15:37):
That's not tar terrible. Yes, sir. And then you're gonna be able to darken the room.

Caller 1 (00:15:43):
Yes. not a hundred. Well it depends. Sometimes we have rooms with windows. Sometimes we need to have rooms, no windows.

Leo Laporte (00:15:49):
So you need a, a pretty bright projector.

Caller 1 (00:15:52):

Leo Laporte (00:15:52):
That can go 15 feet. I I think they're quite a few good choices in there. I'm gonna refer you though, because I haven't tried them all. Yeah. Have you tried? 'em All Mikah, you tried all the PowerPoint project have not tried all the PowerPoint projectors? No. Okay. So I'm gonna refer you.

Caller 1 (00:16:09):
Go ahead. I don't specifically want a PowerPoint projector because it's, I'm kind of be, I'm trying to be a little sneaky and since we only use it two times a month, oh, you're

Leo Laporte (00:16:21):
Gonna take it. Home is going

Caller 1 (00:16:23):
Well, I, the company I work for is based out of California. I'm basically a,

Leo Laporte (00:16:30):
So it's yours. Yeah, I get it.

Caller 1 (00:16:32):
Actually I would store it in my house.

Leo Laporte (00:16:34):
What's the, what's the budget from the company?

Caller 1 (00:16:37):
They, well, well it's, he said less than $3,000.

Leo Laporte (00:16:40):
Oh, you are in good shape.

Caller 1 (00:16:43):
Exactly. I know I've been looking around and $3,000 by is a very good

Leo Laporte (00:16:47):
Projection. So David Stone, who is very trustworthy, PC magazine has reviewed the best projectors for 2022. And you know, he, his, one of his overall best home theater projectors is, and I would agree with this, the Epson pro cinema, but and then he talks about short throw, which may actually be of, of interest to you. I have a short throw projector at home from high sense. That means you put it right next to the screen, which means you also have to have a, he a special screen. Most of these come with screens. I'm just, but I'm gonna say the best thing to do is probably go if you want to get one that can do both is go look at this review. We'll put a link in the show notes, cuz that's pretty complete. Leo Laporte, Mike Sargent, your tech guys, Epson makes ex excellent projectors. You could never go wrong with them. Right. in fact they're four out of the, out of the three out of the four PC magazine, editors choices, five actually are those. 

Caller 1 (00:17:51):
Okay. Now do do the short, those require extra time to set up or is it just no,

Leo Laporte (00:17:57):
In fact that's well, yeah, they kind of do maybe maybe short throw isn't the best idea. It's more for a home where you can put it and leave it. Right.

Caller 1 (00:18:06):
Well, more, more likely. I don't, I don't have room in my house, but I have room in my backyard to project.

Leo Laporte (00:18:13):
Oh, nice.

Caller 1 (00:18:14):
My house for like summer. Yeah.

Leo Laporte (00:18:16):
I love that idea

Caller 1 (00:18:18):
Because I also have a PA system to go with this for the, the speakers to be able to, you know, have their voice amplified during the the lectures and the back. Nice. So I have a whole setup. All, all I need is to basically maybe buy a screen for myself. Yeah. but okay. I will look

Leo Laporte (00:18:38):
At that. So, you know, my in, in the past my recommendations have been, you know, the, the well known names like view Sonic EPON of course is always good for the cinemas. I really think they're, they're really good. Anchor now makes that's so portables, but I think they're kind of the low end. Mm-Hmm <affirmative> not so great. Don't be fooled by 4k. In fact, the only 4k I'm seeing on this is, is a $5,000 Epson pro cinema. A lot of them say 4k, but they simulate it more. Okay. And I know Scott has always said that what are some other Optima has been around for a long time there, couple of companies that, that do the PowerPoint projectors and been doing it for a long time. Right. But I think I understand what you want. You want really a multipurpose.

Caller 1 (00:19:31):
Exactly. Yeah, exactly. Cause they also show videos during presentation.

Leo Laporte (00:19:36):
So there's your excuse? It's, you know, well, it's gotta look good on the videos <laugh> I know Scott and I both recommend DLP. You can get LCDs but DLPs tend to be accurate, bright without LCDs. I SEEC magazine for 37 49 right there. Yeah. Recommending the Epson epic vision ultra, which is a 4k UD laser projection. Laser's the best.

Caller 1 (00:20:10):

Leo Laporte (00:20:11):
And, and then, so you can get that for under four grand, you can get laser and that's gonna give you maximal brightness as well. So

Caller 1 (00:20:18):
That's exactly what

Leo Laporte (00:20:19):
I'll yeah. This might be, this might be the one to, oh, it's a ultra short throw. Nevermind. Nevermind. So DLPs gonna be cheaper. Laser's gonna be better you, I don't know if you can do laser in your price point. Maybe you can. I mean, this, this Epson is is under four, so,

Caller 1 (00:20:38):
Right, right. Okay. Well that's, that sounds great. I'll do a little bit more research before I pull,

Leo Laporte (00:20:44):
I think that's pretty much what Scott would say. N none, neither of us have a lot of experience with power, you know, these kind of PowerPoint projectors. I, I have experience as does Scott with TV, cinema projectors, right. The reason you want PowerPoints, you want for instance to have, well, I guess all computers have HTMI now, so that's not as big an issue. Yeah. You just wanna make sure it has the interface to a C the computer. This is a good article. Actually. It talks about LCD DLP, L costs and laser, which are the four different technologies. They talk about portability. That's gonna be pretty important to you or yes or no.

Caller 1 (00:21:25):
No, not necessarily. I mean, I'm gonna probably, it's gonna be in a box most of the time and every, every three months or so is when we have these presentations. Got it. Classes that we, that we

Leo Laporte (00:21:36):
All, I think you're gonna probably not want native 4k. You're gonna get a 10 80 P that gets you kind of a 4k with pixel shifting. That's gonna save you a lot of money. Okay. They'll take 4k in, but they don't present it. Hey, I gotta run. Okay. Take care. Leo Lao, Mike, a Sargent, your tech guys, eighty eight eighty eight, ask Leo, that's the phone number. If you want to talk high tech or Elon, it's not really high tech except his Twitter. He's buying Twitter, but not, oh, he's not buying, what is it? Which is it? Is he? Yeah, exactly. Who knows? Who knows? No one knows <laugh> no one, no one. The shadow knows the shadow knows exactly. Line two is Jody in Los Angeles. Hello, Jody

Caller 2 (00:22:23):
Morning, Leo. Good to hear your voice again.

Leo Laporte (00:22:25):
Nice to hear from you. Welcome.

Caller 2 (00:22:27):
Thank you. Thank you. Well, I've I've been working most of the past couple of years on that new TV show. Our flag means death, where we've been doing a lot of incredible virtual production with the boots you've

Leo Laporte (00:22:39):
Been working on that. I love that show. It's incredible.

Caller 2 (00:22:42):
It's been crazy. You know, they built an L E D wall 160 feet across by 30 feet tall and built a life size pirate ship on a gumball in front of it. <Laugh>

Leo Laporte (00:22:52):
What, so this is our flag means death is a comedy, a pirate comedy with with the wonderful Teko at TT. Yes. What fun that must be. So they sh you know, I thought it was British. They shoot it here.

Caller 2 (00:23:07):
They shot it at Warner brothers, ah, here in LA in Burbank. And I don't know that it's been public and publicly announced for the second season is shooting yet. So I can't comment on that, but

Leo Laporte (00:23:17):
Oh, yes. But let's put it this way. You're still working. <Laugh> that's, that's what counts. Nice. Yes. Nice.

Caller 2 (00:23:24):
Yeah. It's pretty, pretty well. So we were in Puerto Rico shooting the plates of the ocean and all that kind of stuff. And the guy who runs Stargate studios, the company has the the galaxy Z fold three. And it was just so great, you know, shooting, you know, we didn't shoot the plates with that. We're shooting, you know, 12 K multi-camera rigs and sure. And six K cameras and a circle rig all that. Are

Leo Laporte (00:23:45):
These the plates you're gonna end up putting on the LCD screen behind? Yeah, yeah. Yes.

Caller 2 (00:23:51):
Led D screen

Leo Laporte (00:23:52):
L E D rather. I'm sorry. Volume,

Caller 2 (00:23:53):
You know, it's, it's the big virtual production volumes that you see used on Mandel is the best note of these.

Leo Laporte (00:23:59):
So you have a pirate ship. That's real, it's physical, it's a practical, it's on a, gimle behind the pirate ship. You have pictures of the sea

Caller 2 (00:24:07):

Leo Laporte (00:24:07):
Move. Yeah. And then of course, as the cameras move, which is, what's cool about these L led backdrops, they move to keep the perspective, which is unbelievable. We've seen 'em at CES. I saw Sonia demonstrating these and it's really how they, how they shot the Mandalorian. I think it's transformed production, television production. And what, and what do you do on this, Jody? Are you what, what's your job?

Caller 2 (00:24:30):
Well, I'm not on this show. I'm, I'm a director and a cinematographer and a writer. So, but this particular thing I was working as a cameraman, helping to shoot the plates, the visual effect plays.

Leo Laporte (00:24:39):
Oh, so you got to go to Barbados or wherever. Nice. Puerto Rico. Yeah. Puerto Rico. That's right. Yeah.

Caller 2 (00:24:45):
Yeah. It was great. Great fun. Getting paid to go. There is all,

Leo Laporte (00:24:47):
How much, how much footage do you have to shoot? Do you have to shoot an hour, 10 minutes, five minutes.

Caller 2 (00:24:52):
We, they wanted five minute long. They wanted to be able to shoot five minute long takes. So, you know, it's multiple cameras, it's comedy. They are doing a little bit of ad lib. So Taika just wanted to, like, let's just be able to run cameras for a while and see what happens, cuz normally, you know, on an episodic TV or feature we're we might a minute long take or two

Leo Laporte (00:25:12):
Minutes. I'd never do a five minute take. Yeah, that'd be crazy. Talk to

Caller 2 (00:25:15):
So, so we were shooting five minute long. Wow. And so after a week we came back with 200 terabytes of data.

Leo Laporte (00:25:23):
Holy moly. Yeah. It's 12. K are you using, what do you shoot it with? You shoot with Aries or black magic or we're

Caller 2 (00:25:31):
Shooting with we had five black magic design, 12 K cameras. I mean we had nine black magic design, six K camera six pocket cinema, six K pros and a circle rig with one of them shooting up to get the sky. So yeah, we had, we had a lot of stuff and we shot sometimes with one camera sometimes with two, sometimes with three, depending on what we needed. Exactly. So

Leo Laporte (00:25:52):
You'd have to stitch, you'd have to stitch the the, the video together to give you more than just the view of the camera.

Caller 2 (00:26:01):
Yeah. You stitch all these together. And then when you're on a screen that size, I mean, it's, you know, it's wider than half of a football field, you know, they're, they're not shooting the and targeting they're zooming, you know, they're gonna have a tighter shot of that. So they might only be seeing a 4k part of that screen in any one shot, but you've gotta have, you know, that big 60 K resolution all across from one end to the other so that whenever, wherever they're shooting, however tight, it may be, they still have enough resolution on that wall to make nice images that look real. And it, it definitely does.

Leo Laporte (00:26:30):
So, so the the director had a a galaxy fold

Caller 2 (00:26:36):
The, the the head of Stargate studios. It was with us, it's his company who did

Leo Laporte (00:26:40):
A boss first, the boss had a fold. Yeah, yeah,

Caller 2 (00:26:44):
Yeah. So he had one and, you know, I'm very jealous. I have the galaxy S nine plus, which is about three, three years old and, and he just, he loves it. And, you know, he was shooting stuff with it just to show the clients and then to be able to have that, that real estate to open that up and show video and stuff that we shot in location and in demos of what we've done. It's just so great. So

Leo Laporte (00:27:03):
That's a good argument for that. Isn't it? Something he can carry in his pocket? He is,

Caller 2 (00:27:06):
Yeah. It's not just convenience. Yeah. But it's, it, it really is something that works great. And we were at NA B this year and showed footage to a couple of CEOs of companies like Sigma lenses that we used. And he had, you know, he'd never even seen the footage. So to be able to show that on something big, as opposed to just a little phone was really handy. So anyway, I I'm due for a new phone and I'm best buy should have mine in today. We ordered it. And well,

Leo Laporte (00:27:33):
That's a shame because, you know, they're announcing the next one in about a month.

Caller 2 (00:27:37):
Are you serious?

Leo Laporte (00:27:38):

Caller 2 (00:27:39):
Well, I wonder if I'm within three days, if I could trade mine in for a new one or

Leo Laporte (00:27:43):
Something. Well, so we don't know when the availability will be, is the next Samsung unpacked is August 10th.

Caller 2 (00:27:50):

Leo Laporte (00:27:50):
Gosh. And it's expected. They will announce the Z fold four, the Z flip four, the galaxy watch five at this event. And there have been lots of rumors about the fold four. Do you wanna get the fold?

Caller 2 (00:28:05):
Yeah. At the yeah, the, the fold three is what I've got ordered right now. I hadn't picked it up. So I guess, you know, I can unring that bell, but if the fold four is gonna be pretty much the same thing, but better, maybe I oughta talk to them about hanging on a

Leo Laporte (00:28:20):
Little bit. Yeah. Well, I mean, we can, I could just tell you what the leaks are, cuz you know, Samsung won't say anything specific until the 10th. Sure. the, the fold four is gonna let's see, I'll tell you what the tips are. It's been tipped to retain the same rear camera design. Okay. not the design you see on the S 22 ultra it'll sport. The let's see, let it down. Okay. Good news is according to tech talk TV, whoever they are 50 megapixel main camera, they say that's for sure. So I don't know what that means. So better camera, that seems likely mm-hmm <affirmative> it seems like the screen is gonna be very similar. Of course it'll be a newer process or the Snapdragon a plus they, they, I have heard them talking about the crease. Now you may not have been bothered by the crease, but some people are, and they said the crease will be less visible. I don't know if that's gonna be a, a deal breaker,

Caller 2 (00:29:27):
But you know, it bit better is better.

Leo Laporte (00:29:30):
Yeah. they get, you know, I had this Samsung galaxy fold two and I had the three and they definitely improved the three over two, they got better at the hinge design, you know, one of the problems with the originals where the crumbs would get in the hinge and break it. So they, they, they really put a lot of attention to making that hinge a lot better. And I think I noticed that difference for sure. So I expect that kind on that level of improvement. It's not gonna, so that's a really interesting conundrum. Can you wait a, it'd be more than a month cuz they'll announce it on the 10th maybe end, end of August. You'd get it.

Caller 2 (00:30:10):
Yeah. Well I'm, I'm not an, an urgent thing. I mean, my phone's working fine. So if it, if it wouldn't make a lot of sense to do that, I'd probably,

Leo Laporte (00:30:16):
I would wait, you're close enough to the new release, right. That I would probably. Yeah. Yeah.

Caller 2 (00:30:21):
And I'm wondering, you know, if, if they're gonna have any kind of deals on this because you know, there's some, there's some pretty decent trade in deals right now. I don't know how much more expensive that phone is gonna be or if it would be worth paying that extra phone.

Leo Laporte (00:30:32):
My experience and, and I do this every year is Samsung's very generous when the new phone comes out on trade-ins mm-hmm <affirmative> so they will take your old phone and give you a surprisingly good amount of money for it. They probably will also bundle in the galaxy buds or maybe the galaxy watch. They like to do they really like to stimulate the early sales of these phones cuz I think they think it reflects well on them.

Caller 2 (00:30:57):

Leo Laporte (00:30:57):
So I would say we'll put a link to the rumors on this. I would say wait and yes, you'll get a great deal. Cuz Samsung loves to sell a lot of these early on Leo Laporte, my Sargent, your tech guys. Let's see, I thought the three was quite good. I still have my three improved shift might make a big difference.

Caller 2 (00:31:24):
Push you know, I'm getting mine through best buy and the trade-ins value value varies a lot depending on your provider, like Verizon giving me $850, $800 on my trade in T-Mobile $150.

Leo Laporte (00:31:38):
Yeah. So I I usually what I do when the new phone comes out, I shop around, I go to best buy. I go to Samsung offer often offers the best deals. So that's the advantage of this when this brand new like that you could shop around and see, and you know what, if it is not a better deal than getting the Z fold three, then maybe you just get a Z fold three, it will be reduced and priced almost certainly when the new one comes out.

Caller 2 (00:32:02):
Yeah, yeah. I should probably wait a little bit for that. The, the actual, the main question that I had, believe it or not was what would, what are the best protocols to follow before I go down there to pick up my phone and they transfer all the data to make it go as quickly as possible. I know deleting all my photos cuz I have everything backed up.

Leo Laporte (00:32:19):
I wouldn't worry about it. These days, moving from one Samsung phone to another is really easy and you could do it yourself. You don't have to Samsung gives you a week or two to, to send the old phone back after you get the new one. I'm sure best buy does something similar. I always just do it myself. You put 'em side by side. Actually I think you can connect them with the cable that comes with the phone and it's very quick and it's the easiest way to just make your new phone be like the

Mikah Sargent (00:32:47):
Old one. Yeah. That's my suggestion in terms of don't have them do it. That's the fastest thing you can do if they're like, oh we'll do the transfer before you da da da, da, duh. I always skip out on that. Oh no, no. I can do it better than they can and can be in full control of the situation.

Caller 2 (00:33:00):
Yeah. Well the guy that best buy had said that they, for whatever this T-Mobile deal is, cuz we're moving from Verizon to T-Mobile cuz it's a much, much, much better deal for us and we have better coverage with T-Mobile. They said that I actually had to give them the phone and they were the ones that had to send it in what

Mikah Sargent (00:33:15):

Caller 2 (00:33:15):
Don't that's what they told me last week. Yeah.

Leo Laporte (00:33:17):
That may be Samsung. What Samsung does they give you a mailing label? Put it on the box that they sent you the old phone. So

Mikah Sargent (00:33:24):
Best buy is just doing that. Yeah. Okay. Yeah.

Leo Laporte (00:33:28):
I mean that may be their deal with Sam. I don't know what their deal is, but with Samsung you don't have to worry about, I

Mikah Sargent (00:33:33):
Would just double check, triple check that you're backed up is the best thing you can do. Yeah. Maybe even go as far as removing the password on the phone as you're on, you know, on the way there so that way they can get access to it and do the things that need to be done. Right. In terms of time saving measures, I think that's the best you can do.

Caller 2 (00:33:49):
And what about backing up my text? I was told that takes like a super long time. I do have them backed up, but they were saying transferring them takes forever. Any experience on that.

Mikah Sargent (00:34:00):
I've never done the transfers on Android.

Leo Laporte (00:34:02):
Who do you use for your text messages, Google or Samsung?

Caller 2 (00:34:06):
You know, I believe, I believe it's Samsung. I'd have to look on here and see

Leo Laporte (00:34:10):
If you use in Google. There's nothing to do. It just remembers them.

Caller 2 (00:34:14):

Leo Laporte (00:34:17):
I don't know what Samsung does. I never use this. <Laugh> only see if I'm using the Samsung app. I shouldn't say that now I have the S 22 ultra. I, I generally just use the Google app and I think if you use, if you, if you back up everything at Google, including your text messages, they just come back down.

Caller 2 (00:34:35):
Yeah, I know. I do have 'em all backed up. Yeah. All right. Well, good tips. I'm glad we talked. I didn't know about the force, so that's a good thing. I'm gonna have to go down there and maybe talk to 'em today and say, we need to delay this kids.

Leo Laporte (00:34:45):
<Laugh> I'm fascinated about this whole L E D screen technology. That's cool. And then what do they shoot the show on? Are they shooting it on Sony cameras or

Caller 2 (00:34:56):
It it's a new world, man.

Leo Laporte (00:34:58):
What do they shoot? What do they shoot in studio on? Do they have to use a Sony rig? Do they have to use a Sony rig to work with that screen or?

Caller 2 (00:35:07):
Oh no. Any, any camera works with it.

Leo Laporte (00:35:09):
Oh, okay.

Caller 2 (00:35:10):
Any brand,

Leo Laporte (00:35:11):
Is it a head? Is it a, is a special head then?

Caller 2 (00:35:14):
No, Uhuh,

Leo Laporte (00:35:15):

Caller 2 (00:35:15):
It doesn't matter. Now if you're doing, if you're doing camera tracking and so forth, you just have a tracking device on top of the camera. Ah,

Leo Laporte (00:35:21):

Caller 2 (00:35:21):
It. There's in the ceiling. So that, but it, you could use anything. You could use your cell phone as far as that's concerned. Wow. So it's, it's a fun thing to see if you're ever, if you're ever down here 

Leo Laporte (00:35:30):
I'll let you know. I'd love to watch it. Yeah. Thank you, Jody. All right. Let me do a little a little mention for our fabulous sponsors for today's tech guy podcast. The good folks at Cisco Morra we're big fans of Cisco Morra. And if you run a business these days, given all the security issues, you probably should know about Cisco Morra they're the experts in cloud based networking for hybrid work. Nowadays employees want hybrid work. What? I saw a company that said their employees had to come back and like 300 of 'em quit <laugh> this is like, this is not an option, right? But of course, and, and by the way, executives know that and of course you want the experience for the hybrid employee to be the same, no matter where they are. You also want security. You want a cloud managed network.

Leo Laporte (00:36:35):
You want Cisco Morra with Cisco. Morra you get the same exceptional work experience, no matter where your employees are at home at a cabin in the mountains, a lounge chair at the beach or in the office. And, and I know, you know, a lot of people say, well, we're gonna make people come in. But honestly, hybrid work is here to stay. And actually it works. If you've got the right setup, it works best in the cloud. It's got benefits for both employees and leaders. Workers can move faster, deliver better results. They're happier with a cloud based cloud managed network leaders can automate distributed operations. They can build more sustainable workplaces. They can proactively protect the network. An IDG market pulse research report conducted for Rocky highlighted the top tier opportunities opportunities in supporting hybrid work hybrid work is a priority for 78% of C-suite executives.

Leo Laporte (00:37:29):
Leaders wanna drive collaboration forward you, but of course they wanna stay on top of boosting productivity and security. And that's, you know, those are the challenges of hybrid work. IDG report raises the red flag of particularly about security, noting that 48% of leaders report cyber security threats as their number one obstacle to improving workforce experiences. So what's gonna make a difference. They're always on security monitoring and that's part of what makes the cloud managed network so awesome. It can use apps for Meraki's vast ecosystem partners, turnkey solutions built to work seamlessly with the Mirai cloud platform for asset tracking, location analytics, and more, you can get insights on how people are using the workspaces in a smart space. For instance, environmental sensors can track activity and occupancy levels to stay on top of cleanliness. You can use it to reserve workspaces based on vacancy and employee profiles.

Leo Laporte (00:38:26):
You can do hot desking, which allows employees to scout out a spot in a snap. If you're in a restricted environment, locations can be booked in advance can include time based door access. Again, you've, you're controlling the security, even in physical spaces, mobile device management means you're integrating devices and systems to allow it to manage update and troubleshoot company owned devices, even when the device and employee are in a remote location. So turn any place into a space of productivity, empower your organization with the same exceptional experience, no matter where they work with Meraki M E R AKI and the Cisco suite of technology. Learn how your organization can make hybrid work, work, visit, M E R a K I We thank Meraki and Cisco for their supportive the tech eye podcast. Now back to the show, Mike, a Sargent Leo Laporte tech eye episode 1909, if you if you hear us talking about oh well, we'll, we'll what that link in the show notes, which we do.

Leo Laporte (00:39:38):
In fact, we've got a link to Tom's guide's summary of all the rumors about the Samsung galaxy Z fold four. We'll put that in the show notes. That's at tech guy tech guy And if you go to 1909 takes a while, okay. It's not immediate producers kinda take it. They get all the stuff in there. Usually just links. We'll get a transcript up after a couple of days, humans go through that, make sure it makes sense. Audio and video from the show that has to be edited put up there, but eventually within a couple of days of the show, you'll see a complete set, everything you need to recover your memories of this fabulous episode, 1000 nine hundred nine eighty eight eighty eight, ask Leo is the phone number (888) 827-5536. And Kevin is on the line from Las Vegas. Hello Kevin.

Caller 3 (00:40:34):
Hi Leo. Hey, good to talk to you again. I, I called you about a month ago and I had just been working with my new max studio. Woo.

Leo Laporte (00:40:44):
Still like

Caller 3 (00:40:44):
It. I'm glad you talked. Oh, I love it. Yeah, it studio max. Yes. And I'm glad you talked me down out of off the ledge about getting the studio display. And I've been looking at different 4k monitors now because the, the 5k are just outta sight as it is pricewise. But the only question I have about that is that I've heard a lot about scaling for 4k monitors and how that might affect using it on Mac.

Leo Laporte (00:41:13):
I'm using a, I'm looking at 4k monitor right now on my Mac. You know, you've used the display control panel. So you go into the display control panel and you get a variety of choices. In fact, you can, even, there are programs you could put on there. That'll give you even more choices generally on a 4k or a 5k display. Actually, what do you do on the studio? Is the studio, the studio's 5k. Mikah has studio

Mikah Sargent (00:41:39):
Mm-Hmm <affirmative> yeah,

Leo Laporte (00:41:40):
You don't do cut it in half. You don't do

Mikah Sargent (00:41:43):
Exactly. It's weird. It doesn't go up and then they cut it down to make it look smooth and proper. So

Leo Laporte (00:41:48):
Normally that's what you do on a 4k display. Yeah. Which is 2160 you'd you'd display it. So that the icons and the menu texts, aren't so small, you display it at half that, which is 10 80 mm-hmm <affirmative> and then, but then if you open Photoshop or something that has a higher resolution apple will automatically display that in the, in the full 2160, but that's not the case on

Mikah Sargent (00:42:07):
The five. K's just native. 

Leo Laporte (00:42:09):
It's it's five, but it's not native all

Mikah Sargent (00:42:11):
The time. Sorry, not native, but it is,

Leo Laporte (00:42:13):
But it's not

Mikah Sargent (00:42:14):
Half. No. So there's, there's a really to

Leo Laporte (00:42:17):
Scale it in some weird

Mikah Sargent (00:42:18):
Way. There's an excellent, I I'll have to find the piece. I can't remember where it is. We'll definitely include in the show notes, but it's I think Mark Edwards is that his name who talked about the difference between using a 4k display and a 5k display on the Mac and why I know where you're getting this Kevin you've probably seen different YouTube videos and articles about why people are returning their 4k monitors and going for 5k instead. But I think day to day, it's not something that you're going to to notice. You know, if, if you've used your Mac for as long as you have, and it's been fine up to this point that noticing the difference between the 4k and the 5k is it's, it's kind of hard. You gotta be really picky about it.

Leo Laporte (00:42:59):
So yes. And, and on the 4k, since you're not getting a 5k monitor, you will probably want it to scaled you know, apple says best for display which is almost always what I pick right in the display control

Mikah Sargent (00:43:15):
Panel. Yes, exactly. But

Leo Laporte (00:43:17):
If you wanna play with it, you generally wanna do, how can I describe this? You wanna do round numbers, you wanna do half or quarter something that's a multiple

Mikah Sargent (00:43:27):

Leo Laporte (00:43:27):
Right? Proportional. It's a fraction of the actual resolution because scaling by one third,

Mikah Sargent (00:43:33):
That's where you're gonna get some weird it's

Leo Laporte (00:43:35):
Jaggy. It gets weirdest. But except that it doesn't, I mean, that's, what's so strange about apple. It, it doesn't on their monitor cuz they don't scale by half. So I don't really know exactly what, what to recommend. I just would say, when you get the 4k, do the default for display, you could see I'm not using that on my Mac mini right now, I'm using 10 80. I don't know what default for display would do. But 10 80 is one half the native resolution. And to me that's gonna scale more nicely.

Caller 3 (00:44:08):
Well, the, the monitor I'm kind of looking at after researching this for months, a couple of months and reading countless reviews back and forth and ups and down the Dell U 27 23 Q E seems to be one of the best.

Leo Laporte (00:44:24):
I'm very happy with Dell monitors. I think they're very good. Yeah.

Caller 3 (00:44:27):
It's 2001 contrast it's got huge hub for all different ports. They, they clinic. Yeah. Yeah. So I mean, it sounds really good.

Leo Laporte (00:44:40):
The other recommendation I would have is and I, and this is something to look for in the monitor. Make sure it supports display port because if you want the higher refresh rates on the Mac studio, you can't use H G M I, they, for some reason, apple decided to go with a HDMI 2.0 interface, not 2.1. So it tops out at 60 Hertz, but if you get a display, they can do 120 Hertz. Make sure you have display port on it.

Mikah Sargent (00:45:10):
I found, I found the piece that I was talking about that I think would be very helpful to you, Kevin. Because it talks about a bunch of different displays that are very popular displays in different sizes and you can look at it to see kind of what this designer who's been in the Mac world

Leo Laporte (00:45:27):
For. Oh, but Jangos great. Yeah,

Mikah Sargent (00:45:28):
Yeah, yeah. Thinks about it. There are lots of different options here.

Leo Laporte (00:45:32):
This is probably more information than, yeah,

Mikah Sargent (00:45:35):
It is fair, but I did find it very helpful in kind of understanding where that whole argument about, wait, why is 4k quote unquote bad? It's not bad. It's just an understanding of how this display one.

Leo Laporte (00:45:47):
It's just one K yes. <Laugh> I use 4k everywhere. I don't, you know, only apple. I did have a 5k iMac for a long time and I don't notice a difference. I think it's something that's, it is a selling point for apple. And by the way, I'm looking at this, this is a Samsung 4k display when I choose default for display, it's the same as 1920 by 10 80. So I, even though I could go to a higher resolution I'm doing it fr it's an integer fraction <laugh> of, of the total.

Caller 3 (00:46:17):
I know it's, it's so confusing after

Leo Laporte (00:46:20):
It's very confusing. Honestly, most of the time default for display is fine. Yep. Just let apple choose. They know about most monitors. And then you only have a, you know, in the apples stuff, they have a very limited choice. Although I noticed now maybe this is something new there's this show all resolutions check box, which didn't used to be there. And so now they, they do have more resolutions. So that's interesting. It's very confusing for everybody now because we have these high DPI displays, which are you know, most operating systems don't wanna operate in high DPI. Apple makes this promise. And I think this is true in windows as well, that if the source material will use the higher resolution, like Photoshop or final cut, that they'll display it in the full resolution, but everything else will be displayed at this half resolution, which is what you want. So you can, you know, if you, if you said it at 5k or 4k resolution, the, the menu items are tiny, the icons are tiny. It's a little bit weird.

Caller 3 (00:47:24):
So yeah. So I'm in figuring what the best resolution to set it out. I guess I have to play with it a bit

Leo Laporte (00:47:29):
And I would say again, default for display. And then if you don't like it you know, try 10, you know, I probably default for display is 1920 by 10 80, even though it's a 4k display cuz that's pick that's half. Right. So that makes everything twice as big, as long as you're gonna get the full resolution when you're doing it in Photoshop and things like that. That's kind of what you want.

Caller 3 (00:47:50):
Yeah. Okay. And by the way, I have to thank you for recommending mince mobile. I just switched from the big death star.

Leo Laporte (00:47:58):

Caller 3 (00:47:59):
Thank God I got away from

Leo Laporte (00:48:00):
That. Oh, they're terrible. Yeah.

Caller 3 (00:48:02):
Saving some money and I'm done with them forever. I had an interesting email. They sent me a last bill for one penny.

Leo Laporte (00:48:11):
Oh thank you. At and T that must have cost them at least 50 cents to mail that, you know?

Caller 3 (00:48:16):
Well, it was, it was an automatic payment, so it just went on to my credit card

Leo Laporte (00:48:21):
Any oh my goodness. Well we gotta, everything has to balance, you know, it's gotta all balance at the end. Yeah. Yep.

Caller 3 (00:48:26):
Absolutely. So, oh, and by

Leo Laporte (00:48:28):
The way we should mention mint. Mobile is a sponsor. So I want to just claim that, but yeah, we're fans,

Caller 3 (00:48:34):
It's the shame Scott isn't there because I was gonna say to you, it was interesting to listen to him over the, the last year and his laugh is just like agent

Leo Laporte (00:48:45):
Smith. I know isn't it <laugh> agent Smith. I never heard that one. Leo and Mikah, your tech guys more after this <laugh> I always say Santa Claus, really? Agent Smith from the matrix.

Caller 3 (00:48:58):
Yeah. Listen, listen to the matrix. And, and when he does his LA always chilling, sometimes

Leo Laporte (00:49:07):
I'm gonna tell Scott that, oh, that's hysterical. So remember HTM not use HTMI used display port and you can get, I actually ended up going out and buying type type C Thunderbolt four, two display port cables. You can get 'em nice. Get 'em from cable matters. They're on Amazon 10, 15 bucks. Yeah.

Caller 3 (00:49:27):
Well this Dell has USBC in it and it has a ton of ports. It's got three regular USB ports. It's got two HDM. I it's got everything. So it's almost like a hub plus I think it has a, a VM switcher, two kind of built in.

Leo Laporte (00:49:47):
You do not want USBC if it does, does it not have display port?

Caller 3 (00:49:53):
Oh really? You don't want us BBC.

Leo Laporte (00:49:55):
No fact. My wife, I think that's a Dell in there and it was connected via USBC and all of a sudden it was doing something weird. And I fortunately, when I bought the type C to H to display port cables, I bought a few extra. So I brought one in fixed it. I honestly think USBC video over USBC is funky. Mm-Hmm <affirmative> I don't know why Dell does it, but they do. And I think it's funky, but that, but her monitor and I bet you yours does too. Had a display port on it. So check to see.

Caller 3 (00:50:29):
Yeah. And then I would need a Mo a, a cable adapter. Yeah. Or a cable. Yeah. Cable

Leo Laporte (00:50:34):
To get a, get a, yeah. And, and I'll put a link in the show notes to the cable I bought, which is at Amazon. It's not very expensive.

Caller 3 (00:50:43):
Okay. I'll

Leo Laporte (00:50:43):
But, well, just check to see if it does. I have not had good experience with VI USBC video it's USB video and it's weird. I think it's a Dell thing. I, I don't get it. I really don't get it.

Mikah Sargent (00:50:56):
They neither do some computers.

Leo Laporte (00:50:57):
So yeah. Apple is Apple's video system is extremely strange range. I'm not sure I can, I can recommend it. So they're USBC to display 0.1 0.4 is 17 bucks. I will put a link in the show notes to this,

Caller 3 (00:51:17):
According to what's in the box here, type C cable one display port cabled. Yay. So, so you're good. Yeah. So I'll just, yeah. So you're good.

Leo Laporte (00:51:28):
Come with it. You're golden.

Caller 3 (00:51:29):
Yeah. I mean, it, it specs on, it sounds great. 2001 contrast. Yeah.

Leo Laporte (00:51:34):
Yeah. All of the Dels are excellent monitors. She has, she has the 49 inch Dell.

Mikah Sargent (00:51:39):
It's wild. It's

Leo Laporte (00:51:41):
Very wild. It's very wide and curvy and weird. And she likes that. Cuz she puts spreadsheets side by side on it. She likes to, she looks at balance sheets a lot,

Caller 3 (00:51:49):
So well, yeah, this one comes in 27 or 32, but 32 seemed to be a little bit overkill from me. Yeah.

Leo Laporte (00:51:55):
You're gonna love it. That's a good monitor. Everybody as good as the apple monitor I think.

Caller 3 (00:52:00):
Yeah. I mean, well I know looking at any of the other five Ks that were out there, they don't either compare to the apple as far as quality or they're just again, way too expensive.

Leo Laporte (00:52:10):
Way expensive. Yeah, yeah, yeah,

Caller 3 (00:52:12):
Yeah. Not

Leo Laporte (00:52:13):
4K. I use 4k everywhere. I even my 55 inches 4k. I just don't see any reason to go hire resolution.

Caller 3 (00:52:20):
Yeah. Well, as long as it works well and you know, and the resolution works for all the things I'm gonna be doing with it, I should, you know, I just, it should, it's just confirming because of the reviews and everybody, you know, crapping all over this. <Laugh> the for,

Leo Laporte (00:52:35):
Well, you were. Yeah. I mean, Mike has got it. You don't hate it. It's a good monitor.

Mikah Sargent (00:52:39):
I, no, it's a fantastic monitor. It's the, the webcam was what made everybody be all weird about it, but I don't really use the webcam anyway. It is a fantastic monitor. It looks good. It, it works every

Leo Laporte (00:52:50):
Time they don't sell it too hard cuz you didn't buy it. This is

Mikah Sargent (00:52:52):
True. <Laugh> I didn't have

Leo Laporte (00:52:53):
To pay for it. I told them not to buy it. <Laugh>

Caller 3 (00:52:57):
For me. Yeah. I just can't justify that. Yeah. Yeah.

Leo Laporte (00:53:00):
That's I think really the real complaint is it's a little pricey for what you get.

Mikah Sargent (00:53:05):
Yeah. That's fair. That's

Caller 3 (00:53:06):
Fair. Right? Exactly. If it were sub 1000, somewhere around 900 something. Yeah, maybe.

Leo Laporte (00:53:13):
Yeah. I think the dolls are great. You're gonna be very happy. All right. Good. I'm glad it comes with a, with a display port cable too. That's a big

Caller 3 (00:53:21):
Plus. Yeah. I'll probably pull the trigger on this one. That sounds like it's a, it's a good deal.

Leo Laporte (00:53:25):
Oh yeah. I love my Dell monitors.

Caller 3 (00:53:28):
Yeah. Take $30

Leo Laporte (00:53:29):
On amazing. Isn't it? Yeah.

Caller 3 (00:53:31):
So it's not, not, not a bad price for that. All right, Leo. Thank you, sir. I sent you all the help.

Leo Laporte (00:53:37):
My pleasure. Take care, Kevin.

Caller 3 (00:53:40):
Well, last time I call you on monitors. I hope <laugh>.

Leo Laporte (00:53:42):
I think you got a good setup now.

Caller 3 (00:53:45):
All right,

Leo Laporte (00:53:46):
Bye. What's nice. Is I can get all of the animated gifts in there. It is. There's agent Smith's laughing. There is the B Jengo that's actually a very useful reference article. I'm glad you

Mikah Sargent (00:54:16):
It's super cool.

Leo Laporte (00:54:17):

Mikah Sargent (00:54:18):
And they, he has like, they simulate how it looks scaled in and everything.

Leo Laporte (00:54:24):
Oh, that's interesting. So the 5k has a 30 bit per pixel as opposed to 24 bit per pixel. I don't know if that makes a difference. In fact, we always said once you get to 24 bits per pixel you're you're, you've got enough color gamut now to you're exceeding the human eye. So yeah. Smart switch is good. There you go. Galaxy four. Do you watch that show?

Mikah Sargent (00:55:08):
RFL means death. Yeah. Yeah. I, I, I haven't finished it yet, but I did. Yeah.

Leo Laporte (00:55:12):
It's a little broad. I watched the first couple episodes. It was so broad that I kind of, I, I think when black beard shows up, when TACA shows up, it gets better. Yeah.

Mikah Sargent (00:55:19):
That's what I, I, I think he's fantastic. One of my favorite movies of all time is what we do in the shadows. So I've,

Leo Laporte (00:55:25):
I love that a long time. And I've been watching that show. I think that's

Mikah Sargent (00:55:28):
Yeah. And the show show is they've done a great job with the show too. Oh

Leo Laporte (00:55:30):
My God. Is it funny? Yeah, I'm a fan. I'm a Tyco Wai fan. I, I think the problem was that the captain drives is bothers me. He's

Mikah Sargent (00:55:52):

Leo Laporte (00:55:52):
Really annoying.

Mikah Sargent (00:55:52):
He's annoying. He's very

Leo Laporte (00:55:54):
Annoying. And, and you know, it's hard to like a show where

Mikah Sargent (00:55:57):
Your major,

Leo Laporte (00:55:57):
The hero annoying

Mikah Sargent (00:55:58):
Mm-Hmm <affirmative> mm-hmm <affirmative>. Yeah. And I don't know, I there's a certain, there's a certain quality to so many of the TACA YTT shows that I do watch that this one didn't have right off the bat until it was like a kind of a step down for me. Yeah.

Leo Laporte (00:56:15):
His kind of knowing witiness.

Mikah Sargent (00:56:19):
But I stuck with it.

Leo Laporte (00:56:21):
What we do in the shadows is back in three days. Awesome. I still haven't gotten through all the first episodes. I watch it cuz Lisa's not watching it. So I watch it whenever I have to watch something.

Mikah Sargent (00:56:32):
Have you seen the one with the spam or the, the chain email? Yes.

Leo Laporte (00:56:36):

Mikah Sargent (00:56:37):
Usually one of the best things on,

Leo Laporte (00:56:40):
So I love the movie, but I think the show's even, and the show's even better. It's so funny. And Colin going well, here is what you do.

Mikah Sargent (00:56:50):
Remind me to tell you a story about him. That actor. Oh,

Leo Laporte (00:56:55):
Well, Hey, Hey, Hey. How are you today? Hour or two of the tech guys show the two tech guys are Leo Laporte here

Mikah Sargent (00:57:03):
And Mikah Sargent here.

Leo Laporte (00:57:05):
And if you're in stereo, I will be in the left speaker and I'll be in your right ear. I we're not, that's not, it's not. Mikah will be all on his own next week, so please help him be

Mikah Sargent (00:57:17):
Kind. Ask

Leo Laporte (00:57:18):
Easy questions. No, don't do that.

Mikah Sargent (00:57:20):
No, no, no. Ask, ask your hardest all

Leo Laporte (00:57:21):
Your printer questions next week with Mikah Sargent on the radio, eighty eight eighty eight, ask Leo is our phone number. We have lines open right now. If you want to get through, this would be a good time to call 8 8, 8 8 2 7 5 5 3 6, toll free from anywhere in the us or Canada. We are yes, somebody in the chat room's asking, are we gonna do the James web thing on Tuesday? We'll talk with rod pile tomorrow about it. But as you might know, the new telescope is in position at Laro two, which is a million kilometers away from the earth. It is fully unfolded and it is taking, they say science quality images, really beautiful, but we haven't seen any of them. NASA is having a press conference on Tuesday to reveal the first images. And they say one of the images will be the deepest picture of space ever taken.

Mikah Sargent (00:58:14):
Did it launch sooner than it was supposed to? No. why am I thinking this is the one that had the huge hexagonal. Yeah.

Leo Laporte (00:58:21):
Okay. They've been planning this for a really time, for more than a decade. And it was a crazy rub Goldberg invention to unfold it because you couldn't put it in a rocket it's too big. So they had to fold it up like where a gummy mm-hmm <affirmative> and then it had to at a million kilometers from the earth unfold itself and it did, and it aligned and everything went perfectly. And everybody's very excited about this pictures from the origin of the universe. I'm gonna

Mikah Sargent (00:58:48):
Essentially, I'm gonna, I'm gonna include a link to Pulitzer prize winning piece about the James web telescope from from quantum magazine. It is just incredible. And it gave me so much information about the James web telescope.

Leo Laporte (00:59:01):
It's an example of how we still can do some stuff, right. You know, <laugh>, we could still do amazing engineering feats, and it gives me hope for the future of space exploration. Rod PI will be here next next episode tomorrow. And we'll talk about then he also has a wonderful podcast called this weekend space on our podcast network, I S. And they're talking about, they're very excited. Rod's gonna join me. 7:30 AM Pacific 10 30. Eastern will be co streaming with NASA as they reveal the first images. Wow. That's exciting Christian on the line from Ontario, California. Hello, Christian.

Caller 4 (00:59:43):
Hi. How are you doing

Leo Laporte (00:59:43):
Today? Wonderful. How are you?

Caller 4 (00:59:45):
I'm doing great. Enjoying the sunny day right now.

Leo Laporte (00:59:47):
Nice. Me too. Well, I would be if I were outside <laugh> I can see out my window. What can we do for you?

Caller 4 (00:59:55):
Well one thing I, I always tell people is people forget Samsung. They make like middle tier phones and not the, not the ACE, not the, a models, but the S models as well. Like the, like the SES.

Leo Laporte (01:00:09):
Yeah. And you know what? They're really good phones too.

Caller 5 (01:00:13):
They're amazing. So like, I, I like, I like looking at phones that are not too expensive. I currently work for a major carrier, so I get all the, I get all those like first games and phones and I get discounts to the Samsung. So all that good stuff. The

Leo Laporte (01:00:26):
F Fe are called the, or F Fe stands for fan edition. Yes, what's the difference. So I have an S 22 ultra, you know, I have the most expensive phone out there that doesn't fold anyway. What would be the difference if I got the fan edition?

Caller 5 (01:00:41):
So in, in that sense, if you can't really compare the, the S 21 SES to the, to the ultras, cause the ultras are insane. They're yes. They're, they're, they're amazing though. I love the ultras,

Leo Laporte (01:00:52):
But this is a problem with the tech press, which is, and I fully commit, you know, admit to this we review the top of the line. Yeah. And we kind of look down our nose at the, a series in the Fe series, like, well, okay. If you can afford to spend $1,200 on a phone, I, I guess it would be okay, but they're not, they're really good phones.

Caller 5 (01:01:16):
Yes. A hundred percent. I so say in essence, if somebody is looking towards the S 21, but no, an S 22, but the S 21, is there the se addition and is better than the regular S 21? You, it it's, if it has a bigger screen the only downside to it is from my comparison is it's the nighttime photo, but you can't really tell a difference really. 

Leo Laporte (01:01:42):
It doesn't have, and this is often the case where you get the less expensive phone. They won't have the best cameras, they'll have the next best, but, but it's 325 bucks. So yeah. You

Caller 5 (01:01:55):
Know, the SES go, I got mine for about $600. But my time quality on video quality is amazing. Yeah. And if people don't want to spend 1,200 for the full thousand 500 thees are, are great phones, the battery life on the F E S two F 21 F E is better than S 22.

Leo Laporte (01:02:21):
Interesting. Interesting. And for, so for a lot of people they're willing to give up a great camera for better battery life. Like that's I important.

Caller 5 (01:02:31):
Yes. Very important. Yeah. I mean, I'm always, I, I, I, like I said, I work for a media carrier. I I'm always on my phone. And

Leo Laporte (01:02:40):
When the fan addition, when the Fe came out earlier this year, it was a lot of money. It was 700 bucks.

Caller 5 (01:02:46):

Leo Laporte (01:02:47):
And at that price point, I'm not sure I would recommend it. I think that hurt them. Samsung obviously realized that was way too much. And they cut it in half.

Caller 5 (01:02:55):
Yes. That was when it, when it came out at that price point, I was like, they kind of messed up because the S 20 Fe came out cheaper. I think it came out. Yeah.

Leo Laporte (01:03:07):
It was crazy. It's like, why would I buy the fan edition when I can get the full edition for less? I never understood that.

Caller 5 (01:03:15):
Yeah. but in, in essence usually like if people usually go to carriers, like T-Mobile ATT Verizon. And 

Leo Laporte (01:03:24):
Do you work in the stores? Do you work in retail?

Caller 5 (01:03:27):
No. No, I, no. Oh, I technically, yes. But I'm in the field really?

Leo Laporte (01:03:31):
You're in the field. Okay. Cause I'm just curious, cuz I think the people in the stores are the frontline and they're the ones that Mo I think you were about to say this most customers, trust them to tell them what phone to get.

Caller 5 (01:03:43):
Yes, yes. A hundred percent. I, I, I, I used to work in a store. My previous carrier was T-Mobile and I, in my, in my field, I always saw the FES be on discount, more better of a discount than the, than the flagship phones. Right. And they usually come out a lot cheaper in, in the end and they get, so

Leo Laporte (01:04:03):
You wouldn't hesitate to recommend that to a customer in a store. Oh,

Caller 5 (01:04:07):
A hundred. No, I would not. I would not at all. I, I actually go towards those a little more. Yeah. especially like when they go to in store, sometimes they, they require down payment higher taxes, all that stuff, you know? Right.

Leo Laporte (01:04:20):
I think a good a good retail employee of a, a big phone company would a, would listen to the customer. I always try to do this and, and get a sense of what they need and what they want and what they're willing to spend. And then you can make a recommendation. Unfortunately, sometimes it's busy, you're rushed. You just have the stock recommendation. And I know from manufacturers that if they don't get, if the store employees don't recommend them, they're outta business. Microsoft killed its phone, the kin within three months because they couldn't get anybody to sell it. I remember when Huawei had a deal with, at and T and Verizon to sell their latest phone. And then the, those companies at the under pressure from the us government pulled, outway said, well fine. We can't sell, we cannot sell phones in the us. We won't sell phones in the us cuz without the store nobody's gonna buy 'em and Google's pixels have historically always had trouble selling very many because they're just not in the stores or they don't get recommended as much. So I'm glad you called. I appreciate it. It's good for people to, to hear this. How about the, a phones? Do you like the Samsung a series

Caller 5 (01:05:29):
A, I, I, I will recommend the a series if it's above the a 22 series or the a 20

Leo Laporte (01:05:33):
There's some really cheap ones. In fact, that's often the free phone that a carrier will give you as an a series.

Caller 5 (01:05:38):
Yeah. at the moment I, we know, I know we do carry the eight, 13, and it is a solid phone, but if somebody wants a little more little more power, a little more bank, don't mind paying a three, $4 more a month. The a 52, 8 50 threes are, are great too.

Leo Laporte (01:05:55):
And it's, and I'm really glad you called about the Fe because I have still a little prejudice against the Fe from those early reports when it was 700 bucks. I just, I didn't really consider it because of that. I remember previous fan editions F Fe stands for fan editions, previous fan editions. I was impressed by this one was like a puzzle. What, what are they doing? But I'm glad now that they've lowered the price. Yeah. And this is a good a phone you can easily recommend.

Caller 5 (01:06:21):
Yeah. And honestly like I, I hop phone to phone every six months.

Leo Laporte (01:06:26):
Me too. I,

Caller 5 (01:06:27):
I trade it in and I get the newer phone. So I think from my S 20, I'm gonna hop over to the pixel. Nice. I did have the pixel for Excel and I loved it. Yeah. And I kind of wanna try the pixel Sixl and see how it is.

Leo Laporte (01:06:41):
I have a Sixl and now I'm curious about the six a, I want your, if you get the six a you let me know, call us. Okay. Yeah.

Caller 5 (01:06:47):
A hundred

Leo Laporte (01:06:47):
Percent. You could be our unofficial phone reviewer for us.

Caller 5 (01:06:51):
Oh. A hundred percent. And I did have one plus for a, a little bit. Yeah. And the one plus the system is amazing. It's fast, it's responsive. I think they were one of the first cheaper phones that came up with hundred and hundred 20 Hertz.

Leo Laporte (01:07:07):
Yes. Those beautiful, smooth, refreshing displays. Yeah.

Caller 5 (01:07:10):
The only downside between that phone is the camera quality isn't as great.

Leo Laporte (01:07:14):

Caller 5 (01:07:15):
But by your life is good is good. 

Leo Laporte (01:07:17):
That's why you have to know what matters to you. Does it, you know, is, are you taking pictures? You know, for, for instance, I don't do phone calls very often, so I don't really care what the phone quality is on these phones. They're not phones for me. They're little computers, little pocket

Caller 5 (01:07:31):
Computers. What do you think about the, the, the AK resolution on the S 22 ultra?

Leo Laporte (01:07:40):
I think the camera system on the 22 ultra is mindboggling to be honest, mm-hmm <affirmative> I haven't noticed any resolution issues. It switches automatically, I think. And that's so you might be surprised if you're taking a picture and then all of a sudden the resolution drops down, but I haven't had that problem. I've been very happy. I think this is, I don't know. I use the pixel six camera as well. And the iPhone I have a 12, not a 13 and I have to say they're all pretty darn good. So I haven't,

Caller 5 (01:08:10):
Yeah, they're pretty

Leo Laporte (01:08:10):
Tall. Yeah. I haven't noticed any. I use for, for the Samsungs. I like to use their expert raw app instead of the mm-hmm <affirmative> camera app that comes with it because it gives you a little bit more control. So there you'll know what lens you're using and and maybe avoid that switch to a lower risk. Hey, I gotta run Christian, a pleasure talking to you. You, you, you stay in touch. You sounds like you use a lot of different phones. Yeah, dude. Thank you. All right. Have a good one.

Mikah Sargent (01:08:35):
This is break time.

Leo Laporte (01:08:36):
It's break. Time to work only if you want break time.

Mikah Sargent (01:08:40):
Is that short break?

Leo Laporte (01:08:41):
Short break? No, Mikah is not the new host on MacBreak Weekly. Are you hurt? Should I have asked you to do that? No. God, no. You're busy. You got plenty to do. You got, we're giving him more all the time. And

Mikah Sargent (01:08:51):
Also I'm very excited about

Leo Laporte (01:08:53):
He just launched a new show.

Mikah Sargent (01:08:54):
I did wow. Hands on Mac. There are lots of M words in my head. He has hands on Mac it's Mac, baby. Yeah.

Mikah Sargent (01:09:02):
Yeah. And I've already recorded the, the first episode of that I'll be out to

Leo Laporte (01:09:05):
What's the first episode about,

Mikah Sargent (01:09:07):
I am talking about Mac bartender, because

Leo Laporte (01:09:10):
We're gonna be, oh, love bartender.

Mikah Sargent (01:09:11):
We're gonna be downloading lots of apps over the course of this. As we talk about 'em and people need a way to clean up

Leo Laporte (01:09:16):
Their menu. Well, you also really need it. If you have a notch on your MacBook, which I do. Yes, yes. And the new MacBook air also have a notch mm-hmm <affirmative> and it's so annoying because you would think the menu bar would know about the notch mm-hmm <affirmative> and not put icons underneath the notch where they're invisible, but it does not. Ah, so, and I have a lot of stuff in my menu. Right. So when I launched something like I launched Dropbox and I don't see the icon because it's under the notch, that's terrible design.

Mikah Sargent (01:09:46):
That's a very bad design. Exactly.

Leo Laporte (01:09:48):
So you have to, if you have a notch, you have to have bartender. It's also, if you have a lot of menu records.

Mikah Sargent (01:09:54):
Yeah. And, and a lot of power users, we've got a lot of menu bar icons.

Leo Laporte (01:09:57):
Well, and for instance, one of the reason my menu bar is full. Cause I for fantastic how I have the, you know, next appointment and stuff. So it's big. It takes up a lot of, yeah, yeah, yeah.

Mikah Sargent (01:10:04):
Me too. And if you've got, what are those? What's that app called? It's got meters and stuff. Oh

Leo Laporte (01:10:10):
Yeah. I I'm. I stat menus. I stat menus. Yeah. Which I do the next release of Macko the not OS the notch problem will be fixed. Well, that'll be relief. What will, how will fix it? You know, what they, what they do, which I hate is they just let that whole top part of the screen be blank. Yeah. Which I hate that. My EAX I use EAX what did you, did you order food?

Mikah Sargent (01:10:35):
Yeah. I, I forgot to eat this morning, so very

Leo Laporte (01:10:38):
<Laugh>. Why is it outside?

Mikah Sargent (01:10:40):
Cuz it was delivered

Leo Laporte (01:10:41):
In, you had delivery. Yeah. What'd you get

Mikah Sargent (01:10:44):
Just some groceries, but

Leo Laporte (01:10:46):
I'm going grocery shopping after the show. Uhoh I hope I am. Oh no. I thought I got the dang nabbit.

Mikah Sargent (01:10:55):
What's wrong.

Leo Laporte (01:10:56):
I thought I had the list.

Mikah Sargent (01:10:57):
Oh no. Your grocery list. Wait a paper list. Aren't you? The tech guy.

Leo Laporte (01:11:02):
I try to get Lisa so we can say, Hey Madame, add, add this, you know, heavy cream to my shopping list. What

Mikah Sargent (01:11:10):
Is it? The one you like power list or

Leo Laporte (01:11:11):
Something? No, no. I just use the regular Madame shopping list. And then I have, I finally got the Madame thermal printer. So I could say Madame print, my shopping list. Yes. And it goes, has little check boxes. It's great. But at least it doesn't use it set. She was using it. You know, it's interesting. How rock stars will write songs about their experiences. Rock stars. Comedians will do jokes about, you know, traveling and hotels, all their experiences as a comedian. You don't hear tech guys doing whole shows about, you know, my first computer. I'll never forget. I get

Leo Laporte (01:11:56):
It. A Terry 800. Oh my God. I played it old. Dan, maybe you did my first iPod. I put lots of songs on oh

Leo Laporte (01:12:10):
88, 88 LIO. No, actually I really love it when I actually love it. When rock stars and comedians talk about their lives. I want to hear about their lives. You

Leo Laporte (01:12:18):
Live vicariously through

Leo Laporte (01:12:19):
Them, live through them. Mm-Hmm <affirmative>. That's why I like all those shows about billionaires on TV nowadays. Oh boy, man. Those guys live the life. Those oligarchs, those oligarchs know how to live Carlene on the line from Flin, California. Hello, Carlene.

Caller 6 (01:12:34):

Leo Laporte (01:12:35):

Caller 6 (01:12:37):
Hey, can you hear me?

Leo Laporte (01:12:38):
I hear you. Can you hear me?

Caller 6 (01:12:41):
Hi. Yeah. Sorry.

Leo Laporte (01:12:43):
It's okay. What's up?

Caller 6 (01:12:47):
I have a new Samsung TV. It's not the top of the line. It's a D the seven series.

Leo Laporte (01:12:57):
Nice. So that's a good TV. That's good.

Caller 6 (01:13:00):
Yeah. I like the TV. I have it hooked up to my direct TV box via H DM I cable.

Leo Laporte (01:13:10):

Caller 6 (01:13:11):
And also have an H D M I going to my Yamaha receiver so we can just listen through the speakers and something's goofy because mm-hmm, <affirmative> I switch from the regular TV, like for through direct TV, to like Netflix or prime or any of those Hulu, whatever. Yeah. No sound comes out. Yeah. The sound goes off and then I have to use the receiver's remote it

Leo Laporte (01:13:43):
Back. And how annoying? Huh? So here's how you wanna route everything. Yep.

Caller 6 (01:13:49):

Leo Laporte (01:13:52):
So you using an AV receiver, right?

Caller 6 (01:13:55):

Leo Laporte (01:13:56):
And are you using any of the apps on the Samsung TV? Like when you go to Netflix, is that coming from the Samsung TV? Yes. Yes. Okay. So this is why it's confusing. So you want all of the devices, any devices, like a Blueray player, the direct TV box or whatever, to go into those inputs on your AV receiver. And then you have an output from the AV receiver going into the TV. Here's the key. Okay. Here's the key that you'll only one cable going from the receiver to the TV, but you need to plug it into a very specific port on the TV. It will probably be labeled a C.

Caller 6 (01:14:38):
I have that.

Leo Laporte (01:14:39):
Yeah. Make sure it's on the arc port. What that stands for is audio return channel. And so when you watch something on the Samsung like Netflix, it says, oh, oh, I gotta send the audio back down that arc into the receiver. Cuz the receiver's playing it. Not the Samsung. So you have set it up that way.

Caller 6 (01:15:00):
Mm-Hmm <affirmative>

Leo Laporte (01:15:01):
Yeah. Everything goes into the receiver. Receiver has one cable and one only going into the TV it's plugged into the TV's arc or E arc channel.

Caller 6 (01:15:10):
Right. The receiver and the, the TV are on the arc. Good. But then I got the direct TV box just going into the TV. Ah,

Leo Laporte (01:15:20):
Yes. That's what you that's. So, so you want that to go into the receiver as well?

Caller 6 (01:15:27):
You know, I tried that is it, it didn't work. So I put it back. But is it because I don't have the receiver on the correct?

Leo Laporte (01:15:35):
Yeah. So what happens is the receiver, it's an AV receiver. One of the things, main things AV receivers really do is their HTM. I switches. So you have one thing coming outta this receiver to the TV, that's the only input of the TV. And then everything goes on the receiver. And, but that does mean that when you switch inputs on the receiver, you'll have to, you know, when you switch from direct TV to some other box, you'll have to tell the receiver.

Caller 6 (01:16:02):
Oh, so I will have to switch the receiver.

Leo Laporte (01:16:05):
Yes. Oh, now I can't now here's the good news. Here's the good news. And it's a little flaky, but there's a thing called CEC. We've talked about this before CEC, which is designed to solve this problem. It's signals the receiver. Oh wait a minute. Now it's the direct TV box and the receiver should, should switch. Getting that working is silly. You gotta go into all the menus on the TV and the receiver make sure CEC is turned on. But at that point you should, in theory, you'd be able to turn on the direct TV box and have everything else. Turn on Leo Laporte, mic Sargent you tech guys. It's kind of complicated.

Mikah Sargent (01:16:47):
Samsung calls it any net,

Leo Laporte (01:16:49):
Any net. That's the other problem. That's the other problem. It's not CEC on Samsung. The receiver may call it CEC. The, every company has a different name for the darn thing. What

Mikah Sargent (01:16:57):
I bet a link for you from Samsung, just because a lot of times what you have to do is once you get everything routed properly on your smart TV, mm-hmm <affirmative>. I just had to do this not too long ago, Carlene on my smart TV. I had to go into the settings and then have my television scan for devices and then go, oh, okay. These ones support H D M I CEC. Or in the case of Samsung, they call it any net. And then everything starts working as it's supposed to. And at that point, if our fingers are crossed so that your Yamaha receiver will automatically switch that input for you,

Leo Laporte (01:17:30):
You could okay. There, people in the chamber are saying, well, wait a minute, I just have everything going to the TV. You could do that, but you're still gonna have the same problem, which is you're gonna have to tell the TV. Oh, now it's HG my port one. Oh, now it's HG my port two. So I think it's easier to set this up going. That's why you get an AV receiver. And then if you got a Blueray player or some other devices, you just plug out into the receiver and then if CEC is working, the receiver will go, oh, wait a minute. I'm getting sound from this device and automatically switch over.

Caller 6 (01:18:00):

Leo Laporte (01:18:02):
That doesn't always work. It's it's a it's it's a, it's a, you gotta mess with it. <Laugh>

Caller 6 (01:18:09):
I thought <inaudible> one.

Leo Laporte (01:18:13):
No, no, no, no, I it's. It's the whole system's a mess. Okay. But, but, but I, I, this is the preferred way of doing it. Have everything going on the receiver have the receiver going into the arc channel on the TV. That way, when you watch Netflix on the TV, the receiver get says, oh, I'm gonna play that audio. The, you may, I mean, if you can't get CEC working, you may have to manually switch the receiver depending on whether you're watching direct TV or, or the Roku or whatever,

Caller 6 (01:18:43):
What I have to do now. Yeah. Yeah.

Leo Laporte (01:18:45):
So alright. Yeah. And, but what you also, probably right now you have to tell the TV set. Oh, I'm watching direct TV now. Right?

Caller 6 (01:18:56):
Well, I have to just flip the switch on the audio back and forth from two to one it's on audio, one on my AV and then I ha it's like

Leo Laporte (01:19:06):
It doesn't so you don't have to tell the TV. Oh, we're doing direct TV now it's a different port.

Caller 6 (01:19:12):
No, I just switched the it's like a little hiccup.

Leo Laporte (01:19:15):
Yeah. I think honestly, I think this will work better than you think. If you put everything in the receiver receiver with one connection to the TV, make sure any net is turned on on the Samsung. Look at the receive. See if the receiver has CEC support, if it is, make sure that's turned on.

Caller 6 (01:19:35):

Leo Laporte (01:19:36):
And the idea is that you literally should be able to turn on your direct TV box. It should signal the receiver, which should signal the TV. They all turn on. They go to the right place. And you're all of a sudden watching TV. And similarly, when you change, you know, you hit the Netflix button on the Samsung remote. It should just automatically change the to Netflix and you should hear everything and you shouldn't have to change anything. That's the theory, unfortunately, CEC is, you know, flaky, but it should work <laugh> it should work. Okay.

Caller 6 (01:20:06):
All right. Thank you. Very

Caller 6 (01:20:08):

Leo Laporte (01:20:08):
Take care. Thank you. Did you know Elon Musk? He says the birth rate is, is too low. We've gotta have more children. He's convinced, but also that's just a way for him to say this is why I'm having it's okay. For me to have multiple. I just don't know why anything seems to me Starling for boats. It's only a thousand bucks a month. Starlink is turning out not to be the egalitarian internet for all. I was hoping it would be, but it's internet for the wealthy. Basically. You like this song? I do. You're dancing to it. I am. I am no Johnny jet this week. He is, guess what? Traveling. So we'll get him next week. Meanwhile, that just means more for you. More calls. Eighty eight eighty eight. Ask Leo the phone number Stewart in Los Angeles is an ex. Hello Stewart.

Caller 7 (01:21:11):
Hi tech guys. How are you guys? We're

Leo Laporte (01:21:13):
Great. How are you?

Caller 7 (01:21:14):
Maybe I should say the tech guy and the tech guy. The second. <Laugh>

Leo Laporte (01:21:18):
No, no, we're both tech guys. We're both, we're both full, full bore. Full-Fledged tech guys.

Caller 7 (01:21:24):
Excellent. I, I called actually a few weeks ago and gave you that shortcut six for how to stop the auto play on your first song when it plugs into your iPhone in the car radio mm-hmm <affirmative>. Yay. So but I was hoping maybe you could give me some advice today. Sure. I'm having also a little bit of a connection issue between a television and a sound bar, which is, seems to be a common problem.

Leo Laporte (01:21:48):
It is, isn't it? Yes.

Caller 7 (01:21:50):
I actually have a Visio 65 inch 4k, H D R TV, and a Visio 5.1 0.2 sound bar with Atmos. So you would think that because they're both the same manufacturer that the connection should be relatively easier, but I'm still having some trouble. I have a apple 4k TV, which I have connected to an ethernet connection. And then I, in order to get the Doby atmo to function properly, I have to hook the 4k via H D M I to the sound bar. If I go through the TV, the pass through to the sound bar, never is able to see atmo signal.

Leo Laporte (01:22:38):
Yeah. That's actually a, that's a, that's why you want to use H DM I, so that you can have all of the, it's got more bandwidth basically, so, right.

Caller 7 (01:22:47):
Yeah. So then I, so then I did that. Of course, that was not the advice from the no customer support service.

Leo Laporte (01:22:53):
What did they tell you? How did they tell you to hook it? They

Caller 7 (01:22:55):
Told me originally hook it up to the television and then go from the television to the sound bar, which was

Leo Laporte (01:23:01):
Via an optical cable or an HTMI. No,

Caller 7 (01:23:03):
H D M I also, okay. The problem is the Visio TV. I have only has arc out, not E arc out. And the signal from the 4k apple 4k TVs. I don't know the, whatever you call it the way it's it's

Leo Laporte (01:23:19):
Toby Atmos.

Caller 7 (01:23:20):
Yeah. Yeah. The Toby most way in which they're 

Leo Laporte (01:23:23):
That's how their surround works

Caller 7 (01:23:25):
Does come out. The arc only

Leo Laporte (01:23:27):
Comes out EER only EER. Okay.

Caller 7 (01:23:29):
So then I went to directly to the soundbar and suddenly, oh God Atmos, which was great. But then to get the video signal back to the television, if

Leo Laporte (01:23:41):
I, I think I'm gonna need a diagram. Yeah.

Caller 7 (01:23:44):
Well, no. I mean, now I have the, have all the data going from the apple 4k into the sound bar. And then now I gotta get the video out of the sound bar into the television. Right. Has to go either into the TV, to the sound bar or into the sound bar to the TV. Right.

Mikah Sargent (01:24:02):
So you're saying, I mean, I

Caller 7 (01:24:03):
Have an H DMI cable leaving the 4k at the apple 4k.

Mikah Sargent (01:24:08):
Yeah. So you have an H DMI cable and you plug it into the back of the apple TV. And you're saying that when you originally took that cable out of the back of the apple TV, you, you kept that side plugged in, but the other side, you plugged into the television. Right. And then you had another cable that was running from the arc port on the television to the sound bar, right. At that point, you weren't able to get Doby, atmo working.

Caller 7 (01:24:32):

Mikah Sargent (01:24:32):
Right. And so what you've decided to do is plug the apple TV directly into the sound bar, which lets you have Doby at most, but now you can't see anything on the television.

Caller 7 (01:24:42):
No, I can see something on the television, which is good. It's just in the, one of the maximal settings on the television is when you get the input is to push a, over a, a tab that says maximum U D color or something like that. Okay. Which is, and my television is grayed out. That that is great

Mikah Sargent (01:25:07):
Option. That option is great out, but it wasn't great out when you were running directly to it.

Caller 7 (01:25:10):
That's right. Okay. So I thought maybe it was cables, bad cable or something.

Mikah Sargent (01:25:17):
So have you done in the apple TV, there are, there's a setting where you do a it's like test HDM, I believe was what it's called. And it says like, it's gonna take you a couple of minutes to do this. And it, it runs the process for two to five minutes and then afterwards it kind of says, Hey, everything's okay. Or, oh, it doesn't seem like you have a high speed cable. Did you try running that step? 

Caller 7 (01:25:39):
I don't know if I did that actually. I, I may have, I can't remember, but I mean, I am getting, when I come out of the 4k apple 4k TV to the television, I do get, you know, high quality signal. I can see that I'm getting, you know, super high amount of bits, you know, on the television. Mm-Hmm <affirmative> it has a really good picture. So it seems like it's, it's just this port and I also maximize the the software by updating the firmware and all that, you know?

Leo Laporte (01:26:14):
And you have H G I 2.1 cables. I presume,

Caller 7 (01:26:17):
Well, I bought like, what I thought was high end cables from Amazon, but it's from a no name company, but you know, was selling it as the super high end 2.1 cable, but it didn't work. So I

Leo Laporte (01:26:32):
Returned, so yeah, 2.1 is necessary, I would guess for E arc because you need the high bit rate of 2.1. Yeah. That's the biggest change, frankly, is the taking advantage of the high bid rate. You can, by the way, arc should do Doby. I do Doby on arc at, on arc all the time.

Caller 7 (01:26:50):
Yeah. But they say something like out of the 4k, it comes in some sort of Kodak,

Leo Laporte (01:26:55):
Which well it's compressed. Yeah.

Caller 7 (01:26:56):
Yeah. But when it goes down through the arc poured apparently and goes into the sound bar, it doesn't get the same. I don't know. It doesn't register as, at most on my, on my television, on my sound bar, you can push some buttons and it'll tell you what you're getting. Yeah, yeah, yeah, yeah. Doby or something. Yeah. Yeah.

Leo Laporte (01:27:19):
So Netflix Disney plus Amazon prime video send Doby Atmos in the Doby digital plus format. That's something arc team can handle. Right, right. But maybe other sources, apple does not apple doesn't no, I've had the same problem with apple. Yeah. Always

Caller 7 (01:27:35):
Send it through something called I don't know.

Leo Laporte (01:27:37):
Is it unimpressed something a lossless compressed.

Caller 7 (01:27:39):
Yeah. Yeah. Yeah. And because the arc doesn't handle that well, right. It doesn't allow pass through. Okay. So the only way for me to get it from the apple 4k TV is to go straight to the sound bar. But

Leo Laporte (01:27:50):
That makes sense. Yeah.

Caller 7 (01:27:51):
And I can get a good video signals from the sound bar to the television, but not the, what the vio would allow for maximum, which is to flip that little switch to make it maximum U D color or something. So I feel like, I'm

Leo Laporte (01:28:06):
Wonder what that is.

Caller 7 (01:28:08):
This is a pain, maybe it's the H D I cable. I would thinking maybe this, I bought this. I

Leo Laporte (01:28:14):
Always get, I'll just plug them again. Cable matters sells cables on Amazon. And I use their HTM. I cables and I've same actually solved a lot of problems by just using their HTM. I 2.1 cables. Yeah.

Mikah Sargent (01:28:26):
I would also suggest going,

Leo Laporte (01:28:27):
I'm not expensive either

Mikah Sargent (01:28:28):
By that and hopping into the settings on your apple TV, I'll include a link in the show notes tech just to follow through all of those steps. Once you've got it hooked up how you're saying you want it hooked up, do the H D M I test that the apple TV provides because that could Jostle something loose, make it, so it recognizes what's going on. And then you could get that high quality. There are also some settings for different frame matching and source matching in apple TV settings. And that could be causing an issue.

Leo Laporte (01:28:54):
Isn't it weird how complicated this has all become? I mean, we get more, a large percentage of our calls now. Yeah. Are these kinds of crazy calls? The last call was too. Yeah. It, you know, it shouldn't be this complicated.

Caller 7 (01:29:08):
Well, you would hope with two video models. Exactly. I would think understand that this might be a problem if you had two different manufacturers, but yeah. Well, I, yeah, I've got these cables. I don't know the company it's called Z kit, Maya eight K 48. Givey certified ultra high speed HD, you know,

Leo Laporte (01:29:27):
Well, that's gotta be good.

Caller 7 (01:29:28):
It sounded good. And it had four and a half stars with 2000 reviews, but

Leo Laporte (01:29:32):
Oh, I'm sure it's not the cable then, but 

Caller 7 (01:29:35):
But then, you know, and then you look at the one star review, people who were unhappy, several of them are complaining how it didn't work for them or something. So, yeah, but maybe I'll try these 

Leo Laporte (01:29:45):
Thanks to the H CMI folks for changing their specs. And I mean, it's just nuts. And why is two point it's? It should be 3.0, not 2.1. What? This is a big difference. I don't know. Yeah. I

Caller 7 (01:29:58):
Dont, sorry. Thanks so much.

Leo Laporte (01:29:59):
We aren't much help. Thank you. Leo LA port mic Sargent you're tech guys. I just don't know. I don't know what to say to you because I don't, I

Caller 7 (01:30:12):
I'm sorry that maybe was so too painful for you.

Leo Laporte (01:30:15):
No, no, no. It's painful only cuz I don't know what to do about

Caller 7 (01:30:19):
It. Only question I quickly would have is, is there some sort of special certification on these H D M I cables

Leo Laporte (01:30:25):
That. Oh, of course not.

Caller 7 (01:30:26):
Some people say there's like hologram and blah, blah, blah. No,

Leo Laporte (01:30:30):
No, no.

Mikah Sargent (01:30:31):
It's not like electronic components that get

Leo Laporte (01:30:33):
The, and it's a mess and there are, you know, it's really a mess. Yeah. and I don't even does apple.

Mikah Sargent (01:30:39):
I think what it boils down to is finding a brand that you can trust and knowing that they're going to give you what they say, they're going to give you. And for me, it's cable it's cable matters for everything except for Thunderbolt cables where I am either apple directly or BCAN. I don't trust any other thunder cables.

Caller 7 (01:30:56):
What about the mono price cable? Do you think that that is as

Leo Laporte (01:31:00):
I usually recommend mono price

Mikah Sargent (01:31:02):
For HTM? I, for me,

Leo Laporte (01:31:03):
Yeah. I'm you know, and the good news is the cable matters cables. I, I bought a three pack for 18 bucks. Oh

Caller 7 (01:31:09):
Yeah. You heard you talk about that last week.

Leo Laporte (01:31:11):
They're not expensive. Yeah.

Caller 7 (01:31:13):
Did they solve your problem? Cause you having some clickety problems with

Leo Laporte (01:31:16):
Totally solved my problem.

Caller 7 (01:31:18):
Oh, okay. So maybe you should say that on. Cause I remember I meant to ask you that.

Leo Laporte (01:31:22):
Yeah. I've gone through and replaced the HTM. I cables on almost every device now. Yeah. That's exactly good

Caller 7 (01:31:29):
Idea. Buy the highest end cable matters cable. They have

Mikah Sargent (01:31:32):
Real link to it.

Leo Laporte (01:31:33):
It's just the ultra high speed HTM. I certified. So it is certified

Mikah Sargent (01:31:37):
For 20 bucks.

Leo Laporte (01:31:37):
They're cheap.

Caller 7 (01:31:39):
No, I wasn't the price here. I was just trying.

Leo Laporte (01:31:41):
No, I understand. But, but you don't need gold. You don't need gold. And there is, by the way,

Caller 7 (01:31:46):
Cables are like 68 bucks each. I wasn't gonna jump into that yet, but

Leo Laporte (01:31:50):
Yeah, no, no, you don't. That's not gonna make it better. And there is, by the way, there is a QR code and a holographic label on them. So

Caller 7 (01:31:56):
Yeah, that's what some people were saying. It's like, oh, you gotta get it with the holograph and blah, blah, blah. But I don't know.

Leo Laporte (01:32:01):
Well, these guys do, they also are color coded, which is handy. Okay. I just I'll get those. Yeah. I've got, I've now bought them like five times San

Caller 7 (01:32:11):
As short as possible. Also

Leo Laporte (01:32:12):
3.3 feet is short. That's what I get for back of the box stuff. And then they have a six and a half and a nine,

Caller 7 (01:32:20):
But you don't wanna just get more than you need cuz then I wouldn't

Leo Laporte (01:32:23):
Data shorter, the shorter, the better.

Caller 7 (01:32:25):

Leo Laporte (01:32:26):
I mean, in theory 10 meters is okay. But I would say the shorter, the matter they go up, they go from one meter to three meters.

Caller 7 (01:32:32):
Yeah. And one last quick question on the, out from the television, there's a setting that you could set the audio out also to bitstream or Doby that's for data, I guess, coming from something other than the apple 4k, maybe I don't know, does that matter? If it, you know, the data leaving the television back through the HTMI cable to the sound bar, this

Leo Laporte (01:32:58):
Stream is uncoded.

Caller 7 (01:33:00):
So is that the better one? Because no, you let the, the soundbar code it or

Leo Laporte (01:33:05):
No, no, no. You wanna send the soundbar, the, the, the Doby encoded. Absolutely. Yeah.

Caller 7 (01:33:12):
So that should be on Doby. Yeah. Okay.

Leo Laporte (01:33:15):
That's for stuff that can't handle any the Doby that doesn't understand Doby.

Caller 7 (01:33:20):

Leo Laporte (01:33:21):
Midstream is the lowest quality. That's just unen uncoated, just, you know,

Caller 7 (01:33:25):
But does the, does the sound bar actually then take the uncoated and no, no.

Leo Laporte (01:33:29):
It ne it, it decodes what it gets, it will play back. All it's doing is playing it back.

Caller 7 (01:33:34):
I see. So you wanna send it as much as

Leo Laporte (01:33:37):
Best you can. Coded

Caller 7 (01:33:38):
Data possible be is better. Do

Leo Laporte (01:33:41):
Be Atmos. Yeah.

Caller 7 (01:33:43):
On the out of the TV. On

Leo Laporte (01:33:44):
The out.

Caller 7 (01:33:45):
Yep. And okay. Wow. This, this really painful. It

Leo Laporte (01:33:48):
Shouldn't be this hard. I don't under maybe it's the, I don't know. Maybe it's the Audi, the AV installing community. That's making it like this. I don't know

Mikah Sargent (01:33:57):
A little bit like tax prep,

Leo Laporte (01:33:58):
Prep. I maybe somebody listening as an AV installer can call us and say, oh, you know what the real solution is. But I don't think there is. I think they've intentionally made this ridiculous. Yeah. It's it's I don't

Caller 7 (01:34:10):
PCM be it stream. I mean, yeah, yeah, yeah. We have some reasonable amount of technical experience and I's getting lost.

Leo Laporte (01:34:18):
Yes. Us too. <Laugh> thanks. Stewart. <Laugh>

Mikah Sargent (01:34:22):
Professor Laura warn does. She was gonna play it.

Leo Laporte (01:34:25):
Is this it genuine?

Mikah Sargent (01:34:28):
Genuines pony.

Leo Laporte (01:34:31):
Is it genuine?

Mikah Sargent (01:34:32):
It's genuine.

Leo Laporte (01:34:33):
Genuine. Yeah. Not genuine. Is he going? Yeah. Yeah.

Mikah Sargent (01:34:39):
I don't know if that's him or if he sampled

Leo Laporte (01:34:40):
Something, is that a sample? Yeah. Could be mighty tech guy. It's really technology ruins everything. Yes. It's really interesting to watch, you know, eighties music when they discovered the synthesizer, you know, in maybe late seventies and how they slowly incorporated it in, you know, it was first, it was tainted. Love Dan. Oh, God love us. You know, like the CHES Casone and then I mean, it's really fascinating to watch it you know, in auto tune and technology now com now music is, is a technological product

Mikah Sargent (01:35:15):
Ahas take on me. Is that a

Leo Laporte (01:35:19):
Early use of the synthesizer or just,

Mikah Sargent (01:35:22):
I don't know. I just, that, that sounds very of its, of its era for me and very electronic

Leo Laporte (01:35:27):
Eighty eight, eighty eight, ask Leo the phone number. Should do we have to add TV misconfigurations to printers <laugh> as the new, as the, as a, into the set of categories? No, no, I will take anything. We'll try, but we may not be able to help. Exactly. And it's just crazy

Mikah Sargent (01:35:44):
Because everybody's television set up is different and the cables that

Leo Laporte (01:35:48):
You're mess, it's just a mess. It's hard to do over. And then the companies well you mentioned it Samsung. Doesn't call it CEC. They call it any link. Yeah. And why everybody's got a different name. It's just designed to make you mess. Wish

Mikah Sargent (01:36:01):
You could reach through and just pop

Leo Laporte (01:36:03):
Things in. We didn't have Johnny jet this week, but good news. The airplane guy podcast, Mikah from Maine is on the line. Hello Mikah.

Caller 8 (01:36:14):
Hi Leo. Hi Mikah. I gotta tell you I'm a little insulted. You guys. What

Leo Laporte (01:36:19):
Call me? We're supposed to call you. Well, it was the last minute Johnny. Jet's gonna be in the airplane. Sorry. I should have called you. I apologize. But here you are. Look at that. He appeared and he called us, give us some travel tips, Mikah.

Caller 8 (01:36:33):
Well, I will actually you've gotta be very careful these days, SAS Scandian airlines has just filed for bankruptcy.

Leo Laporte (01:36:41):
Oh no. I thought they were government owned.

Caller 8 (01:36:45):
Technically they, they, they're not exactly government owned. You know how those European agencies sort of work. You're never quite sure, but

Leo Laporte (01:36:52):
I loved SAS. I used to fly whenever I could.

Caller 8 (01:36:56):
They're a great airline, but it shows why you gotta pay attention to things and always pay for your tickets with a credit card. Because again, they're still flying, but you never know when they're not gonna fly. So if you're going to book a flight don't book on SAS right now, because they filed for bankruptcy, you don't know what's gonna

Leo Laporte (01:37:15):
Happen. I thought it was a strike. So it's not just a strike.

Caller 8 (01:37:19):
No SAS has, has filed for declared bankruptcy in the USA. And that was came out about three days ago. And who knows exactly what's gonna happen with that?

Leo Laporte (01:37:30):
They're owned by Sweden and Denmark. I don't understand <laugh> how can that happen? Oh man. All right. Who knows who know? It's not chapter seven, at least it's chapter 11 it's reorganization. So right. You know, and then, and, and the problem is with the, with the strike from its pilots, they're losing money fast. So well,

Caller 8 (01:37:51):
Everybody's having trouble with pilots and losing money. And and in fact, British airways is another airline to watch out for, they have scrapped over 10,000 flights through the summer season. And they're canceling more flights all the time. I've had friends that were on British airways when their flight got canceled and they got stuck in Copenhagen. And it just goes to show you that whenever you're traveling these days have travel insurance. Yeah. If you travel regularly, you should be purchasing an annual plan so that you're always covered.

Leo Laporte (01:38:21):
Oh, that's interesting.

Mikah Sargent (01:38:23):
Can I ask you actually a question about travel insurance because sure. A friend of mine she or they were, they were planning on taking a trip and ended up having to cancel the trip last minute because they fell somewhere somehow and ended up breaking their ankle. And so they weren't able to take the trip and had been buying travel insurance and went to go file to get the money back. And it turns out that if you hurt yourself, you don't get to go. You don't get your money back. Is there, are there different kinds of travel insurance that provide for those situations? Like what does travel insurance actually protect you from?

Caller 8 (01:39:01):
Well, there are all sorts of various policies with travel insurance, just like life insurance. And you've gotta make sure that the coverage that you want is included in the policy that you purchase. There's a cancel for any reason policy that may or may not include COVID. So you need to make sure you have COVID coverage, if,

Leo Laporte (01:39:17):
Wait a minute, any reason, except COVID okay. <Laugh> right. Or an

Caller 8 (01:39:21):
Act of war or whatever it happens to be. Right. You, you know, insurance writers are written by lawyers and, you know,

Leo Laporte (01:39:28):
Yeah. They don't wanna pay if they don't have to. My, I have to say my travel agent, God bless her Jane at travel store, always buys travel insurance. And I, I, for, you know, when I, when I go in alone, I usually don't. But I guess it's probably, I think I should probably be doing that. It sounds like especially nowadays,

Caller 8 (01:39:47):
Well, I gotta tell you Leo, when we, we talked about this, when Johnny was our guest on the airplane geeks last week on episode 7 0 6, we talked about travel insurance. We talked about the, the annual travel insurance plan. And while he was on the show, I looked it up for what it would cost for me living in Maine, being about the same age as you are. And for an annual plan, it would be under $500. Yeah. For the year. Yeah. Any place I go. And that's where the company that, that Johnny represents. I don't know if I should say it on the air or

Leo Laporte (01:40:14):
Not. Is he with S

Caller 8 (01:40:16):
He's with

Leo Laporte (01:40:17):
S okay. That's the biggest, I think travel insurer.

Caller 8 (01:40:21):
Right. But you can also go to ensure my, which is a great site. And it shows travel insurance from and different prices from all sorts of different companies. And you can go through each of them and decide which one you want to use, what the price works and what the coverage is. Yeah. Yeah. Travel insurance is always a good idea. But one thing not to do is if you're flying on a flight or import more importantly, taking a cruise, don't buy the insurance from the company with which you're traveling.

Leo Laporte (01:40:48):
Cause if they go bankrupt, <laugh>, you're outta business. That was another thing. Yeah. That thank you, Jane. Jane always buys it. She says don't buy it from the cruise line. Yeah. Especially again, with cruise lines these days kind of going belly up. Wow.

Caller 8 (01:41:05):
Gotta be very careful. And the other thing I will tell you is that there are two things that I will talk about in terms of travel this time, all my friends who are looking to travel, if they say, what should I do? Should I go? I'm telling them if you can avoid traveling this summer. Yeah. Don't travel this summer. Yeah. It's a miserable time to travel. You can't take any chances. But on the other hand, if you're planning on traveling in the future and you find a fair, that looks good. And I'll give you an example. Friend of mine said he wanted to go to Thailand and he wanted to go in business class cuz he's flying from Florida and would I help him find a seat? And so I did and I found him an incredible fair for $3,200 round trip in business class with only one stop from Miami.

Caller 8 (01:41:46):
Nice, nice. And I told him, this is a great deal. It's a mistake though, because I'm looking at all the other fairs and everything else is double. So if you want to go buy it now, as we're talking about it, he said, let me think about it. He called me back about five hours later and had already gone up to $4,000. I told him it's $4,000. He said, oh, that's more than I wanted to spend. Let me think about it. Ah, he called me back the next day. It was $5,000. So if you see a fair, yikes, grab the fair, but pay for it with your credit card. So that you're covered. If there's an issue,

Leo Laporte (01:42:16):
Do you remember you probably too young to remember this, but I bet you Mikah remembers it. They used to sell insurance in the airport for your flight. Do you remember that

Caller 8 (01:42:27):
First flight I ever took

Leo Laporte (01:42:28):
Like a vending. They had vending machines in the airport. And I think the idea was as people get freaky about their flight, they like last minute, let me buy insurance policy.

Caller 8 (01:42:40):
That's exactly what they used to have. And I remember doing it the first time they ever flew was with my grandfather. He was terrified. It was his first flight as well. And just before we got on a plane, he filled out the insurance policy. <Laugh> got a stamp and dropped it in the mail.

Leo Laporte (01:42:53):
It's so funny. I don't think they do that anymore. Wow. I

Caller 8 (01:42:57):

Leo Laporte (01:42:58):
I wonder if there's a regulations or whatever. I mean, you know who, you don't even know who you're buying it from. It's just, you know, <laugh>, it's like a vending machine at the airport. <Laugh>

Caller 8 (01:43:09):
There. It was outta a Ving machine.

Leo Laporte (01:43:11):

Caller 8 (01:43:12):
But no travel insurance is, is a, is really an important thing to have these days.

Leo Laporte (01:43:16):
I agree. I hate to say it cuz it adds to the cost of these trips. But it's gonna really cost you if you get to the airport and your flight's been canceled and there's no other flight and the boat's gonna leave and oh you just outta you just outta luck, Mr. Mikah, I appreciated the airplane geeks podcast.

Caller 8 (01:43:37):
Episode 7 0 7 coming up this week. We're gonna be talking about the 7 0 7 and should be out on Wednesday. Give it a listen.

Leo Laporte (01:43:44):
Ooh. That's the one you were telling us about. I'm excited. Episode 7 0 7. Thank you. Mikah, Leo and Mikah. The other Mikah tech guys were calls right after this. Oh look, here's an article. Whatever happened to airport vending machine travel.

Mikah Sargent (01:44:07):
Look at the crossword clue for this morning made me

Leo Laporte (01:44:10):
Think of you specialty of Rhode Island cuisine. And what was the answer? Clam cake. Yes. Was that New York times? Yeah. New York times. They must, they must listen to me. They must, you got it too. You knew immediately. I really that's hysterical. Clam cakes. God. Now you make me want clam cakes. <Laugh> all right. This is from insurance business magazine. Thank you. Might be

Mikah Sargent (01:44:35):
How much time do

Leo Laporte (01:44:36):
We have you got seven, eight minutes. Okay. I can make coffee forever, forever and ever, and ever whatever happened? Yes. What is that? Johnny, let me get a chance.

Jammer B (01:44:46):
Could you make admin account in this machine? Oh yeah. And a mic. Yes. And then make another one.

Leo Laporte (01:44:51):
Yes. Oh good thinking. Yes.

Jammer B (01:44:53):
Make his password something. We will both forget immediately. I like change me. That's always a good choice.

Leo Laporte (01:45:00):
And probably you want it for the windows machine too, right? Or you gonna bring in your own laptop? I'll bring in my own.

Jammer B (01:45:05):
Yeah. I'll bring in Elvis. I see all this. Anyway.

Leo Laporte (01:45:10):
In 1985, the LA times reported the business magnet. John Shaheen passed away at the age of 70. He invented tell a trip, the venting machines that used to sell life insurance and airports throughout north America. Wow. You could still do it in the, in the Japan and Taiwan. Yeah. That was like two fi two, $2 and 50 cents. Oh dear. It's this, the business model simply depreciated because air travel can to be perceived as so safe and routine. It eliminated any demand for pre travel life insurance. Ah,

Leo Laporte (01:45:57):

Leo Laporte (01:45:57):
The problem. These airlines made it too safe.

Leo Laporte (01:46:04):
Well, Hey, Hey. Hey. How are you today? Leo LePort here. Hour. Number three of the tech guys show Leo and Mikah answering your calls. The phone number has it already been? It is hard to believe how fast this goes by 88 88, ask Leo 8 8, 8 8 2 7 5 5 3 6. Hopefully from anywhere in the us or Canada, outside that area, you could still call but you gotta use Skype out or something like that to call. We do get callers from all over the world. 8 8, 8 8 2 7 5 5 3 6 state of Virginia. On July 5th said you gotta come back to work no more work from home. And as a result, more than 300 employees quit, what, what now? I'm sure the state has many tens of thousands of employees, but still a hundred eighty seven, a hundred eighty three employees from the Virginia department of transportation quit 28 of 'em said telework options. But I think that most of these people quitting is cuz they, you know, they, this is the problem. You let people work from home.

Mikah Sargent (01:47:12):
Wait, is that the problem? Or is it that we've discovered that you can work home?

Leo Laporte (01:47:16):
You can work from home and they, you see it opened the candy box and now you can't close it. You can't say Nope, no more of that. I think this is not just Virginia. I think this is everywhere. Yeah, yeah. Yeah. We're not making, we're not making people come back to work at our, at our little company we've got about what 15 employees, not a huge number. But we did lose a few. We had employees who we said, oh, pandemic's over. This was a while ago when we thought it was over. Remember that, remember that? Pandemic's over, come back to work. And they said, nuh I, I don't blame 'em the funny thing is I could work from home. Yeah. In fact, when I first, 15 years ago, when I started to sorry, 18 years ago, when I started to doing the tech guy show, I did it from my my home office for a few months. And it was terrible because you need some energy to do this show. You need some excitement you need to put on your big boy clothes. You can't go on your slippers.

Mikah Sargent (01:48:17):
There needs to be separation. Right.

Leo Laporte (01:48:18):
Yeah. And it's just, it's something about it. You're doing a show. You gotta go in and do the show. Mm-Hmm <affirmative> and just for me to lop down the hall on my slippers and sit down, it was just, Hey Leah, it's the tech guy. Okay. We're gonna take some more calls. It just wasn't good. Yeah. Yeah. Wasn't good. So I've been ever since and during the pandemic kept coming in, came in, kept coming in. You didn't, you did a lot of your shows from home. That was okay.

Mikah Sargent (01:48:45):
I still do iOS today

Leo Laporte (01:48:46):
From home. Is it hard? Would you prefer to do

Mikah Sargent (01:48:48):
It here? No. So with iOS today, I really like doing it from home because of the way the show works and with, with switching and stuff like that. Well,

Leo Laporte (01:48:55):
Your co-host is in the UK. Exactly. So she's not in the office either. Te

Mikah Sargent (01:48:58):
News weekly. We started doing back in studio and I love that the energy that Jason and I can out, I think's

Leo Laporte (01:49:02):
Each other when you're in the same room performing at the same time. It's, there's something about it.

Mikah Sargent (01:49:08):
Yeah. And also I'm not gonna lie. I do love handing over some of that control to someone else to worry about.

Leo Laporte (01:49:13):
And well, that's the reason I do

Mikah Sargent (01:49:15):
It. The technical

Leo Laporte (01:49:16):
I don't

Mikah Sargent (01:49:17):
On your own show though. You push

Leo Laporte (01:49:19):
The buttons. I push, I push some buttons. Yeah. They give me buttons to push. That's what it is. This is really, let's be honest.

Mikah Sargent (01:49:25):
Let's give Leo his, the one,

Leo Laporte (01:49:27):
Give Leo a button. Makes loose. Yeah. Give, leave Leo a button and let him push it. He'll be happy. Paul is on the line from Columbus, Ohio. Hello Paul. Oh, hi. Oh, hello. Paul Leo Laporte mic Sargent. Hi

Caller 9 (01:49:38):
Leo Mica and Mica. Hi Paul guys.

Leo Laporte (01:49:41):

Caller 9 (01:49:42):
Hey the airplane geeks is great. I'm kind of an airplane and space bus and I love, I love that. Oh,

Leo Laporte (01:49:49):
Good. Well I'm sure Mike is still listening. Well, that's great. Good show

Caller 9 (01:49:55):
And rod too for,

Leo Laporte (01:49:56):
Oh, I love rod. Yeah. Our space guy.

Caller 9 (01:49:59):
Yep. He always has something new and interesting. Okay. Couple things. First you O will ask to probably a couple of months or so you've mentioned a new system they're working on to eliminate passwords. Mm-Hmm <affirmative> yes. And you just kind of just kind of lightly touched on and I'm intrigued and very hopeful.

Leo Laporte (01:50:17):
Me too.

Caller 9 (01:50:18):
That's the first question I got another one, but what's going on with that? So

Leo Laporte (01:50:22):
This is an Alliance called the Fido two Alliance, which is a, a group of companies. The most important three are Microsoft, Google and apple. They make the operating systems 99.9% of us use, or maybe 98%. If you don't include Linux Fido Alliance has for a long time been saying, we gotta have. So the, so the, the thing to understand is the problem here is something called authentication. How do you demonstrate you are who you say you are. This becomes really important. It's important when you go to the bank and you say here gimme a hundred dollars. How do we know you're you? Well, you've got a driver's license with your picture. They look at you and they look at the picture and that's generally accepted in some environments. Simply a signature is all you need online. You know, it's a little more difficult cuz you, you aren't in person.

Leo Laporte (01:51:15):
So what we came up with is a very awful system. <Laugh> called passwords. Prove you are, when you go to Facebook prove you are Paul. Well, you have a login, which is usually an email address and login. You have a password, which in theory only, you know, you enter it. Unfortunately you have many sites that you have to remember passwords. So that means either you're gonna reuse passwords, bad idea, or you're, you're gonna make easy to remember passwords. Also bad idea. Ideally, every password should be unique and hard to remember, but that becomes very complicated. So everybody knows this. Microsoft is several times said we're gonna get rid of passwords. Never really quite successfully did so. So I do hope I'm with you that this new solution, which is sometimes called pass keys, that's not the official name, but I am hoping that this official, that this system will work.

Leo Laporte (01:52:12):
So how does 5 0 2 AK pass key's work? You have something usually it's your phone might be a computer, might be something else. You have something that identifies you as being you usually from a fingerprint or a face ID, right through biometrics. Well, that phone knows you. Are you, you know, PR pretty effectively, probably even more effectively than a driver's license, right? It'd be a lot harder to spoof. So the idea of pass keys is when you get to a website, the website says, well, are you are, are you really Paul? And they say, verify yourself. And then, and this is the magic. Your phone pops up with a little message saying, are you Paul? And you say, yes, the presumption is you wouldn't have access to that phone if you weren't Paul. Right? Mm-hmm <affirmative>. So the phone communicates back and says, yep, it's Paul.

Leo Laporte (01:53:13):
You've probably experienced this. Microsoft's been using something similar. When you log into windows, if you have a Microsoft account, I don't know if you, when you, if you've set up windows recently, it'll say, okay, what's your Microsoft account. You'll say your login, your outlook email, or whatever it is. And then it'll say, all right, the secret number is 64. Go to your phone. Your phone is a little popup that says, what's the secret number? You hit 64. And then you're in very similar situation. The problem is that only works with windows. This will work with any site that supports it. So notice there was no password involved. You were using biometric authentication on a device. Now you might ask, well, what if I'm I don't have my device. There are there are fail backs, which one hopes doesn't include passwords. Cuz remember the, the weakest link in security is the, is the one you've gotta worry about.

Leo Laporte (01:54:09):
Typically they'll show a QR code on the screen. You'll take a picture of it with your phone. You'll phone will say, yeah. Yeah. You're you, what do you do if you don't have a phone? Eh, that becomes a little more complicated. I would presume that a site that is offering PAs key's authentication would also offer old school passwords, which means most people will still be using passwords for the years to come because that's what they're used to. But for us Paul, for you, me and Mikah, there's some hope that we will, you have a smartphone I presume, right Paul.

Caller 9 (01:54:41):
Oh yeah. Iphone.

Leo Laporte (01:54:42):
Yeah. So there's a hope that that iPhone now becomes your basically a way to think of it is that iPhone is your authentication. It's your driver's license and and websites and apps will have a way of querying. That's a little more complicated. They have to query a central server and so forth, but they'll have a way of querying your phone and saying, oh, has it really Paul? And, and the phone says, yeah, it's really Paul. That's a much better system.

Caller 9 (01:55:08):
So when will we expect to see this start? At least

Leo Laporte (01:55:11):
Apple's building it into iOS 16, Microsoft and Google both are committed to this. How soon they'll get it. I don't know. But it really, if apple does it, that's gonna that's critical mass. Because half of America owns an iPhone. So I would guess that you'll start seeing sites as soon as September or October starts saying, you know, you'll go to a site and they'll say password or pass key. You'll click the button that says pass key. It'll pop up something in your phone. You'll be in.

Caller 9 (01:55:42):
That's great. Yeah.

Leo Laporte (01:55:43):
Great. There are some complications for instance. Your phone will be your pass key. What if you change phones? Well, if you stay with apple, it'll be okay. Cuz they're gonna upload the phones to the keys to iCloud. But if you go to an Android, all bets are off. That's problematic. Yet to be yet to be solved. But I mean that's kind of inherent in the process, right? If your phone is gonna be your driver's license, you're gonna be your identification. Well it's problematic. If you change phones, Apple's gonna store this all on the I in, in a secure enclave and iCloud. So that's how they get around it. I presume Google will do the same with Android devices and Microsoft the same with Microsoft devices.

Caller 9 (01:56:30):
Right. Can't wait. Okay. The second question relating to Microsoft 365 we've got an old version of office on the computer. I know I can have to uninstall the original version and install the new Microsoft 365 looking at the family program because it's got six terabytes yes. Storage, which nice won't ever use all that much. Good

Leo Laporte (01:56:56):
Deal though. Yeah, yeah,

Caller 9 (01:56:58):
Yeah. But price. But, and it's also considering that includes the apps it's cheaper than going with 

Leo Laporte (01:57:08):
Than buying one out outright. Yeah,

Caller 9 (01:57:11):
The right anyway. Is there a way like, I, you can set it up so that you have multiple accounts for each person. Like I can make one specifically for photography or something like that. My, what I'm getting at is if my wife and I are using the computer, we've got six terabytes over potentially six users, but we don't have six users. Is that the only way we're gonna be able to get?

Leo Laporte (01:57:37):
Yeah, it's one terabyte per account

Caller 9 (01:57:39):
Per account. So we'll just have to set one up for,

Leo Laporte (01:57:42):
You could set up multiple, you could have a photography account. You don't have to tell 'em it's not a person, it's a thing. <Laugh> but it is one terabyte per account. You can't aggregate all six.

Caller 9 (01:57:53):
Okay. But then you have, you can access that from a, like, I, I believe your phone or

Leo Laporte (01:57:59):
An iPhone from one drive. Anything that supports one drive. Yep.

Caller 9 (01:58:02):
One drive.

Leo Laporte (01:58:02):
Yeah. And the nice thing is with windows you can set apps like word to automatically just use one drive that becomes your default storage and you can have a local account, local version as well. That's a very nice way to do backup. I think.

Caller 9 (01:58:17):
Yeah. Well, I drive unfortunately is raising its price. And by the time, you know, you've got six terabytes P potential for Microsoft with the 

Leo Laporte (01:58:26):
Yeah. If you use office, if you use word or Excel or PowerPoint it's the, I think it's a no brainer. I have a, I have an account. It's a no brainer. And by the way, I don't know that you'll have to delete your old version. It might install right on top of it.

Caller 9 (01:58:40):
I, I looked it up and said, they expect to do it,

Leo Laporte (01:58:44):
But they recommend you remove it. Okay.

Caller 9 (01:58:46):
There was an account my wife was using from her employment and she retired and whatever, but so that it doesn't work anyway. Most of it.

Leo Laporte (01:58:54):
Oh, that makes sense. Actually. That makes sense. Yeah. Yeah. Yeah. I think it's, I do it. I love it. I put it on five different computers. It's great.

Caller 9 (01:59:02):
You know, the one question I of going back to the travel insurance after like two or three years of doing almost nothing we've got actually in the next year have three things.

Leo Laporte (01:59:13):
I know me too. Yep.

Caller 9 (01:59:15):
I wonder if that insurance is like, if we set it up today, is that for the calendar year? Or can you do it from one?

Leo Laporte (01:59:20):
Oh, that I don't know. I would guess that it's starting the day you start the coverage.

Caller 9 (01:59:25):
I would think. Yeah. I'm gonna check it back

Leo Laporte (01:59:27):
That I do not know. Yeah. Ask your travel agent.

Caller 9 (01:59:30):

Leo Laporte (01:59:31):
Where you going? Where's your first trip in two years? Well,

Caller 9 (01:59:34):
The fir the first trip is a new England cruise in September new England to see the

Leo Laporte (01:59:39):
Foliage Canada. Oh, let I want call me after you come back. I'm very interested in doing that. Lisa wants to see the foliage a

Caller 9 (01:59:46):
Little early for the foliage, but it's still a nice trip. Goes all the way to the federal and

Leo Laporte (01:59:51):
All that. Oh, nice. Through

Caller 9 (01:59:54):
The second one is a repositioning cruise. We fly from what New York to Barcelona. Oh, Barcelona. Back to Fort Lauderdale.

Leo Laporte (02:00:07):
I love that. Cuz it's all sea days. You just get to relax.

Caller 9 (02:00:11):
Yeah. Five days at the beginning. That's Spain and Portugal. And then and then the rest of those sea days

Leo Laporte (02:00:17):
Love those sea

Caller 9 (02:00:19):
In may. It's a two week Alaskan cruise. Yeah.

Leo Laporte (02:00:25):
I, I completely, I've been saving up for UN UN unwillingly. <Laugh> I've been saving up since twenty, twenty, eighty eight, eighty eight. Ask Leo the phone number. Mikah Sargent Leo Laporte. Your two tech guys were here to help. I've been talking too much. Mikah. I'm gonna eat this delicious slim gym and let you take the next call. Slim gym right after this. <Laugh> I might not be in any condition to answer the phone. Mmm. Flavorful. That's you I've still got that slim gym. Snap him snap. <Laugh> I know you're revolted. It's I'm revolted. I'm just thinking about all the salt. Oh, salt's good for you. You need salt. Yeah. In moderation. Oh, I ate a lot of salt. I don't have a problem with salt. Some people don't have a problem with salt. Some people do. I don't. I eat lots of salt. My son is salt. Hank. This is true. You kind of have to do this. I said I have to gosh, darn it on the line from Beaumont, California, Nellie. Hello, Nellie. Welcome to the tech guy show.

Caller 10 (02:01:48):
Hi. Hi Leo. Hi Mikah.

Leo Laporte (02:01:50):
Hi Nellie.

Caller 10 (02:01:52):
I, I don't have a question, but I have a comment.

Leo Laporte (02:01:55):
Good. Mica's gonna take it. Yeah. Tell us, tell us your comment. I'm here for you. Thank you. <Laugh>

Caller 10 (02:02:02):
Go ahead. Leo was my uncle's name too.

Leo Laporte (02:02:05):
Oh, it's a good name. And Mikah was your cousin's name. It's a good name.

Caller 10 (02:02:09):
<Laugh> there you go. About a week ago or maybe two weeks because I don't listen to you every week.

Leo Laporte (02:02:18):
What? My heart, what? We gotta work on that we,

Caller 10 (02:02:21):
Yeah, busy, busy on the

Leo Laporte (02:02:23):
Weekends, but that's teasing you. Of course.

Caller 10 (02:02:24):
We're talking about big brother watching you.

Leo Laporte (02:02:28):

Caller 10 (02:02:30):
And I wanted just to comment on an experience I had, I was ordered to take some lab work at a lab quest diagnostic. Yes

Leo Laporte (02:02:42):
Mm-Hmm <affirmative> I know them. They're one of the biggest, well known test companies in the country. Yeah.

Caller 10 (02:02:48):
Right. So before you can walk in and just get it done, but now you have to call on the phone to make an appointment. Yep. They ask your name, your birthdate, you know, they have all that in the computer. So when you go for your appointment at the location that you choose, they have a tablet that you have to still register your,

Leo Laporte (02:03:09):
I remember that. Yep. Yep.

Caller 10 (02:03:12):
But now what you need to do is scan your driver's license, real ID front and back see them.

Leo Laporte (02:03:21):

Caller 10 (02:03:23):
And I think that it's very invasive and I think it's illegal. They're gonna have your medical history, your blood type, you know, who knows who they can be selling that information to Donald line.

Leo Laporte (02:03:34):
It's certainly annoying. And I would, before I do that say, well, I wanna see your privacy policy, but it's not illegal. Yeah. In fact, briefly the IRS considered a similar system for you to get your refund check and so forth. They were gonna go with a company called may well be who quest uses. And was going to require you hold up your driver's license to a cars license. Not only not illegal, it was the IRS was gonna do it. And only because there was a hue and cry that they decided to change. They changed their mind. But the issue of course is in the case of testing, is, is you setting somebody in your place to get tested with the IRS. It was people, fraudulently claiming tax refunds. It is legal. I wish it weren't. And I agree with you. It's a problem. Leo and Mikah, the tech guy. Yeah. I don't, you know, I understand your issues with it. And the good news is because it's a medical procedure, they are governed by HIPAA mm-hmm <affirmative> and you know, HIPAA would, there are some severe fines if they would, were to share that information without your permission. So they may have it, but they can't pass it along. Because it is, you know,

Mikah Sargent (02:05:08):
Honestly protected in this way. It's you you're being protected more because if that data is available to them, they can make sure that your specific information, the, whatever the labs were that were done, that when someone comes and says, I need to see those labs that they, you have to then prove that it's actually you or the person that you've given permission to see those things. Right. So they're tying those, they're protecting

Leo Laporte (02:05:30):
It to protect you more. Yeah. You are you only you. Yeah. But that's why I think things like Paske are gonna be, are gonna be good because it's a way to authenticate without giving all that information over. Right. In fact a couple of states now allow you to use your iPhones wallet as a driver's license. Yes. Has the same benefit. You know, if somebody asks your age, you show 'em your driver's license. Now you could just, they could hook up to your phone or you show 'em their phone and have a scan of code. And then all they get is the day is the

Mikah Sargent (02:06:00):
Age. Exactly. Only what, what you need to give over. Right. I believe it's Montana. Let me see here. It's Arizona and Maryland are the two places that are available right now.

Leo Laporte (02:06:08):
And there's lots of trouble problems with that because of course all the police have to be equipped with special equipment so they can verify these IDs and so forth. It's not initially it's gonna be anyway. You're gonna answer the next call. All

Mikah Sargent (02:06:23):
Right. <Laugh>

Leo Laporte (02:06:25):
Now I am getting copied <laugh> ah, darn it. Where did I put that list? Maybe it's in the car

Mikah Sargent (02:06:36):
Shop and

Leo Laporte (02:06:36):
List home and get it

Mikah Sargent (02:06:38):
The Chopan list.

Leo Laporte (02:06:39):
My show, my list. I should have just taken a picture of it. Yeah. Thank it physically.

Mikah Sargent (02:06:48):
Yes, exactly. John <laugh>. You are so welcome.

Mikah Sargent (02:07:06):
You know, Joe, that's a good point. We just had on tech news weekly on Thursday, I insurer of CNET. He came on and said and told us all about lockdown mode. Lockdown mode is apple. Apple is gonna be rolling this out on I 16 iPad O S 16 Mac O S Ventura. I actually have it on my iPhone now. Cause I'm testing the beta a very, very, very locked down version of the system. When you turn it on, it makes a lot of stuff unavailable to you. And let me head into the apple newsroom here. So that we can get a little bit more information about that. Let's see all you're very kind, Joe, thank you. Any insurer is great as well. So when lockdown mode clicks into place, most message attachment types that aren't images will actually be blocked and link previews are disabled. We've heard before that link previews, actually I know thing or two about running this board. Now, let me see if I can do this. Hold on. I was trying to turn down the music, but now I forgot which one it is. Farthest. Okay.

Mikah Sargent (02:08:33):
There we go. So don't worry, professor Laura, I'm not turning you all the way down. Just a little bit down. So yes, the, the messages, because we've heard that those link previews are a big issue. That's how we've been able, they've been able to get into devices in the past. So now that's kinda getting locked down. Wait, are we about to go back? Oh, he's back. So we're good. Web browsing as well up. We'll talk more about it later. <Laugh> nice.

Leo Laporte (02:09:03):
I wanna do the Carlton.

Mikah Sargent (02:09:04):
Do you know how to do the Carlton? It's like no, I haven't seen that in too long. It's like, but I'm gonna knock something. I feel like it's the same year as the song. Leo Laporte, Mike Sargent the tech guys, 88 88, ask Leo. All right. This time. It's your call mark. Okay. From San Diego on the line. Hello mark.

Caller 11 (02:09:26):
Hey guys. Thank you so much for taking this call. Well, what I got is kind of 180 degrees, which you normally do. I'm having a little Facebook problem.

Mikah Sargent (02:09:41):
The boo, do you have a Facebook account, Mike? Cuz I do not. I do because I have an Oculus quest, so oh, by the way. Good news. Yes. You no longer need a Facebook account except a meta account is basically just Facebook. So anyway, mark, so tell us what what's going on with Facebook other than, you know, it's normal problems. Well,

Caller 11 (02:09:58):
The only, my, the only reason, the only thing I use Facebook for is my backpacking and hiking groups. Oh nice. Okay. Basically it, so I was trying to sell something on marketplace mm-hmm <affirmative> and which I've done numerous times before and plus two other pages on Facebook. So I got the ad ready. I hit post and within 15 seconds I got a hit. Wow. Now of course I

Mikah Sargent (02:10:27):
Tried fishing because you should maybe get into that.

Caller 11 (02:10:30):
Well, it was a bot. It was, it was not good. Got it. I know, I know with Craig's list when that happens, you just delete it. Mm-Hmm <affirmative> you're done, but I wasn't, I wasn't ready for that on Facebook. So I exchanged a couple she hit me up through messenger, so I exchanged a couple messages and then she, things just didn't seem right. So I deleted it and forgot. Just said, nah, forget that. Mm-Hmm <affirmative> she just wasn't making any sense. So couple hours later I went to log on. Oh, you've been hacked. You've been hacked. Oh my God.

Leo Laporte (02:11:05):

Caller 11 (02:11:07):
Ah, crap. So I changed my password

Mikah Sargent (02:11:11):
Now, now hang on mark. Before I wanna, I wanna be clear. You said you went to get back onto Facebook and something said you've been hacked. Where was it saying that you were hacked? What, what was telling you this? Well,

Caller 11 (02:11:21):
When I clicked on, when I clicked on, when I went to Facebook Uhhuh, when I went to Facebook, it said you you've been hacked. You need to change your password.

Mikah Sargent (02:11:31):

Caller 11 (02:11:32):
So I did. So after I did that, I, I went on to check my ad. Okay. Well, as soon as I hit marketplace, I said, I got you. Can't buy or sell on Facebook anymore. Oh no. You didn't follow our community standards.

Mikah Sargent (02:11:51):
Oh no,

Caller 11 (02:11:52):
I didn't do Jack.

Mikah Sargent (02:11:55):
Yeah. Jack didly right.

Caller 11 (02:11:57):
I didn't do nothing, anything. All right. And you get a pay. I get this page. It says request review quest review. That goes nowhere. Just total waste of time.

Mikah Sargent (02:12:11):
I'm looking into it. Now. There are quite a few people who've been banned for some reason from Facebook marketplace. And there are some suggestions that people have. It says that unless you have evidence proving that you didn't do anything wrong, it can be very difficult to be able to get yourself UN banned. It says base Facebook basically can ban you for no reason at all. Other other users may have flagged you what may have happened here is that what you've got is sort of a the, that may have been a bot, right? That at first was trying to get at you. But when they weren't able to get at you, because you were smart enough to say no, no, no. I think this is a bot. Then their means of retribution was to go in and report you and make it so that you couldn't use Facebook marketplace. I have the bad news. Mark is that I'm not seeing many posts of folks. Who've been able to get UN banned from Facebook.

Leo Laporte (02:13:13):
I'm still curious if it was Facebook. I don't believe Facebook will say you've been hacked.

Mikah Sargent (02:13:19):
It that I, yeah, I do wanna go. I,

Leo Laporte (02:13:21):
I don't think that came from Facebook. I hate to tell you, I think that came from the same people running the bot. Cause

Mikah Sargent (02:13:26):
Did you get a message that said this? Was it pop up on the screen? What did it look like when it said that you were hacked?

Caller 11 (02:13:33):
You know, it's just, I just clicked on, I clicked on my Facebook access point on my on my Explorer and I'm safari you safari. And it just, it, it immediately showed up. I couldn't get anywhere past it.

Leo Laporte (02:13:55):
Did you, when you were working, when you were communicating with the bot, did you at any point get a link or anything that you might have clicked on from the bot? A message?

Caller 11 (02:14:05):
No, no, no. Sh she said something stupid like, oh, can my, can my uncle come and get it? But he can't handle cash.

Leo Laporte (02:14:14):
Yeah. Yeah. So they were trying to scam you is what was going on there. Okay. yeah, I was probably unrelated unless that was a cover for something else going on behind the scenes. I, I don't think Facebook ever says you've been hacked.

Caller 11 (02:14:33):
Well, I'm wondering if this is if the page that I'm seeing is just a covers from whoever might have hacked me

Leo Laporte (02:14:43):
When you saw the you've been hacked, did you log, did you re-log in, you did cuz you had to change the password.

Caller 11 (02:14:50):
Exactly. I went out and went, it said click here and I changed it.

Leo Laporte (02:14:57):
You didn't click there. Did you, did you click there?

Caller 11 (02:15:02):
I think I clicked on that

Leo Laporte (02:15:03):
Page. So what's happened. I suspect is that was a fishing attempt when you, yeah. Facebook saw something fishy going on. As soon as they see something fishing going on, they say, okay, no more marketplace for you till we figure out what's going on here. They're protecting themselves because they see something fishing go fishy going on in your account. So

Caller 11 (02:15:28):
I I've sent numerous emails. Yeah,

Leo Laporte (02:15:31):
There is. They have three and a half billion users unless they have three and a half million support people. The likelihood of you getting anything is very, you don't do you, would you create a new account? Would that be the end of the world to create a new account? Well,

Caller 11 (02:15:47):
That's, that's my only that's my only avenue I think at this point is just create a new account, my same name, just a different email.

Mikah Sargent (02:15:59):
So that is one there's one other thing that I would suggest, of course you should go into Facebook. You should go into safari. You should go to and you should then log in. And once you're logged in, change your password in the normal way that you would, but I'm going to link in the show notes, tech a post on Reddit where a person was able to get themselves UN banned from Facebook marketplace. So give this a try first and then if you can't then go ahead and create a new Facebook account, but I want you to change your password one more time just to protect

Leo Laporte (02:16:32):
Yourself and, and please turn on two factor authentication. Absolutely. I know that that's a pain, but that eliminates a lot of these kinds of messes.

Caller 11 (02:16:41):
And I can do that through fact Facebook.

Leo Laporte (02:16:43):
Yeah. Yep.

Mikah Sargent (02:16:44):
I'll I put a link for that as well. So you've got all the stuff you need to know. Tech guy is where that'll be. It'll be up later tonight and you'll be able to find

Leo Laporte (02:16:51):
Change the password first. And then in that process, you'll see a box that says two-factor authentication. Turn that on for sure.

Caller 11 (02:16:59):
Oh yeah. Okay. I will do that.

Leo Laporte (02:17:01):
That, that everybody who's listening should turn on. Two-Factor everywhere you can, because that really stymies these bad guys. They, they just can't take advantage of you at that point.

Caller 11 (02:17:13):

Leo Laporte (02:17:14):
I'm I'm thinking. And again, it's a guess, but I'm just thinking there's something suspicious going on with that. You you've been hacked message and Facebook might have detected for instance, that you went in, but somebody from a different location, Bella Russ went in at the same time and saw your password was changed. And they said, this is fishy. He's logging in from two different countries. We think, you know, there's something going on here. They, they may have, I'm not saying that they don't have a, a way of saying you've been hacked. They may do that. Certainly. Yeah

Mikah Sargent (02:17:51):
They do. But it's only, it's usually for nation state attacks.

Leo Laporte (02:17:53):
It seems unlikely that yeah. You know, we've all we have it all, but many people get those emails from Google saying there's a nation state, hacker trying to break into your account, be extra careful, but a very seems highly unlikely. Any site would say, oh, you've been hacked. Click this link to change your password. That to me, sounds like a fishing attempt. Leo Mikah, your tech guys GI coming up. Yeah. I think that probably they'll reinstate his marketplace eventually. Once his account seems to be settled down. Yep.

Leo Laporte (02:18:35):
They're just trying to protect themselves. Exactly. Fraud, fraudsters.

Mikah Sargent (02:18:39):

Leo Laporte (02:18:41):
Is this the way you like it? Yes. That's the way, the way like it Casey and the sunshine band heralding. The appearance of this guy right here. Dick DeBartolo mad magazine's mad writer. AR gizmo wizard. We just call him the GWiz for short. Hello? Dickie D Hey Leia. How you doing? I am doing well. How are you? Good. How's that cheesecake diet working

Mikah Sargent (02:19:06):
Out for you? <Laugh> called out.

Leo Laporte (02:19:10):
It's well I tell you what it's delicious. You're happy if I had a clam cake to go with my cheesecake. Yeah. Then I'd really be happy. <Laugh> it's just missing the clam cake. Oh my gosh. <Laugh> what is on your agenda today? Mr. Gizmo wizard.

Leo Laporte / Dick DeBartolo (02:19:28):
Okay. So I have a new clock. All right. And we, we talked about this feature 10 to 12 years ago, the bed shaker attachment. Oh,

Leo Laporte / Dick DeBartolo (02:19:37):
I remember that. Yeah,

Leo Laporte / Dick DeBartolo (02:19:37):
Yeah, yeah. Oh, okay. Okay. So I found from a, is this

Leo Laporte / Dick DeBartolo (02:19:41):
For people, for whom a simple alarm is not enough.

Leo Laporte / Dick DeBartolo (02:19:44):
Exactly. And you cannot wake up. Well, this, this solves a lot of problems. First of all, has very big digital readout. So that's good. Second of all, a feature you and I love in the back. It has a display slider that can shut the display. Oh,

Leo Laporte / Dick DeBartolo (02:20:01):
Good off. Nice.

Leo Laporte / Dick DeBartolo (02:20:03):
Yeah. Or you can add from one, one to one, 100%.

Leo Laporte / Dick DeBartolo (02:20:08):
We don't want bright lights in the bedroom. No. Certain exactly. Yeah.

Leo Laporte / Dick DeBartolo (02:20:13):
Setting. It is way easier than most clocks at the top of the clock. There's a great minute button and a great hour button. So you hit time set and then you hit hour till the whatever hour it is. Then you hit the minute to whatever the minute is and you wait four seconds and the clock freezes that. And the same for the alarm. If you get up in the middle of the night and you want a little bit of light, or you want light all night long, there's a little nightlight at the top. I like that. And you, you pick whatever color you. Okay. Good. I was gonna say, please tell me, you can change the color cuz that blue. Light's not no good. Any color you want.

Leo Laporte / Dick DeBartolo (02:20:51):
Mike is sleep expert by the way. In fact he's sleeping right now. Yeah,

Leo Laporte / Dick DeBartolo (02:20:55):
Indeed. Yeah. Hello? Are he? He said he's sleeping right now. Yeah. He's amazing. Yeah.

Leo Laporte / Dick DeBartolo (02:21:00):
Isn't it.

Leo Laporte / Dick DeBartolo (02:21:01):
Thank you. Talk about multi-functioning sleeping and doing a radio show. I think that sets a new record. <Laugh> another feature in the back they're they're slow, but you can charge two gadgets. It has two USB charging ports. They should put

Leo Laporte / Dick DeBartolo (02:21:16):
This in hotels and hotels all over the world.

Leo Laporte / Dick DeBartolo (02:21:19):
Absolutely. And the best thing is the price. It's it's 24 bucks. And if you don't need the big, the bed shaker device, it's 20 bucks. So

Leo Laporte / Dick DeBartolo (02:21:33):
The bed shaker, you put it under your mattress.

Leo Laporte / Dick DeBartolo (02:21:36):
Yeah. You know what, if you have a very thick mattress, put it under your pillow under your pillow because that, that way, oh, and it has one other feature I've never seen before. If the power goes out, you put batteries in it and the power goes out. The clock face will be black. But of course when the power comes on, it'll be on back with, with the regular time. But if the power is out, it will still ring the alarm. It'll be at the low setting. Oh. But I never knew a clock that could use the batteries, the backup battery that's to ring an alarm. So

Leo Laporte / Dick DeBartolo (02:22:10):
That, that no risk of not waking up. It does plug. Does it plug in too? Or you have to

Leo Laporte / Dick DeBartolo (02:22:15):
Use that. Yes. Yes computer and the computer's on all the time. Just plug it into that.

Leo Laporte / Dick DeBartolo (02:22:27):
How many clocks do you have Dick?

Leo Laporte / Dick DeBartolo (02:22:30):
Let's see. You're a clock fan.

Leo Laporte / Dick DeBartolo (02:22:33):
Yeah. I have five that I can see here. <Laugh> let me see. Say I can

Leo Laporte / Dick DeBartolo (02:22:40):
Three, I only have 3, 4, 5 that I can see here.

Leo Laporte / Dick DeBartolo (02:22:46):
Yeah. There you go. So we're tied. We're

Leo Laporte / Dick DeBartolo (02:22:48):
Tied. Oh, wait a minute. I've got a wristwatch, a phone and every computer, so, oh

Leo Laporte / Dick DeBartolo (02:22:53):
Yeah. Yeah. Well, I have all of those too. Yeah. How many monitors are at your desk?

Leo Laporte / Dick DeBartolo (02:22:57):
Oh, you don't know? You know, 1, 2, 3, 4, 5, 6, 6. Quite a few.

Leo Laporte / Dick DeBartolo (02:23:02):
Also depends on what you count as a monitor.

Leo Laporte / Dick DeBartolo (02:23:04):
Yeah. Well,

Mikah Sargent (02:23:05):
Or other displays

Leo Laporte / Dick DeBartolo (02:23:06):
That, is this a monitor? This little TV set.

Leo Laporte / Dick DeBartolo (02:23:09):
Well, I have that too. So if you're counting that I'm counting <laugh> so now I have eight

Leo Laporte / Dick DeBartolo (02:23:14):
That's the little Atari game thing that you were talking about a few weeks ago. This is cool. What what's it called?

Leo Laporte / Dick DeBartolo (02:23:21):
It's. It has stupid name. It's called the, like the plea P P L E E. Typical. Amazon. Maybe

Mikah Sargent (02:23:30):
They're trying to make it that vibration that you feel.

Leo Laporte / Dick DeBartolo (02:23:34):
I, I love, they're trying to get every keyword into the title, alarm clock for bedroom. 7.5 inch, large display L E D digital clock with seven color nightlight, USB phone charger, dimer battery backup. Easy to set loud beside bedside clock for heavy sleepers, adult teen kid, boy, girl.

Leo Laporte / Dick DeBartolo (02:23:51):
<Laugh>. Yes.

Mikah Sargent (02:23:53):
So that man Santa's list

Leo Laporte / Dick DeBartolo (02:23:54):

Leo Laporte / Dick DeBartolo (02:23:55):
Boy, girl,

Mikah Sargent (02:23:55):
These these days must just be really.

Leo Laporte / Dick DeBartolo (02:23:58):
And for adults, teens, kids, boys, and girls from the plea,

Leo Laporte / Dick DeBartolo (02:24:04):
PPP Lee, maybe just PPE Lee P plea, I guess PPP

Leo Laporte / Dick DeBartolo (02:24:08):
Lee story Lee. Oh, it stands for paint. Perfect life with easy and eased way. <Laugh>

Leo Laporte / Dick DeBartolo (02:24:14):
Oh, well of course. There

Leo Laporte / Dick DeBartolo (02:24:17):
You go. It's an girl.

Leo Laporte / Dick DeBartolo (02:24:18):
It should be blue. Should be it be a w yeah.

Mikah Sargent (02:24:21):
What's going

Leo Laporte / Dick DeBartolo (02:24:22):
On here. And what is a blue paint? What is a paint? Perfect life paint. Perfect.

Mikah Sargent (02:24:26):
Maybe you are painting your perfect

Leo Laporte / Dick DeBartolo (02:24:28):

Leo Laporte / Dick DeBartolo (02:24:28):
Life paint. Perfect life.

Leo Laporte / Dick DeBartolo (02:24:29):
That's what it is.

Mikah Sargent (02:24:30):
I'm thinking, having these,

Leo Laporte / Dick DeBartolo (02:24:31):
Not an

Leo Laporte / Dick DeBartolo (02:24:31):
English speaker. I'm just thinking paint, perfect life with ease and easy eased and easy way. They have other clocks too, but not with a bed shaker.

Leo Laporte / Dick DeBartolo (02:24:42):
No, not with the bed shaker and not with the little nightlight on

Mikah Sargent (02:24:47):
Some big ones.

Leo Laporte / Dick DeBartolo (02:24:47):
Some big, they got big ones. They got little ones, bed shaker, alarm clock. And look, the husband is fast asleep, but the wife is so awake

Leo Laporte / Dick DeBartolo (02:24:57):
In that picture. Yeah. She's saying why is

Leo Laporte / Dick DeBartolo (02:25:00):

Leo Laporte / Dick DeBartolo (02:25:00):
On the hip pillow? If you, if you

Mikah Sargent (02:25:03):
Need a bed shaker to wake up though, we should, we should talk.

Leo Laporte / Dick DeBartolo (02:25:05):

Leo Laporte / Dick DeBartolo (02:25:06):
Oh, tell him about the alarm clock that gets up and walks away from you.

Mikah Sargent (02:25:10):
What? Oh,

Leo Laporte / Dick DeBartolo (02:25:12):
Clocky clocky I remember the name. Clocky it sits, it sits on your nightstand. And when the alarm sounds like legs pop out and it starts shaking and it falls on the floor and keeps walking. Oh, oh, there, I'm sorry. It has wheels.

Leo Laporte / Dick DeBartolo (02:25:28):
You have to find it. Oh wow. It goes across the room and hides in a corner. You gotta get outta

Mikah Sargent (02:25:35):
Bed. There is some science to that.

Leo Laporte / Dick DeBartolo (02:25:37):
Cause it's gonna annoy the heck out of you. Mm-Hmm

Leo Laporte / Dick DeBartolo (02:25:38):
<Affirmative> yeah. And you remember Leah, when we did the helicopter clock, <laugh> the helicopter clock. The batteries have screws in them so that you can't take the batteries out. No, it has a little propeller on top and Yoon goes off and it shoots the propeller into the air. Oh. And unless you find a propeller and stick it

Mikah Sargent (02:26:00):
Back on into the,

Leo Laporte / Dick DeBartolo (02:26:01):
Into the hole. Got,

Mikah Sargent (02:26:03):
Got it. I found it. TA tech, novelty, digital, L E D alarm clock gadget. That's flying helicopter chopper. Although this is, this is sculpt easy life. Easy way. No, I'm just kidding. I see that now. And there's also one where you have to do math which is that's

Leo Laporte / Dick DeBartolo (02:26:20):
Right. Just watch that's right. I would still, the clock would still be ringing exactly all

Leo Laporte / Dick DeBartolo (02:26:24):
Day <laugh> there is a drunk email plug in on Gmail where it won't let, let you send the email unless you could do a complicated math problem. <Laugh> and they figure that way. You're not gonna be drunk. I'll just

Mikah Sargent (02:26:35):
Never send emails though.

Leo Laporte / Dick DeBartolo (02:26:36):

Mikah Sargent (02:26:37):
Don't make me do math.

Leo Laporte (02:26:39):
DT Bartolo.

Leo Laporte / Dick DeBartolo (02:26:41):
Yes, sir. Oh, that's my name?

Leo Laporte (02:26:42):
That's you? He's at GWiz. G I Z w I Z dot B Iz. If you click the button that says the gizz Wiz visits, the tech guy you'll get links to this particular clock and everything else he's mentioned on the show. You can also click a button that says, what the heck is it a chance to win an autograph copy of mad magazine by identifying a close up picture of a gizmo or a gadget? Dick's got Mads for the right answer and Mads for the cleverest wrong answer. And I think when you look at it, you're gonna say, I know what that is, but maybe you don't. Dickie D also does a great podcast. The GWiz podcast at GWiz do TV where it's full of crazy gadgets. The whole show. Yeah. Mr. D Bartolo have a wonderful week. Did you enjoy the fireworks? On the east river, this, this year

Dick DeBartolo (02:27:35):
I watched him on television. It was way easier and

Leo Laporte (02:27:38):
Cheaper. It was so cool. Lisa. And I said, we're going to New York next 4th of July. That was the nicest fireworks display ever.

Dick DeBartolo (02:27:45):
You know, and, and I went with my binoculars. I still could not see the petal Lumal laser show.

Dick DeBartolo (02:27:50):
No, nobody could frat thank you,

Leo Laporte (02:27:53):
Dickie D thank you, Mike, next

Leo Laporte (02:27:54):
Week. Thanks to all of you. We'll see you next time. Leo Laporte, Mikah Sargent, your tech guys have a great geek week. Well, that's it for the tech guys show for today. Thank you so much for being here and don't forget. TWIT, it stands for this week in tech. And you can find it at, including the podcasts for this show. We talk about windows and windows weekly, Macintosh, a Mac break, weekly iPads, iPhones, apple watches on iOS today. Security and security. Now, I mean, I can go on and on and on. And of course the big show every Sunday afternoon, this week in tech, you'll find it all at twit TV and I'll be back next week with another great tech guy show. Thanks for joining me. We'll see you next time.

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