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Leo Laporte (00:00:07):
This is TWiT. Hi, this is Leo Laporte and this is my tech guy podcast. This show originally aired on the premier networks on Saturday April 23rd, 2022. This is 1,887. Enjoy the tech I podcast is brought to you by Stop overpaying for shipping with Sign up with promo code TWiT for a special offer. That includes a four week trial free postage and a digital scale, no long term commitments or contracts. Just go to Click the microphone at the top of the page and enter the code TWiT and by Acronis keep your digital world safe from all threats. With the only cyber protection solution that delivers a unique integration of data protection and cyber security. Ian one Acronis cyber protect home office form of lay Acronis. True image. Go to Oh, Hey. Hey. Hey, how are you today? Leo Laporte here. The tech guy, time to talk computers in the internet and home theater in digital photography and smartphones and smart watches will look who the cat dragged in. It's Mikah Sargent tech guy two, my twin in the house.

Mikah Sargent (00:01:27):

Leo Laporte (00:01:27):
We both went just moments ago. We just got back from the, all the excitement, whew. In our little town of Petaluma,

Mikah Sargent (00:01:35):

Leo Laporte (00:01:36):
And eggs and eggs. <Laugh> it's the butter and eggs day in beautiful Petaluma up here in Northern California and Mike and I we had to leave a little early. We were right in the middle of it and it was draining emotionally draining the bed, the cutest little chicken town contest where moms bring their two year olds dressed like chickens. Mm-Hmm <affirmative> to be judged by adults,

Mikah Sargent (00:01:57):
Sort of parade them around,

Leo Laporte (00:01:58):
Parade them around for photos and then make them wave, Make 'em wave <affirmative>. And then you get you get a prize. If you're the cutest little chicken town, it was emotionally draining. I wonder who won. Do you wonder you thinking?

Mikah Sargent (00:02:12):
I think it was the one you thought won the one that actually had the little chicken feet.

Leo Laporte (00:02:15):
She was doing a little tap dancing. Yeah. Yeah. I thought she was cute. 88, 88. Ask me no, don't worry. We are here to talk tech. I promise you, I, this is just an inside joke between me and Mikah, cuz we had to go. Didn't have to. I wanted to, and I wanted to show you all the PED you showed me the now, you know,

Mikah Sargent (00:02:33):
And now I will never no

Leo Laporte (00:02:35):
They'll have to ever go back again. Don't have to did the Alliance club breakfast, pancakes, breakfast, which I was a little disappointed. It did say I believe pancakes, but they had French. They

Mikah Sargent (00:02:44):
Did have French toast. Yeah. A lot, which I could not eat, but yeah

Leo Laporte (00:02:48):
That's okay.

Mikah Sargent (00:02:48):
It was good. The eggs were

Leo Laporte (00:02:49):
Fine. There were some eggs. There were some sausage sausages. Mm-Hmm <affirmative> Jack Dorsey, former CEO of Twitter, CEO of square. This is one of the silly things that Silicon valley startup guys do. They don't like regular names. Mm-Hmm <affirmative> like CEO. So he took square, renamed it block. And his new title as CEO is blockhead. He's the get it had the head head of block, the head of block. He's a block head, but Elon Musk did this too. And it's really weird when Elon does it. Cuz Elon's a strange bird. He's his, he told the security and exchange commission last year, hence fourth, he will be known as techno king. Oh. And the CFO at Tesla would be known as the master of coin.

Mikah Sargent (00:03:46):
Okay. That one, I get that one, the, his 

Leo Laporte (00:03:49):
Techno king and master of coin. But since they didn't amend their bylaws, they're still technically CEO and CFO. But you know I shouldn't say anything cuz

Mikah Sargent (00:04:00):
I was gonna say, what is your

Leo Laporte (00:04:01):
Yeah, don't look at my business card. It says I'm chief TWiT mm-hmm <affirmative> okay. So I was just, you know, I was just trying to be with the cool kids. Well,

Mikah Sargent (00:04:09):
In the words of Jack Dorsey titles like CEO get in the way of doing the right

Leo Laporte (00:04:13):
Thing. Right? Well I'm not CEO, my wife isn't that's true CEO. Ain't no question. All three of these letters, all Elon, apparently speaking of Mr. Musk is gonna buy Twitter. He says, he's lined up the financing. He's gone to Morgan Stanley and you know, a Baker's dozen of other financial institutions, unnamed and has sent a letter to the security exchange commission from the techno king saying on Thursday saying yeah he said, and the final I've yet to receive a formal response from the board. So that means he's probably going to go to the shareholders and say, look, look you, you could, you know, are right now 47 bucks, I'm offering you $54. Well, 54, 20 mm-hmm <affirmative> which to Elon is a Howell, a hoot of a joke. You could take that, you know, make a little money. We'll see what happens.

Leo Laporte (00:05:17):
I don't, I, the more I think about it, the more, I think there's a idea salon had an article about, it's not about free speech. It's about the, the oligarchs it's about rich people controlling media. Mm-Hmm <affirmative> basically mm-hmm, <affirmative> used to be, if you wanted to buy a newspaper radio station, TV station, you had to be pretty wealthy to, you know, afford all the capital expenditure to the licenses and all that stuff. And then along comes blogging and YouTube and all of a sudden the unwashed masses, Twitter are having a voice. They don't have to pay for anything. It's just not right. So I think this is the you know, Jeff Bezo buys the Washington post Elon Musk wants to buy Twitter. Robert Murdoch owns Fox. I feel like it's, that's kind of, they just, they want to control the media because that's how you control the conversation. That's how you make sure that everything goes with L for your little business. So I'm gonna, I'm gonna read it that way. That's not about free speech for Elon Elon. Doesn't care about free speech.

Leo Laporte (00:06:27):
Oh, let's see. Well, they're at it again. Now there's a, now I have to be careful about this. Cause this is a good friend of mine. Kevin Rose who's launched and, and it Ft collection called moon birds. They're digital owl cartoons, kinda like, you know, the board apes or the zombies. They're just little cartoons, vowels with all sorts of little a Coutre mall. You know, there's a skeleton owl with a witch hat. There's an owl with a Mohawk, an owl with a crown, an owl smart owl with a light bulb over his head. That kind of, of thing, 10,000 of them, the people behind it call themselves the proof collective. It includes Kevin, but also other very well known people like Gary Vaynerchuck and the artist, people who is currently, I think the highest price for an NFT ever like huge for the people collection.

Leo Laporte (00:07:21):
They have raised. Let's see if you and I I'm a little hurt that Kevin didn't ask me to get in at the ground floor, $7,900. Now that's worth $285,000, you know, in less than a month, they have, they have sold hundreds of, of dollars worth. And they have taken themselves this proof of collective more than 50 million. But notice by the way, when you're buying it, it's ethernet, Ethereum. It's E when they're talking about what it's worth, it's $50 million. Yeah. Notice that. Yeah. Mm-Hmm <affirmative>, that's interesting. Don't worry. We're gonna do something good with this money. You know what he says, we're gonna do, we're gonna buy a media media conglomerate, these Oli circle, these oligarchs. I swear to God. Now I have to call Kevin and oligarch. I, I just wanna warn people. Nfts are not for the, and me. Most of the people buying in are probably spending imaginary money from the increase in value of Bitcoin, Ethan and all these cryptocurrencies. They, you know, they're not, it's not real. It's funny money to them, but the why are they buying these well, if you bought it at 7,900 bucks and now you could sell it for 285,000 bucks, that's a good profit. And that's honestly, that's what it's all about. And so what you do now, if you hold these cute little owls or zombies or board apes, you tell everybody what a great thing it is to buy them. What a wonderful investment Uhhuh <affirmative> look how rich I am. Cuz that's how pyramid schemes work.

Mikah Sargent (00:08:55):
Yeah. You know, it's interesting. I've right. Clicked on the website and there's a button that says save image to downloads. And I've suddenly got a moon bird of my own. Look

Leo Laporte (00:09:02):
At that cost you nothing weird. They're not selling that. They're selling the, the link. It's really look. People always say to me, well, Leo, you know, people buy works of art. That speculation. I mean, if I bought a work of art, it'd be to put it on the wall. But, but billionaires are spending lots of money on works of art and they don't even put it on the wall. They put it for tax reasons. They put in a warehouse at an airport and it's a speculative, it's an investment like buying real estate. You know, you're gonna sell it later for more people who buy baseball cards. I mean, at least you get the card, but really it's just a piece of cardboard, maybe some history attached to it and so forth, but they're worth millions. So people say it's just like that, except that you know, you own it because it's on the blockchain.

Mikah Sargent (00:09:48):
<Laugh> I, I've never seen this blockchain. I,

Leo Laporte (00:09:50):
Where does this blockchain of would you speak <laugh>? Honestly I think I kind of think correct me if I'm wrong, but you know, some people are doing this cause they wanna support an artist. It's a donation. That's fine. If you think of it as a donation here, take a million dollars. I'm donating it to you. That's fine. Mm-Hmm <affirmative> but I think most people buy it with the idea that, and then I'm gonna sell it to, to, you know, this sucker over here. Yeah. Named tech guy. I too <laugh> we should do a little

Mikah Sargent (00:10:18):
Skit. Yeah, that would

Leo Laporte (00:10:20):
Be of NFTs where I'll buying NFTs and Mikah. This is the hottest thing ever. Look. It's a little cute little owl. You know how much money I've made on hundreds of thousands of dollars. Oh, and look, I'm gonna play it. Cool. I'm just gonna say, look how much money I made hundreds of thousands of dollars. Isn't that great waiting for you to say,

Mikah Sargent (00:10:37):
Oh, could I buy that from you?

Leo Laporte (00:10:38):
What? No,

Mikah Sargent (00:10:40):
Please. Leo. Really? Yeah. I really like it.

Leo Laporte (00:10:42):
Oh, I love my owl. Well, I don't know. It's gonna, I hate to

Mikah Sargent (00:10:47):
Part with it. I just really think you won't make any more money on it. I think that it would be better to my wins.

Leo Laporte (00:10:52):
Well, what are you talking? I mean, I guess there might be a number. I don't know. I really love this. How much

Mikah Sargent (00:10:56):
Did you end on it again?

Leo Laporte (00:10:57):
$7,900. What

Mikah Sargent (00:10:59):
If I give you $50,000? What

Leo Laporte (00:11:01):
If you give me $3 million?

Mikah Sargent (00:11:03):
I don't know how I'm feeling about that. <Laugh> how much do you make of it?

Leo Laporte (00:11:06):
Mikah, there'll be another sucker along any minute. You just sell it to him for 6 million and we both make money.

Mikah Sargent (00:11:13):
This is true,

Leo Laporte (00:11:13):
By the way. That's the other thing they do, they build into it is every transaction. You get a little part of the future transactions. So does, by the way, the proof collective, they get a little money. Every time one of these is sold. So if they come knocking at your door saying, would you like to buy an owl? <Laugh> just say no, just say no. Okay. Or, oh no, I love you guys. And I'd like to just give you some money. That's fine. Donations accepted. I did. I feel like it's important to do this public service announcement.

Mikah Sargent (00:11:42):
I, I, 100% agree because I see people getting dragged into this without knowing exactly what's going on. And especially people who like my younger siblings, they are in that culture of, of, of streaming and you know, being extremely online and my little brother has do coin and all that kind of

Leo Laporte (00:12:05):
Thing. And I, my daughter wants to buy do. She says, daddy, I wanna get some doge. She has it. I'm sure. I said, oh, come on. Don't, don't be silly. But you know why they have do, cuz it went up a lot. It

Mikah Sargent (00:12:14):
Went up.

Leo Laporte (00:12:14):
Yeah. You know why it went up?

Mikah Sargent (00:12:16):
Probably because someone said, oh, wasn't it Elon,

Leo Laporte (00:12:18):
Somebody named Elon Musk.

Mikah Sargent (00:12:21):
Elon said, Hey, I'm gonna buy a bunch of dough. Right?

Leo Laporte (00:12:24):
Yeah. That's one of the reasons he loves Twitter. It's it's a profit thing. You know, I don't blame him. Just let's not be fooled by it. So Foxcon is somehow, okay, this is a little strange, you know, that Shanghai completely shut down. It's kind of almost a humanitarian disaster right now in China because of COVID they they're, they want, they, they are strongly in favor of zero COVID I don't know how well these policies were gonna work out for them. So they've locked it all down. They there's right now food insecurity. There's some serious concerns about the, the whole operation. Foxcon which makes most of the iPhones. They call it. Iphone city is just outside of Shanghai. Well, 550 miles, Jen Jo Jen Jo, which is also being shut down. They implemented a quarantine Friday, April 15th, a week ago, but not iPhone city.

Mikah Sargent (00:13:20):

Leo Laporte (00:13:20):
Not shut down.

Mikah Sargent (00:13:22):
How do we escape it?

Leo Laporte (00:13:24):
Well, that's the question. Isn't it? 200,000 workers maybe cuz they all live there. They maybe that's their own little bubble, but Foxcon has told local news out its production continues with its 200,000 workers. So don't worry. You're gonna get your iPhone. Okay. Don't worry. Supply lines have not been affected. Now there are other companies like Quanta, which makes the MacBooks, the laptops, which have been shut down. So there are, there are probably, I think we're gonna see, thanks to this research origins of COVID and China and maybe not even that more importantly, thanks to the response of the Chinese communist party to just shut the place down. There's gonna be some, this last supply chain shortages are not gone. We're not done yet. Eighty eight, eighty eight ask Leo is the phone number. We are gonna talk high tech. You and me. Mikey makes three. They ever call you Mikey. Never, right? No I he's giving the look. Thank God. Eighty eight, eighty eight. That's the phone number? Let's talk tech next.

Mikah Sargent (00:14:27):

Leo Laporte (00:14:29):
No, Never It's hysterical. They

Mikah Sargent (00:14:35):
Call me by my middle name.

Leo Laporte (00:14:36):
What's your middle name?

Mikah Sargent (00:14:38):

Leo Laporte (00:14:40):

Mikah Sargent (00:14:40):
Call you Dean and Dean. Just call me Dean. Dean. Yeah, my little, my little brothers both call me Dean.

Leo Laporte (00:14:44):
How is that? Shorter

Mikah Sargent (00:14:46):
Than Mikah? Well,

Leo Laporte (00:14:47):
It's one Sal liable, but Huh?

Mikah Sargent (00:14:50):
Dean. It's really the only nickname I have. Don't worry. Cause my name is already so short.

Leo Laporte (00:14:53):
Yeah. Well I'm Leo, Leo Le my, my parents used to call me Lele LE's not the best name ever. Not sure. I like it much. Now that I've said it. I'm sure all these people are gonna start

Mikah Sargent (00:15:05):
Calling. Oh no, you've done it now.

Leo Laporte (00:15:07):
Just to get on my nerves.

Mikah Sargent (00:15:08):
<Laugh> yeah, exactly. Exactly. Dale Paco bed. Is he already easier? Mikey? Doesn't like it.

Leo Laporte (00:15:14):
Mikey. Doesn't like it. Yeah. He likes everything. Not this

Mikah Sargent (00:15:17):

Leo Laporte (00:15:18):
All right. Always on top.

Mikah Sargent (00:15:19):
Oh God. No, not like Paula Dean. <Laugh>

Leo Laporte (00:15:22):
Paula Dean. She's double E double E. Right? So we're running. I have to tell everybody we're running low on phone related phone songs for Ms. Kim. Scheffer the phone angel who answers your calls. They're

Kim Schaffer (00:15:35):
Probably endless. We just have to find them.

Mikah Sargent (00:15:37):
<Laugh> buried under rocks,

Leo Laporte (00:15:38):
Buried under

Mikah Sargent (00:15:39):
Rocks or behind NFTs.

Leo Laporte (00:15:41):
Hello, Kim. Hi. How are you?

Kim Schaffer (00:15:45):
Kind of like you,

Leo Laporte (00:15:46):
What? Tired, tired

Kim Schaffer (00:15:47):
On fumes.

Leo Laporte (00:15:48):
Did you go to the butter eggs day parade? No, not yet. Did you go to the cutest little chicken town?

Kim Schaffer (00:15:52):
No, I'll go after I'm done here. Okay.

Leo Laporte (00:15:55):
Why is it that Petaluma has two contests. <Laugh> one, the cutest little chicken town. Two the ugliest dog in the world.

Kim Schaffer (00:16:02):
<Laugh> oh, in the mustache too.

Leo Laporte (00:16:05):
We have, oh, that's right. Our wrestling. Its called no there's Whis. Yeah. Which is a competition. Although I don't know if that's world number renowned. <Laugh> but it's a competition for the best whiskers.

Kim Schaffer (00:16:16):
But is it the arm wrestling competition take place here over

Leo Laporte (00:16:19):
Years. It used to be the world championship arm wrestling. It used to be here. Oh, okay.

Mikah Sargent (00:16:22):
Oh where they move it?

Leo Laporte (00:16:23):
I think China

Kim Schaffer (00:16:25):

Mikah Sargent (00:16:25):
That's that's disappointing.

Leo Laporte (00:16:27):
I think so. I'm not sure. I'll have to do some research anyway. Kim, who should I? Who should I talk

Kim Schaffer (00:16:32):
Competitions? Let's go to Joe in Santa Barbara,

Leo Laporte (00:16:35):
Joe in SB. Hello Joe. Welcome to the show. Thank you, Kim.

Caller 1 (00:16:42):
Hi Leo.

Leo Laporte (00:16:42):
Hey, welcome. What's

Caller 1 (00:16:45):
Up? Thank you very much for a few hours of entertainment each weekend.

Leo Laporte (00:16:50):
Well that's what some people call it. <Laugh> yeah. <Laugh> yeah. Thank you for saying it. I appreciate it.

Caller 1 (00:16:58):
And one little complaint before

Leo Laporte (00:17:00):
I get, see here. Here it is. Okay. What's what's the matter. What do we do? What do we do wrong?

Caller 1 (00:17:06):
It's you and your musical director. And now I have Coda Chrome.

Leo Laporte (00:17:13):
Oh, stuck in your head. Stuck.

Caller 1 (00:17:15):

Leo Laporte (00:17:15):
In my head Coda Chrome, which is of course the intro music for Chris mark water photo guy. And then I've been everywhere by Johnny Cash is Johnny Jet's intro. Yeah, those are yeah. Well earworms they call 'em can't get 'em out once you get 'em in. Okay.

Caller 1 (00:17:32):
So I have a 10 year old Mac error and the battery won't hold a charge and

Leo Laporte (00:17:40):
Yeah, that's about right.

Caller 1 (00:17:41):
Yeah. Looking into it a little bit. I'd like to change it myself. Good. What am I getting into?

Leo Laporte (00:17:48):
The best way to find out is to go to, I fix I F I X it and search for that model.

Leo Laporte (00:17:57):
Okay. Because what they, their business it's really cool. They want, they, they call themselves a repair manual for the world. They have repair manuals for all kinds of things, including, and tools and parts, by the way. So it's not just how to repair it, but the parts and tools you need, including for McDonald's happy meals, they literally have how to repair those. So look for MacBook air and then whatever the model number is or the year you're saying it say it's 2012 MacBook air and then they will have a variety of them. You might make sure you get the right one. And is it the 11 inch?

Caller 1 (00:18:34):
No, it's the 13,

Leo Laporte (00:18:35):
13 inch. Okay. So I'm looking at that. They have a repair guide. Repairability is unfortunately four out of 10. That's pretty typical for apple, but they do have a video on replacing a battery and the difficulty they say moderate, but that's the thing is, and they do sell the two different kinds of screw drivers you need. And the replacement battery, it's only 80 bucks for the battery. So they'll show you. And this is the thing before you do it, show you how to do it and the steps. And if you feel comfortable doing it and by the way, I think you, you should cuz unlike a lot of laptops, the battery is pretty is right there when you open the top and the top is just some screws, so,

Caller 1 (00:19:14):
Okay. Yeah. I'm, I'm a retired mechanic, so I, oh

Leo Laporte (00:19:17):
You're gonna be no, yeah, yeah. This will be easy, but you, you know, apple trying to keep you out, uses weird screwdrivers, you need a T five torque and a P five penal lobe.

Caller 1 (00:19:29):

Leo Laporte (00:19:30):
You know, you get it, you know all about it. So yeah, I fix They're really great. Leo Laport, the tech guy with Mikah too. So yeah, if you're a mechanic.

Mikah Sargent (00:19:40):
Yeah. It's kind of wild that they've put this as moderate.

Leo Laporte (00:19:43):
Yeah. It doesn't look Mo hard, you got nine screws. You take those out 10 screws. Those are nine meter MTM of your pen lobes, which is nice. The good thing about pen lobe is you probably know is they're not gonna strip easily. And then you kind of pry the aluminum back off. And then the good news is the batteries are not glued in they're right there on the top. You don't have to take anything else out. You just disconnect the battery tab, remove the screws. There's five screws. Those are the torque screws holding the battery in and then there's looks like there's four different little modules. So I would, this is, this is the thing is go. This is a, a site is amazing. They're all about right to repair and they have everything you need in there. It's really great.

Caller 1 (00:20:27):
What about, you know, like if there's a lot cheaper batteries on am and on you know, and it comes with the, with the two screw drivers and stuff.

Leo Laporte (00:20:38):
Yeah. I mean I guess it depends where, where you get 'em from the risk of, there is a risk of getting a bad battery bad. Not that it won't work but bad that it might explode. So, okay. You, you there's there's circuitry. The reason I say this there's circuitry in the battery to keep it from overcharging and things like that and a cheap battery, they might have cut corners. It's some Chinese company selling them could be a knockoff and it could be just how much cheaper

Caller 1 (00:21:11):
35. Just 40.

Leo Laporte (00:21:12):
Yeah. Honestly, if for me, I'd spend the extra 50 bucks and do and get it from I fix it cuz they're gonna stand behind it. But if you really wanna save that money you could take, you could try it, take a chance. It may, it, it is very light. Exactly the same battery.

Mikah Sargent (00:21:28):
I will say. I have purchased for an old Amazon Kindle, a battery from Amazon and installed it and it died within the year. And then later I learned my lesson. I ordered one from I fix it the cost a little bit more and that battery lasted me three or four years. I, I, I really do feel it's worth investing the extra money for the IFI sip battery because they do their best to source to, as, as original of the, the company as possible.

Leo Laporte (00:21:53):
Well then they're gonna stand behind it. Right. Mm-hmm <affirmative> yeah. I'm seeing 50 bucks for replacement battery for MacBook air.

Mikah Sargent (00:22:00):
And you're also certain you're getting the right model.

Leo Laporte (00:22:02):
Yeah. Yeah. I mean, you're gonna save you maybe 50 bucks, but oh no, look, here's 35 bucks. Yeah. That makes me kinda

Mikah Sargent (00:22:13):
Nervous. That makes me nervous. <Laugh>

Leo Laporte (00:22:15):
I mean, it may be fine. Look at the reviews, I guess.

Caller 1 (00:22:20):
You know, any of the brands

Leo Laporte (00:22:22):
I'm looking, they're all Chinese brands regardless of the name. So I'm looking at coun right now. Let's see what the, let's see what the reviews say.

Caller 1 (00:22:31):
What about ninja?

Leo Laporte (00:22:32):
Yeah. I don't know. You know, Yeah. I mean it looks like looks like these are fine. Yeah. So

Leo Laporte (00:22:48):
The worst case area would be, it would be a badly made battery that could overcharge. Right. But I think you'd see that in the reviews. So ninja, let me look for ninja here. <Laugh> a lot of these don't even have a name on it. Oh, here it is. Ninja battery 35 bucks. Well that is half price and, and that comes with the two screw. You can still use the, the pictures on I Fix's website, right? Yeah, this looks fine. Let me look at the reviews and you wanna make sure they're verified reviews. Oh, here's one worked two days. Okay. Only took 10 minutes to swap it out. Great product seems to work. Fine. Very easy installation. Most of the reviews are positive. First one barely lasted a year. It swelled up and quit charging two days after the warranty was up. See that makes me nervous. Especially the swelled up apart. So yeah, you know, it just, it depends on how it would, how comfortable

Mikah Sargent (00:23:46):
It'd be bad to spend the $35 and then realize later you have to spend the $80 to get the better battery. Yeah.

Leo Laporte (00:23:51):
Pennywise and pound foolish. Hey Scotty.

Scott Wilkinson (00:23:54):
Hey Leo. Hello

Mikah Sargent (00:23:56):
Scott Wil.

Scott Wilkinson (00:23:57):
Hey Mikah. How are you doing man?

Mikah Sargent (00:23:59):
Doing well. How are you doing? We're

Leo Laporte (00:24:00):
All buttered and eggs up. We are buttered. No,

Scott Wilkinson (00:24:02):
Man. I remember being there for butter, her and eggs day. It was great.

Leo Laporte (00:24:05):
It's fun. I'm sure. Santa Cruz has so

Mikah Sargent (00:24:07):
I was what's the equivalent too. Yeah.

Leo Laporte (00:24:09):
Probably buds and hop

Mikah Sargent (00:24:10):
Day hemp and hop

Leo Laporte (00:24:12):
Hemp and hop

Scott Wilkinson (00:24:12):

Leo Laporte (00:24:14):
I was thinking on the same 

Scott Wilkinson (00:24:16):
Yeah, man,

Leo Laporte (00:24:17):
Hemp and hop days. Damns.Com. That's our sponsor for the tech guy show today. You use them here or at home at

Mikah Sargent (00:24:26):
Home. I've got a, you have it at home too. I've got a stamps account. I've got my little letter mailer thing. It's for what I send crochet in the mail stamps mix. So,

Leo Laporte (00:24:34):
Oh yeah. So if you do Etsy, if you do Amazon, if you're selling

Mikah Sargent (00:24:38):

Leo Laporte (00:24:38):
Giving, shipping, or giving it prints out, the label puts it on. The package looks so much more pro mm-hmm <affirmative> I have, I have to min bought stuff on Etsy. That's come with a hundred stamps glued by hand on the package. I just, you don't that doesn't project professionals. Right?

Mikah Sargent (00:24:54):
Right. Yeah,

Leo Laporte (00:24:54):
Exactly. But the other thing going on with is saving you a ton of money we've been using as our, you know, the business TWiT. That's why I asked if you use it here at home. We've been using stamps for more than a decade. They've actually been an advertiser since 2012. I have to ask if you haven't tried them yet. What have I not said to convince you, cuz it's really the best. Let me give you some, some advantages with You get access to all the services of the us postal service. You can print stamps. You can print right on an envelope. You don't to ever go to the post office to buy stamps. You've always got exactly the right postage. You even get a USB scale. That'll tell you how much stamps to put on there. Now it's not just the postal service.

Leo Laporte (00:25:36):
You also get ups, shipping services, same thing. You do it right from your computer. And in both cases, you get discounts. You cannot get at the post office or from up PS up to four 40% off us postal service rates, 76% off ups rates. They negotiated a very good deal with ups. So whatever kind of package envelope, book, whatever you're mailing crochet, you need You don't need anything special, no postage meter, no special ink, just your computer and your printer. You never have to get up from your desk. If you don't want to, you can actually say, you know, come and get it. The mail carrier will come and get it. It takes you no time to get up and running. If you wanna try it. And I strongly encourage you to try it. 30 day, four week trial, that's gonna give you free.

Leo Laporte (00:26:23):
Postage is gonna give you that digital scale go to, and by the way more free postage, if you'd do this, go to There's a microphone in the upper right hand corner click that enter TWiT T w I T is the offer code. And it turns their offer into a really good offer. Mm-Hmm <affirmative> like a lot of postage stop overpaying for shipping with Sign up with a promo code, TWiT that special offer four week trial, free postage digital scale. It's the best they've got. And there are no long term commitments. There are no contracts. You just go to again, click the microphone at the top of the page and enter the code. Twit. I don't know how I can convince you. We've been loyal customers for more than a decade. If you have a business, it's a no brainer, but isn't that cool? Even if you just like mailing up

Mikah Sargent (00:27:08):
Occasionally mail things. Yeah. Yeah. Even if I'm just occasionally mailing things, it's still handy. In fact, I laid the package down on the scale and it said, Hey, you'd save money if you use ups instead.

Leo Laporte (00:27:18):
Instead I love that feature.

Mikah Sargent (00:27:18):
Okay. Doing that

Leo Laporte (00:27:19):
Or media mail or whatever, it'll actually tell you. It's pretty cool. Don't tell the post office about that one stamps. <Laugh> no, no, they're happy. They love Somebody said I can't get in Canada. No, it's the us postal service stamp. It's us only. I'm sorry. Stamps.Com. Offer code. Thank you. Stamps.Com for supporting the tech guy, supporting Mike as crochet business. He made me that little Linux penguin,

Mikah Sargent (00:27:42):
Not a business don't don't ask it's only for friends, not

Leo Laporte (00:27:45):
Family, friends and family I like it. <Laugh> if they don't do it, they are.

Mikah Sargent (00:27:52):
If they don't do the hemp and hop stay, they should

Leo Laporte (00:27:54):
It's time for our home theater guru. Mr. Scott Wilkinson, he's a contributor tech joins us every week to talk about big flat screw and surround sound. Hello Scott.

Scott Wilkinson (00:28:07):
Hello, Leo.

Leo Laporte (00:28:08):
You survived a Passover.

Scott Wilkinson (00:28:11):
I did. Yes.

Leo Laporte (00:28:12):
Yep. Good.

Scott Wilkinson (00:28:13):
It, it was, it was delicious. It was

Leo Laporte (00:28:15):
Delicious. That's that's my memory of Passover. It was the,

Scott Wilkinson (00:28:18):
And Easter too, for that matter. Yep. We actually, we actually went to a, to a very nearby church for, for an Easter service. Nice. It's a, it was a church with with <laugh> their, their group is called jazz on high and they, they played jazz music. It was great.

Leo Laporte (00:28:33):
If angels can play jazz in their hearts. I see. No reason we shouldn't down below.

Scott Wilkinson (00:28:39):
That's right.

Leo Laporte (00:28:40):
So what's up in your world.

Scott Wilkinson (00:28:42):
Oh, I got some big news today. Ohoh.

Leo Laporte (00:28:45):

Scott Wilkinson (00:28:46):
My podcast is, is starting up. I got a new podcast coming. What's

Leo Laporte (00:28:52):
It called?

Scott Wilkinson (00:28:53):
It's called AVS forum tech talk.

Leo Laporte (00:28:57):
Nice. And I'm take thinking you can get it at AVS forum.

Scott Wilkinson (00:29:01):
Yes. Well actually you go to forum.

Leo Laporte (00:29:05):

Scott Wilkinson (00:29:06):
And we will be streaming live there. We're using the platform called stream yard. Mm-Hmm

Leo Laporte (00:29:13):
<Affirmative> yeah. Good.

Scott Wilkinson (00:29:14):
Which which our, the technical people.

Leo Laporte (00:29:18):
It's the pirate streaming platform stream yard. <Laugh> Nice. Oh, this is great guys. So it's all it's always on video, huh? Yeah. Nice.

Scott Wilkinson (00:29:29):
It's gonna be on video. I'm gonna have some co-hosts sometime rotating in and out. Very good. Our first episode is this Tuesday. It's gonna record the second and fourth Tuesdays of the month at 1:00 PM Pacific time. So that's gonna be when the live stream is, and then of course it'll be recorded and posted and you can watch it later, but I'm gonna have on our first show coming up this coming Tuesday, April 26th. So be there B square congrat.

Leo Laporte (00:30:01):

Scott Wilkinson (00:30:01):
Thank you. I'm gonna have on as my special guest, Joe Kane. Oh, I'm I'm sorry. Not Joe Kane. Joel silver. Okay. Who is the, the found Joe? Kane's gonna be on later. He, he can't be there this Tuesday cuz of NA B. You remember NA B. You used to go there. It's

Leo Laporte (00:30:18):
This week. Isn't it coming up?

Scott Wilkinson (00:30:19):
It's this coming week

Leo Laporte (00:30:20):
Go. Are you gonna go?

Scott Wilkinson (00:30:22):
I'm not gonna go. Nope. I am going to another another show convention in San Jose in a couple of weeks and I'm gonna be doing the podcast from there. It looks like,

Leo Laporte (00:30:33):
Oh fun.

Scott Wilkinson (00:30:34):
Which show

Leo Laporte (00:30:34):
Is that?

Scott Wilkinson (00:30:35):
It's called display week.

Leo Laporte (00:30:37):
Oh yeah. That's a big deal.

Scott Wilkinson (00:30:39):
It is a big deal put on by, by called society for information display and that's where all the really deep technologies first get introduced display technologies. So it's gonna be really

Leo Laporte (00:30:54):
Fun. Nice. Yeah. NA is really not for weed mortals. It's about it's really for engine years broadcast engineers.

Scott Wilkinson (00:31:03):
That that is correct. However, I do cover it because I believe that what happens in the professional world trickle and what they're doing affects the, what we see as consumers.

Leo Laporte (00:31:15):
That's true. Sure. That's where we first saw OED screens for instance, correct?

Scott Wilkinson (00:31:19):
Yeah. Correct. Exactly. Right. So we're gonna see a lot at NAB. There's gonna be a lot about ATSC 3.0, this, the new over the air broadcast standard.

Leo Laporte (00:31:29):
I remember you and I did an interview two years ago at CES. Yes. Which they then said, could you not air that interview because she was completely wrong <laugh>

Scott Wilkinson (00:31:40):
Well, or, or more to the point she's not authorized to speak for us.

Leo Laporte (00:31:44):
Yeah. I felt like we were getting the real story. Yeah. So ATSC 3.0 is the broadcast standard. Broadcasters are understandably a little concerned about the strength of streaming and over the top stuff like Netflix and so forth. So they want to have some sort of interactivity.

Scott Wilkinson (00:32:02):
Is it the which a

Leo Laporte (00:32:03):
Yes. Is it gonna, what is it? Is it gonna give them that?

Scott Wilkinson (00:32:06):
Oh yeah, absolutely. They, they have, it has an internet or an IP. Oh,

Leo Laporte (00:32:11):
So the interactivity is protocol back through the internet, correct? Yeah. So by the way, cable companies tried this 10, 15 years ago, mm-hmm <affirmative> when they were trying to do interactive cable and it was a massive flop because it, it interactive you have, there's no round trip, they send you something and then you send it back over the internet, which is

Scott Wilkinson (00:32:31):

Leo Laporte (00:32:32):
Nutty, but okay. Yeah. Why not just use the internet? Oh, because we bought these towers and this transmitter and

Scott Wilkinson (00:32:38):
<Laugh> geez. We really,

Leo Laporte (00:32:39):
They really need to pay off the license fees and yeah, it's a, it's a holding action if you ask me, but then, you know, I'm a little bit focused on the, what about on, on digital? What about using ATSC to do more than just your broadcast don't they have other channels and things like that. They do,

Scott Wilkinson (00:32:57):
They do they well there's, there's certainly a very strong emergency function.

Leo Laporte (00:33:02):
Ah, that

Scott Wilkinson (00:33:03):
That's, there's a, if there's a tornado or a hurricane or whatever there's, there's automatic and immediate broadcasting of relevant data information about that. So, and you can report stuff too, again, again, the two way communication, the back channel is through the internet, but but there's a lot of features in ATSC 3.0, that deal with emergency.

Leo Laporte (00:33:30):
You tell people situation, oh, you have to have the internet. That's <laugh>

Scott Wilkinson (00:33:34):
When, when there's a giant emergency, you might

Leo Laporte (00:33:37):
Not. Yeah. Oh, you have to have the internet. What? No, I don't. It's an emergency. It also 4k capability, right?

Scott Wilkinson (00:33:44):
Correct. 4k,

Leo Laporte (00:33:46):
Although so far

Scott Wilkinson (00:33:47):
And HDR,

Leo Laporte (00:33:47):
So far the channels that have been doing ATSC have instead opted to do sub channels as opposed to 4k.

Scott Wilkinson (00:33:55):
Yeah. Many in many cases. That's true. And I'm bummed about that because they're using, they're doing lower quality on more channels. Right.

Leo Laporte (00:34:04):
Well, cuz you can make more money that way.

Scott Wilkinson (00:34:06):
That's that's true. On the, on the plus side ATSC 3.0 is now I think by the, by the midyear it's gonna be in 70% of the markets of the us. So it's growing. Oh yeah. There's a lot more markets.

Leo Laporte (00:34:20):
Do you need, you need to buy a new TV to see it.

Scott Wilkinson (00:34:23):
Well, yeah, you need to have an ATSC 3.0 tuner in your TV to see it. There's I'm sure there will be also external tuners. So if your TV doesn't have one, you can buy a less expensive box that will be able to tune it in we'll

Leo Laporte (00:34:40):
T Evo and other third party set top boxes, I guess they'll start including

Scott Wilkinson (00:34:45):
Yeah. They

Leo Laporte (00:34:46):
Will channel master people like that. HD home run Silicon dust. Yep. Yep. They'll start including ATSC three capability as well.

Scott Wilkinson (00:34:53):
Exactly. Right. Okay.

Leo Laporte (00:34:55):
You need to get a new antenna.

Scott Wilkinson (00:34:58):
That's a good question. I'm not a hundred percent sure about my initial thought is no, but it is in a different frequency range.

Leo Laporte (00:35:09):
Oh it is. Oh, so didn't we just change frequencies. We're gonna do that again. Huh?

Scott Wilkinson (00:35:14):

Leo Laporte (00:35:15):

Scott Wilkinson (00:35:16):
Yeah. So we, in

Leo Laporte (00:35:18):
Theory, in theory, you don't need a new antenna, but you might, you might want new antennas

Scott Wilkinson (00:35:22):
In order to optimize your signal reception, right? Yeah, exactly. I'll do a little research onto that. That's a very good question that I don't know the answer to.

Leo Laporte (00:35:29):
Yeah. Yeah.

Leo Laporte (00:35:32):
They're still roughly the same frequency

Scott Wilkinson (00:35:36):
Ban. Yeah, yeah. Yeah. They're not, they're not super far apart.

Leo Laporte (00:35:39):
So you need a new tune, but you don't need necessarily new antenna.

Scott Wilkinson (00:35:43):
Correct. Mm-hmm <affirmative> <laugh>

Leo Laporte (00:35:45):
I'm I, I think the whole thing, I mean, it's not, I understand why broadcast wants to preserve its business model. Yeah,

Scott Wilkinson (00:35:53):

Leo Laporte (00:35:53):
Doesn't mean we have to go along and I really, I feel like the, you know, the thing is that for cord cutters, the still the best deal is over the air, this

Scott Wilkinson (00:36:03):
Over the air, correct.

Leo Laporte (00:36:04):
It gives you your locals, your baseball games, your football games, your academy awards, kind of things like that.

Scott Wilkinson (00:36:08):
And it gives you the best quality signal of anything, the best quality of

Leo Laporte (00:36:12):
Anything. Although not 4k now with ATSC three potentially 4k, but so far I haven't seen anybody do it

Scott Wilkinson (00:36:21):
Well again, I have to do a little research to see if that's, if it's absolutely true or mostly true. Yeah. There might be some people doing it. I would imagine there are. Yeah. But you're right. Probably most of them are gonna opt for 10 80 P or less even with multiple channel of that. Because it'll make 'em more money. Yeah. I don't know. I I'll have to find out

Leo Laporte (00:36:42):
Well, again, you're new. This is one of the things you'll be talking about. AVS forum tech talk with Scott, Wilkinson forum.

Scott Wilkinson (00:36:52):
AVS forum.

Leo Laporte (00:36:53):
Okay. And by the way we have, let's see, I'm just looking, we, it looks like we have increased your subscription request by 300%. So congratulations. Woohoo. Thank you. Scott. Leo Laport Mikah Sargent more of your calls right after this <laugh> Okay. Dokey,

Scott Wilkinson (00:37:19):
How do I have a little too much headroom in my, in my image or am I okay? 

Leo Laporte (00:37:24):
I think it looks pretty good. Yeah. Long as you're not, as long as your chin is not on the,

Scott Wilkinson (00:37:28):
Yeah. I, I, I'm working with podcast guests about that, you know, that don't, you know, don't, don't have all hat, your head in the lower half of the image. Right. I meant to, I meant to, I didn't, I didn't get a chance to say in addition to Joel silver, we have Sean olive on the initial show inaugural show as well. Who is the chief audio scientist at Harmon? Oh, cool. Very, very smart guy. And he came up with something called the headphone curve <affirmative>, which is an equalization curve to, for audio played in headphones that elicits the most favorable response from the widest range of viewers. Wow. for playing audio in headphones I forget exactly what the profile is, but it's not perfectly flat.

Mikah Sargent (00:38:20):
Interesting. Do most, as you might think, do most headphone manufacturers use that profile or

Scott Wilkinson (00:38:24):
At least in some models? Yes, many, many it do. I don't, I'm not sure I'd say most but many do. That's pretty cool. So it's pretty cool. So we're gonna be talking about, you know, sort of the past present future of the audio video industry, and then the following episode we're gonna be at, I think I'm working on it. We're gonna be at this display week conference doing the show from the show floor. So that's gonna be cool. So hello everybody. Thanks tech Dino. Yeah. I'm happy to be be in the podcast business again. That's gonna be really fun. Thank you, Phoenix. Warp one. This is gonna be loads of fun. I'm sure. See Mac bookies acting, which gives better picture quality long throw laser projector or short throw laser projector. <Laugh> that's a very good question, actually. I would have to say they're pretty equivalent. I would have to say that a short throw projector has a more difficult task and that task is it's very close to the wall and they're shooting up at a high angle at a steep angle. And as a result, the, the picture geometry is very distorted and they have to compensate for that and they can do that. Optically

Speaker 7 (00:39:57):
John Scott heard that, oh no, I turned him off.

Scott Wilkinson (00:40:00):
So a long throw projector has an easier time of it, of, of making a square or rect Deline image on a screen. Of course a long throw projector. You a, a dark room. You could have an ambient light rejecting screen and not have a dark room, but it shoots the light across the room. And if someone walks in the beam, then they're disrupting the, the image and everyone says down in front. So it has its disadvantages with a short throat projector. It's almost like having a TV, a giant TV in your room, and Leo can tell you about this cuz he has one. And so it's, it's a, it's a more convenient form factor. Let's put it that way. And most short throw screens are ambient light rejecting. So you can have light on in the room and no one walks in front of the beam. But they have a hard, they, they have a more difficult task to do so that's it. The Sue, the writer, how you doing? Good to see ya hope all's well out there in Vegas. Beat master. No, the podcast will be biweekly. We, I, in, in my golden years, not quite hopefully, but in any event I decided I didn't wanna work quite that hard stick around for

Leo Laporte (00:41:26):
The top.

Scott Wilkinson (00:41:26):
You bet.

Leo Laporte (00:41:30):
<Laugh> she's doing this to annoy me. Oh, I really feel <laugh>.

Mikah Sargent (00:41:34):
What is this song?

Leo Laporte (00:41:35):
Grateful. Dead touch of gray.

Mikah Sargent (00:41:37):
Oh, it's grateful

Leo Laporte (00:41:37):
Death. I think it's aim in me. Leo <laugh> Leo Laport, the tech guy, and I was trying to prove my youthfulness, my hipness before the show began, cuz my daughter thinks I'm old and gray. And I pointed out that on my Amazon. I, it says the last song you played was a grateful dead. And I realized

Mikah Sargent (00:41:56):
Dead. Actually that's a little

Leo Laporte (00:41:58):
Yeah, maybe that is showing. I am maybe a little getting on in years.

Mikah Sargent (00:42:03):
I don't know if I've ever well, I've probably heard a grateful dead song, but I didn't know that I'd heard a grateful dead song. Oh gosh.

Leo Laporte (00:42:10):
88 88. Ask Leo, Mikah. Me on the horn here. Ed in Huntington beach, California. Our next call. Hi ed.

Caller 2 (00:42:19):
Hi Leo. Hey, I have a que home theater question. The short question is can you hook up a wireless subwoofer to a TV without a sound or

Leo Laporte (00:42:35):
Actually that's a good question for Scott. I'm sure somebody sells subs that are wireless, right? Do you have to, you have to have something to control it though. Right? Well, many people sell wireless subs, but what do they go? What, what this is the problem is something has to talk to the subs, correct? You can't just there's no TV has wireless subwoofer built in, in that's correct. So you may not get a sub. You may not get a soundbar, but you're gonna get something

Caller 2 (00:43:05):
Right. And a little more background on it. Currently I have a 40 inch Sony Bravia TV, which has an external sub war connected to a USB port, but it was proprietary right. To Sony for a couple of years. So I'm thinking of upgrading that TV to something bigger. And I like having a sub war, but I, I don't think I can hook this or any other sub war out without some sort of interface to pair it.

Leo Laporte (00:43:38):
Yeah. So for instance, I think that's true. Bose has a, I think overpriced home theater system, that's got a box. It's not a soundbar, it's a box that attaches to your TV. It has a wireless sub I think even wireless speakers, none may be wire. I can't remember, but so you get this box and you set it up. And so this is the kind of thing you'd need. You could do a receiver cuz receivers will drive subs. So that would be probably a less expensive and more flexible way to do it. Get an AV receiver, you then have the optical come out of your TV, into the AV receiver and the AV a connection. Yeah.

Caller 2 (00:44:18):
Right. And, and that, that, that, and, and I understand that it's just that this is a bedroom setup and the bulkiness of, of,

Leo Laporte (00:44:27):
Well, that's why a soundbar is, is often preferred. Cause it's, it's simple, you just have the soundbar under your TV and then you,

Scott Wilkinson (00:44:34):
And it sounds better than the TV's internal speakers.

Leo Laporte (00:44:37):
Right. Well, everything without doubt, almost everything does <laugh> well, yeah. So why do you not want the soundbar?

Caller 2 (00:44:46):
Excuse me, I didn't catch that.

Leo Laporte (00:44:47):
Why, why would you prefer not to have a soundbar?

Caller 2 (00:44:49):
Just it, my TV sounds fine. I, for the vocal, I see trouble.

Leo Laporte (00:44:57):
You just wanna add a sub to the built-in sound

Caller 2 (00:44:59):
Without the bulk of having a soundbar. If I could just have a sub for a little bit of bottom, so to speak that would be fine. Yeah. And so, but the, you know, I, I, I could get an, an inexpensive soundbar with with a sub and impair it that way.

Leo Laporte (00:45:18):
Who is, who is Scott, the company that sells wireless receivers. They have base stations, is it wave com, they have base stations, they attach to your TV and then they can attach. That's a good question to wireless speakers. 

Scott Wilkinson (00:45:39):
Well Zox, I think does that

Leo Laporte (00:45:41):
Zox so those would those, you could just have basically a little thing plugged into the TV that would share it out to wirelessly Mike's by the way, with those is terrible. They're using RF and they seem drop.

Scott Wilkinson (00:45:56):
Yes. If they're using RF, it's terrible. Yeah.

Caller 2 (00:45:58):
I think having a soundbar probably is the,

Scott Wilkinson (00:46:02):
I think that's the best. I think that's the best option. I really do

Caller 2 (00:46:08):
A real quick question on O L E D TVs. You can throw that in there. Sure. I know you guys are both big proponents of the O L E D. And my question is I'm concerned about the automatic brightness limit affecting the kind of content which I watch, which is like hockey games, which has the bright contrast sometimes. So is that noticeable on any of your viewing that you can say, Hey I don't like that kicking in cause that would be disturbing if it's sort of like diming actively while you're watching you

Leo Laporte (00:46:53):
Won't you won't notice at all.

Scott Wilkinson (00:46:54):
No, you won't. I I've. I've never noticed it. Yeah. I can't say I watch a lot of hockey, but I've, I've never noticed it being a problem at all.

Caller 2 (00:47:03):
Cause I, I I've noticed on my I have a a 60 inch TV sharp elite. That was pretty popular for a while. But if you turn on any of the echo modes for the brightness and it seems changes,

Leo Laporte (00:47:22):
This is much more subtle than that. 

Caller 2 (00:47:24):
It just kills you when you

Leo Laporte (00:47:25):
Yeah, yeah, yeah, yeah, no, this is all handled automatically. It's basically taking its, its guidance from the broadcaster. So if the broadcaster says this is high dynamic range, this is gonna be a thousand NIS. They'll do it, but they don't do it on their own. They don't say, oh it's white hockey, ice. Let's turn it way up. Let's blind the guy. So it's, it's basically coming from the source, the information am I right Scott? I, the source is what's dictating the brightness on the screen.

Scott Wilkinson (00:47:53):
Well, yes, exactly. But I would also say when you get a new TV, set it up, take, take a disc like the Spears and months HD benchmark and set your brightness control on your TV. So that it's as much as it can without blooming or clipping. And you'll be fine. You'll be too.

Leo Laporte (00:48:14):
If you hate it, you always go in the settings and turn down the brightness. Right. You could <laugh>. Yeah. You know, you're not stuck with that.

Caller 2 (00:48:21):
I'm it's not so much the brightness I'm concerned. Whether it's it's it's dimming and brightness, you

Leo Laporte (00:48:28):
Won't see it with

Caller 2 (00:48:29):
Be very, you won't see really disturbing.

Leo Laporte (00:48:31):
Yeah. Well for one thing, that's one of the benefits of ed. You don't have backlight, so it's per pixel, but you will not notice. In fact you're gonna love it. I have watched all kinds of content from the very darkest, the various brightest I include including 4k winter Olympics on snow.

Caller 2 (00:48:50):
That's very okay. That's a good comparison

Leo Laporte (00:48:53):
Looks phenomenal. I mean the snow looks like snow. It doesn't hurt your eyes. Right. I mean, if it does, you can turn the brightness overall brightness down, but it's it's looks fantastic. It's it's the best picture you've ever seen?

Caller 2 (00:49:06):
Well, that sounds good.

Leo Laporte (00:49:08):
That's why we're, that's why we're right. That's

Scott Wilkinson (00:49:11):
Why we're fans. Exactly.

Leo Laporte (00:49:12):
In fact, we'll be watching on the projection screen in the living room and we just were finished or almost finished now with apple. TV's slow horses, which is a wonderful spy story and mostly shot in the dark. And we're watching it on the projection. I'm saying, Lisa, come on, let's go watch the old lid. It's so much better, so much better. And, and you can see what's going on and you see the detail and the dark parts,

Scott Wilkinson (00:49:34):
Especially, especially in the dark. Yeah.

Leo Laporte (00:49:35):
It's so much better. It was so dingy on the projector that I just couldn't tell what was going on. Mm-Hmm <affirmative>, you know, it's because a projector doesn't have that broad dynamic range like an Ole does

Scott Wilkinson (00:49:45):
And the deep blacks particularly.

Leo Laporte (00:49:47):

Caller 2 (00:49:48):
Right. So I guess it's all red and a soundbar so I can up the subway.

Leo Laporte (00:49:52):
Oh, and that's another one somebody's in the chat room. Scooter X is mentioning the Batman. I don't know if you're gonna be watching the Batman ed, but that's a movie just came out now on HBO, max that was shot very dark it's it's the whole movie's dark as, as the dark night should be. And you it's again, UN on the projector, but fantastic on the Ola.

Caller 2 (00:50:15):
All right. Well, I do have HBO max, so I'll yeah. On my queue,

Leo Laporte (00:50:20):
You will want to test your new subwoofer sound system with that as well.

Caller 2 (00:50:24):
All right. Thanks guys.

Leo Laporte (00:50:25):
Sure. Thanks for calling. Appreciate it. That's one of the things Scott you and I have talked before about the broad dynamic range in movies these days. For some reason, it's always Batman movies, but the Batman they're whispering. No, I'm talking about sound. They're whispering. Oh, they're whispering. And then something blows up.

Scott Wilkinson (00:50:43):
I know <laugh> dynamic range. Doesn't only video applies to audio as well. It's

Leo Laporte (00:50:48):
So loud. I'm doing turn it down, turn it down, turn it down. <Laugh> Leo port, Mica Sargent, the tech guys will be back with more after this. <Laugh> turn it down, turn it down. It's hurting

Speaker 9 (00:51:00):
My ears.

Scott Wilkinson (00:51:02):
Well, in that case, in that case, you turn on midnight mode or night mode or something, which limits the dynamic range of

Leo Laporte (00:51:09):
The audience. Yeah. Even that, for these Batman movies. When I, I lived in an apartment when dark, the dark night rises came out or Batman begins one of them. And I was watching it, my apartment, my neighbors started pounding on my door

Scott Wilkinson (00:51:24):

Leo Laporte (00:51:25):
And I realized it was normal volume when they're to, but as soon as there's you know, explosion, it's just earth, earth shaking. And the Batman is exactly like that. They, a lot of the dialogue is whispered the

Mikah Sargent (00:51:37):
Apple TV has a feature called reduce loud. Sounds that's specifically for that. So if you haven't

Scott Wilkinson (00:51:42):
Turned that it's the same thing as an audio. Yeah. Yeah. Same thing as a midnight mode,

Leo Laporte (00:51:45):
I should try it.

Scott Wilkinson (00:51:47):
Mike Case in the chat room sent a link about RO some Roku products that are wireless speakers, and they have a wireless sub where this guy already has a wireless sub. Oh,

Leo Laporte (00:51:59):
That's a cool way to do it. Yeah.

Scott Wilkinson (00:52:01):
Yeah. If, if he doesn't have a smart TV, which will be difficult to, to find, I mean, you can find him <affirmative> as we talked about a week or two ago, you can find dumb TVs, but they're usually third tier models and, or the very lowest of the lineup of, of more well known brands or their, their business TVs business to displays computer monitors are certainly dumb. You know, stuff like that to get the best TV, even an inexpensive one, it's gonna have smart features. But as we've said before, just don't, don't connect it to the internet and you're fine. It's then dumb.

Scott Wilkinson (00:52:49):
Let's see, Jojo dancer, in fact, ask what's the dumbest TV we can buy. And that would be probably what what's called a business display. That is a display that, that would be put in a, the lobby of a corporation or something to display stuff. Those typically don't have any smart features at all. Another option for that is an outdoor TV, outdoor TVs. Typically don't have smart features at all, but they're really expensive and they're really bright because they are meant to be outdoors. So to put one of those indoors, doesn't make a lot of sense to me. A business TV makes a little more sense. They're usually not as high resolution a business display that you'd put in a corporate waiting room or something might be 10 80 P less, less likely to be 4k. And again, I say, you know, the best TVs, even inexpensive visios TCLs high senses which, which are great value, great picture quality. Most of them have smart features, just don't plug in an ethernet cable and don't turn on the wifi and it's as dumb as a post simple.

Scott Wilkinson (00:54:22):
So let's see. Oh, look at that. The new Samsung monitors Mike B says have T ties and apps. Well, there you go. I just, you just disproved what I just said about monitors not being smart. Some of them are <laugh> red con five dumb post TV. S indeed. Does anybody still say TV's call TV's idiot boxes, I guess the dumb ones outta syncs got the right idea. Just disable the smart features and don't connect it, then you're done. So let's see. What about SNIA? Do they make those, you know, I don't think I've seen a SVE TV in a really long time. They might, I don't know for the third tier brands, I was thinking insignia Septor those are house brands of, of best buy, primarily, maybe not exclusive to best buy but TVs brands like that are, are what I call third tier second tier would be TCL high sense which are almost first tier, but I'd call, 'em probably second tier Visio probably as well. First tier would be Samsung, Sony and LG. So there you go, RCA, I think still makes TVs or at least they brand them

Scott Wilkinson (00:56:06):
Duster run duster run. One is still using a SNIA 19 inch LCD TV man. And that was probably pretty expensive in its day. Jojo dancer. Yes. Get a good TV and don't connect it to the internet. That is my best advice. If you, if you don't want that Sears, I don't know if Sears has TV brands anymore. It's a good question. Eric Tuckman, I'm not allowed on the first tier. Sure you are. If you got the bread, you got the scratch. So that's the, that's the answer I have a Mike ice is in the chat room. Good to see you.

Scott Wilkinson (00:57:02):
Beat masters, asking any new thoughts on the O led pixel array situation. Actually, I'm gonna be talking about that probably on the podcast coming up, maybe even in the in the second episode on May 10th from display week because the booth I'm gonna be in nano is the preeminent ma majority maker of quantum dots, rock quantum dots. And they've got a QD in their, in their office and they're gonna have it in their booth. And I'm gonna go up to the probably go up to their office at some point, cuz they're only in, only in San Jose and I'm in Santa Cruz. So it's a, a pretty easy drive. And I'm gonna spend some time with it and take a look at it, myself. The, the guy there that I know I asked him about that, you know, what about the color fringing in this weird pixel arrangement? And he said, I didn't, I haven't really noticed it. So I'm gonna go look for myself, but it's a, it's a very interesting question. Let's see. Donny D have I been watching Picard season two? The return of cue? Yes, indeed. I have just started actually I know there's like four or five, six episodes in already. I've I've just started watching and so far I'm digging it.

Scott Wilkinson (00:58:28):
Let's see here. Oh, I've got two minutes left. Glad to see that. Tech, Dina, will there be interactive chat on your new program? Yes, there will. There will be a chat room. Streamy yard does support a chat room. And so you will be able to write comments, not exact cliche, how that works on YouTube. But I'm, I'm fairly sure it will and I will be responding and my guests will be responding to to chat comments. Absolutely. yes, it will be chicken head. 21 same question. It will be a live recording with a chat room like home theater geeks was exactly right. I have not watched severance Mac bookie to tell you the truth. That's the one, isn't it about some implant in your brain where you can't remember your home life when you're at work and you can't remember your work life when you're at home. That seems kind of creepy to me. Beat master will the podcast air on EU friendly times? Well, 1:00 PM Pacific. So Hey,

Leo Laporte (00:59:43):
What about Ono's bankruptcy? What's that all about?

Scott Wilkinson (00:59:47):
I don't know. Okay. Hon declared bankruptcy. Yeah.

Leo Laporte (00:59:52):
Mike, he just pushed that.

Scott Wilkinson (00:59:54):
Oh yeah. Mike, I gotta talk to you about that. I haven't heard

Leo Laporte (00:59:57):
Cause that's, I'm all you know, in ocular and that's not just onco, right? Or is it?

Scott Wilkinson (01:00:01):
Oh it's oh, well onco was bought by,

Leo Laporte (01:00:05):
Are they DNM? No. Two subsidiaries will cease operations and file for bankruptcy. Oh, maybe it's not onco. Proper onco sound and onco marketing.

Scott Wilkinson (01:00:17):

Leo Laporte (01:00:17):
That's not

Scott Wilkinson (01:00:18):
Let's oh yeah. Scooter X sent center thing here. Anke announces two subsidiaries.

Leo Laporte (01:00:25):
Oh, but that's not both were new. Oh. Created to try to stem the tide of losses and help stabilize the company. Failed. Fail. Thank you, Scott.

Scott Wilkinson (01:00:37):
My pleasure.

Leo Laporte (01:00:39):
Well, Hey. Hey. How are you today? Leo? Laporte here the tech guy along with this cat right here in the a sweater. Oh yeah.

Mikah Sargent (01:00:47):
It's Mikah Sargent and the AGA sweater

Leo Laporte (01:00:49):
And the AGA sweater. <Laugh> I hope I'm not rubbing off on you. No, I, no. You were our guy before I was. Yeah, I was gonna say yeah. Before I met you we are your tech guy too here on the show today, always on Saturdays. Mikah graces us with his his char his wit his brilliance. So if you wanna get double the tech eye action, go to call 88 88, ask Leo 8, 8, 8 8 2 7 5 5 3 6 3 from anywhere in the us or Canada outside that area, you could still call, but it shouldn't cost you anything cuz it's you Skype out or something and toll free call in the us should be free everywhere. Right? website tech, guy That's where we put the links to things. We talk about additional information, that kind of thing. Including audio and video from the show, a transcript of the show with the time code. So you can jump to that part of the show. If you wanna re-listen or you missed something. And and it takes a couple of days, but professor Laura's musical playlist will also appear there is that she links to YouTube or Spotify. Youtube.

Mikah Sargent (01:01:58):
I am actually not certain what the link

Leo Laporte (01:01:59):
Is. What is it? Laura? Kevin handles that YouTube links. Okay. That's more universal. Everybody's got that. Tech and that's free. There's no sign up at all on. We go with the show. Lenon is on the line from Waco, Texas. Hello, Lenon.

Caller 3 (01:02:17):
Hello, Leo. Awesome to talk to you, man.

Leo Laporte (01:02:19):
Awesome. To hear from you. Thanks for calling.

Caller 3 (01:02:22):
I've been trying for like a month to get in with you, man. Wow.

Leo Laporte (01:02:26):
Wow. I'm glad you got in.

Caller 3 (01:02:28):
Yeah. And it's been probably like maybe 14 years. I've talked to you last <laugh>

Leo Laporte (01:02:34):
Every 14 years. I want to hear from you. Okay. The name is familiar, but the there's not a lot of people named Lennon. So there you

Caller 3 (01:02:41):
Go. I called, well, I called you a while back and I think so far, I'm the only person that has remembered you from when your parents were on the Bob and Toms show. <Laugh>

Leo Laporte (01:02:51):
I did Bob and Tom once they never asked me back. <Laugh>

Caller 3 (01:02:55):
One time. Yes

Leo Laporte (01:02:56):
<Laugh> wow. Yeah. You are the one who remembers that. Well it's <laugh> it's great. It's nice to talk to you. What can I, what can we do for you?

Caller 3 (01:03:05):
Well, I know how much you hate Bluetooth, but I'm gonna go into this anyway. I,

Leo Laporte (01:03:09):
I hate it, but we gotta use it. What else we got, right?

Caller 3 (01:03:11):
Yeah. I, I love Bluetooth. I, me personally, I love it. Okay. But I have an iPhone and I listen to my, a podcast through iHeartRadio. Yeah. I'm also a truck driver. Okay. And of course I get in and outta my truck every night and I go from Bluetooth to wired connection. Okay. And I'm listening iHeartRadio.

Leo Laporte (01:03:35):
So when you, so you take your phone with you, get out the truck and you're plugging it, it into something.

Caller 3 (01:03:41):
Yes. I'm plugging into the radio.

Leo Laporte (01:03:43):
Okay. So the radio has a connector that come, that, that that'll attach to the phone and then pick up that audio. Correct. Okay.

Caller 3 (01:03:51):
But it switches over to apple music. <Laugh> I'm like,

Leo Laporte (01:03:55):
This is annoying. I, yeah, I know what you're talking about. And fortunately Mike is an iOS expert, but, and a plane to you about this haven't I? Yes. You remember every time I get in the car, farer cold as ice would launch. Yep. And I did not wanna hear that song. I listened to it once. And for some reason app, and this is an not a Bluetooth issue, it's an iPhone issue. It is.

Mikah Sargent (01:04:12):
It is. It's an iPhone issue. And the profile that most stereos use for sort of interfacing with an iPhone, unfortunately, someone, at some point I wish I knew their number and their address. So I could say some things to them decided that what people wanted was when they plugged in there, it used to be iPod, but now iPhone that it would immediately start playing music. And that is the way that it works for, for everyone. And it's, it tends to be that it is the first song in your music library which is sorted alphabetically. So mine was some stupid song that started with an a and would just continue to play every time I got,

Leo Laporte (01:04:50):
Oh my God. That's even worse. That foreigner hot blooded.

Mikah Sargent (01:04:53):

Leo Laporte (01:04:54):
Or cold as ice. I never remember. It's one of the other, yeah.

Caller 3 (01:04:57):
Yeah. I even tried to delete apple music and it won't even connect to I'm like when in the world.

Leo Laporte (01:05:04):
Oh, that's interesting. It's it? So strongly prefers apple music that if you don't have it, it doesn't do anything. <Laugh>

Caller 3 (01:05:11):
Right. It's nothing. So

Leo Laporte (01:05:14):
Tell me about the radio that you're plugging it into. Is it a smart radio?

Caller 3 (01:05:18):
It has, it does have Bluetooth. It has USB. It has a CD player. I don't know the does

Leo Laporte (01:05:24):
It connect to the internet will play internet stations?

Caller 3 (01:05:27):
No, it's radio. It's like a 2019. 

Leo Laporte (01:05:30):
It's just a speaker that has a lot of nice features. And, and, but, but you're saying when you get to wired, it always connects to apple music. You could, if you used it with Bluetooth, just outta curiosity, would it continue to pick up where you were left off?

Caller 3 (01:05:44):
Even if I'm on my regular car, it will go, it will go back to, I, excuse me. It will go to apple music as well. I'm like, come on car,

Leo Laporte (01:05:52):
Come on car. This is come kind of I was hoping Mikah would have a,

Mikah Sargent (01:05:59):
I wish I had a solution for this. This

Leo Laporte (01:06:01):
Is unfortunately I think the way apples set it up is, and I, I wish there were a setting that would say, so here's the setting I imagine and why it doesn't exist. I don't know. When I move to another place to play music, do you want me either to what, what service would you like me to play? Or would you like me to play whatever was played last? And frankly, that should be the default. If you were listening to it last time, why would you change to something else the iPhone should could? And that's what I thought was happening with foreigner was, well, the last time you listened to music on me, you played foreigner. So I'm gonna keep playing foreigner. This is almost the

Mikah Sargent (01:06:51):
Opposite. Yeah. And the, the chat room is trying to is providing some different links, but honestly, these are all hacky things. This is, this is a problem that everyone has. And it's just the way that this works, unfortunately because sometimes cars, the, the stereo that's built in will have some settings specific to autoplay. Right. So you may check. I'm sure you have though, but it just in case, head into your settings for the stereo that you have and double, triple check to make sure there's no autoplay functionality that you can disable. And then the other things that they suggest are,

Leo Laporte (01:07:22):
Oh, this is crazy. The silent

Mikah Sargent (01:07:24):
Track silent track, which is, oh, that's crazy. Which that's, what I have for mine is the, a silent track that just it's listed as a, a, a, a, a silent track. And so that way it will always be alphabetically first meaning, but

Leo Laporte (01:07:38):
It still switches to apple music with you do that.

Mikah Sargent (01:07:40):
And it's still play that. Yeah. But at least it's not blasting that same song over and over again.

Leo Laporte (01:07:44):
They also say you can yell at Siri.

Mikah Sargent (01:07:46):
Yeah. Tell Siri to stop playing music with,

Leo Laporte (01:07:48):
I yell at Siri a lot, but

Mikah Sargent (01:07:49):
You shouldn't have to do this at all. Any of these hacks, I think are ridiculous.

Leo Laporte (01:07:57):
And what what's telling is he deleted apple music and it still,

Mikah Sargent (01:08:01):
Still was trying to then launch

Leo Laporte (01:08:03):
It and it wouldn't play anything else.

Mikah Sargent (01:08:04):
Yeah. I, I, I guess at least at that point, it isn't playing anything. That's good. Right? Oh, but you weren't able to play anything.

Leo Laporte (01:08:11):
You then go on your phone and say, no, no, no. I want to hear iHeart.

Caller 3 (01:08:15):
It wouldn't actually play anything. Like, it wouldn't even connect to my phone. It wouldn't even recognize it would like the radio would be checking, like checking USB, and then nothing goes right back to the radio. I'm like, okay, I gotta re reinstall this thing.

Mikah Sargent (01:08:29):
Wow. That's wild.

Leo Laporte (01:08:32):
Okay. Here's one other thing to try. I don't know if this will work in the apple music app on your device. Mm-Hmm <affirmative> I think this is more for max, but look, and see if you have auto play turned on. There is apparently an auto play and it, and on the, on the computer, it's in the up neck icon, but I don't, and I don't, so I don't know on the iPhone, what it looks like, but there at least on the computer, there's an autoplay feature. So I'm wondering if they've, if they've, if they've got that and if that's the case, then turning that off.

Mikah Sargent (01:09:11):
I think it would still play the first song though. It, it just would stop it from continuing to play.

Leo Laporte (01:09:17):
Oh, it just turned off auto play. Yeah. Oh, I swear.

Caller 3 (01:09:20):
I swear. In a previous iOS version, there was a setting somewhere that if you connect Bluetooth, it would play automatically. Yeah. But I can't find that setting anymore.

Leo Laporte (01:09:31):
It says open the me here's a, this is from life wire, open the music app on your iPhone. <Affirmative> tap the mini player along the bottom of the screen that shows the current song. Tap the up. Next I be. Yeah, you're right. That just disables the next thing. But try this anyway. That's the auto plays to play the next song automatically, and then return the apps front screen <affirmative> and minimize the player. I don't know. I'm gonna put the link to this article as well. This, you know, the fact that there are so many articles

Mikah Sargent (01:10:06):

Leo Laporte (01:10:06):
Saying, how do you stop? This tells me there's too much of it. I think this is a flaw, frankly, in the iPhone that they've had for years. Mm-Hmm, <affirmative>, it's my opinion. But maybe in 14 years, when you call back, we'll have an answer for Youlen.

Caller 3 (01:10:20):
No, I actually have something else I wanted to ask you, but I would wait another time in. No,

Leo Laporte (01:10:24):
No, no. You, you can ask since you got in, it's been 14 years, dude.

Caller 3 (01:10:28):
No, I, no, I honestly don't wanna wish up any more of your time.

Leo Laporte (01:10:31):
Oh, you're the greatest. I really

Caller 3 (01:10:33):

Leo Laporte (01:10:33):
It. Leonard. It's a pleasure to talk to you. Sorry.

Mikah Sargent (01:10:35):
We weren't able to give you more help other than, and just saying we're with you. We

Leo Laporte (01:10:39):
We've experienced we're with you, man. We're with you. It's annoying. <Laugh> we, we know. And we'll keep looking for this. Absolutely. This is one of those perennial things with iPhones, like the other memory usage and stuff. We just keeps coming up all the time and, and people are, keep looking for answers. Maybe somebody, somebody someday maybe write a little program for instance, that we just take a it over.

Mikah Sargent (01:10:58):
I think shortcuts could eventually solve this

Leo Laporte (01:11:00):
Shortcuts. Yeah. Have

Mikah Sargent (01:11:01):
A shortcut one. I plug in a USB then do this, but there's not, there's not a clear way to do that right now because it then Le Lennon puts his phone on the charger or something like that would also trigger this. So you, there's no way to say specifically, but

Leo Laporte (01:11:16):
There is a shortcut that says when I connect to USB do this 

Mikah Sargent (01:11:20):
Well it's when I charge do this. So when I plug into charge, but in the same, when you're plugging in to use USB to listen music, it also is charging. So you can basically jump onto that feature.

Leo Laporte (01:11:31):
So that's what you're looking for in shortcuts to something that says, when I do this, do that. Mm-Hmm <affirmative>. And what you want it to be is whenever I plug it into this radio, Don

Mikah Sargent (01:11:38):
It, yeah. This specific radio. So

Leo Laporte (01:11:39):
Don't stop playing. Don't play map music, play, whatever I was playing. Mm-Hmm <affirmative> maybe there's a solution. Now that's one of the things I'll

Mikah Sargent (01:11:47):
Run this by Rosemary orchard. Mike's co-host, who's an expert in shortcuts. And see if we can't get any

Leo Laporte (01:11:53):
And Rosemary do a show called iOS today, which is all about stuff like this. So you've got the expert lemon, not me. I'm helpless.

Mikah Sargent (01:12:01):
Feel free to email us iOS today. Twitch.Tv. And we'll do some more research into this.

Caller 3 (01:12:08):
All right. Thank you so much, Mike.

Leo Laporte (01:12:09):
No problem. Have a great one eighty eight eighty eight. Ask Leah the phone number. If you get a question, a comment, a suggestion. We'd love to hear from you, Johnny jet, our travel guru coming up at half past. Yes. Another earworm from Johnny Cash all around the corner. Can you stay right here? We'd like to dedicate this to all the people living in south Detroit, AKA Canada, Leo Laport, the tech guy. <Laugh> 88, 88. Why did you say awe for this? You like this song? Don't stop

Mikah Sargent (01:12:38):
Believing this song gives me warm feelings.

Leo Laporte (01:12:40):
Yeah, me too. Me too. Yeah. Oh, sorry. I guess we should take about a call. I was just getting warm feelings, Joe, in Knoxville, Tennessee. Hello, Joe.

Caller 4 (01:12:50):
Hello. I'm got an issue with Facebook. I know you don't use Facebook.

Leo Laporte (01:12:56):
Mikah does, right. Mikah. Do you use

Mikah Sargent (01:12:58):
Facebook? Not a big Facebook user, but I might be able to help let's

Leo Laporte (01:13:00):
Do you have an account? I do have an account. Okay. That's more than I do.

Caller 4 (01:13:04):
Okay. I got my account. Got hijacked this week.

Leo Laporte (01:13:09):
Hate it. When that happens

Caller 4 (01:13:11):
Was here at home, doing some stuff on the computer of a sudden I get three emails. Your password's been changed. Your cell phone. Number's been,

Leo Laporte (01:13:20):
Oh, dare you

Caller 4 (01:13:20):

Mikah Sargent (01:13:21):
How dare

Caller 4 (01:13:22):
You? The email address has been changed.

Mikah Sargent (01:13:25):

Leo Laporte (01:13:25):
<Affirmative> but the fact that it sent you those, did it then say, if you didn't do this contact us.

Caller 4 (01:13:33):

Leo Laporte (01:13:33):
Why would they send that email then? There's a reason they sent you the email to let you know that that stuff's been changed. That's a security alert.

Caller 4 (01:13:42):
Yeah, it ha I mean, it was, you know, within a minute at the, maybe two minutes at the most, all the three messages came in, I went to it and could not do anything.

Mikah Sargent (01:13:56):
Did you click on the link in the email? The email popped up and it said, Hey your Facebook password has been changed. Did you click on the, the things that, that be bad? Check it out.

Caller 4 (01:14:05):
Yeah. I tried that. No work.

Mikah Sargent (01:14:07):
Okay. When you, when you said it didn't work, does that mean that you, you clicked on the link? What happened at that point? A, a webpage popped up and it said, Hey, let us know your username and your password. What did it look like when you were going through that process?

Caller 4 (01:14:19):
That I don't remember, but, well, here's a button that said a secure account. I clicked on that. Yeah.

Leo Laporte (01:14:25):
And so I wondering if that was a Phish alert. So this is the problem with that. Of course is if I'm a bad guy, I send out emails like that saying, oh, your password's been changed, click this link to fix it. And then of course, the first thing I do is put a page that looks exactly like Facebook up saying, no,

Caller 4 (01:14:40):
It actually, actually, I went to my Facebook. Good man. I had Facebook screen open, good man on another tab and it had signed me out.

Leo Laporte (01:14:50):
Oh boy. Okay. So here's where you want to go. Facebook.Com/Hacked.

Caller 4 (01:14:58):

Leo Laporte (01:14:58):
Report compromised account. If you believe your account has been compromised, but another person or a virus, please click the, my account is compromised. Button below will help you get back into your account so that you can regain control. Thank you, scooter X, for that link,

Caller 4 (01:15:16):
I'll try that. I did get to a link through Facebook that wanted ID mm-hmm <affirmative>.

Leo Laporte (01:15:23):
Yeah. That, that's how they're gonna do that now is they're gonna say, well, you gotta prove you're you.

Caller 4 (01:15:28):
Yeah. And it wanted, you know, some sort of, I, and one of it was turned on, it turned on the webcam, right?

Leo Laporte (01:15:37):
Takes a picture. You with your, your driver's license. That's right.

Caller 4 (01:15:40):
Yeah. And here's the thing. I go by my middle name, not by my first name. And so my driver's license shows, you know, my full name, but they don't look, they don't pay attention every day to the middle.

Leo Laporte (01:15:53):
The robots aren't paying attention.

Mikah Sargent (01:15:55):
That's typically, yes. It's a, it's a process that happens automatically with computer vision, AI stuff. Mm-Hmm, <affirmative> going through that process and afterwards being able to contact Facebook. And by that point, because you've done all of the steps necessary, they can go, okay. We, we see that Joe has tried all of these things. Now we can, we can sort of have a, a more human approach.

Leo Laporte (01:16:19):
It's like, when you get to that phone tree <laugh> and it says, what would you like to do? And you just say, speak to a human, speak to a human, speak to a human. You're gonna have to push cuz the robots don't know from nothing, but you're gonna to get to the human and they'll fix it for you. It may take a couple of weeks. Sometimes I've heard it takes time. Now from now on turn on two factor authentication on your Facebook because that'll keep this from happening again.

Caller 4 (01:16:46):
Yeah. I will do that. Cause I'm an admin for a support group. Oh no. Husbands with wives with answer and

Leo Laporte (01:16:55):
Oh dear.

Caller 4 (01:16:56):
So I had to, I had to rejoin and I used, I'm sorry, first name this time. And so I've had, you know, the other admin in the group got me, you know, sent me disabled the admin for the first one and added me in on with a new setup. So, and then another thing with Facebook they're algorithms on what they use to judge, when you make a comment about something. I know That re

Leo Laporte (01:17:23):
I know

Caller 4 (01:17:23):
I got, I got into trouble with that a few weeks ago. You know, was a ho comment, but you know, I've seen comments that were really harsh on things. Oh yeah.

Leo Laporte (01:17:33):
Those get through just fine. Yeah.

Caller 4 (01:17:35):
I wouldn't even say on, on, you know, since you're on the air, I wouldn't even say, but I made, you know, I had a friend who lives outta town and she's got a sister who has two new twin grandchildren. Oh boy. And you know, she doesn't get a chance to see them very often. And I just made the slight comment. Yeah. See if you could kidnap 'em for the weekend.

Leo Laporte (01:18:00):
Oh yeah. But they don't have any, you see, these robots have no sense of humor. <Laugh> of course you didn't mean that. Literally that's a perfectly legitimate thing to say, oh, these Rob, this is what happens when you have three and a half billion users, not enough employees. And, and there's not enough people in the world to do this. Right. Oh, sorry. This happened to you, Leo. Laporte the tech Adam. Sorry about your wife too. Joe. That's just stinks. I'm sorry, Joe. That's terrible. How's your wife doing?

Caller 4 (01:18:34):
Oh. As her, her last visit with the oncologist, he said she was N E D no evidence of disease.

Leo Laporte (01:18:40):
Did she ring the bell? That's wonderful.

Caller 4 (01:18:42):
Oh, she, well, this started in 2019. Holy cow. And my mom got sick and then my mom passed away. Oh, my mom lost. Her sister are from leukemia. Oh gosh. And we were caring for my dad who was 93 years old with Alzheimer's and, and I got, let go from my job. Oh

Leo Laporte (01:18:59):
My I'm so sorry.

Caller 4 (01:19:01):
You know, you know, paint a target on me folks, you know, so, but you know, dad passed away. He worked out at Oak Ridge for 40 something years. If it was radioactive, he touched. Wow. And it's

Leo Laporte (01:19:12):
Amazing. He lived into his nineties, isn't it?

Caller 4 (01:19:15):
Yeah. he had known who we were for the last several years. Oh,

Leo Laporte (01:19:18):
I'm sorry.

Caller 4 (01:19:19):
Oh, but you know, that's part of the disease.

Leo Laporte (01:19:22):
That's a heartbreaker too. I know

Caller 4 (01:19:24):
I've got a Pyre beaker that was in a hot cell area that he worked in and normally you're glass. Beaker is clear. This thing is holy

Leo Laporte (01:19:32):

Caller 4 (01:19:33):
The gamma radiation, holy

Leo Laporte (01:19:35):

Caller 4 (01:19:35):
Change on it. Wow. And his building had a piece of equipment that was in there since world war II. That was so radioactive. They brought a Fort truck in loaded the equipment onto a trailer, loaded the Fort truck onto the trailer and took it to a landfill and buried it. Yeah. All of it. Yeah. Wow. Trailer forklift, everything.

Leo Laporte (01:19:54):
Anything that touched it. Wow. Yep. Holy cow. Well, Joe, I am so sorry. Hugs, you know, my heart goes out to you and I'm so glad your wife's okay though. That's really, really good news. That's wonderful. Yeah.

Caller 4 (01:20:09):
Her, her quilting groups in the past year has given over 250 quilts to children's hospital.

Mikah Sargent (01:20:15):
Amazing. Amazing.

Leo Laporte (01:20:16):
Isn't it? This guy is a Saint. We, after we've talked before, haven't we, Joe, I feel like we've talked before.

Caller 4 (01:20:22):
Yeah, we have. Yeah. We've talked several times.

Leo Laporte (01:20:24):
This guy is a Saint mm-hmm <affirmative> man. I guess they say, God only gives you the troubles you can handle. I guess. I don't know. I what to say? I'm sorry. All these hard times, but you're amazing. And you keep up the good work and I'm sorry, Facebook just added to your woes. That's ridiculous.

Caller 4 (01:20:42):
Yeah. Okay. I'll talk to you

Leo Laporte (01:20:44):
Later. Bless you, Joe. Wish me all the best. Bless you. Take care. Thank you. Bye. Bye. He's such a sweetheart. We've talked before.

Mikah Sargent (01:20:50):
Yeah, I remember

Leo Laporte (01:20:51):
Joe. He's amazing. Johnny jet.

Johnny Jet (01:20:54):
Hey, that's a difficult act to follow man.

Leo Laporte (01:20:56):
Oh man. Well, it wasn't on the air, so you're okay. <Laugh> that was just, that was just us <laugh>. Wow. Is right. Wow. Is right. That was just, I know ridiculous. Life is hard going through, boy, you forget how hard life is. You know, if every once in a while things are going okay. But then it gets you.

Johnny Jet (01:21:17):
I mean it, yeah. I got a quick question for you. Yes. So I've been doing a lot of news lately cuz of everything that's going on and a reader. I, or a viewer of news nation. I did news nation four times this week. And someone said to this cover made it seem like I don't need this cover. Is that true?

Leo Laporte (01:21:37):
Well, if they say you need it, look at it. Oh they say you don't need it.

Johnny Jet (01:21:43):
Yeah. They made it seem like, look

Leo Laporte (01:21:45):
At my cover.

Johnny Jet (01:21:47):
Okay. Because I was the like, is that true?

Leo Laporte (01:21:50):
What does it matter if you have a pop filter on your microphone? Go ahead. Say say peanuts in Peoria are pulled. Pretty

Johnny Jet (01:22:01):
Peanuts in Peoria are pulled

Leo Laporte (01:22:04):
Peter pick pack of, I,

Johnny Jet (01:22:06):
I don't even say toy bold, say toy five times

Leo Laporte (01:22:10):
Soy boat. But I'm just saying I don't hear any popping, which is a good thing. Okay. They say don't use

Johnny Jet (01:22:14):
It. No, it was just, it was just a viewer. Wasn't the

Leo Laporte (01:22:17):
Person. Oh no, no. Ignore the viewer. What he's talking about, Bob HLE says he puts a pop filter in these microphones, but our experience has been well I'll show you Peter Piper picked a Peck and pit peppers. If Peter Piper to pack a pickle peppers, how many pickle peppers did Peter Piper pick?

Johnny Jet (01:22:33):

Leo Laporte (01:22:33):
Peter Piper picked a pack of pickle peppers much better, much better. So I mean, we got, that's

Johnny Jet (01:22:39):
Why I'm running it by you. I need to get another one. No, no.

Leo Laporte (01:22:45):
I like to work the mic close baby. Yeah. Right up here. Right up here, baby. Get on that.

Mikah Sargent (01:22:51):
But this is now a what's that called when you whisper.

Leo Laporte (01:22:55):
It says yes, man. If I've been a ASMR, it is host. Hey, the tech guy podcast brought to you this week by Acronis. You know the name all geeks do for years, we recommend it. And I still recommend on the radio, the number one disc imaging program out there. Now they've got something that does it all. They call it a Acronis cyber protect home office, which has everything you need a safeguard your device. So hard. Drive failure, ransomware coffee spills. You've got a great backup with a Kros. The, the imager is the best in the world, but it also has something built in to keep your digital world safe from threats. The only cyber protection solution that combines data protection and security in one, a Kronos cyber protect home office, formerly in Kros truing, it's windows, it's Mac, it's Android, it's iOS. Of course the best imaging software out there, quick backup and recovery.

Leo Laporte (01:23:59):
You'll never lose precious files or expensive applications. And when you need to, you can restore in a full system or individual files. One of the reasons I've always used a Kronos is when I get this new machine set up, I like to make an image of it, cuz it's just perfect. It's just right. Freeze it in Amber. But now you can also keep it up to date. You can restore individual files. It's the fastest way. It's what we use a tech TV because you know, if you're in a commercial break <laugh> and or before a commercial break, your computer crashes and dies in the commercial break. And in just a few minutes, you can restore the hard drive entirely, which is great. You back up what you want, where you want. You can do it. Look locally. Now they've got an Acronis cloud you can back up to there.

Leo Laporte (01:24:44):
That's a great solution store your entire system to the same hardware of course, but you can also restore it to new hardware and you can even do direct cloud to cloud backups of things like your Microsoft 365 account, including your mailbox and one drive. So that's really sweet. What a great way to backup stuff. That's already in the cloud. You don't have to download and uploaded. It just goes right across to a Kronos cloud. The cybersecurity will stop any cyber attack from damaging your data applications or systems. It blocks attacks in real time before malware ransomware or crypto jackers can cause damage it'll find any hidden infections that could be lurking on your system. It's got very flexible, antivirus scans, easy to manage. You can reduce the cost, complexity and risk of using multiple incompatible solutions, simplify your protection, managing it all through one single intuitive interface.

Leo Laporte (01:25:39):
And with Aros two click setup and set and forget options. You never have to remember anything and you'll spend less time backing up less time thinking about security and more time using your computer or not. Right. Rest is assured you always will know your digital world is protected with their integrated protection Acronis new name for an old friend, formerly Kronos, true image. It's called Acronis cyber protect home office. More than just a backup, more than just a antivirus piece of mind is knowing your devices and backups are protected. Your data is safe, accessible, private, authentic, and secure. Keep your digital world safe from all threats. With the only cyber protection solution that delivers a unique integration of data protection and cybersecurity and one Acronis, cyber protect home office, formerly Acronis, true image. And all you have to do is visit. Go.Acronis.Com/Techguy, old friends. It's great to see them with a great new product. Go dot a guy. And now back to the troll. Oh my Haysman

Johnny Jet (01:26:50):

Leo Laporte (01:26:51):

Johnny Jet (01:26:52):
He's Johnny jet,

Leo Laporte (01:26:53):
Our traveling guru. He joins us every week to talk about using technology to travel better. But if, if technology will help, I'll use it. It's crazy. I out there

Johnny Jet (01:27:04):

Leo Laporte (01:27:04):
Is. Hi John,

Johnny Jet (01:27:06):

Leo Laporte (01:27:06):
Are you? Very good.

Johnny Jet (01:27:08):
I did travel this week by

Leo Laporte (01:27:09):
Where'd you go?

Johnny Jet (01:27:11):
We went on a little staycation down at palace Verde's Terra hotel. That

Leo Laporte (01:27:15):
Doesn't count. You drove

Johnny Jet (01:27:17):
<Laugh> I drove 18 miles. <Laugh> that does not good. He's not travel. It is travel, but well, Hey,

Leo Laporte (01:27:26):
It's nice to get outta the house.

Johnny Jet (01:27:27):
I agree. I did not want to be in an airplane this week. It's been

Leo Laporte (01:27:31):
Pretty, pretty

Johnny Jet (01:27:32):
Messy. Since on Tuesday they abruptly announced their mass are optional. And actually my sister was just boarding a Delta flight. I'm talking a minute after they made the announcement. And my sister caught on video the flight, a tenant announcement saying that it was a little too much,

Leo Laporte (01:27:47):
In my opinion, jumping for joy, especially Delta, they put out a press release, say, wait, we're so happy. No Mar mask Woohoo. Even though the CDC says, you know, might still be a good idea to wear a mask. I understand everybody's sick of these darn masks. Definitely.

Johnny Jet (01:28:04):
Delta also said it was a seasonal virus. So they got some serious heat for that.

Leo Laporte (01:28:08):
Yeah. I think, you know, would've been better for Delta to say, well, we're just gonna do whatever the courts say and right there, you have it. But I think they should also emphasize it is a personal choice. And this is so funny. Cuz if people hate masks, say it's a personal choice. I don't wanna wear mask, but now if you wanna wear a mask, they say you don't don't have a personal choice, take it off. So it's a personal choice. If you wanna wear a mask, I'm gonna wear a mask. I'm gonna wear two N 95 masks. When I go on an airplane in July, I don't think there's anything wrong with that. Now remember though the plane air is good. And I think maybe that's what the plane companies are kind of trying to emphasize they are.

Johnny Jet (01:28:43):
And actually, but the it's kind of confusing because there are still so airports, lax, JFK, LaGuardia still require you to wear a mask. So the other ones,

Leo Laporte (01:28:52):
Oh, I guess if you're a private business you can. Right, right. So you don't have to adhere or not. Well, it's very,

Johnny Jet (01:29:00):
And, and there's also subways. There's trains. It's, it's confusing because it's not uniform and that's one of problems. The problem, that's the problem. And you know, they're talking about bringing it back. It's gonna be very difficult to bring it back on the plane because yeah. Once they made that announcement, the flight attendants already had a difficult time. 72% of the problems last year, which was over 6,000 early passengers were mask related. So,

Leo Laporte (01:29:23):
And now they're saying, is it Delta? One of them is saying, oh, we're gonna bring back the passengers. We booted cuz they wouldn't wear masks,

Johnny Jet (01:29:28):
Delta United American and Alaska. One of my friends works for Alaska said they just got an internal memo saying the same thing. Interesting. But it's on a case by case basis, which I think is important.

Leo Laporte (01:29:38):
They're bringing the unruly passengers back. Right?

Johnny Jet (01:29:41):
I think it's like people like the, the guy who was wearing a thong, you know, who was trying to be funny. And I think like someone like him might get back on, but you know, if you describe,

Leo Laporte (01:29:51):
That's not a good thing.

Johnny Jet (01:29:53):
It's not, if flight had to return to the gate and you delayed people or got canceled, they should not, not don't let him back on

Leo Laporte (01:29:58):
On, I'm sorry.

Johnny Jet (01:30:00):
I'm with you. And then, you know, Mike Tyson got in that little brew

Leo Laporte (01:30:03):
Hug, but he punched somebody.

Johnny Jet (01:30:05):
Yeah. But you know, I'm actually on Mike Tyson's side. I saw, I see what happened. The guy was totally instigating him, threw a bottle at him. Supposedly

Leo Laporte (01:30:13):
It's gotta be hard if you're somebody like a professional boxer, world champion boxer, like Mike Tyson, every little punk in the world wants to get in a fight with you.

Johnny Jet (01:30:22):
Yeah. They wanna make some money and you know,

Leo Laporte (01:30:24):
Guy, Tyson, sharpest people all the time is credit to Mike Tyson. Yeah.

Johnny Jet (01:30:30):
I mean

Leo Laporte (01:30:31):
It, it took something extra to get him, to get him riled up.

Johnny Jet (01:30:34):
Definitely. And Mike Tyson just went to one of my cousins events in Connecticut a few months ago and they said he could not have been a nicer house. Seem like a nicer

Leo Laporte (01:30:41):

Johnny Jet (01:30:41):

Leo Laporte (01:30:42):
It's just, you know, anyway, if you, if you made your name fighting, people are gonna wanna pick a fight

Johnny Jet (01:30:46):
With you. Yeah. And why do you wanna mess with someone like that? You're fool. Anyway, so some news last week I talked about how you can get some good deals, you know, try and find a new airline or a new route. Well, this week breeze airways, which I mentioned once before they founded by the guy from Jim at blue, they just announced they're gonna start flying from Westchester New York, which is, I think 30 miles outside of LaGuardia or Newark JFK. It's near where I grew up. They're offering the first nonstop flights to the west coast, including San Francisco, L LA and Vegas for FARs for $149. That starts at November to San Francisco September for LA and Vegas. But I mean, that's huge to have nonstop service for people who are like in Fairfield county or the suburbs of why

Leo Laporte (01:31:36):
Is it always Vegas? It's like, yeah, you can get to Vegas fast. <Laugh>

Johnny Jet (01:31:40):
It's cheap. But he also had new Orleans, Savannah, Jacksonville, Norfolk, and Charleston. I like that. But, and they offer first class for cheap for first class is 2 49 instead of 1 49. Good deal. I think that's a deal deal. That's a deal, deal, deal. So look into that. Also the week before I was down in San Diego, we stayed at a hotel called town and country and I got talking to a couple and they, I was like, you know, where are you from? And they're like, we're not staying here. Actually. We just used a service called resort, which sells day passes to really nice hotel PO

Leo Laporte (01:32:16):
That is a nice idea.

Johnny Jet (01:32:18):
They paid $20 per day per person per day, $10 for children and infants are free. So I mean, it's, it's, it's mixed because I mean, there are hotels. I think even the four seasons was in there. I mean, those prices are a lot higher for those hotels, but if you are staying in the Airbnb or you're on vacation and you're at home or you for a little day trip, you can look at some of these hotels that offer really nice pools and go for the day. The guys like I used to in the old days used to jump fences, but now you can't with security cameras and cue cards. <Laugh>

Leo Laporte (01:32:51):
Man. I used to be a wedding crasher with a great and now yeah.

Johnny Jet (01:32:54):
And he is like, I got a baby, so it's difficult. Yeah.

Leo Laporte (01:32:56):
But you don't wanna jump fences with a baby. No, I underst. But

Johnny Jet (01:32:59):
These guys are available in all around the us Aruba, belies Canada, the Caribbean Costa Rica, Hong Kong and Mexico.

Leo Laporte (01:33:07):
That's actually great. So the hotels know about this.

Johnny Jet (01:33:10):
Definitely. That's how they're making some money. So they don't

Leo Laporte (01:33:12):

Johnny Jet (01:33:13):
Yeah. You'd hope they're doing it on slower days. But I looked at some of these they're available all through the summer, which also you might want to look at this website and find out if your hotels on there. And if you don't want a crowded pool, maybe not book that hotel because it, it, it was, the pool was crowded. And I think most of it now was outside guess,

Leo Laporte (01:33:35):
Wow, that's not good.

Johnny Jet (01:33:37):
That's not good.

Leo Laporte (01:33:38):
That's not good.

Johnny Jet (01:33:39):
And, and you know, was running around that big signs on the fence, like no outside full food. So

Leo Laporte (01:33:45):
Yeah. That's

Johnny Jet (01:33:46):
Why, you know, they en they encourage people to, you know, buy from their hotel.

Leo Laporte (01:33:50):
Can you find out if a hotel's doing that so that you don't go to the hotel?

Johnny Jet (01:33:53):
Definitely just go to resort,, search. Okay. The city and find out what hotels are offered. Yeah.

Leo Laporte (01:34:00):
On the other hand, if you're not staying at that hotel and you want to use that resort. Nice. Exactly. I know when I go to Maui, there's like some amazing, you know, hotel pools with water slides and stuff and yeah,

Johnny Jet (01:34:11):
The Hawaii's on there, but there's not a lot. Oh, actually one hotel that was, that was surprised at the Kahala, which supposedly is an amazing pool for kids.

Leo Laporte (01:34:17):

Johnny Jet (01:34:18):
Nice. So they have dolphins there to check that

Leo Laporte (01:34:22):
Out. Nice.

Leo Laporte (01:34:24):
What else got a minute and a half.

Johnny Jet (01:34:27):
Okay. So do, do you ever play word?

Leo Laporte (01:34:30):
Do I ever play word? I can't go to bed without my wife and I, we play word every day. We

Johnny Jet (01:34:35):
Do, we do the same thing and we actually, we compete,

Leo Laporte (01:34:38):
We don't compete with Lisa. She'll beat the pants off. We compete, but we operate,

Johnny Jet (01:34:43):

Leo Laporte (01:34:43):
Compete, which means I let her play and I watch,

Johnny Jet (01:34:46):
But we know we, we don't argue, but we say, what do you think is more important? Who gets it quicker? Or who does it in less amount of tries?

Leo Laporte (01:34:52):

Johnny Jet (01:34:53):
Cause she does, my wife does it way quicker, but I usually

Leo Laporte (01:34:55):
She's trying to do it fast. Oh no, no, no. I wanna, she

Johnny Jet (01:34:57):
Does it in two minutes.

Leo Laporte (01:34:59):

Johnny Jet (01:34:59):
She time she'll take five, four or five tries. I can sometimes do it in three

Leo Laporte (01:35:02):
Or two. It's a New York times word game. It's really fun. And is taken the world by storm. Right. 

Johnny Jet (01:35:08):
But I mention it because there's another version called world

Leo Laporte (01:35:12):
World, world old. It's hard to say, but fun to play.

Johnny Jet (01:35:15):

Leo Laporte (01:35:17):
E E no. W R no,

Johnny Jet (01:35:18):
No. Sorry.

Leo Laporte (01:35:19):
L V E L E. Yes. Thank you. It's the world. Oh,

Johnny Jet (01:35:23):
So they give you images of every country and you get five, six guesses and they tell each guest, they tell you which direction and how many are you at? It you're,

Leo Laporte (01:35:31):
You'd be good at it.

Johnny Jet (01:35:32):
I'm okay. But I'm not as good as I thought I would be because I just don't know countries when you just see them without it's it's just the, without any other, just the, just the outline that single country, if it was a whole map, I would guess almost everyone. Yeah. But it's difficult that way, but it's a fun game. I'll actually it gets

Leo Laporte (01:35:48):
To be a good day to do it. Play it. John says today's his easy is so world hole, it looks search for on the Google. Looks like an elephant. Oh, everybody knows that one. Leo. Laporte the tech guy. Thank you, Johnny jet, go to Johnny. Jet.Com for all the goodness. Is it Vietnam? Oh, there's a, there's a dot

Mikah Sargent (01:36:11):
A doc.

Leo Laporte (01:36:12):
A doc. Oh, this is like Monica. I recognize that I, that port I've been to that port. That's good. That's actually, that's good, John. You're you're good at this.

Johnny Jet (01:36:28):
You talking to me?

Leo Laporte (01:36:30):
I'm talking to my other John <laugh>.

Johnny Jet (01:36:32):
Cause I, cause I was like, I I'm not doing it

Leo Laporte (01:36:34):
Right now. No, no. John Sina, our Stu jammer B you know him. Oh, that's funny. If you search for world.

Mikah Sargent (01:36:41):
Yeah. It'll higher.

Leo Laporte (01:36:42):
Correct. Times comes up first, which is

Mikah Sargent (01:36:45):
Google says, did you mean

Leo Laporte (01:36:46):
Wordle? You meant world. You meant Wordle. No, I did.

Johnny Jet (01:36:49):
So it's so the website is 

Mikah Sargent (01:36:52):
It's a French website.

Leo Laporte (01:36:53):
It is word. So lets play it together. You and me? Yes. You can see this is the Harbor. This is where the boats go yachts. But even my

Johnny Jet (01:37:07):
Cruise ship, I

Leo Laporte (01:37:08):
Go, my cruise ship parked right here too. No, maybe not maybe right there. This is where my hotel was. This is where the laces. This is where see castles up here. Yes, let's do it.

Johnny Jet (01:37:24):
I'm close. My first guest was UAE and I was off by 4,000 kilometers. <Laugh>

Leo Laporte (01:37:31):
Just 4,004,000 kilometers. Look at that. Well done. Bravo tri yeah. <Laugh> petite. No, that's wrong.

Mikah Sargent (01:37:43):

Leo Laporte (01:37:44):
What dage <laugh> Johnny.

Johnny Jet (01:37:49):
Oh, I'm so close, but I'm still not there

Leo Laporte (01:37:52):
Johnny. So what was I gonna, oh, oh, I was so happy this week. We, we decided next, next Christmas, 20, 23, Lisa was saying, we have to decide on what days they were dark and we did. And then I said, you know, we should do, we should go on a the, on the Christmas markets do it. River boat tour. So we booked uni world. Nice. And we're going, Nurenberg de Budapest at 2023 for Christmas.

Johnny Jet (01:38:26):

Leo Laporte (01:38:27):
I'm so excited.

Johnny Jet (01:38:28):
Which December early December or late November.

Leo Laporte (01:38:30):
It's December 23rd. We least it's like Christmas in the week after.

Johnny Jet (01:38:34):
Wow. But the pro with that is, I think a lot of those markets shut

Leo Laporte (01:38:36):
Down. You shut down will be all over. That's funny. I know they dont say markets. They just say Christmas, but

Johnny Jet (01:38:42):
You probably got a good deal on that one.

Leo Laporte (01:38:43):
The thing I, yeah, it wasn't too expensive. But the thing I liked about is three days in Vienna,

Johnny Jet (01:38:47):
Right? It just Vienna has I think 30 Christmas

Leo Laporte (01:38:50):
Markets. Vienna. Yeah. And they have,

Johnny Jet (01:38:52):

Leo Laporte (01:38:52):
They shut down really me. Like Christmas is over. Okay. We're done. <Affirmative>

Johnny Jet (01:38:56):
You know, I can't remember. But for some reason I know you want go

Leo Laporte (01:38:59):
Really week before. Now I'm mad

Johnny Jet (01:39:02):
Or, or the first week of December. Oh

Leo Laporte (01:39:05):
No. Oh no.

Johnny Jet (01:39:06):
It's been a while since I've done it. I did it maybe seven or that's

Leo Laporte (01:39:10):
Probably why we were able to get a cabin. They're like ha got another suck hour. Yes he, yeah. We have another. Yeah, but I like, we like Uniworld. We had a nice trip on the, the uni. World's

Johnny Jet (01:39:21):
Great. Yeah. I mean, especially if you get that one with the Butler. Oh man. Yeah.

Leo Laporte (01:39:24):
We got the Butler.

Johnny Jet (01:39:26):
That is I did. I took my dad on one, but not a Christmas one. We did a summer one. We're

Leo Laporte (01:39:30):
Gonna be on the Beit. Theree ACE. I I think we then the mother there's I know that's the,

Johnny Jet (01:39:37):
That's the mother of of the owner. I'm Beatrice friends of the owner. Yeah.

Leo Laporte (01:39:40):
Oh, your friends with the owner will tell 'em what happened to the Christmas market. <Laugh>

Johnny Jet (01:39:46):
Well, they it's tra tra group and they own like 30 different kinds of South Africa

Leo Laporte (01:39:51):
And English. Supposedly they do a good job with Uniworld as a very good river boat. We, we had a nice, your role

Johnny Jet (01:39:58):
Is excellent.

Leo Laporte (01:39:58):
Excellent. Yeah. That's what I thought. We had a nice time. We're doing Viking to the Mississippi. That's next year. I mean the year after that

Johnny Jet (01:40:04):
Viking solid too. But you know, world's one step above

Leo Laporte (01:40:06):
It's a little, yeah. Yeah. It's five star. So that's what we're gonna do. John jealous. I know I'm very, it says grand Christmas in new year's I think that's what they mean. No markets to Christmas.

Johnny Jet (01:40:18):
You have to look it up each destination's different.

Leo Laporte (01:40:21):
Okay. Hey, thank you Johnny.

Johnny Jet (01:40:22):
Hey, have a good one. Bye, bye.

Leo Laporte (01:40:26):
You know this song? No, no. Leo LA <laugh> Leo Laport, the tech guy, but for some reason, every time I plug in my, my phone, it plays it. I don't understand. Yeah. What's the deal? A 8 88. Ask Leo, Leo and Mikah taking your calls. Richard in bucks county, PA, or should I say in bucks? County, PA. Hello Richard.

Caller 5 (01:40:51):
<Laugh> Hey Leo. I hope I can speak on a speaker phone since I'm using my Stary hearing aids. I got after you talked.

Leo Laporte (01:40:58):
Oh, how do you like 'em

Caller 5 (01:41:00):
Seven years ago. Well, seven years they've been holding on. I have a very esoteric question. I hope it's interesting. I have a Generac, natural gas, whole house generator. Right? I

Leo Laporte (01:41:12):
Bought I've seen the ads for these yeah.

Caller 5 (01:41:15):
Seven years ago and it cost me approximately $12,000. <Laugh>

Leo Laporte (01:41:21):
Whoa, how long will it keep your power on for?

Caller 5 (01:41:24):
Well, well, in case it goes out, I'm an old guy. I don't want the power. No,

Leo Laporte (01:41:28):
I don't. No, I don't blame you. How long do they say it's? Oh, it's natural gas. So it goes forever. As long as the gas doesn't run out.

Caller 5 (01:41:34):
Yeah. And it's only run two hours and seven years. So what investment that is anyway, but

Leo Laporte (01:41:41):
That's, isn't that ironic. As soon as you buy a generator, power never goes out.

Caller 5 (01:41:45):
Well, it's like insurance. You don't need it until you need it. That's

Leo Laporte (01:41:48):

Caller 5 (01:41:50):
I bought a gen mobile link, wifi ethernet device. Okay. To be attached to my generator. Yes. Because when I bought mine, it didn't have wifi built in. Yes. Had the tech put it on. I used the app for mobile link to show that it works, but I can't get it to connect to my network. I was told I have to open five ports on my router. What, which I've never

Leo Laporte (01:42:21):
Before. No, no, you don't have to do that. So wow. Maybe you do, I don't know that's to that's to get to the outside world, not to get to that thing on your generator. Does the thing on your generator have an antenna?

Caller 5 (01:42:35):
Yeah, sure. It's got an antenna. I can see

Leo Laporte (01:42:37):
It. So it's a little wifi receiver. Probably most likely it's outside, right?

Caller 5 (01:42:43):
It is outside.

Leo Laporte (01:42:44):
Yes. Most likely. It's just the signal from the inside is not getting to the outside. So there's a couple of things to try. It's very common for these, this, this is what we call a I O T or internet of things, device. Something connects to the internet, but it's not a computer. It's not a phone. It's not so smart. It's a good idea. You want this, but the problem is these are little small devices. They may not have the most powerful radios, but most likely the issue is the wifi band. Your wifi router probably is more. Am I right? Does it do 5g as well as two point 4g?

Caller 5 (01:43:20):
Well, I it's a net gear R 79, 60 P that automatically detects. Yeah. Whether it needs 2.5 or five.

Leo Laporte (01:43:29):
So what's happening. And this happens a lot with these guys. Most IOT devices either really don't work with 5g, but are not smart enough to reject 5g. So probably what's happening with this Generac device is, is trying to join your 5g network gets on. It thinks it's got a signal and it doesn't. So what you have to do. And by the way, the other problem with 5g is doesn't get through your walls very well. That's one of the benefits of 5g is your neighbors. Aren't gonna interfere with your 5g. What you want is it to use the 2.4, you, the Generac will want 2.4. You'll wanna use 2.4 cause it'll get through the walls better, but you have to trick it into using 2.4 <laugh>. So, so there are a couple of ways to do this. You could, and I would recommend doing this, go into the net gear and turn off the five gigahertz antennas.

Leo Laporte (01:44:20):
There'll be a setting that says only use 2.4. You're only gonna do this once. When you now go out and pair the Generac, start over for fresh, forget it, it pair it to your router. They're giving you an answer for something that's completely different problem, but maybe you need to do this too, but this for now, this is the first thing you gotta do is get the generator on your network. So tell your network 2.4 gig, and then try to pair it. That's gonna get through the wall better. And it's probably gonna work with 2.4 when it doesn't with five.

Caller 5 (01:44:53):
Okay. I wanna make one comment and then just see what you say. The router that I have is in my cell, right in my office, almost right next to the Generac. The signal is strong. However, this is also an ethernet device as well. So I just have an elect hole, put my cat five from the router, right into the thing. Is that more secure than using theirs? That when I try well,

Leo Laporte (01:45:23):
Does, so you're saying the generator has an ethernet port?

Caller 5 (01:45:26):
No. The device that I bought is either ethernet or why?

Leo Laporte (01:45:29):
Ah, well, yeah, it's certainly, I mean, it's a lot of trouble. Oh two. Have you drilled a hole yet?

Caller 5 (01:45:35):
No, I haven't done it. I can have somebody do that. Okay.

Leo Laporte (01:45:37):
So here's what I would suggest. I mean, to answer your question, is it more secure? No. If you're using encrypted wifi, it says secure as wired. In fact, there's this also this issue of somebody who comes to the, outside your house and plug your ethernet into his computer and, and then you've really got a problem. <Laugh> so, so and it's expensive and you got a hole in your house now, so yes, that might be the end end game. But I would first try this little trick of TA telling your router only 2.4, turn off the 5g. We don't want it only 2.4 and then try pairing a it. And I bet it'll appear fine, especially since you tell me the routes close.

Caller 5 (01:46:18):
Okay. I'm gonna try that. I've got about 60 IOT things in my house. Yeah. I'm an old that likes young things and 

Leo Laporte (01:46:26):
You're like me. I understand completely what I actually ended up doing is creating a, a virtual land. Some route will let you do this. And I have a IOT land that is isolated from the land that the computers are on for security reasons. But also the IOT land is only 2.4 gigahertz. So I never have this issue. Do do the same thing. Yeah,

Caller 5 (01:46:47):
Yeah. To do

Leo Laporte (01:46:48):
That. Yeah. But you don't need to go that far. I mean, you might want to that's a little more complicated. Now what Generac was telling you is interesting. It sounds like you need to open holes in your firewall for that device to connect to Generac. So the first thing to do is get that device on your network. If it's still not phoning home <affirmative> then maybe you do have to open those ports. That's a little weird. I agree. Generac just bought eco B, which makes really good. Did they wired, you know internet thermostats. So they should be, they should have some pretty good. Now you have an older generator, but they should is the, is the device you bought for a gen?

Caller 5 (01:47:31):
Oh yeah, absolutely. It's all by.

Leo Laporte (01:47:34):
So, you know, I, I, you know, clearly they understand that the future is IOT buying eco B is a big deal, right? This is, this is probably the best known after nest. It's the best known internet connected thermostat company. So that means they're getting some expertise. So maybe they'll get better. I don't know.

Caller 5 (01:47:53):
Leo, can I just run by you the five port numbers to see if they sound hinky?

Leo Laporte (01:47:58):
Yeah, please do

Caller 5 (01:48:00):
1 23 54 43, 80, 80 and 80, 81. <Laugh>

Mikah Sargent (01:48:08):
80 80 is what HTTP?

Leo Laporte (01:48:11):
Well sort of, yeah, 80 to 80. Boy, I'm really worried about 50. Yeah. And I'm really about really worried about one, was it one? What did you say? 1 53, 1 23, 1 23.

Leo Laporte (01:48:24):
Boy. I'm worried about those two 4 43 is for H is for a secure HTTP. It's TTS TLS rather I think 80, 80, I understand. And that means that probably they have a web server point. You know, don't open these in, unless after you get the device working, that's bizarre. I agree. That's bizarre. That is, I mean, it's not the end of the world because you're gonna tell your router only open those ports to this device, but that's an awful, why would you divide you? You don't need to design a device to do that. So 1 23 is the network time protocol. So I guess it's getting, it says it shouldn't need all of this. Okay.

Caller 5 (01:49:15):
Yeah. Last question, Leo, if I do do that, this device has got a Mac address. Do I use that when I, if I do have to try to open the port? No,

Leo Laporte (01:49:27):
No, no. You'll what you'll do is you will make, once the device is on your network, you'll assign it a fixed or static IP address and then import, and then port forwarding, you say, Hey, if anything comes in over UDP 50, send it to that device. And then that way it's more secure. You don't DMZ it. Leo port, The tech guy, hang on for a sec. I had a take break, but this is interesting that they want all of that. 

Caller 5 (01:49:57):
Yeah, I don't know. You know, for all I know the president of the generator act sits, sits in home and listens to what my generators.

Leo Laporte (01:50:07):
Yeah. I mean, honestly, so what is this? This allows you to control the Generac or, or what is the

Caller 5 (01:50:17):
It doesn't, lemme control it, but I'd be able, for example, we decide to get a place in Florida. Yeah.

Leo Laporte (01:50:22):
Yeah. And then you can see what's going on. Yeah.

Caller 5 (01:50:25):
It would let me know and check the maintenance. 

Leo Laporte (01:50:29):
This sounds like these ports. Yeah. 80, 80 is is kind of an UN 80 is HTTP mm-hmm <affirmative> 80, 80 is commonly used when you've got a web server. You don't want to collide with HT with HTTP 4 43 is HTTP at, so they're doing something weird. <Laugh>, they're really doing something weird. 

Caller 5 (01:50:54):
I'm not surprised. And as I said, it's branded as noble link, which is the company that they,

Mikah Sargent (01:51:02):
You know, not that I'm thinking about it, it could be

Leo Laporte (01:51:04):
To know, give

Mikah Sargent (01:51:05):
You the ability to access the database or that the, what observer, while you're online, while you're away to be able to say, I, I need to make some changes using. Cause I was thinking about a, a NA that I had that wanted 80 80 and 4 43 open so that I could log into the dashboard of the system while I was away from home. So I wonder if it's just to try to give simple simplified access.

Leo Laporte (01:51:27):
Well, this little device is mobile device has a web browser in it clearly <laugh> and so basically you've got a little web server out on the public internet. That's how you get into it.

Mikah Sargent (01:51:40):
Why does it

Leo Laporte (01:51:40):
Need time? That's the what's well time. So the time's accurate guess if it

Mikah Sargent (01:51:45):
Doesn't have its own. Yeah.

Leo Laporte (01:51:45):
Yeah. it sounds so normally what IOT devices do and you probably know this Richard is they phone home, and if you want to talk to them, you talk to them through the home office. So it doesn't need to be port forwarded because they're connected to Generac you connect to Generac and then they do they, they forward you over it's you that, so I think that there in a way, maybe this is them getting out of the loop and saying, no, if you want to connect to it, we put a little browser in it. You can log into the browser so that you definitely wanna isolate it because anybody can log into that browser. You want to give it a good password?

Caller 5 (01:52:31):
Yeah. I, I gotta wait to see if I can do that because I, I connected to it when I was out there, but there was nothing other than just that the IP was connected. And then after a period of time, it said you're not connected to the internet, so I'm not.

Leo Laporte (01:52:47):
Yeah, yeah. Do the 2.4. That's very, that sounds very familiar. That's completely consonant with an IOT device. That's trying to join the 5g. It's gonna join the strongest signal is what it's gonna do.

Caller 5 (01:53:01):
I'm gonna try that and then try to call you. I hope I can get in the months with my 15 year old Mac pro early 2009. Nice. That I'm trying, that didn't break. But my Mac book pro broke. I still got the hard drive. It's a spinner. It's got pros. <Laugh> I bought I, the app that you can use to repair it. If it works, I, I wanna buy a Mac mini that's old and still pretend I'm running my old MacBook pro Leo. Thanks. You are the best. That's the best show on radio.

Leo Laporte (01:53:38):
Thank you. We Richard, we got somebody on the, in the chat room from Generac. He says or actually no know this is Crestron. He says they need the ports open because they need to contact get, yeah, it's what I thought, which is essentially, instead of using network traverse not Traver to get you go through Generac. They don't wanna have anything to do with it. You're talking directly to device. So it's got a web server on it is uses port 80 and 80, 80, 80, and 80 81. It uses TLS, which is good. Make sure you have a strong password if you do this. So you, so I'm convinced the 2.4 gig Hert is gonna solve your problem. In fact, when you said, how close your, your router is that that confirmed it for me because when the routers close, you get a nice, powerful 5g signal and then GenX going, or the mobile Link's going, oh, look at that. It's so powerful. I'm gonna join that one. And then it can't work. I've had this happen with many, many devices. We used to tell people, walk, takes the device and walk away. Yep. Walk. So you're just so far away. The 5g doesn't work, but the two, four does Google still recommends that for some devices not gonna need to do that. You can just on the net gear, just turn off temporarily, turn off the 5g 5g region.

Caller 5 (01:54:54):
Kudos, Leo. You're the best.

Leo Laporte (01:54:55):
Thank you, Richard.

Caller 5 (01:54:57):
Thank you, Elma. Bye. Bye. Yeah. Byebye.

Leo Laporte (01:55:00):
Now wait a minute. We forgot for the hard drive. <Laugh> I think it's gonna work. I think so too. I have a confidence. Well, Hey, Hey. Hey. How are you today? Leo? Laporte here with Mikah Sargent your tech guy too. Hello, Leo. Hello, Mikah. <Laugh> and hello listeners. He's sitting right there. It's not, you know, you could wave, I guess. Yeah. for the radio listeners I'm doing away. Yeah. He's waving at you. This is the place where you talk high tech computers, the internet, home theater, digital photography, anything you'd want to add to the list we speak in ones and zeros. Beep boo boo boo <laugh> 88 88. Ask Leo is the number. I should translate that into binary. Shouldn't I

Mikah Sargent (01:55:43):

Leo Laporte (01:55:44):
1 0 6 1 1 0 1 0 1 1 0 0 0 1 1. It would be a lot of numbers. Well, quite

Mikah Sargent (01:55:50):
A few.

Leo Laporte (01:55:52):
Actually I could almost do it. Cuz eight is easy.

Mikah Sargent (01:55:54):
What is eight?

Leo Laporte (01:55:56):
Eight is 1000. Oh,

Mikah Sargent (01:55:58):

Leo Laporte (01:55:59):
So 1 0 0 0 1 0 0 1 0 0 0 1 0 0 0.

Mikah Sargent (01:56:06):
And it's another one's

Leo Laporte (01:56:07):
Well, two's easy. That's 10. So 1 0 7. That's one less than eight. So it's 1, 1, 1, 1. Anyway, enough of that, that's really boring. Isn't it? I don't

Mikah Sargent (01:56:22):
Know I was do it. Yeah,

Leo Laporte (01:56:24):
I know. It's weird for

Mikah Sargent (01:56:25):
Us. It's fine for us

Leo Laporte (01:56:26):
For we're kind of geeks. 88, 88, ask Leo. I'll do it in decimal. Cuz that's how many fingers you has? What?

Mikah Sargent (01:56:32):
Maybe you're hacking the phone system with your a

Leo Laporte (01:56:35):
Zeros. Yeah. Wow. that's toll free in the us or Canada. We did not hack the phone system. <Laugh> in case the spoke robots are listening. That was a joke.

Mikah Sargent (01:56:46):
A funny haha.

Leo Laporte (01:56:47):
Ha. I say ha maybe if when you tell a joke on Facebook, if you put ha ha <laugh> after it, the robots would understand that you didn't mean that literally,

Mikah Sargent (01:56:57):
But figure

Leo Laporte (01:56:58):
It. We gotta call it last hour. Who, who got post band? Cuz he was jokingly said, if you wanna, more of your grandchildren, you should kidnap them. Which is the kind of thing people say,

Mikah Sargent (01:57:07):
Right. As, as a, as a real thing, which is why there's a band. And as a joke, maybe you should have said BIAP

Leo Laporte (01:57:14):
<Laugh>, that's what they do on TikTok. Yeah. They replace all the words that the TikTok filters cuz it's computerized. Mm-Hmm <affirmative> it's not a human, so they're not, not subtle. So on TikTok, they replace words with other words and assume, you know, well you'll figure that out.

Mikah Sargent (01:57:32):
You'll figure it out. Eventually kind of context gives you. Cause a human can do that, but a robot.

Leo Laporte (01:57:37):
And you might remember this as a kid. Were you on I CQ or aim or yeah. Mm-Hmm <affirmative> and when when mom came into the room or grandma did you, would you type something like to

Mikah Sargent (01:57:47):
Let somebody's over the shoulder? Yeah.

Leo Laporte (01:57:49):
Person over the shoulder looking in.

Mikah Sargent (01:57:50):

Leo Laporte (01:57:50):
Yeah. POS I learned but

Mikah Sargent (01:57:53):
Has a new meaning these days.

Leo Laporte (01:57:54):
Yeah. so I think out groups, whether it's kids or minorities have always had language to keep the others from under what they were saying for the parents, parental units and things like that. So I think that that's normal. I don't think that's a bad thing. So

Mikah Sargent (01:58:12):
No. Cause there was a little bit of kind of, oh, is this changing language or language is always

Leo Laporte (01:58:17):
Changing. It's always changing. If Shakespeare whose birthday it is today, we just

Mikah Sargent (01:58:20):
Happy birthday bill. Happy

Leo Laporte (01:58:22):
Birthday bill. If he came here today, he wouldn't understand half of what we

Mikah Sargent (01:58:26):
No, but he'd catch on computers.

Leo Laporte (01:58:28):
The internet, home theater, none of this is making any sense. He might understand theater, home theater,

Mikah Sargent (01:58:33):
Home theater.

Leo Laporte (01:58:34):
You have a theater in your home. Oh, digital photography. No wouldn't understand photography or digital. Virtual reality. Reality. He's heard that word virtual.

Mikah Sargent (01:58:45):

Leo Laporte (01:58:46):
What, what does he mean? It's it's it's it's full of virtue. This reality augmented reality. Is it bigger than regular reality? I don't know. He wouldn't understand any of

Mikah Sargent (01:58:56):
This. Digital would be like the fingers.

Leo Laporte (01:58:59):
He doesn't even know. Watch

Mikah Sargent (01:59:01):
Watches in the first place.

Leo Laporte (01:59:02):
Watch you mean like the

Mikah Sargent (01:59:03):
Guards are very smart guard. Who's patrolling

Leo Laporte (01:59:07):
<Laugh> no. So you know language changed. Thank goodness. Cuz I don't understand what Shakespeare's saying. Either. Jamie on the line from Tampa, Florida. Hello? Jamie Leo Laporte Mikah Sargent your tech guy to, okay. Usually this is my fault. In this case, Jamie is probably muted. Hello Jamie. He actually says according to Kim shard, do you think all the streaming service raising prices will run people, pull back to their cable. And actually this is a big story, which we have yet to cover today, which is that Netflix. Netflix. Yeah. Told the stock market, told investors that for the first time they'd lost subscribers. I, I had no idea. They've only gained subscribers for every year of their exist. Only had more each and every quarter

Mikah Sargent (02:00:04):
Growth, growth growth,

Leo Laporte (02:00:06):
Then all of a sudden, yeah we lost 200,000. Not only did they lose 200,000, they lost 30% of their market value stock went plummeting down, which brought down much of the rest of the stock market. And that's why you might have seen a, a tank stock

Mikah Sargent (02:00:19):
Market constantly watching the stock market.

Leo Laporte (02:00:21):
I know I've got the two there's living room

Mikah Sargent (02:00:24):
There. It prints out <laugh>

Leo Laporte (02:00:27):
And so there's people saying, well, what's gonna happen in Netflix. I don't think it's time to panic. Yeah. I

Mikah Sargent (02:00:31):
Don't think Netflix is going anywhere here.

Leo Laporte (02:00:33):
No. Although Netflix to appease, I think the market said, well, we're gonna add ads. So they've raised the price. Here's their problem right now. Other streamers are competing and in many cases are taking back shows that were stalwarts at networks. For instance, the office, you yes, you did an office podcast. Mm-Hmm <affirmative> you could watch on Netflix for free. NBC said, Hey, that's it. We're no more free Netflix, go to peacock. If you wanna watch the office, Disney did the same with many of their properties. So Netflix, knowing this was happening, started making original programming programming only they own and made very good original programming. There's a problem. It's very, very expensive billions

Mikah Sargent (02:01:13):
To yeah. To create the content

Leo Laporte (02:01:14):
They spent. I think 13 billion last year,

Mikah Sargent (02:01:16):
A lot of money. That's

Leo Laporte (02:01:17):
A lot

Mikah Sargent (02:01:17):
Of money and a lot of different content that many of us have never even seen.

Leo Laporte (02:01:22):
And there's yeah. That's other problems. There's so much of it. You don't even know. It's just a, it's like a big pile of big pile of stuff. So I understand why the market might be suddenly saying, oh, maybe a little skeptical there's competition. They have to spend a lot of money to keep subscribers. But to answer your question, Jamie, let me check and see if he's, are you still there? Jamie?

Caller 6 (02:01:45):
I am here. Leo. How are you? You unmuted doing today. You

Leo Laporte (02:01:48):
Unmuted. Yay.

Caller 6 (02:01:50):
Yeah. So the question I had was, and, but Leo, thank you so much for taking my call. Of

Leo Laporte (02:01:55):

Caller 6 (02:01:56):
So the spectrum guy that's actually why I was admitted. He just left my house.

Leo Laporte (02:02:01):
The, the cable man, the cable guy. Yeah. The cable Jim Carey was just there guy. Okay.

Caller 6 (02:02:06):
Yeah. He just left my house because I got so fed up with all these streaming services and, and you know, and, and, and all this other stuff, having a, having to be like, okay, what show is this streaming service on? And all this other stuff. Yeah.

Leo Laporte (02:02:21):
Don't tell me, you brought the cable back.

Caller 6 (02:02:24):
I did.

Leo Laporte (02:02:24):
What's the, what do you call? So a cord cutter, somebody who gets rid of the cable, what do you call a reverse cord cutter? Are you fastener a cords? Splicer. Fastener.

Caller 6 (02:02:34):
I think it's a poorer, but I, but I, I did that because, because I have an kinda, but it doesn't work the best. And I, and me and me being visually impaired, I, I don't wanna pay someone to have to get up on the roof and have to put it in.

Leo Laporte (02:02:47):
That's fair. Cable's good. It's just, and by the way, and I've said this for some time, I understand the desire to cut the cable cuz people hate their cable company, but it's it honestly, once you get the same content, 10 back, you're gonna end up spending a lot of money. First you have to buy internet probably from the same company. That's 60 bucks a month. And then you get Netflix, that's another $12 a month. You, you, you know, if you want your locals, you might have to subscribe to something like YouTube TV, $65 a month, pretty soon you're spending as much or more.

Caller 6 (02:03:20):
Yeah. And that, and that's what happened is we, we, my family, we record cutters for a period of time. And I can recall one time watching I was watching, I think it was a super bowl and it was on, I think it was, it was an NBC this year, I believe. Yeah. And I'm watching it and the dag on thing just froze. Oh, I mean the tumors will just die.

Leo Laporte (02:03:42):
People have been complaining about that. Apple has baseball games on Friday and people have been complaining about the same thing. Cause streaming is not as I perfect as broadcast or cable.

Caller 6 (02:03:54):
Yeah. That's yeah. That's, that's what I hear. I mean, I mean, and, and I notice that too, because with, with, with my antenna that I have, like, I have an antenna that primarily for, if something knocks out our cable or maybe spectrum decided, Hey, we, we, we need to work on something on our end. So the cable will be out for a little bit. I have the antenna for it in case that happens, you know, I can watch at least local channels until the cable will come. You get

Leo Laporte (02:04:18):
So, so you get in Tampa, you get probably all the locals, right. You for free. 

Caller 6 (02:04:24):
I don't, well, I don't get here's thing. I don't get CS. Oh, okay. I don't get C, I don't get CW. I

Leo Laporte (02:04:31):
That's why cable exists for regions like yours and mine too, where you can't get the local stations over the air. So they put a big antenna up and they dug cable to houses and that's how it started. And you know, honestly, I, I, as much as we all hate cable, you're, you're not wrong. And I think this is why the market is spanking Netflix, because all they ended up doing is reinventing cable <affirmative> and it's more complicated. It costs as much or more. You haven't solved the problem. You've made it worse. And then as soon as you know, all these different streamers came along, you, you, you know, it used to be, you could just go to Netflix and mostly it'd be there, but now you have to have Disney. Plus you have to have Hulu. You have to have peacock. No, it's crazy. And you add all up, it's more expensive. So I like the convenience of, on demand of, of, of over the air. I like being able to binge shows, for instance, there's certain things I really like about that compared to broadcast and cable. But yeah, maybe it's not maybe court cutting does not live up to the promise.

Caller 6 (02:05:35):
Well, Leo, it's funny you say that because my mom who lives here with, with me another reason we got it is my mom is not the most, shall we say tech savvy? So she doesn't like the app. She doesn't like the on demand. She just wants to turn on the TV. Yeah. And watch

Leo Laporte (02:05:53):
Well, and she's not alone by the way. That's kind of even, you know, there's, I think people under 30, like Mikah, you probably grew up, you know, in a world where YouTube say, you know, solved a lot of your needs. I know my kids, you know, YouTube's fine. But anybody over 30, we're used to watching CSI, you know? And if it's Monday night, it's CSI night, I'm on tuning in. And for that, you kind of, you kind of need cable. So I'm with your mom. I don't think that that's even old fashioned. I think that that's a reasonable consumer need honestly, but

Caller 6 (02:06:28):
Leah the car. But, but honestly, Leah, do you think that the, you know, because I, I read and I don't have to understand there's hundreds and hundreds of streaming options available now. Yeah. But do you think that the influx of all these services, oh, well you wanna lock this, you gotta pay for this or you wanna watch this, you gotta pay for this. You wanna watch this? You gotta pay for this. Do you think that is gonna cause people yes. To go back to cable? Well,

Leo Laporte (02:06:53):
That you've raised a really interesting point. And I think this Netflix, that's what this clearly, this stock market thinks that's why they are, are punishing Netflix for its law. I mean, all they did was lose 200,000 out of something like 38 million subscribers. It's not a huge percentage, but it scared the stock market because I think the stock market, and this is sometimes we call it the wisdom of crowds. This is a bunch of people all together. Not intentionally synchronizing. Yeah. But you know what? They kind of set her around the right answer. And it looks like the market's saying, yeah, you know what? Maybe this thing didn't work out. What we really wanted. You tell me if I'm wrong on this. Jamie and Mikah, I think we really wanted a carte. We wanted to buy one show, like give a, if I pay you a dollar, I can watch the office. If I pay you a dollar, I can watch CSI. We wanted packaged disaggregated. And instead we're getting a bunch of mini cable companies. Mm-Hmm <affirmative>

Caller 6 (02:07:49):
Le Lee. I can ask this for you, what we wanted, what do you want wanted? Well, okay. What a lot of folks wanted. And I noticed for certain people, a lot of my friends would tell me this. They wanted, oh, well, if I wanna watch, you know CS CSI. Yeah. You and, and I'll watch CSI. But the problem was, as you know, when more companies said, Hey, we're gonna make our own streaming service. And all of a sudden, what was once just having Netflix, all of a sudden,

Leo Laporte (02:08:23):
And nobody wants like 30 different bills every month. That's not what we want.

Caller 6 (02:08:29):
Are you kidding? Leah? I, I talked to, I talked to my girlfriend. My girlfriend said, she, she, she, she said that she's gonna cut it all out. Yeah. They kept the kingdom. Wow. Because

Leo Laporte (02:08:37):
Jamie, I have to run professor Lauras telling me I gotta get outta here, but you raise a great point. I'm so glad you called enjoy your spectrum. The, the man has won. Darn it. They win every time Leo Laport, Mikah Sargent Mor tech calls coming up, The man always wins in the end. You know, what they did is they raised the cost of internet. Mm-Hmm <affirmative> right. Mm-Hmm <affirmative> to make up for their loss of revenue. So cable. Yeah. And now they got coming in and now, I mean, I was paying 200 bucks a month for cable. Right. Including the internet, these, so what is your bill at spectrum now?

Caller 6 (02:09:19):
Subscribers. Oh,

Leo Laporte (02:09:21):
You don't care. Who cares? Mom, let mom worry about that. <Laugh>

Caller 6 (02:09:25):
Yeah, yeah. Yeah, exactly. Exactly. Because, because, because, because the truth is she just wants to watch her shows. She wants to watch her. Yes. Her news in the morning, you know, she doesn't wanna, I I'm always telling her, I said, mom, why don't stream this? And she goes, I don't want to, I just want to watch television. I don't care about an app. I don't want to care. I don't wanna download anything. I just wanna turn, you know? And so what I do is we, we bought her a dumb TV, the kind that doesn't have the, have the, the internet on it. We bought her a dumb TV. That's not

Leo Laporte (02:09:55):
That that's all she wants.

Caller 6 (02:09:57):
And that's a

Leo Laporte (02:09:58):
Joe in our chat room is saying exactly the real problem, which is we let the cable companies buy content companies. We let Comcast buy MDC universal. And, and as soon as that happens then they've got a monopoly and, and you're kind of outta luck and they, they keep rising raising the prices until they're happy. So, I mean, we have it, it's kind of backwards here. All the, you know, all the movie studios are owned by delivery companies. Not good.

Caller 6 (02:10:31):
Yeah. Yeah. You're right. It, it, you're right. It's not good. And, and, and, and all of that. Yeah. I mean, I can, you know, you can get an antenna. Sure. But I mean, with mine, I got to a point where I got, I was tired of having to get up and move. Cause I have an, I have an indoor antenna. Yeah. I got so tired of having to get up and move.

Leo Laporte (02:10:48):
No kidding. Yeah.

Caller 6 (02:10:49):
That antenna around. Oh crap. I don't get eye on. Okay. I gotta, again, I wanna get, I gotta move it again. Cable.

Leo Laporte (02:10:55):
Cable's the answer.

Caller 6 (02:10:57):
And, and, and, but Leo, a question I also had for you as well is, you know, how a lot of the cause spectrum has, you know, the digital subnet, you know, the me TV, the guest TV, bounce TV. Why is it that the, and I was told by a friend of mine who works at a television, our local independent station, by the way, he said that, even though they have all this dig at the, the main one channel, those are the lowest view. Those are the highest viewed channels. Right. But, and I can, and I can't figure out exactly why that is.

Leo Laporte (02:11:28):
Well, it's the locals, right?

Caller 6 (02:11:30):
Uhhuh <affirmative>.

Leo Laporte (02:11:31):
So it's the network locals. It's the big ones. That's where all the that's where all the big stuff is.

Caller 6 (02:11:37):
Right. So the, so the ones that people cause yeah, cause it seems like a lot allow the dig, just run re or, you know, home improvement re runs at two o'clock in the morning rather than, oh,

Leo Laporte (02:11:46):
So you're saying not the, not the main channels, but channels.

Caller 6 (02:11:49):
The main channel. Yeah. The main C the main in DC. Yeah. Yeah. O'

Leo Laporte (02:11:54):

Caller 6 (02:11:54):
Yeah. Yeah. Cause I'm, I wonder about that.

Leo Laporte (02:11:57):
This is from Recode. Oh, my

Mikah Sargent (02:11:59):

Leo Laporte (02:11:59):
This is who owns what? So purple is distribution. Blue is content. Red is streaming. So there's still a few independent Disney, 21st century. Fox is independent, but Comcast owns peacock, NBC sky universal at and T Warner media owns Warner, HBO, Turner, T, and T all that. Yeah. So on this side distribution and they own a bulk of content. So it's really, yeah. It's interesting. You still have Sony and Disney and separate, but MGM, which now Amazon owns.

Caller 6 (02:12:39):
So it sounds like the whole cord cutting thing is really kind of falling on its

Leo Laporte (02:12:43):
It's backfired. We thought, yeah. It's backfired.

Caller 6 (02:12:45):
Yeah. Because, because we thought, and, and Leo, I, I see so many good rid of cable forever. Cable is evil. Cable

Leo Laporte (02:12:53):
Is, well, that made sense. But I mean, they're horrible companies. That's what that's the problem is people hate the companies, so, oh, it's just a mess. Hey, I gotta run, but I appreciate your call, Jamie. You're great. Keep listening.

Caller 6 (02:13:09):

Leo Laporte (02:13:09):
Right, pal. And I'm glad you got spectrum. I think you solved it. Isn't that funny? I'm glad he called because it is kind of this story of the week

Mikah Sargent (02:13:20):
Uhhuh. Absolutely. This might be Doja cat based on what professor Laura was saying in the chat, but I don't recognize

Leo Laporte (02:13:30):
My son is in love. Actually. Both my kids are in love with Doja cat, but you don't know.

Mikah Sargent (02:13:36):
I don't know. Doja cat. I mostly listen to my own music probably too old. And so I don't ever listen to the radio. Yeah. Music, obviously. I'm listening to the radio right now.

Leo Laporte (02:13:47):
Coachella. Do you ever go to Coachella? It's going on again this weekend? Not

Mikah Sargent (02:13:50):
Right now.

Leo Laporte (02:13:51):
Harry styles

Mikah Sargent (02:13:52):
Could come a day when I do

Leo Laporte (02:13:53):
The weekend on the weekend is confusing. I know, but <laugh>, Doja cat. I do

Mikah Sargent (02:13:57):
Recognize the weekend. I would

Leo Laporte (02:13:59):
Billy Eilish.

Mikah Sargent (02:14:00):
No know her.

Leo Laporte (02:14:00):
You know her? Yeah. They're all playing at Coachella.

Mikah Sargent (02:14:03):
Is Lizzo there?

Leo Laporte (02:14:05):
I don't know. You love Lizzo. I love Liz. She played at one point she played at one point. She

Mikah Sargent (02:14:10):
Played for, well, not too long ago.

Leo Laporte (02:14:11):
Yeah. Really? At the Google campus.

Mikah Sargent (02:14:14):
I'm not sure if it was at the Google campus, but my friend Yaun was talking about

Leo Laporte (02:14:18):
Harry styles was last night. I'm sorry. Don't didn't mean to get your hopes up. Eighty eight eighty eight. Ask Leo the phone number, Eric on the line. Bakersfield, California. Hello, Eric. Welcome.

Caller 7 (02:14:28):
Hey Leo. How's it going?

Leo Laporte (02:14:29):
Great. How are you?

Caller 7 (02:14:31):
Much better this time around

Leo Laporte (02:14:34):
<Laugh> your tail of woe from last time is, is all healed up?

Caller 7 (02:14:38):
Yes, it took a month or so, but I put, follow your suggestion on Twitter and then I, oh,

Leo Laporte (02:14:44):
You had the last pass problem. Yeah. So you, you complained on Twitter and they got back to you.

Caller 7 (02:14:50):
Well, sort of, it kind of got back to me, but then I kept on them through their support at thing. And it took weeks, but they kept talking to me. And finally yesterday I got an email from them saying we have done pushed the magic button or whatever. And I opened up my browser and last passed, opened up and my God it's actually opening to my account. How,

Leo Laporte (02:15:12):
Oh yeah.

Caller 7 (02:15:14):

Leo Laporte (02:15:14):
I, oh it shouldn't take you three weeks to get that fixed, but okay.

Caller 7 (02:15:18):
No, I, I think it's only fair to thank them on the air where I complain because they did fix it. They

Leo Laporte (02:15:22):
Fixed it.

Caller 7 (02:15:23):
Good. And I much appreciate that. Good. And before, before I have to wander off on the spectrum thing I'm paying $90 a month just to watch local TV cheapest package they have here is $200 a month. Holy the free pack.

Leo Laporte (02:15:37):
They used to have basic cable for like 40 bucks. Right, right. That's all gone.

Caller 7 (02:15:44):
Oh yeah. Especially if you get the phone and internet with it, which was the cheapest way to go. Of course. Yeah.

Leo Laporte (02:15:49):

Caller 7 (02:15:50):
Like I said, they just raised the local, the over the air TV price $10 to $90 a month. And I'm sure it'll go up again soon, but I'm not happy with, do

Leo Laporte (02:16:01):
You ever feel like maybe it's just me, but do you ever feel like last year, maybe not last year, three years ago was the peak and it's all been downhill ever since. Do you ever feel that way? Like life,

Caller 7 (02:16:14):
Least about some things? Yeah.

Leo Laporte (02:16:15):
Anything <laugh>

Caller 7 (02:16:17):
Like actually cable a lot longer ago than that we

Leo Laporte (02:16:19):
Peaked, you know, in two, in 1999. I don't know. Maybe no, maybe 2000, 2007. Let's say that 2007 right before the, the crash. Mm-Hmm <affirmative> the housing crash we peaked. And then it's all been downhill since then. I feel like that sometimes. I don't know. Maybe that's I'm wondering if that's just age.

Mikah Sargent (02:16:37):
Could it be age?

Caller 7 (02:16:38):
No, I had the unpleasant suspicion. You're right on that. Yeah. Cause I'm your age?

Leo Laporte (02:16:44):
Well, you know, we're looking back. We, we, we, you know what we lucked out, didn't we, Eric, we, we we had the golden years before everything went to hell. <Laugh>

Caller 7 (02:16:54):
Yeah, pretty much for my dad getting up on the roof of our house in Ventura up the antenna, putting the antenna, the LA stations. But we had a ghost because it bounced off the mountain on the other side of us, but we could watch it. <Laugh> oh

Leo Laporte (02:17:09):
I don't know if you had a question, but if you did, it's too late because that magic music is selling me. We gotta wrap. I'm glad that you worked it out. I'm glad to get that up. I'm very happy about that. Thank you so much, Eric. Have a great day. Leo Laporte Mikah Sargent, the tech guys. Rick asked Lee. I think because, so Rick a is the singer behind this song? Never gonna give you up, became an internet meme. Mm-Hmm <affirmative> and it, I think it honestly restored his career. He was kind of forgotten since this song came out in what? 80, what is it? 88. I, I can't remember all of a sudden he is got a new album.

Mikah Sargent (02:17:50):
Yes. He was on stage with the F fighters.

Leo Laporte (02:17:52):
He's performing, he's sang with Kelly Clarkson on the Kelly Clarkson show all because he's an internet meme. I lo you know, there's something about that. I love, I agree. Yeah. never gonna give you up. Became a meme in 2007, they call it Rick rolling for Rick and wait

Mikah Sargent (02:18:10):
Was 2007. When Rick

Leo Laporte (02:18:12):
2007. I was

Mikah Sargent (02:18:13):

Leo Laporte (02:18:13):
Than that. I told you we peaked in 2007,

Mikah Sargent (02:18:16):
Seven. Now, now I've confirmed it. Yeah. Yeah. That's for sure. The

Leo Laporte (02:18:18):
Confirmation that's for sure. That's when he, by the time of his brief retirement, he had sold 40 million records after Rick Roling began voted best act ever by internet use the MTV V music awards in 2008, his song reached a billion views by last July. I mean, it's, it's an amazing success story. What a story? What a story. All because people were trying to annoy other people on the internet. Andrew's on the line from Winslow, Arizona. My favorite town. Hello, Andrew.

Caller 8 (02:18:52):
Hey Leo, how you doing?

Leo Laporte (02:18:54):
I am great. Welcome to the show. What can we do for you?

Caller 8 (02:18:58):
Yeah. So I'm having some issues with my cell phone. When I'm away from home, I have mobile data sometimes and sometimes I don't, that's

Leo Laporte (02:19:08):
The name of my garage band. Mobile data sometimes.

Mikah Sargent (02:19:10):
Sometimes. Yeah. Yeah. Really good

Leo Laporte (02:19:11):
Band. So what, what you, so you'll be driving around or something and you can still make phone calls,

Caller 8 (02:19:18):
Still make phone calls,

Leo Laporte (02:19:20):
But just no data.

Caller 8 (02:19:20):
It's just, I can't download anything. Yeah. Or connect to my bank.

Leo Laporte (02:19:25):
Are you in a pretty rural area?

Caller 8 (02:19:28):
Winslow is considered a rural area, but we are a city we're along the I 40. So there's like there's.

Leo Laporte (02:19:33):
Yeah. A lot of times the, which, which cellular carrier are you using?

Caller 8 (02:19:37):

Leo Laporte (02:19:38):
Mint. So they use T-Mobile. Mint's great though, by the way. Good deal. I guess the issue is, can you see the towers? Can your Fu not, you can your phone see the towers? Cuz if it can't of course you wouldn't, you wouldn't be able to get phone calls and you're right by a major corridor, cuz almost all the companies T-Mobile for sure. Put towers right by the highway. The freeway's the best place to get you internet coverage data coverage. So I'm puzzled. Have you rebooted the phone?

Caller 8 (02:20:13):
I've rebooted the phone. I've done a factory reset.

Leo Laporte (02:20:19):
Oh, here's one thing I don't know if this is your problem. Do you notice that it's joining a wifi network when this happens?

Caller 8 (02:20:30):
I turn the wifi off,

Leo Laporte (02:20:32):
Turn it off. Good

Caller 8 (02:20:32):

Leo Laporte (02:20:33):
Yeah, because now you, you know, obviously you want wifi on most of the time, it helps you with location, even if you're not connecting. But for instance, Xfinity, I don't know. Who's the big cable company in in Winslow, but Xfinity in our area is the cable company and they, they do this thing where they make users, other cable companies do this too. Donate some of their bandwidth to make wifi everywhere. If you join that network, Xfinity wifi, if you join that network and you want it around town, you'll lose your internet regularly because the phone goes, oh, wait a minute. I don't need 5g. I've got wifi. Even though there's no data on that signal, somebody's left their router on, but there's no data on it. And it's incredibly annoying. I actually came up this morning. I had to turn it off. I forgot that network. So that's one thing to do is try turning off wifi, but that doesn't fix the problem.

Caller 8 (02:21:23):
No, no. That's the first thing I tried. Good. Or

Leo Laporte (02:21:25):
Even re the other thing you're gonna wanna do. Is this the same phone you were using before four? You had MIT mobile.

Caller 8 (02:21:31):
Yeah. So no, I actually got a new device. Okay. I, I just got a Moto G stylist 5g, nice 5g in Winslow. Beautiful. So I was maybe thinking getting a new SIM card, ordering a new SIM card.

Leo Laporte (02:21:45):
That's one possibility and, and MIT mobile, who is, I should mention a sponsor of some of our shows. We'll send you a new SIM card so that for free. So that's one thing to do. It could be the SIM card is, is damage. But the third, first thing to do before you do that is go and look at your access point, name, settings, your AP settings, and make sure there's are correct. Have you done that?

Caller 8 (02:22:06):
Yeah, I've done that. And it says T-Mobile or mint it'll switch between the two. Yeah.

Leo Laporte (02:22:10):
Yeah. It's the same towers. Okay. So as long as you're sure you have the right settings, have you called min about this?

Caller 8 (02:22:18):
I have not yet. I've tried going online and looking and they say turn off mobile data and turn it back on. And that doesn't fix anything either.

Leo Laporte (02:22:28):
And do you see a signal? You know, do you, do you have a signal indicator on the phone?

Caller 8 (02:22:33):
I do. And what alerted me to is a signal indicator will be full bars, but it'll have a little X on it.

Leo Laporte (02:22:40):
Ah, that's interesting. So it's saying I'm getting a strong signal getting internet.

Caller 8 (02:22:46):
Yeah. And that's what I looked up and that's what, what they said, turn off mobile data, turn it back on. Yeah.

Leo Laporte (02:22:51):
That's very interesting,

Caller 8 (02:22:53):
But that's still not fixing anything. Yeah.

Leo Laporte (02:22:56):
So there is, and I've given this out before a diagnostic you can setting, you can do and it's different. Aren't for many phones, but I think for the Moto it's you write this down or we'll put it in the show notes, cuz it's kind of strange. You're gonna go into the call area and you're gonna dial a weird number. You could put it in engineering mode or you could put it in phone information mode. Mike is, Mike is poised on the keyboard star pound star pound 2, 4 86 pound star pound star. So it's symmetric that's engineering mode. Phone information is the same thing with the numbers, 4, 6, 3, 6 in there. And so, and mint, mobile may even have their own diagnosis, but, but what the diagnostics do is on the engineering one, I'll tell you the signal strength, that's kind of what you want is a signal strength meter to see if there's something going on there in Winslow. 

Caller 8 (02:24:02):
Yeah. And I've done that once before and an older cell phone on the okay. Blue device I had before. Yeah. Yeah. And that was the previous device I had and that actually got lower signal strength than my new device.

Leo Laporte (02:24:15):
Yeah, no, this is a, the motos a great phone. I recommend it all the time. Huh. Boy, I think, yeah. I mean, if you, you sounds like you've done all the things I would've recommended. I think it might be time for a new SIM. Did you bring the SIM over from the old phone?

Caller 8 (02:24:32):
I did.

Leo Laporte (02:24:32):
Oh yeah. Get a new SIM.

Caller 8 (02:24:34):
Okay. Absolutely. That's what I was thinking. Yes, because I mean, I've tried everything. That's why I called I

Leo Laporte (02:24:39):
Should have asked that I should have asked that. So I've done that many times. In fact, you'll occasionally get a email from a carrier saying, Hey, we notice you're using a SIM that doesn't work on our 5g network. You absolutely get the latest SIM. That'll make a big difference.

Caller 8 (02:24:54):
All right. I'll definitely do that.

Leo Laporte (02:24:56):
Yeah. And I hope that fixes it. Cause how frustrating is that, you know you can get really good this new ultra capacity speed T-Mobile's offering on most of its network. Now this better 5g is hundreds of megabits. A second. It's very fast. And I think if you're up, if you're by I 40, you should be able to get that.

Caller 8 (02:25:16):
So yeah. And I mean the cell tower is literally on the I other side of I 40, which is maybe a mile. Oh yeah, yeah. A mile. Yeah. Yeah,

Leo Laporte (02:25:23):
Yeah. I think the SIM card will fix it.

Caller 8 (02:25:26):

Leo Laporte (02:25:27):
A pleasure talking to you, Andrew.

Caller 8 (02:25:29):
Yeah. Thank you. Is

Leo Laporte (02:25:31):
There, is there really a park in Winslow, Arizona called standing on a corner in Winslow, Arizona?

Caller 8 (02:25:38):
Yeah. In downtown

Leo Laporte (02:25:39):
Downtown. Does it have a, a statue? Eagles

Caller 8 (02:25:43):
Has two statues. <Laugh>

Dick DeBartolo (02:25:46):
I see your one statue in ma you another one

Leo Laporte (02:25:49):
I gotta get down

Caller 8 (02:25:50):
There. Yeah. There's another one just for a little further back about, I love it. Feet away or so Andrew,

Leo Laporte (02:25:54):
It's a pleasure talking to you.

Caller 8 (02:25:56):
Yeah. Great talking to you

Leo Laporte (02:25:57):
Again. Have a great day. I hope that fixes it. I really do. That's frustrating. Isn't it? I can't think of anything else that might be check the APS. It's gotta be the SIM card. Or it could be, I mean, it could be there's something wrong with the phone, but, but I, I don't, I think that's not, that's less likely than all these other things that we're talking about. Eighty eight, eighty eight. <Inaudible> the phone number actually. Let's put those calls on hold because just around the corner, dis Dick de Bartolo with his crazy gadget of the week, he stay ready. Oh, I love Robert Morris. He he was of course the famous gap to star of how to succeed in business without really trying, which was a big hit on Broadway in 1962 <laugh> But you might remember him from mad men where he played the shoeless CEO of the ad agency. He was so I loved, I love Robert Morris. Do you know Robert Morris?

Dick DeBartolo (02:27:02):
Oh, he was in the Munsters.

Leo Laporte (02:27:03):
He was in the MUN monsters.

Dick DeBartolo (02:27:05):
No, I don't think so. Oh, here come the monsters. So,

Leo Laporte (02:27:08):
Oh, he was in here. Come the monsters.

Dick DeBartolo (02:27:10):
Oh, okay.

Leo Laporte (02:27:11):
Big difference I guess. Hello, Dickie D

Dick DeBartolo (02:27:16):
Hey Liam. Welcome. I have a good Robert Morris story too. Good.

Leo Laporte (02:27:19):
You can tell that. Although yeah, I'm gonna guess probably 99% of our audience has no idea who Robert Morris, but you tell that story. It's okay. Okay. I'd like to hear it. Cause I know he is well

Dick DeBartolo (02:27:30):
Isn't too awful. Lot of 

Leo Laporte (02:27:32):
Yeah. I think mad men introduced to a

Dick DeBartolo (02:27:35):
Bunch of yeah, absolutely.

Leo Laporte (02:27:37):
I always loved him. Was what else was he? What he else was he in?

Leo Laporte (02:27:44):
I know how to succeed in bit was his famous debut debut. God. Did you ever see that on Broadway with him?

Dick DeBartolo (02:27:50):
Oh sure. Yes.

Leo Laporte (02:27:51):
Oh, I'm so jealous. <Laugh> no, seriously I love that show.

Dick DeBartolo (02:27:57):
No, it, it

Leo Laporte (02:27:57):
Was, it's a great Broadway show. Oh yeah. And this is my favorite scene from madman.

Dick DeBartolo (02:28:06):
Oh they let him do that. Yes. Yes. But they knew he was a song and that was the final episode. Right?

Leo Laporte (02:28:12):
Maybe it's a dream kind of a dream sequence.

Dick DeBartolo (02:28:14):
It's a dream.

Leo Laporte (02:28:15):
Yes. Yeah. I think he had died in the show. He dies. See, he doesn't wear shoes. He's kind of eccentric. What was the name of the ad agency in the in madman?

Mikah Sargent (02:28:28):
Which one?

Dick DeBartolo (02:28:29):
It was

Leo Laporte (02:28:30):
Long. Oh, the first one, the one he was the head of. Did you watch madman? Yeah.

Mikah Sargent (02:28:35):
I don't

Leo Laporte (02:28:36):
Remember though. You and your mom

Mikah Sargent (02:28:38):
<Laugh> no, no, my mom wasn't into that show.

Leo Laporte (02:28:41):
She wasn't in that stuff. I loved mad men, but I loved it because, and you probably feel the same way Dick. I could. I could look at those houses, those apartments, and I could feel that furniture. I knew that furniture. I knew the scratchy wool of that sofa. I knew it. Yeah,

Dick DeBartolo (02:28:58):

Leo Laporte (02:28:59):
Where would that town be? Beautiful. Downtown Manhattan, New York, New York, perhaps Dick D Bartolo is here dancing in with his traditional disco intro. Dick D Bartolo is mad. Magazine's mad writer, the writer for the match game for many years. And of course he's our gizmo wizard. Our GIW brings us a great gizmo every week on the show. Hello? Dickie D

Dick DeBartolo (02:29:24):
Leo. How are you pal?

Leo Laporte (02:29:26):
I am great. Like you I'm sadden. Another Broadway legend has passed on

Dick DeBartolo (02:29:31):
Oh, Robert Morris.

Leo Laporte (02:29:32):
The great Robert Morris. Yeah. I don't know. Do people remember him? 

Dick DeBartolo (02:29:38):
You know what I think because of madman because madman was big. I mean, that's what, 10 years ago already. I don't

Leo Laporte (02:29:44):
Even remember what a great show that was. And he was the barefoot. He always took his shoes off. He always wears socks. The barefoot head of the ad agency that Don Draper worked at older fella, great guy. But, but most famous to think for how to succeed in business without really trying many, many years ago on Broadway. Did you know Robert?

Dick DeBartolo (02:30:06):
You know, I, I, I know him from match game and, and he was on match game once he's very impish. Yes. And

Leo Laporte (02:30:14):
He looks in studio

Dick DeBartolo (02:30:15):
Even. Yes,

Leo Laporte (02:30:16):
Jeff. He was an older gentleman. He seemed impish. Yeah.

Dick DeBartolo (02:30:19):
Yes. And, and we tape an eight, eight where sad, set it out, live records. But there's a balcony on the ninth floor. And, and during one of the breaks between shows, Robert Moore said, what is that group of people that keeps going by? I said, it's the NBC tour? And he goes, oh, on our lunch break. Let's give them something to really Take home to the folks at home. So during a lunch break, I said, why don't we just get into a fight that you think the show is stupid? And I'll say, I think you are. So we start doing that and we're doing little pushing of each other. Oh my gosh. It was a combination of a few people laughing and a few people with their jaws dropped. <Laugh> see

Leo Laporte (02:31:05):
If you did that today, there'd be a hundred Instagram posts. Absolutely. It would go viral

Dick DeBartolo (02:31:11):
In a minute

Leo Laporte (02:31:11):
And you'd never be able to say, oh, it was just a joke. People would be believed forever that you two mortal EES. Yes, yes,

Dick DeBartolo (02:31:19):
Absolutely. So he was, he was great. Fun that way. Yeah. Anyway, today's gadget. Do you know about the wow

Leo Laporte (02:31:25):
Cube? It looks like a Rubik's cube, but it looks like it's also moving like the pictures on it.

Dick DeBartolo (02:31:30):
Yes. It has 24 screens. Wow. And eight modules

Leo Laporte (02:31:36):

Dick DeBartolo (02:31:38):
Yes. A kid said, why do dad, why do we have to play these games in 2d? And the father said, well, let's invent something 3d. So they called it Q B OS. But every time they demoed it, someone would go,

Leo Laporte (02:31:52):
Wow. So wait a minute. So no, this is so it's a cube, like a Rubik's cube with four screens on each side, E each screen is an actual TV screen, video screen, each E

Dick DeBartolo (02:32:04):
It's 14. It's 24 screens,

Leo Laporte (02:32:06):
24. So screens. Right.

Dick DeBartolo (02:32:09):
So what you do is you go to the game, you want you double tap on it. And then the whole cube turns into that game. Wow. Oh, I've done it again. <Laugh>

Leo Laporte (02:32:19):
And What wait, wait a minute. Outta curiosity. What games are on there?

Dick DeBartolo (02:32:27):
Let's see. There's cut the rope. There's

Leo Laporte (02:32:30):
Q that's a real game.

Dick DeBartolo (02:32:31):
Oh yeah. You know what, what's the, the shoot, the 

Leo Laporte (02:32:36):
Angry birds.

Dick DeBartolo (02:32:38):
No. can even remember I was trying to play it earlier. Oh, what is

Leo Laporte (02:32:44):
It? Space invaders. Asteroid invaders, space, array, space,

Dick DeBartolo (02:32:47):
Space. Invaders is on it. When it goes to sleep, it can turn to aquarium, which I love.

Leo Laporte (02:32:53):
Gosh, when I go to sleep, I turn into a drooling zombie <laugh>

Dick DeBartolo (02:32:56):

Leo Laporte (02:32:57):
That's oh, okay. Much better than me.

Dick DeBartolo (02:32:58):
Okay. has Bluetooth. So that right now it's Bluetooth for iOS only, but you can turn it into a photo frame. So

Leo Laporte (02:33:06):
This, how does it charge be expensive? Does it have a,

Dick DeBartolo (02:33:09):
Okay. Yes, it is. Okay. So, so they are taking preorders for 2 49, which I think is low

Leo Laporte (02:33:18):

Dick DeBartolo (02:33:19):
Dollars. Right. Okay. It's $10

Leo Laporte (02:33:22):

Dick DeBartolo (02:33:22):
<Laugh>. That's very good. That's very good. That's fair. Shipping in October and the, the one I have now is Handbuilt prototype, but it works really well. Oh, it's got widget and it's great fun. Yes. Comes with a little charging stand USBC and then that sits on a charging stand. Oh,

Leo Laporte (02:33:43):
It's wireless charging. Wireless charging. Oh, that makes sense. Yeah. Have an ugly port on that thing.

Dick DeBartolo (02:33:48):
Oh yeah. Actually there's a little, there's a little rod that slides up into the cube that charges the

Leo Laporte (02:33:55):
Cube. Oh, okay. So it isn't

Dick DeBartolo (02:33:56):
So it's not, it's not, not wireless. Okay. I think it's pretty neat. And they told me 2 49. I thought that seems reasonable for something, this,

Leo Laporte (02:34:08):
Something that you don't really need that has no real function. No,

Dick DeBartolo (02:34:11):

Leo Laporte (02:34:12):
It's just, you know, cool.

Dick DeBartolo (02:34:13):
Oh, I want this thing. Yeah. I, I, yeah, this has Mike's name written all over it. Oh look. And it says, Michael all

Mikah Sargent (02:34:19):
Really says, wow, <laugh>, That's a new feature. They introducing. That was amazing.

Dick DeBartolo (02:34:23):
That was amazing.

Leo Laporte (02:34:25):
FA fascinating creation. You know, it reminds me of, we've seen these before. Remember that bean bag that had a screen in it,

Mikah Sargent (02:34:34):
The screen bag

Leo Laporte (02:34:36):
Would've been a good name, but no, <laugh> No, but yeah. There've been a number of these little things that but this is the first one with 24 SCR. I mean, this is very elaborate. Yes,

Dick DeBartolo (02:34:47):
No, absolutely. I, I playing with it earlier. There's a game where you put butterfly wings together and then, then there's two butterflies and you have to do it. Then there are four. But, and I said to Dennis, I can do this. Just get me a screw driver.

Leo Laporte (02:35:00):
<Laugh> oh, it's like a Rubik cube. Yeah, yeah, yeah. You could take it apart. So two 50, is it? Wow. Cube.Com.

Dick DeBartolo (02:35:08):
It is. Wow. Cube.Com. Exactly. Oh,

Mikah Sargent (02:35:11):
You've got an S STK and everything. So you can make your own

Leo Laporte (02:35:13):
For, okay. Now I'm interested. See?

Dick DeBartolo (02:35:16):
Yeah. Open source.

Leo Laporte (02:35:17):
Oh, now I'm interested. So you could write your own stuff for it.

Dick DeBartolo (02:35:21):
Exactly. And

Mikah Sargent (02:35:21):
It sounds like

Dick DeBartolo (02:35:22):
Sleeping kill October. I

Leo Laporte (02:35:23):
Think we're gonna buy one of these

Mikah Sargent (02:35:25):
To teach people Absolut.

Leo Laporte (02:35:26):
We're gonna be, cause it have sound.

Mikah Sargent (02:35:28):
Yeah. Eight audio channels. Eight audio channels.

Dick DeBartolo (02:35:32):
It channels. Yeah. And actually quite durable because it just slipped off the desk and hit that sound at hitting the

Leo Laporte (02:35:38):
Floor. Oh dear. You dropped it. Run's fine. It's still working.

Leo Laporte (02:35:42):
He's not happy cuz it's his prototype. Mr. Mr. Wow.

Dick DeBartolo (02:35:46):
There are, I believe 12 in existence.

Leo Laporte (02:35:49):
You just dropped one of them. <Laugh> oh

Mikah Sargent (02:35:52):
Boy. Not anymore. They're 11 in exist,

Leo Laporte (02:35:54):
But you know what? You know what? He's gonna be happy cuz I think we're gonna sell few of these.

Dick DeBartolo (02:35:59):

Leo Laporte (02:35:59):
I, I mean even that price, which is, I mean, that's steep for a toy, but intrigued. I think we should get one for the studio and we could write little, little

Mikah Sargent (02:36:08):
Programs for it. Yeah.

Leo Laporte (02:36:10):
Wow. Widget

Mikah Sargent (02:36:12):

Dick DeBartolo (02:36:12):
Wow. Cube

Leo Laporte (02:36:14):
Com intriguing,

Dick DeBartolo (02:36:16):

Leo Laporte (02:36:17):
Intriguing. So if you wanna know more go to That's Dick's website G I ZW I Z dot B I Z. You can click the the button blue button there that says GIZ visits the tech guy, but you'll see there's some other things on there. Dick's monthly visits to world news now on ABC to match game history. There's mad, mad magazine books. His, by the way, his book good days and mad is fantastic. If you know somebody who's a mad magazine fan that'd be great. Just

Dick DeBartolo (02:36:48):
Six copies left. What?

Leo Laporte (02:36:50):

Dick DeBartolo (02:36:50):
No. Yeah. I told them all. I can't

Leo Laporte (02:36:52):
Believe. Oh no. Well, if you want one, you better hurry over. Get it for this Christmas. Cuz we was this biz. We also have the new mad magazine. You could win an autograph copy of it. Is it the one with with Dwayne Johnson? The rock?

Dick DeBartolo (02:37:07):
That's it? That, that you an issue. That's

Leo Laporte (02:37:10):
What you autographed by Dick's and how do you get that? Will you play the, what the heck is a contest game. It's right there on the website, click that button close up picture of a gizmo or gadget. You have to the end of the month, couple weeks left. That's it not even that long a week. And, and then the six, six of the people who answered correctly will get an autograph mad magazine and 12 who answered incorrectly. But funny will get an autograph copy of Matt magazine. Perfect. Is Don't forget. Dick's fabulous podcast. GI Thank you. Dickie D thank you, buddy. See you next week. Is it still 80 degrees in Manhattan? It was pretty hot this week, right? It was warmish. I mean today's warmish 69, so it's pretty good. Okay. Very nice. Thank you Dick. Thank you buddy.

Leo Laporte (02:37:56):
Thank you Mr. Mikah Sargent. Very welcome Leo. I hate it when you go. <Laugh> but we appreciate everything you do. Mike is the host of iOS today. Twi.Tv/Ios tech news weekly. And of course appears here regularly. Thank you all for joining us on behalf of Mikah I'm Leo Le we'll see you next time. Have a great geek week. Well, that's it for the tech eye show for today. Thank you so much for being here and don't forget. Twit T I T. It stands for this, including the podcasts for the show. We talk about windows and windows weekly, Macintosh on Mac break, weekly iPads, iPhones, apple watches on iOS today's security and security. Now, I mean, I can go on and on and on. And of course the big show every Sunday afternoon, this week in tech, you'll find it all at twit TV and I'll be back next week with another great tech guys show. Thanks for joining me. We'll see you next time.

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